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vDice is an ERC20 gambling platform which can be compared to the Ethereum version of the classic SatoshiDICE. Players send ETH to a smart contract, which pays out rewards based on random numbers. Numbers.org serves as the oracle. 6,000 bets have been placed in the beta version. The vSlice tokens entitles holders to 50% of house profits.BonusWeek 1: 130 vSlice per ETHWeek 2: 120 vSlice per ETHWeeks 3-4: 100 vSlice per ETHLegal and Compliance: 23% allocation.Expenses, Salaries and Rewards: 23% allocation.Paying expenses and rewards for initiation of the Crowdsale: 15% allocation.Development of new games and projects, according to core competencies: 39% allocation.Security audit report

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VSL Latest Updates
March 15, 2017

vDice Development Update — Q1, 2017

We’ve been busy, not only developing the vDice platform, but ensuring our position in the market. This is the full update for Q1, 2017.vDice on Mobile:With reference to our initial development roadmap, we did not plan for mobile implementation. Roadmaps change and evolve. Blockchain...

From: The vDice Team

February 25, 2017

vDice on Mobile

Mobile is huge globally. This is particularly true in Asia and emerging markets. Further, betting is huge in many of the same markets.For vDice to succeed it is very obvious that it needs to work on mobile. This is a priority.Actually, vDice on mobile has been the most requested feature since...

From: The vDice Team

December 29, 2016

vDice — Latest Development Update

The below provides an update of developments:New Site Design: vdice.ioThanks to a collaboration with the great team at EtherDesign, the new fully responsive Web Interface for the vDice Smart Contracts is now live.The site is also setup, ready for the addition of new 3rd Party Dapps.This is in...

From: The vDice Team

December 11, 2016

vDice Games and Platform

How To Play vDiceThe main game is vDice itself. This is a Classic SatoshiDICE clone, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract (Dapp).If you were around in the crypto space in the early days (well you probably made a lot of money). But apart from that, you probably played SatoshiDICE.This was...

From: The vDice Team

December 04, 2016

Phase III of Development

In previous medium posts we looked in detail at the 1st 2 stages of our development roadmap. Now we will look at phase 3 in more detail.This represents the ultimate goal : vDice as a platform for developers.Dubbed the ‘Pioneer’ phase, stabilising themain game and its underlying technology...

From: The vDice Team

December 03, 2016

vDice 2017 Plan — Q1

Design:Right now we are finalising the new design for vdice.io — That will ensure a smoother, easier process for the average player, and improved design features.New Game Code Deployment:We are preparing to deploy the new game contract code. This has the features necessary to start...

From: The vDice Team

November 29, 2016

vDice Code Audits

vDice Code Audit DetailsIntroduction to vDicevDice is a leading blockchain-based betting game for the Ethereum network.It is a classic ‘SatoshiDICE-style’ betting game, implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract (Dapp), and exists on the Ethereum blockchain.2. How vDice WorksEthereum...

From: The vDice Team

November 28, 2016

The Token Explained

The vDice token (called: ‘vSlice’ [VSL]) is a meta-token on the Ethereum Blockchain.The Logo for the vSlice Token (VSL)The broad vision here is that you contribute funds to Smart Contract Game Developers and earn ETH from successful Game Projects launched on the vDice platform.Oculus Rift...

From: The vDice Team

November 25, 2016

Blockchain Betting — The Whats and Whys

What is Blockchain Gambling?The Ethereum blockchain, like all blockchains, is just a big, decentralised, public database.Somebody always controls a database. This control is the power to change things. But with the Ethereum blockchain there is no single person (or group) in charge.So changes to...

From: The vDice Team

November 24, 2016

vDice — How It Works

vDice is Classic SatoshiDICE implemented as an Ethereum Smart contract.Leveraging Ethereum’s next-generation blockchain protocol, smart contracts, and Oracle technology, we have created the premier version of what will be a revolution in decentralized software.The Betting ProcessThe process...

From: The vDice Team

November 21, 2016

The Role of vDice and Gambling in Ethereum Development

vDice, Gambling and Ethereum DevelopmentEthereum gambling Dapps are starting to emerge. Still there are very few live, commercial, gambling smart contracts on Ethereum.It is understandable. The technology is new. The potential is huge.We expect gambling to be the primary use case for the...

From: The vDice Team

November 20, 2016

vDice — Defining Blockchain Gambling on Ethereum

The Technology That will take vDice and Ethereum Gambling through the next 12-months.Ethereum is very new. It holds incredible promise.But maintaining a live, working, Ethereum Dapp is tough. It requires the best brains. It requires a strong plan.With some of the technology we have on the...

From: The vDice Team

November 19, 2016

vDice Development — The Road Ahead

vDice started as a software project with a specific goal. It’s success is tied to the success of Ethereum. Ethereum is successful and vDice will be successful.The development process is static, constantly changing and evolving. Development is never a fixed process. Ours is a longer-term...

From: The vDice Team