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Conceptual Model

WeTrust is a collaborative saving and insurance platform. It is autonomous, frictionless, and decentralized. WeTrust utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a full-stack financial system that leverages existing social capital and trust networks, eliminating the need of a “trusted third party”, which allows for lower fees, improved incentive structures, decentralized risks, and a greater amount of capital to reside among the participants.

Project Description

Trustcoin (TRST) tokens are the currency for services performed by WeTrust as well as other service providers in the WeTrust ecosystem. The coin is a reward to any actor that facilitates trust and is paid by any actor that uses the Trust Network. Collateral used in any transaction will also be in the form of Trustcoin. The value of Trustcoin is derived from usage of the platform. There will be a total of 100 million tokens created, and there is no inflation. 1,791 participants raised a total of 80,092 ETH 1,048 BTC which was worth approximately $4,662,000 when the ICO ended on April 12, 2017.Of the 100 million issued tokens, the distribution will look like this:2 million to bounties, 8 million to future contingency, 10 million to founders, 80 million to funders.Bonus structure:1st Day 30%, 1st Week 25%, 2nd Week 20%, 3rd Week 15%, 4th Week 10%, 5th Week 5%, 6th Week 0%Roadmap 

Founders and Associates

George Li -Co-Founder

Patrick Long -Co-Founder & Strategy Operations

Ron Merom -Co-Founder & CTO

An Zheng -Principal Engineer

Tom Nash -FrontEnd Developer

Shine Lee -Smart Contract Developer

Mivsam Yekutiel -Research and Global Partnerships Manager

Justin Zheng -Marketing Associate

Jessica Aharonov -Graphic Designer

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TRST Latest Updates
January 18, 2019

Types of Cryptocurrency Donors

4. Considerate Crypto LoverThis type of donor cares deeply about the social contribution they can make with their cryptocurrency, but they do not hold a large amount of cryptocurrency. The impact of each of their donations is smaller than that of the crypto whales, but the accumulation of their...

From: TRST

January 15, 2019

What Makes NFTs so Popular? A Case Study from Gaming Companies

In December 2017, the blockchain based CryptoKitties video game became so popular that it congested the Ethereum network, causing it to reach an all-time high in transactions. In some cases, people reportedly paid more than $100,000 for a CryptoKitty non-fungible token, or NFT. By March 2018,...

From: TRST

January 11, 2019

Four Takeaways from Binance’s Marketing

Build a Sense of CommunityA great example of Binance’s community building efforts is their video competition campaign. Binance asked users to make videos explaining what the company does, and to upload those videos to YouTube. The creators of the best videos would win Binance’s BNB tokens....

From: TRST

January 09, 2019

2018 Year End Update

To our valued community,We are as always grateful for the support you have shown and continue to show us. You have promoted our cause among your communities, inspired some of our best ideas, and encouraged us in our mission to use blockchain to enable financial inclusion. In return, we have...

From: TRST

November 30, 2018

Conclusion of the First LR Experiment

With over 190 Ether raised over the span of only a couple weeks, we believe that the first experiment with a version of Liberal Radical donation matching was a success! For those hoping to learn more about our LR implementation, please check our previous post here.For the purposes of...

From: TRST

November 28, 2018

Donate in Crypto? 77 Percent Say Yes.

The results of a Pollfish survey of 1000 crypto holders found that 77 percent are interested in making a donation in cryptocurrency.There were three results from the survey that really stood out to us.77% Want to Donate in CryptocurrencyThe most striking result of the Pollfish survey was that a...

From: TRST

November 14, 2018

Democratic Donation Matching

In a recent paper by Vitalik Buterin, Zoë Hitzig, and E. Glen Weyl, the authors propose a radical new design for crowdfunding. They explain:Individuals make public goods contributions to projects of value to them. The amount received by the project is (proportional to) the square of the sum of...

From: TRST

October 10, 2018

Introducing WeTrust Spring

Big news today! We’re excited to launch Spring, a fundraising platform that allows social entrepreneurs and nonprofits to raise funds via cryptocurrencies. Read on to learn more about it — but if you just can’t wait, check it out here: https://spring.wetrust.io/.The potential for...

From: TRST

September 25, 2018

Spring Donation Platform Teaser

We are only a couple weeks away from releasing our flagship platform, Spring to the world!Our hero image, featuring cute and cuddly Shiba NFTs.We could not be more excited to finally share our creation: the world’s first charitable crypto donation app. We are featuring some of the best...

