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RFID based labels that can link blockchain with physical objects. Solving the fakes problem in China. Technology already developed and commercially deployed, looking to scale now.

Project Description

WaBi is an Ethereum-based platform supporting Walimai's anticounterfeit system. The Walimai anti-counterfeit labels link digital and physical assets through RFID Radio-frequency identification with anti-copy functionality. Consumers can authenticate the product through their phone app and are able to purchase products protected by Walimai technology with WABI. Users are also rewarded with WABI tokens for using the Walimai safe channel. WABI is an Ethereum-based ERC 20 token used in the Walimai safe channel.Team:Alex Busarov: Co-founder, CEO. Yaz Belinskiy: Co-founder. Kitty Xu: Marketing Director. Chi-Tung ‘Duomo’ Pan: Sales Project Manager. Danjie Hu: Project Manager. Wouter ‘Walt’ de Hoogd: Social Media and Community Manager. Zhu Fang: Customer Support Manager. Artur Pinchyuk: IT lead. Roman Tronenko: Mobile Lead / Blockchain Architect. Dmitry Korzhik: Blockchain Development Engineer. WaBi will be holding its ICO on November 28th, 2017 and it will last for 30-60 days, or until the funding cap is reached. The ICO token supply represents 46% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 46,000,000 tokens available at the offering. WaBi is adopting a bidding system in the ICO. WaBi's ICO campaign will feature Escrow service, and the token will be mineable.Token Reserve Split (54%):8% Team and advisors;35% reserved to be delivered to consumers through the mining process.11% Pre-ICO.

Founders and Associates

Alexander Busarov -Сo-founder and CEO

Yaroslav Belinskiy -Co-founder

Arthur Pinchuk -IT lead

Chi-Tung Pan -Sales lead & project manager

Dmitry Korzhik -Blockchain lead

Ju Fang -Customer service manager

Kitty Xu -Marketing Director

Wouter -Community manager

Roman Tronenko -Mobile lead/ blockchain architect

Danjie Hu -Project manager

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WABI Latest Updates
October 03, 2018

In-house designer, rebranded labels, and more: Monthly Update — October

In-house designer, rebranded labels, and more: Monthly Update — OctoberWaBi / Walimai developments and events, every monthSeptember was a month dedicated to building upon the established road of Walimai in preparation of the imminent rebranding. To come out of the gate running...

From: WaBi / Walimai

September 21, 2018

Blockchain Loyalty Programs: The Key to Mainstream Crypto Adoption

Dissecting the importance of real usage and non-crypto audience participation.At the time of writing, bitcoin (the ur-decentralized cryptocurrency) is hovering around a 55% dominance in the cryptocurrency market. In a 186 billion dollar market, that percentage is nothing to scoff at.Bitcoin has...

From: WaBi / Walimai

September 05, 2018

Tech/Sourcing/Analytical hires, new labels in production, HiNounou, and more: Monthly Update —…

Tech/Sourcing/Analytical hires, new labels in production, HiNounou, and more: Monthly Update — SeptemberWaBi / Walimai developments and events, every monthThere’s never a dull minute at Walimai HQ. The constant buzz of activity spans the gamut from interviews for team expansion to...

From: WaBi / Walimai

August 30, 2018

WaBi Founders ‘Office Hours’ — 15th of August

Highlights from the bi-monthly community Q&A sessionThe ‘Office Hours’ are a dedicated time, hosted every two weeks, in which the founders of WaBi, Alex & Yaz, take questions from the community. ‘Office Hours’ are held in the Verified WaBi Holder Telegram Group and you can join...

From: WaBi / Walimai

August 08, 2018

Monthly Update — August

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every monthSales ExpansionOur aim has always been to reach one thousand points of sale in China for our retail channel by the end of 2018. Expansion is paramount, which is why (as stated in our 2018 Roadmap) we’ve expanded to 5 additional...

From: WaBi / Walimai

Sales expansion, next-level label technology, and more: Monthly Update — August

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every monthSales ExpansionOur aim has always been to reach one thousand points of sale in China for our retail channel by the end of 2018. Expansion is paramount, which is why (as stated in our 2018 Roadmap) we’ve expanded to 5 additional...

