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Universal Reward Protocol is a platform for study the shoppers' behavior. It provides the tools to facilitate the retailer-shopper interaction using an in-store behavior analysis technology. The shopper provides its shopping behavior data and can be rewarded with tokens by doing it, while the retailer uses the same data, but analyzed by the Universal Reward Protocol in the future.

The URP token is an Ethereum-based (ERC-20) cryptocurrency. It is the token that powers the platform as it will serve for the users to be rewarded when providing their shopping behavior data as well as to access the available goods and services.


  • Yves Benchimol: CEO and Co-founder
  • Louis Millon: CTO and Co-founder. 
  • Thomas Wolf: COO. 
  • Yohan MaurinBlockchain Engineer. 
  • Raphaël Attal: Chief Strategist. 
  • Nicolas Hardy: Tech Lead. 
  • Tanguy de La Villegeorges: Data Scientist. 
  • Enguerrand Pelletier: Backend Engineer. 
  • Gabriel Mulko: Marketing Manager. 
  • Rémi Gazquez: Backend Engineer. 
  • Alexandra Masse: Community Manager. 

Universal Reward Protocol ICO will begin on TBA. The ICO token supply represents 40% of the total token supply, so there is a total of 240,000,000 URP tokens available, for 0.1 EUR each. The ICO funding target is 5,000,000 USD, the funding cap is 20,000,000 USD and is expected to end on TBA or when the funding cap is reached. Unsold tokens will be reallocated to all buyers who participated in the token sale proportionally to their initial stake

Token Reserve Split (60%):

  • 35% reserve;
  • 15% founder;
  • 5% advisor;
  • 5% bounty and subcontractor.

Universal Reward Protocol ICO features a bounty campaign as well as the following bonus structure, and the token will not be mineable.

Bonus Structure:

  • 40% Private Sale 40% (the bonus has a vesting period of 6 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) instead of (bonus will be locked for two months);
  • 25% Pre-Sale phase 1 (the bonus has a vesting period of 4 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) until 5M€ or 15 days after the beginning of pre-sale;
  • 15% Pre-Sale phase 2 (the bonus has a vesting period of 4 months starting 30 days after the reception of the main token stake) until 5M€ or end of period Max Amount in Pre-sale (Phase 1 + Phase 2): 10M€.

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URP Latest Updates
January 10, 2019

# December Update # Universal Reward Protocol

# December Update # Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolJan 10December is the perfect month to reflect on everything that has been achieved since the beginning of the year. It’s also the right time to put names on what has been built. The shopper application in Universal...

From: URP

December 21, 2018

CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol partner up to bring mass adoption to blockchain technology

CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol partner up to bring mass adoption to blockchain technologyUniversal Reward ProtocolDec 21, 2018Press release — 21st December 2018We are delighted to announce that CPChain and Universal Reward Protocol are forming a partnership to boost the...

From: URP

December 12, 2018

# November Update # Universal Reward Protocol

# November Update # Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolDec 12, 2018November was a great month for Universal Reward Protocol. Our product went through the first private and security crash tests. It was also the month for advancing on the first pilots on Universal Reward Protocol...

From: URP

November 02, 2018

# October Update # Universal Reward Protocol

# October Update # Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolNov 2, 2018October was the month of development and refinements for Universal Reward Protocol and we are proud to announce that our demo is ready and has already been shown to our strategic collaborators. We are eager to...

From: URP

October 22, 2018

“Mainstreamization” of blockchain

“Mainstreamization” of blockchainUniversal Reward ProtocolOct 22, 2018Why blockchain ? The promise of a reshaped economic paradigm. That’s what blockchain is all about, shaping a new paradigm through a wide-spread industralization of trust. We’ve experencied the...

From: URP

October 14, 2018

URP Treasure Hunt

URP Treasure HuntUniversal Reward ProtocolOct 14, 2018We love brands. And we love most of all brands with history, brands with character.Will you find which one is this one?“Impossible.What does that mean, impossible?This damn war is turning the world upside down.However, a solution...

From: URP

October 03, 2018

# September Update # Universal Reward Protocol

# September Update # Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolOct 3, 2018September has always been the more thrilling month of the year because it’s the month of releases, new products and new ideas. Well it is for us at Universal Reward Protocol. September has been the month...

From: URP

September 14, 2018

Universal Reward Protocol releases its Technical White Paper and appoints ConsenSys as technical…

Universal Reward Protocol releases its Technical White Paper and appoints ConsenSys as technical advisorUniversal Reward ProtocolSep 14, 2018We are delighted to announce that Universal Reward Protocol is working with ConsenSys! Following the collaboration between URP and ConsenSys Paris team in...

From: URP

August 31, 2018

# August Update # — Universal Reward Protocol

# August Update # — Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolAug 31, 2018The end of the summer always comes with a good story to tell. Universal Reward Protocol is not exempted! We are pround to announce two new partnerships signed with ConsenSys and Coinsilium....

From: URP

August 30, 2018

Conduction of the lottery — URP Bounty Quiz

Conduction of the lottery — URP Bounty QuizUniversal Reward ProtocolAug 30, 2018Dear URP community,We’ve just reached 5000 successful applications for the quiz. As you may know, 120,000€ worth of URP tokens will be distributed amongst the 5000 winners with the...

From: URP

July 25, 2018

# July Update # — Universal Reward Protocol

# July Update # — Universal Reward ProtocolUniversal Reward ProtocolJul 25, 2018The beginning of the summer was very busy for our team, working on the technical aspects of Universal Reward Protocol to design the architecture of the protocol and both the retailer web...

From: URP

July 19, 2018

The first edition of Blockchain in Paris was a great success!

The first edition of Blockchain in Paris was a great success!Universal Reward ProtocolJul 19, 2018On July 17th 2018, Universal Reward Protocol hosted its first edition of Blockchain in Paris.More than 300 people were there in the heart of Paris to hear our 13 famous speakers (Consensys, Baker...

From: URP