From: Patrick Long

September 12, 2018

WeTrust on Tour: Upcoming Events

As WeTrust launches Spring, a brand new platform for charitable donation, we are hitting the road to spread the word. It’s an honor to be able to meet our supporters in person and to be able to coordinate with industry leaders in the space. Therefore, we are listing all of the upcoming events...

From: Patrick Long

August 30, 2018

The Past, Present, and Future of Fintech

Any respectable cryptocurrency institution (blog, company, or leader) needs a solid theory on the Origins of Money. While no metaphor relates the history of value better than gargantuan rocks with holes being used as currency by tribes on a Pacific Island, it’s time to posit another idea....

From: George Li

August 29, 2018

WeTrust Spring: A New Take On an Age Old System

Back in 2008, the financial crisis brought the world to the brink of collapse. At that time, an entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto proposed a peer-to-peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin, and executed its first transaction in 2009 with a message referencing the financial bailouts.Nearly ten...

From: Patrick Long

August 15, 2018

How Should Organizations Accept Cryptocurrency? Hardware Wallets, Exchanges, and Multisig

If you run an organization hoping to unlock new sources of funding, accepting cryptocurrency is critical.Gaining the interest of a truly global community, increased donor anonymity, lower processing fees, and fast processing all provide the strong reasons for why groups should accept...

From: Patrick Long

August 08, 2018

How to Create a Coinbase Commerce Account

Coinbase, a popular digital currency exchange and wallet provider, has recently launched Coinbase Commerce, an easy to use plug-in for merchants and non-profits to start accepting payment and donations in cryptocurrency! As of this writing, users of Coinbase Commerce can accept donations in...

From: Patrick Long

August 06, 2018

7 Crypto Projects Focused on Financial Inclusion

As a company, our mission is to help the world become a more financially inclusive space. We want to create technology that helps the unbanked gain access to the financial resources they need. As we’ve studied and researched this issue, we’ve realized just how many moving parts there are to...

From: Patrick Long

Top Cryptocurrency Wallets and Blockchain Browsers

To interact with a blockchain, you need a cryptocurrency wallet for storing digital tokens, and a distributed application (dApp) browser for serving as an end user interface. A cryptocurrency wallet allows you to securely store digital tokens that facilitate transactions and access to services...

From: Patrick Long

How to Install and Use Metamask

In order to use the blockchain, you need to install a mobile distributed application (dApp) browser. One of the most popular dApp browsers is known as Metamask. Follow the first set of instructions to install it on the Chrome browser, and then read on to start unlocking the power of the...

From: Patrick Long

July 31, 2018

Geeking Out on Financial Inclusion

It was an honor to participate in the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion forum in Saudi Arabia earlier this month.It was a pleasure to share the latest thinking as part of a panel on “Different Components of the Blockchain Equation for Financial Inclusion,” and I was most excited to...

From: George Li

July 27, 2018

Creating a Brighter Future

As we’ve said since the beginning and most recently in our blog post titled The Road Ahead for WeTrust — the company has always been about financial inclusion and leveraging cutting edge technology to create a decentralized and socially impactful ecosystem. In support of this mission,...

From: Patrick Long

July 19, 2018

Charitable Giving: The Next Step in Cryptocurrency Acceptance

The Evolution of CryptocurrenciesIn the last decade, the cryptocurrency space has evolved at a blindingly fast pace, from the introduction of Bitcoin in January 2009 and the first pizza purchased with a cryptocurrency (10,000 Bitcoins!) in 2010, to the introduction of Ethereum and the explosion...

From: WeTrustLeonD

July 06, 2018

How Blockchain Will Help Bring About a Financially Inclusive Future

Achieving global financial inclusion is a huge undertaking that will have an enormous positive social impact on the world. Giving individuals and businesses equitable access to decentralized, modern financial tools will ultimately reduce poverty, boost prosperity, and make the world a more...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

July 02, 2018

What Tools and Technical Knowledge NPO/NGOs Need Before Accepting Contributions in Crypto

If you’re a leader in a non-profit organization, you know how important fundraising is. These days, with the explosion in popularity of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, many people are interested in directly donating their cryptocurrencies. Before you start accepting cryptocurrency...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 27, 2018

What Charities Need to Understand Before Accepting Crypto

Cryptocurrency has been flooding most news sites throughout the last few years, enough so that charities have begun accepting cryptocurrency contributions and doing their charitable work in cryptocurrency. Why? There are some major benefits to using cryptocurrency, but there are also a few risks...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 21, 2018

WeTrust Attending the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion Forum 2018

