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Conceptual Model

BLOCKv provides a development platform and community to create and distribute vAtoms: dynamic, compelling digital goods that shatter each roadblock. V (ticker: VEE) are smart contract tokens built to the ERC20 token standard. They are an integral part of the BLOCKv open-source development environment.BLOCKv and each of its composite parts require V to fuse the BLOCKv ecosystem together and provide a mechanism for rewards and collaboration.

Project Description

BLOCKv is a shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack. It enables the creation of smart digital objects (vAtoms) on different blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and EON. vAtoms provide the holder with the all the advantages of cryptocurrency such as scarcity, ownership, and tradability, but can also take the form of collectibles, coupons, loyalty programs, gift cards, game items and much more, allowing users to own a virtual object much like you own a physical object. The V (VEE) token is an ERC20 token that powers all operations within the BLOCKv platform.Team:REEVE COLLINS: CEO GUNTHER THIEL: CTO LUKAS FLURI: COO CRAIG SELLARS: Blockchain Architect The BLOCKv ICO will start on the 12th of October 2017 and will last until the 16th of the same month or until the $40M funding cap is reached. The tokens for the ICO represent 35% of the total supply and will be available for purchase with BTC and ETH at a $0.02 starting price.Token Reserve Split:35% allocated to the launch contributors25% reserved to incentivise the development community25% reserved for the development team, advisors and founders15% strategic 6 year lock up reserved to fuel innovation and ecosystem health 

Founders and Associates

Reeve Collins -Chief Executive Officer

Gunther Thiel -Chief Technology Officer

Lukas Fluri -Chief Operating Officer

Craig Sellers -Blockchain Architect

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VEE Latest Updates
December 01, 2018

BLOCKv November Newsletter: “2019 will be the Year of the Vatom.”

FAQsWhat is the status of the project and platform?Opened the platform to the public October, 2018. Met the deliverable date outlined in the BLOCKv technology roadmap.Cycler & Brain framework made available to limited community.Over 180 developers and developer partners are registered and...

From: VEE

November 16, 2018

InCrowd Conference 2018

InCrowd Conference 2018BLOCKvNov 16, 2018This week in London, InCrowd, the multi-award winning sports engagement agency, hosted their annual Conference, held at Lord’s Cricket Ground, the home of English Cricket. The impressive JP Morgan Media Centre hosted 70 of Europe’s top...

From: VEE

November 02, 2018

BLOCKv October Update

Become a Developer on BLOCKv.We have completed our BETA period and now offer easy access to a self-serve platform allowing developers, partners, anyone to create vAtoms — the standard for digital objects.https://developer.blockv.io PLAY NOW

From: VEE

October 27, 2018

BLOCKv and Grammy nominated DJ Sasha meet up at ADE and drop vAtoms

BLOCKv and Grammy nominated DJ Sasha meet up at ADE and drop vAtomsBLOCKvOct 26, 2018Last week over 400,000 electronic dance music industry members and fans converged on Amsterdam for the annual ADE expo (https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl). The expo featured over a thousand different...

From: VEE

October 02, 2018

The BLOCKv Platform has arrived. Experience. Create. Amaze.

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of the BLOCKv Platform. This is the first available release for developers to access the self-serve platform to create new experiences, using vAtoms, the new standard for digital objects run on or off blockchain.Over the past six months, we...

From: BLOCKv

August 31, 2018

Where’s the Utility in Utility tokens!?

Utility tokens have been taking a beating lately. The problem: These tokens aren’t actually providing any utility. At BLOCKv, we’re setting out to change that.Too much hypeToday, the prices of utility tokens are based purely on speculation and hype. For most of these tokens, the...

From: BLOCKv

“There are no more constraints on the platform”

BLOCKv CTO Gunther Thiel on the BLOCKv mission, new features, cyclers, brains, SDKs, and much moreGunther Thiel is the CTO and co-founder of BLOCKv. He’s driving the development, managing the engineering teams, and serving as chief architect of the platform. In the past, he’s worked at...

From: BLOCKv

August 01, 2018

BLOCKv July Update — Partner Edition

In our July update we highlight the success of two new partners, Greenfence Consumer and Meda, who adopted BLOCKv technology to trial new ways of using vAtoms to connect and engage with fans and citizens. These partners tested our technology at scale, creating new use cases that show how smart...

