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Decentralized music talent marketplace where any musician can sell gigs and get paid in cryptocurrencies. It features over 100 thousand profiles of musicians from all genres, ranked by social media popularity.

Project Description

Viberate is a platform that joins the entire live music ecosystem under one roof. Currently it acts as a database for live music, where profiles are ranked according to their online popularity. It is built and curated by the Viberate user community. Viberate's end game is to disrupt the music industry as we know it – by becoming a global talent marketplace.Team:Matej Gregorcic: CEO, Founder. Vasja Veber: COO, Founder. Bostjan Zakelj: CTO. Kristian Gorenc: CMO. Viberate will be holding its ICO on September 5, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 60% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 120 million tokens available, for $0.1 USD each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 1,000,000 USD, the funding cap is approximately 12,000,000 USD and is expected to end on October 4, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.Token Reserve Split (40%):16% - Founders and Team;08% - Advisors and Ambassadors;04% - Seed investors;05% - Viberate contributors;07% - Reserves for future partnerships;Use of Proceeds:40% - Technical Development and UI;15% - Product Development and Management;15% - Database Expansion and Support;20% - Marketing, Sales and PR;10% - General and Administrative Operations;Viberate's ICO campaign will feature a bonus structure, available below.Bonus Structure:12% Bonus - First 48 Hours;09% Bonus - Week 1;06% Bonus - Week 2;03% Bonus - Week 3;00% Rest of the Crowdsale;

Founders and Associates

Matej Gregorčič -CEO

Vasja Veber -COO

Uroš Umek -Celebrity ambassador

Bostjan Zakelj -CTO

Rok Bavec -Senior developer, data scientist

Rok Babič -Senior blockchain developer

Andrej Plankar -Blockchain specialist

Tomislav Mučič -blockchain consultant

Dr. Ina Veber -General counsel

Kristian Gorenc -CMO

Tanja Bivic -public relations

Charlie Shrem -Blockchain expert, co-founder at Bitcoin foundation

Collin LaHay -Blockchain expert, founder atGambit

Peter Moritz -Blockchain business development expert

Jure Leskovec -Phd, professor at Stanford University, chief scientistat Pinterest

Mark Pleško -Phd -nuclear physicist, Cosylab, angel investor

Dejan Roljić -ABC Acceleration Business City

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VIB Latest Updates
November 13, 2018

Here is how an invitation to ADE 2018 changed everything for Viberate

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From: VIB

October 09, 2018

We’ve been waiting to announce this for months

Whichever industry you work in, you probably know that data is the strongest source of understanding your business. In order to learn and predict what the future holds, it’s crucial to analyze the data and transform it into invaluable information to boost performance.We started to collect data...

From: Manca Šalehar

September 05, 2018

The power of Viberate, 365 days after ICO

Exactly one year ago we successfully raised funds for Viberate in less than 5 minutes and we’ve achieved so much since then. We’ve strengthened our team with incredibly talented people, we expanded our VIB community across the whole world and made some pretty exciting deals with the major...

From: Manca Šalehar

August 03, 2018

How Tomorrowland changed the perception of electronic dance festivals

Music festivals have been taking the world by storm for decades. Music enthusiasts are traveling for hours to reach the unique destination to feel the festival vibe and see their favorite artists perform on massive stages. There are thousands of music festivals around the world & we picked a...

From: Manca Šalehar

July 18, 2018

I hereby dub thee… Scientist!

Arise, music legend.We’ve been hinting at this one for some time now and we’re super thrilled to say it’s finally happening. Our rewarding system has just been upgraded with some sick features, and, we have to say: they’re …… A total game-changer!To start at the beginning, your...

From: Nina Frančeškin

July 05, 2018

6 game-changers in the pipeline

In June, our team consumed more than 60 liters of ice cream. That makes one thing clear — our bodies are NOT summer-ready. But who really cares?! We have so many amazing things in the pipeline that no one wants to miss out on anything.The end of the research groundwork period is here and...

From: Manca Šalehar

July 04, 2018

Dressed to kill

Who? Well, take a guess!Yes, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and put on our thinking caps to redefine our position and polish our look. And here we are! The new Viberate.io is live and smashing.It shows exactly who we are & what we’re like. We’re the biggest curated live music database in...