From: WaBi / Walimai

July 31, 2018

Walimai / WaBi Q2 Roadmap Recap

Highlighting progress and priorities for the second half of 2018As we pass the half-way point for 2018, we’re moving faster than ever before.Right now, Walimai / WaBi is seeing major sales team developments, upgraded label technology, a selection of highly advantageous partnerships, an...

From: WaBi / Walimai

July 25, 2018

WaBi partners with rising star in high-tech healthcare industry HiNounou

Close collaboration includes cross-ecosystem interactivity of WaBiWe can now reveal the start of our close strategic partnership and cross-ecosystem interactivity with HiNounou: a connected healthcare and intelligent data platform.Read on to learn more about HiNounou and how the melding of the...

From: WaBi / Walimai

July 10, 2018

Upcoming news and changes: Weekly Update #22 — July 11th

WaBi / Walimai developments and eventsWe hope the community hasn’t caught ‘Partnership Fatigue’ just yet, as we have plenty of collaborations to announce in the coming months. This week’s update provides a general glimpse of on-going Walimai developments and introduces some new...

From: WaBi / Walimai

July 03, 2018

OneZone x Walimai have begun collaborations: Weekly Update #21 — July 4th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayWalimai’s activities as a company cover a multitude of fields and capabilities. We’re not just an anti-counterfeit company or loyalty program company, not just involved in logistics & supply chain tracking, not just focused on...

From: WaBi / Walimai

June 27, 2018

Network Foods Australia Partnership: Weekly Update #20 — June 27th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayTo Chinese consumers, a product’s origin is paramount to informing any purchasing decision. From what country does this brand hail; where was the product itself made; what are the quality standards it adheres to?The rising demand for...

From: WaBi / Walimai

June 21, 2018

New CTO + Head of Marketing: Weekly Update #19 — June 20th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayAdding pillars to the Walimai foundation.We are pleased to announce that Jackie Xu Rui will be joining the Walimai & Wabi team as Marketing Director, bolstering our continued work towards building a new breed of brand. A brand whose...

From: WaBi / Walimai

June 12, 2018

Weekly Update #18 — June 13th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayThe foundation of WaBi / Walimai hinges on the team behind it, and we’re constantly on the lookout for quality additions to strengthen our ranks. This is why we’re very happy to announce that two new members have joined WaBi in roles...

From: WaBi / Walimai

June 06, 2018

Didn’t get to run a Walimai masternode? Here is how you can join the queue!

Please note before participating: the Walimai masternode queue publicly shows all participant wallet addresses.To join the queue, please get your wallet verified according to instructions here:...

From: WaBi / Walimai

Weekly Update #17 — June 6th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Walimai Masternodes But Were (Not So) Afraid to AskWalimai will soon launch its masternodes. (If you are not clear on difference between Wabi and Walimai blockchains, you can see it here.)What are...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 30, 2018

Weekly Update #16— May 30th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayWe are adding over 60 new Australian food and cosmetics products to the Walimai platform. The specifics of each of these items will be released in due time. We are very excited to on-board new products and brands at an ever-increasing...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 24, 2018

A Tale of 2 Blockchains: WaBi and Walimai

Explaining the what’s and why’s of the Blockchains we’re utilizing.WaBi’s Blockchain:WaBi is currently an ERC-20 token and will stay on the Ethereum Blockchain for the foreseeable future. If ETH can no longer cope with the amount of transactions, there will be a migration to an...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 23, 2018

Weekly Update #15 — May 23rd

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayLast week saw us attending Asia’s largest Food Innovation Exhibition, SIAL China. Our search for the most unique and exciting products on display at the event paid off with over 80 brand leads. We’ll be following up on these leads over...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 15, 2018

Weekly Update #14— May 16th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayThe Walimai / WaBi team will be attending Asia’s Largest Food Innovation Exhibition, SIAL China. SIAL China is the 4th biggest food show in the world, having major market players from retail, the import/export trade, and manufacturing in...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 09, 2018

Weekly Update #13 — May 9th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayIn our efforts to open up the concepts of a safe retail channel and usage of the WaJiFen loyalty points to millions of our every-day target consumers, we’ve officially signed on one of the world’s leading PR companies to increase...