From: BLOCKv

July 03, 2018

BLOCKv Q2 Update

This last month signifies the close of another successful quarter for us at BLOCKv. Since Q2, we have onboarded over 40 developers to the beta platform who are building unique immersive campaigns that focus on developing one to one relationships between the customers and the brand. Since the...

From: BLOCKv

June 01, 2018

May Update

Blockchain seems to be the central theme of technological discussions and disruption. In the last month alone, a number of conferences, including two of the largest ones — Consensus and Crypto Hybrid Summit — gathered over 100,000 attendees who are developing in the space, investing...

From: BLOCKv

May 01, 2018

BLOCKv — April Update

The last month was an exciting period for the BLOCKv team and community! At the end of Q1, 2018 we reached our first milestone. (Refer to the roadmap in our whitepaper here). This was a significant step in our company development and one we had been working towards for a long time. Not only did...

From: BLOCKv

April 23, 2018

BLOCKv and the Evening Standard showcase hybrid physical & digital campaigns

It’s no secret that the world of media is changing at a rapid pace — television, magazines and newspapers are experiencing huge disruption to traditional advertising models. But change also yields opportunity.On Thursday, April 19th, 2018, BLOCKv, Magellan Media and, the Evening...

From: BLOCKv

April 17, 2018


The live-event ticket market is a dreary, one-way street. Vendor sells ticket; fan gets ticket; fan attends event. End of story. But when attention spans are down, ticket prices are up, and consumer demand is driven by immersive experience, the old Black-and-White-Barcode.pdf isn’t going to...

From: BLOCKv

April 06, 2018


BLOCKv has partnered with CataBoom and Alienware Arena to launch a new type of vAtom in the gaming space. CataBoom is a SaaS based marketing engagement platform that allows you to create, modify and launch gamified rewards. Alienware Arena is Dell Computer’s leading edge PC gaming company,...

From: BLOCKv

March 30, 2018

BLOCKv Platform (Beta) and Developer Portal Launched!

Dear BLOCKv Community,The day has finally come — we are proud to unveil the BLOCKv Platform (Beta) and the Developer Portal to you! It’s never been easier to build smart digital objects that bring the digital world to life. The promise of supporting our developer community to help usher...

From: BLOCKv

March 16, 2018

BLOCKv — March Update

Exciting stuff is happening here at BLOCKv! We’ve been developing more partnerships, improving our technology, expanding our team, and getting ready to release our platform to the world!Here’s what happened in the short month of February…Strategic Partnerships to showcase vAtoms:DJ...

From: BLOCKv

March 07, 2018

BLOCKv and DJ Sasha Bring an Exclusive Event to Two Winners!

DJ Sasha, one of the most recognized DJ’s in the world and a Grammy award nominee, is always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with his fans. For his Refracted:Live performances in London held at the iconic Roundhouse venue, he planned to reward his loyal supporters with...

From: BLOCKv

February 21, 2018

BLOCKv Integrates Bancor Protocol

BLOCKv entered into a partnership with Bancor Network, the first protocol for autonomously convertible Smart Tokens™, to create a VEEBNT Token Relay that will enable anyone to easily convert VEE to and from ETH online.Now our community members can purchase VEE tokens to use on the platform...

From: BLOCKv

February 16, 2018

BLOCKv and VIKTRE partner to help Sports Superstars Raise Funds to Restore Power to Puerto Rico

BLOCKv and VIKTRE partner to help Sports Superstars Raise Funds to Restore Power to Puerto RicoBrazilian soccer superstar Kaká is part of the The VIKTRE Challenge — Power for Puerto Rico.Brazilian soccer superstar Kaká and Olympic gold medalist Apolo Ohno are among eight famous...

From: BLOCKv

February 14, 2018

BLOCKv February Update

Dear BLOCKv Community,The last few months have been very busy at BLOCKv and we want to provide you with an update on all the exciting work taking place. With this post encompassing the last three months, we are beginning a new series of monthly updates.We successfully raised 71,997 ETH,...