From: Nina Frančeškin

June 21, 2018

Tickets for everyone!

And 3 different ways to get them.Ticketmaster in the houseYou’ve probably read about our partnership with Ticketmaster, the largest ticket seller in the world. Yes, *that* happened. They’re the first ticket provider we’ve worked with — and the first in a series of many to come....

From: Nina Frančeškin

June 20, 2018

This is how you win 20,000€

16 teams took part in the V-Hackathon this weekend, fusing together their ideas and knowledge to build the music app of the future. Ambitious designers, marketing managers, data analysts, project managers and developers came to our HQ on Saturday, June 16, with one goal only: to develop...

From: Manca Šalehar

June 15, 2018

Hack it till you crack it

Just a few more hours till the D-Day. Are you ready?Tomorrow’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. The day ambitious creatives and inventive entrepreneurs from all over come to our HQ and put on their thinking caps to come up with super exciting ideas for the next big mobile app! And...

From: Nina Frančeškin

June 13, 2018

And 5,000 VIB go to …

… our database contributors.Our goal has always been to create not only the biggest but also the most accurate live music database in the world. To achieve both, we need loads and loads of data as fast as possible and this is where you come into play.Focus on accurate data …Do you know any...

From: Matic Magister

June 05, 2018

We just partnered with the largest…

Dreams do come trueWe did it, Viberate is the biggest curated live music database in the world! With the help of our contributors, who added more than 82,500 new artists, venues and events to the platform last month, we are making small steps towards big changes, together! A huge shout out to...

From: Manca Šalehar

May 17, 2018


Time for the next promotion update, don’t you think? Well, we sure do.We’d *still* like to see a little less spam and a lottle more action. Plus, bring more attention to the artists. After all, they are the very reason why Viberate first came to be. So we’ve finetuned the most recent...

From: Matic Magister

May 04, 2018

How much can a team get done with 100 coffees per day?

If you are reading this, it probably means that you understand the importance of tracking the performance and progress over time. Over the past 4 weeks, we got a lot of things done and here is what the numbers have to say about it.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for contributorsWe are getting more and more...

From: Manca Šalehar

April 25, 2018

And a red card goes to…

… well, see for yourself. The rules have changed — and for the better.We always do everything we can to make your Viberate experience as good as possible. It’s also one of the reasons why we implemented our rewarding system, and we’d once again like to thank you for the time and...

From: Nina Frančeškin

April 16, 2018

One Summit to rule them all

The first European Blockchain Summit came to an end and here’s what happened.Wednesday was a very special day for Viberate. As members of the Blockchain Alliance Europe, we’re incredibly proud to have hosted a conference of not just European but also global importance that’s brought...

From: Vasja Veber

April 10, 2018

What do wonder woman, chicken curry, kiteboarding and blockchain have in common?

One remarkable woman named Tanja Bivic Plankar.You’ve probably heard of her before. She was declared one of the top 10 influential women in the crypto business for 2017.With more than 14 years of experience in communications management, she works as a strategic counsel for some of the most...

From: Manca Šalehar

April 06, 2018

How Imogen Heap has been rocking blockchain

She knew it when she saw it: blockchain was what the music industry needed to move forward. Imogen Heap, a 2-time Grammy winner and our trusted advisor, was one of the early blockchain adopters who knew exactly what it brought to the table: “Blockchain technology has come to a point where...

From: Vasja Veber

April 04, 2018

What can happen in 774 hours?

March was action-packed! Our database got bigger, our team got stronger and our page got a brand new look! Cool new features, countless amazing experiences and huge recognition from music superstars. Here’s a sneak peek into the important steps we made last month!What those “scary”...

From: Manca Šalehar

March 30, 2018

Event organizers complete the circle

Another milestone achieved, another feature unlocked. As of today, Viberate enables event organizers to join the party and put themselves on the global map of music professionals. With their profiles in place, we’ve now completed the circle and created an all-in-one live-music ecosystem that...

From: Vasja Veber

March 28, 2018

How we took over Miami and partied with the pros

Aaand it’s a wrap. The Cookout, one of the biggest music events out there, came to pass — and we had a blast! From slaying artists with next-level gigs to big decision-makers of the biz, it was all we’d imagined and more!Kick-ass tunes & crazy vibesOver the years, The Cookout has...