From: WaBi / Walimai

May 01, 2018

Weekly Update #12 — May 2nd

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayIn preparation of our future growth plan, we’ve met with senior officers from 3 of the 5 top media companies in China. Each was keen to work with us and we will continue to evaluate whose services to utilize for when the time comes....

From: WaBi / Walimai

April 25, 2018

Weekly Update #11 — April 25th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayWalimai has signed a sourcing agreement with Australian body care company Clean & Pure. They will bolster our product portfolio with a variety of cosmetics and skin care products crafted from Australian ingredients. These products...

From: WaBi / Walimai

April 18, 2018

Weekly Update #10— April 18th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayIn keeping with our original intent to market Walimai to the broader Chinese audience, our team attended and presented at the Hangzhou International Super Health Expo, exhibiting our secure, anti-counterfeit protected products as a safe...

From: WaBi / Walimai

April 11, 2018

Weekly Update #9 — April 11th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayCo-founders Yaz and Alex met with the China CEO of a leading company in the automotive industry, who requested a solution to one of their major challenges. We’ll be discussing whether our technology can help them.Walimai was called in by...

From: WaBi / Walimai

April 04, 2018

Weekly Update #8: Q1 Recap — April 4th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayThe first quarter of 2018 has come to an end and Walimai & WaBi are moving ahead, full-steam. In light of this, this week’s Weekly Update will focus on our Q1 goals and the progress achieved in reaching each of them.Please refer to...

From: WaBi / Walimai

March 28, 2018

Weekly Update #7 — March 28th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayCo-founders Yaz & Alex had a promising meeting with the CEO of a major European dairy producer to discuss selling their products through the Walimai retail channel and using the WaJiFen loyalty system for marketing purposes in China....

From: WaBi / Walimai

March 21, 2018

Weekly Update #6 — March 21st

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayAlex & Yaz hosted, and presented to, international representatives of hypermarket giant Carrefour, exhibiting the Walimai technology and business plan as part of a larger initiative by Carrefour Group to spotlight retail advancements...

From: WaBi / Walimai

March 19, 2018

The WaBi / Walimai Team’s Favorite Merch Designs

Putting the spotlight on some of our favorite designs!Over the last month we’ve gotten dozens of WaBi inspired designs for merchandise, and it’s been amazing to see the creativity of the community result in a wide array of different looks for apparel and alternative merch! We’d like to...

From: WaBi / Walimai

March 15, 2018

Weekly Update #5 — March 14th…ish

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayThis week’s update was delayed as unexpected travel hindered its creation. The next update will be released as scheduled on the 21st of March.Due to increased demand, we’ve had to order a large supply of additional infant formula from...

From: WaBi / Walimai

March 07, 2018

Weekly Update #4 — March 7th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayThe WaBi / Walimai Timeline for 2018 is still on schedule. We will be updating the community with the specifics of each Q1 goal met in due time. This includes additional information regarding the product portfolio, and business development...

From: WaBi / Walimai

February 28, 2018

Weekly Update #3 — February 28th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayCo-founders Yaz & Alex are currently in San Francisco to step up the product development game with the help of one of the most innovative design agencies in the world. Given that we’re fighting for the hearts and minds of 1.5 billion...

From: WaBi / Walimai

February 21, 2018

Weekly Update #2 — February 21st

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayWaBi has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the world’s largest open source blockchain initiative with over 250 member companies. This organization is dedicated to collectively develop open industry standards and facilitate...

From: WaBi / Walimai

February 17, 2018

WaBi Merchandise Design Contest Rules

Got a love for WaBi and a designer’s eye? Time to let those creative juices flow.From February 19th to March 12th, we will be running a WaBi design contest to find the most eye-catching and stylish WaBi merchandise designs!Simply create a merchandise design (for shirts, caps, hoodies, etc.)...

From: WaBi / Walimai

February 14, 2018

Weekly Update #1 — February 14th

WaBi / Walimai developments and events, every WednesdayOur newest team member, Butian Li, will fill the role of Walimai’s Operations Manager. As a UC Berkeley graduate, former Deloitte consultant, and founder of two businesses, she has the entrepreneurial spirit and experience to take our...

From: WaBi / Walimai

January 20, 2018

WaBi / Walimai Timeline 2018

Now that 2017 has come to a close, it’s time for WaBi and Walimai to look towards the future.In the first weeks of 2018 we’ve already expanded our list of participating stores, launched an integrated app through WeChat, and had our first sale of Walimai protected products paid exclusively...