From: BLOCKv

January 31, 2018

vAtom Idea Contest

To showcase the power of the BLOCKv platform and to recognize all those who supported our TGE, we are announcing a new bounty campaign. Over 1,500 people participated in the TGE to help make our vision a reality and we want to thank them by delivering each participant a limited edition “Thank...

From: BLOCKv

January 29, 2018

Conference Recap | A360 and TNABC

Abundance 360Abundance 360 is Peter Diamandis’ annual keystone event attended by successful entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders. Attendees are selected for attendance through an application process to ensure the audience is highly curated. Presentations and discussions at A360 focus...

From: BLOCKv

January 11, 2018

BLOCKv — MegaFon Partnership a Success

Q4 of 2017 was a busy quarter for BLOCKv. After a successful TGE close, we had a chance to showcase our technology with an innovative contest revolving around a concert at Moscow’s Olympic Stadium featuring one of the biggest bands in Russia, Leningrad. The contest, an augmented reality...

From: BLOCKv

December 05, 2017

Хочешь попасть в фан-зону на концерт группировки «Ленинград» 16 декабря в Москве бесплатно?

Хочешь попасть в фан-зону на концерт группировки «Ленинград» 16 декабря в Москве бесплатно? Хочешь встретиться для автографа со Шнуром лично?«МегаФон» это...

From: BLOCKv

Post coming soon…

Post coming soon…

From: BLOCKv

December 01, 2017

It’s Time to Redeem your VEE!

Throughout the TGE process we showcased the 3,000 VEE share card which which provided a VEE reward to our community. This share card highlights a few of the cool viral features of our technology. If you are one of the lucky few who received this card then now is the time to collect your VEE!In...

From: BLOCKv

November 28, 2017

BLOCKv Announcement

The few weeks following the TGE have been full of exciting developments. VEE has been distributed to contributors and bounty hunters, partnerships have developed and platform developer tools have taken a giant leap forward. We look forward to building the BLOCKv ecosystem with you.Partnerships...

From: BLOCKv

November 27, 2017


Thank you to our community for the ongoing effort to educate newly interested token buyers. Now that the VEE token has been distributed, we look forward to continuing to build a solid platform business that companies and individual developers use to create the next evolution of apps.FAQsWhen...

From: BLOCKv

November 23, 2017

VEE is Alive! Token Distribution Complete

We are excited to announce that VEE tokens were distributed on November 23rd, 2017 as communicated. We appreciate your support and the trust you’ve put in the BLOCKv team.The BLOCKv smart contract source code was published on our Github and audited by ChainSecurity, Ltd. (Audit report) The...

From: BLOCKv

November 17, 2017

Parity Wallet and VEE

Dear BLOCKv Community,As you may be aware, there has been a bug reported in the multi-signature wallet software released by Parity Technologies in the last month. Please note that while this bug may affect individuals with Parity wallets and their funds, this has not affected funds collected by...

From: BLOCKv


BLOCKv selects first grant recipient to continue accelerating blockchain technologyWe’re so thrilled to announce that BLOCKv has selected Science Blockchain, an incubator focused on sponsoring and growing companies in the blockchain space, as the first developer-pool grant recipient. These...

From: BLOCKv

November 02, 2017

Bounty Stakes Report

Dear Bounty Hunters,Thanks again for all of your support and for your willingness to help share the vision of BLOCKv. The love from the community has been overwhelming. We are excited for the future and hope that you feel the same excitement.The BLOCKv bounty program has come to a close. The...

From: BLOCKv

October 24, 2017

BLOCKv Bounty Program Closure

Dear Bounty Hunters,It’s been an amazing ride and we thank you for playing a critical role in making the Token Generation Event a huge success. We had hundreds of people participate in the Bounty Program across Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and Medium as well as individuals who wrote articles...

From: BLOCKv

October 19, 2017

Great post Josh!

Great post Josh! I would imagine it will very soon look like the Martech Landscape chart which is now virtually unreadable.Would you mind adding BLOCKv to the chart please? http://blockv.io

From: BLOCKv

October 16, 2017

BLOCKv Token Generation Event Whitelist

We are excited to open up the whitelist for our our upcoming Token Generation Event (TGE). Join now to reserve your spot in the queue. We want the process to be smooth and secure for everyone, especially in light of the overwhelming demand. People on the whitelist will receive priority during...

From: BLOCKv