From: Nina Frančeškin

March 27, 2018

Blockchain superstar to speak at the Summit

Progress is an essential part of creating a better tomorrow, which is why we at Viberate are taking all the necessary steps to keep the ball rolling. It’s been a couple of extra busy weeks, but things have finally come together — in the craziest way possible!European Blockchain Summit...

From: Nina Frančeškin

March 19, 2018

We’ve changed, here is how

Churchill once said that “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. We’re not *exactly* saying we’re perfect, but we do like to shake things up — and shake them hard — starting with our product. So hold on to your hats because we’ve got some...

From: Nina Frančeškin

We’ve changed, here’s how

Churchill once said that “to improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”. We’re not *exactly* saying we’re perfect, but we do like to shake things up — and shake them hard — starting with our product. So hold on to your hats because we’ve got some...

From: Nina Frančeškin

March 16, 2018

VIB token is working its way into every home!

It’s always nice to see neat presentation slides, cool company logos or trendy offices, but at the end, what matters most is the value your service or product brings to the people that use it. Value can be delivered in different forms, one of which — and an important one at...

From: Nina Frančeškin

March 14, 2018

Guess what happened

The International Live Music Conference (ILMC) 2018 has come to an end and we have to say — it was a complete success. Some of the high points were definitely the speech on our vision for the future that our COO Vasja delivered on one of the panels and spending some quality time with our...

From: Nina Frančeškin

March 06, 2018

What’s new? EVERYTHING!

The beginning of 2018 brought our team even closer together. With fresh ideas, big plans and 9 new exceptional team members the future looks bright. But first, let’s take a look at what happened in the last few weeks. We’ve got to admit — it feels so far away already.Big welcome to...

From: Manca Šalehar

February 23, 2018

10 things you didn’t know about Imogen Heap

Working with the 2-time Grammy Award-winning artist has been a sheer delight. Heap is an exceptional and inspiring performer, known to be an early adopter of the blockchain, and her main role in our advisory team is to help further guide us in being the best service for the live music industry...

From: Nina Frančeškin

February 21, 2018

New! Buy VIB tokens without using an exchange

After our extremely successful ICO, many of my friends and family members wanted me to explain how to buy our token. For them, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were still a fairly new phenomenon and they simply did not have the tech know-how of buying or selling them. Now, when more...

From: Vasja Veber

How to buy $VIB on Changelly

We’ve been working hard to list our token on several major exchanges and bring it to the masses. The process of buying cryptocurrencies can be quite intimidating and complex for people that are just starting their journey into the crypto world. It usually involves creating accounts on...

From: Matic Magister

February 09, 2018

More security means more reasons for celebration

From now on, chances of earning more VIBs are even higher. How did we manage that? We’ve been collecting your feedback and focusing our strengths on even safer and more secure way for you to contribute into our database.Want to earn more?Now you can get tips for increasing your chances to...

From: Matic Magister

February 02, 2018

The only good spam is no spam

Who likes spam? Nobody. And we’re no exception. Although we rely on the social media channels to get our message out and spread our word (and VIBs), the posted content can quickly turn from talked-about to talked-badly-about.Spamming is just bad. Bad for the followers and supporters, bad for...

From: Matic Magister

February 01, 2018

A better booking agency page? You better believe it!

A wise man once said that your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. We don’t want to brag (too much), but at Viberate, we also have some brainiacs, who are always trying to change things for the better. So, when they put all their millions of little grey cells to work,...

From: Nina Frančeškin

January 23, 2018

Trading VIB on OKEx pays off — with 200,000 extra VIB!

VIB, the Viberate token for the live music industry, has just been listed on OKEx and thus made available to a much broader audience. Its launch is accompanied by a massive VIB bounty campaign, in which 200,000 tokens will be distributed to traders worldwide.By getting our token listed on OKEx,...

From: Matic Magister

January 11, 2018

Never resting, always moving

As we’re constantly working on improving our service, we’re now tuning in with some updates that will provide greater transparency, give an extra security boost and help speed up the handling process. Let’s take a look at the changes.Say hello to the SMS account verificationUp until now,...

From: Matic Magister

December 27, 2017

Take a look at our newly launched booking agency profiles

I’ve been involved in the music business for more than 10 years, and while being a part of this huge ecosystem has been exceptionally fun and exciting, the industry as a whole has its flaws. People see it as tireless partying with backstage passes, free drinks from the rider and private jets...