From: WaBi / Walimai

January 16, 2018

Chain of stores in West of China signed up

We mentioned before we signed up several new stores and now wanted to share more detail on that. The stores are located in West of China and currently sell mostly cosmetics products.They are called 诺特彩妆 (or NOTE in English) and located in 6 cities (two in Urumqi, and one in each of the...

From: WaBi / Walimai

We’ve had our first customer purchase using WaBi today.

Customers are now using WaBi to buy baby food. This customer mr. Zhang used 8.3 WaBi to buy 1 can of Hipp Bio stage 3. The price of WaBi at the time was around 3.2 USD/WaBi, so, he spent 8.3 WaBi to buy the product worth ¥173 (which is about 26.6 USD).We’ve enabled this functionality before...

From: WaBi / Walimai

December 31, 2017

Sneak Peek — See our WaBi WeChat App in action!

The key to adoption of any loyalty system is ease of use. Anything that stands between you and gaining, using, or counting your loyalty points is a wedge in the user experience. That’s why we’re proud to give you all a sneak peek at the first version of our WaBi app integrated into China’s...

From: WaBi / Walimai

2017 Wrap Up from the WaBi Team

Dear WaBi supporters,2017 has been an extremely eventful year for the WaBi Project. After years of business planning and tech design, we finally produced the current iteration of Walimai anti-counterfeit RFID labels earlier this year. But that was only the beginning.Our Walimai shelves are...

From: WaBi / Walimai

December 23, 2017

Walimai Protected Cosmetics And Expanding to 7 More Stores

After a successful pilot program selling products through our in-store Walimai shelves at 3 baby product stores in Jiaxing, we’re now ready to expand our reach.We’re happy to announce we’ve signed on another 7 stores in China, this time in the Western provinces. Not only will we sell...

From: WaBi ICO

December 22, 2017

How to vote for WaBi on Kucoin

While we have plans to list on more exchanges, we cannot discuss their progress until announcements have been made.However, here’s the WaBi community’s chance to get us listed on an exchange: Kucoin, a new up-and-coming exchange in Hong Kong, is currently voting for their next...

From: WaBi ICO

December 20, 2017

WaBi Project Progress Update 18th Dec. 2017

Dear WaBi Community, we wanted to give you a brief update on how things are going. Here we go:Technology Update:WaBi usage: We’ve already implemented the process of consumers receiving WaBi when they scan products. It’s currently working as a pilot on a small scale now, and people are...

From: WaBi ICO

December 14, 2017

Ahh, how many times do we need to mention that Google play is blocked in China?

Ahh, how many times do we need to mention that Google play is blocked in China?

From: WaBi ICO

November 28, 2017

WaBi (蛙币) ICO — step by step

Dear participants,We wanted to give you a step-by-step guide on how to participate in WaBi ICO.Step 1 — Check your emailsWe have sent emails with individual details to all of the supporters who were whitelisted. The email came from [email protected] it looks like this:It is important...

From: WaBi ICO

November 25, 2017

WaBi (蛙币) ICO process details

To participate in WaBi ICO you need to be whitelisted. The whitelist applications are already closed and we are processing the last applications before start of the ICO. It may be possible to participate from day 3 but it’s very unlikely that any tokens will be available for distribution by...

From: WaBi ICO

November 22, 2017

TLDR (short summary)

PreWabi holders can 1) Lock preWabi tokens and receive WaBis in 3–6 months with 5–10% bonus OR 2) Sell preWabis to us at 8.5 USD/preWabi. All of the instructions are below.Explaining WaBi’s PreWaBi Buyback ProcedureIn August of 2017, WaBi Project closed its PreICO after raising 300k USD...

From: WaBi ICO

October 31, 2017

Just a couple of minor rectifications:

Just a couple of minor rectifications:46 million tokens will be sold during the ICO. Tokens will be sold for 0.25 USD each. Registration for WaBi’s ICO and Whitelist are currently running at account.wacoin.io.Thanks again!

From: WaBi ICO

Thank you so much for your kind review, Mo!

Thank you so much for your kind review, Mo!

From: WaBi ICO