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Wanchain is a distributed financial infrastructure based on digital assets it aims to offer, transactions, investing, loans, exchange and multi currency settlement systems.Two main roles for the Wancoin are:1) process fees for Wanchain transactions and cross-chain transactions2) bond deposits at each node for ensuring cross-chain transactions.In terms of applications, as more and more cross-chain transactions are processed by Wanchain and if Wancoin appreciates in value, Wancoin may become an intermediate currency for currency exchanges. Team:Jack Lu: FounderZane Liang: CEOYing Zhang: CTO Shi LiuDemmon ZhaoMichael YEric SwartzAdvisors:Feng Han: Secretary-General of DACADavid A Johnston: Chairman of the board at FactomDustin Byington: President & Founder of Stokens Venture Capital, tendermint Co-FounderAlbert Ching: Founder of i-SprintBonus Schedule:1 ETH = 880 WAN 6 Sept - 13 Sept1 ETH = 790 WAN 13 Sept - 20 Sept1 ETH = 750 WAN 20 Sept - 27 SeptToken reserve split (49%):20% Team19% Foundation10% MinersMinimum contribution is 0.1 ETH. Wanchain v1 is expected to go online in Nov 2017. 

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