From: Vasja Veber

December 21, 2017


As promised, we have just integrated VIB into one of world’s leading wallets Jaxx. You can now store your VIBs safely and make quick exchanges into other cryptocurrencies already on Jaxx. Or by the words of Addison Cameron-Huff, President of Decentral Inc.: “Jaxx will be the wallet...

From: Vasja Veber

December 19, 2017

Meet our TOP 3 contributors

Community input is one of the key factors for our success, which is why we would like to acknowledge our TOP 3 contributors, Matej, Luckyraver and John, for putting in long hours to curate our database. We asked them a few questions, so we can share with you their view on Viberate and some tips...

From: Matic Magister

December 14, 2017

Why will we integrate VIB into Jaxx?

Just yesterday we were featured on the biggest Slovenian TV network. In the article, the journalist said that there are around 2,000 crypto tokens out there at the moment. Personally, I think there are a lot more, and I would lie if I said I was not worried about that. Ever since we have...

From: Vasja Veber

December 04, 2017

Viberate contribution guide

This is a brief instructional guide to help you curate our database even better and smarter. We know a lot of hard work goes into curating entities on Viberate, therefore we want to avoid denying changes as much as possible and award users for their hard work.GENERAL RULES FOR...

From: Matic Magister

December 01, 2017

Viberate community sets a new record!

We have been announcing the launch of the rewarding system for a few weeks now and I’m happy to say that yesterday we finally launched it! The community response has been amazing and together we’ve set a new record — more than 1000 new database entries have been made in less than 24...

From: Matic Magister

November 30, 2017

Crypto glossary #3: Transaction fee

We’ve reached the end of our introduction to the crypto world. The last article will describe in detail what a transaction fee actually is, who collects it and how it’s calculated.Transaction feeTo do anything on the Ethereum platform, you need to pay for it, and the payment (or fee) is...

From: Matic Magister

Crypto glossary #2: Exchanges

This is the second part of our mini educational introduction into the crypto world. This time, we’ll take a look at exchanges, find out which are the ones that list our VIB token, and see where we can exchange them for real cash.Crypto-exchangesCryptocurrency exchanges are essentially...

From: Matic Magister

Crypto glossary #1: Crypto wallet

Our rewarding system is here, and to make it as simple as possible for our community to participate, we’re releasing a 3-part basic introduction to the crypto world. We’ll teach you all about crypto wallets, the way you can create and use one, transaction fees and different types of...

From: Matic Magister

November 28, 2017

Trade VIB on Binance and get a bonus!

Binance.com is currently our number one exchange by the daily trade volume, so we want to give something extra to the traders there. Together with them we are launching a bounty campaign, where we will distribute 150.000 VIB to traders with the highest VIB deposits and trade volume in one week,...

From: Kristian Gorenc

November 11, 2017

We’re moving our stuff

One of our favorite comedians of all times, George Carlin, said that “sometimes you need to move your stuff”. We doubled in staff in only a few weeks, so we’re moving our staff along with their stuff to bigger offices.https://medium.com/media/2eaff89b942ca472b8f6622942feab39/hrefMoving...

From: Vasja Veber

November 10, 2017

We are now on Bittrex, Binance, Hitbtc and a few more

As we were saying all along: we are very efficient at delivering and fulfilling our promises.An important part for every token is its liquidity and having it listed on important exchanges is crucial. In the last few weeks we managed to get our token listed on HitBTC, Binance, UpBit, Livecoin and...

From: Matej Gregorčič

November 03, 2017

Spotify channel isn’t mandatory anymore on Viberate

From today on you can add new bands, singers and DJs to one of the world’s leading database of musicians, Viberate.com, without a valid Spotify link. The decision was made after a series of requests from users, who wanted to add new profiles of musicians, who didn’t have an official Spotify...

From: Matic Magister

October 06, 2017

VIB crashed Livecoin.net right before launch

Finally, VIB is live and trading on Livecoin.net. The exchange experienced a massive influx of registrations and traffic right before the scheduled launch of the VIB/BTC pair and their servers couldn’t handle all the traffic. We were in constant contact with their support team, ensuring...

From: Matej Gregorčič