WeTrust’s mission to promote financial inclusion is more than what products we create in the four walls of our office. We endeavor to amplify the global dialogue on financial inclusion and create a world where anyone, regardless of their circumstance, can access financial resources. In...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 19, 2018

6 Advantages of Donating in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have increasingly been making headlines. If you’re a nonprofit reliant on fundraising, you may be wondering what impact cryptocurrencies could have on your nonprofit or ability to raise funds for your cause.There are many potential benefits to accepting...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 15, 2018

Survey Results: Charitable Giving Habits of the Crypto Community

Our mission from the very beginning of WeTrust has been fostering financial inclusion. We envision a world in which everyone has equal access to financial tools to improve their lives. That’s why we created our first product, Trusted Lending Circles, a ROSCA-inspired decentralized app for...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 12, 2018

12 Nonprofits that Accept Cryptocurrency

Due to the immutability, transparency, and security of transactions, cryptocurrency has become an effective way to donate locally and internationally. Yet, only a small number of nonprofit organizations have begun accepting cryptocurrencies.To help encourage people to donate their crypto to...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

June 11, 2018

Continuing Our Mission to Build Decentralized Products for Financial Inclusion and Social Impact

Life around the WeTrust office has been very busy this month. Our engineering team has been making updates to the Trusted Lending Circles, and working to bring the ASCA product to life. Our product marketing team has been exploring who could become the first users of the ASCA inspired product,...

From: Alfonso Pating

June 08, 2018

How to Move Your Trustcoins from Bittrex to MyEtherWallet

As most of you already know, Bittrex will delist TRST on June 8. Because we value our token holders, we wrote this tutorial to help you move your tokens from Bittrex to MyEtherWallet. We want to make sure this process goes smoothly for you, so if you have any issues, pop into our Telegram...

From: WeTrustLeonD

June 07, 2018

Founder’s Note to the Community on the Bittrex Delisting

Dear supporters,In light of the recent delisting of TRST from Bittrex, we thought it would be useful to share additional context about WeTrust in the broader cryptocurrency regulatory framework. While WeTrust was offered as a utility token in early 2017 and has always sought to conduct itself...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

May 04, 2018

The Road Ahead for WeTrust

We founded WeTrust to demonstrate how innovative blockchain technology could be combined with time-tested economic traditions to improve financial inclusion. In pursuit of our mission, our first year of product development efforts culminated in the release of Trusted Lending Circles (“TLC”),...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team

May 02, 2018

Behind the Keyboard: dApp Updates and Product Planning

Greetings WeTrust Community!We’ve been busy. Behind the scenes, our devs have been busy working on enhancing our Trusted Lending Circles or TLCs, our Marketing Team has been working on getting the TLC dApps to the markets that need it most, and the entire team has been collaborating on mapping...

From: WeTrustLeonD

April 30, 2018

The Batch Overflow Bug, and Why Your Trustcoins and WeTrust Financial dApps Are Safe

Recently, a Batch Overflow bug affecting ERC20 tokens has shut down trading on many cryptocurrency exchanges. Rest assured that your TRST tokens and financial dApps are not affected by this bug. Read on for a brief overview of this pesky bug, and why it doesn’t affect WeTrust’s products.The...

From: WeTrustLeonD

March 01, 2018

Blockchain for Social Good: Top Financial Inclusion dApps

From time to time, we here at WeTrust like to provide members of our community who are passionate about blockchain with the opportunity to write for our blog. This week, we are honored to have Mary Callahan writing for us. She is an expert on Bitcoin-related topics, and currently works as a...

From: WeTrustLeonD

February 08, 2018

WeTrust x Origin Protocol Partnership Announcement

WeTrust, the blockchain-based platform for financial empowerment, is excited to formally announce our partnership with Origin Protocol, provider of open-source blockchain protocols to help power products and services within the sharing economy, to develop a seamless decentralized risk sharing...

From: WeTrustLeonD

February 02, 2018

WeTrust Community Update — February 2 2018

Time for another WeTrust update! We have a number of exciting developments to cover, starting with our partnership with BeeToken, an exciting new start-up aiming to be “AirBnB on the blockchain.” BeeToken will leverage WeTrust’s insurance product to provide coverage in cases of hosts’...

From: WeTrustLeonD

January 06, 2018

WeTrust Community Update — January 6, 2018

Greetings and a very Happy New Year to our amazing, supportive community of financial inclusion devotees, Slack pundits, and die-hard HODLers. This year, I’m resolving to participate in more Trusted Lending Circles — and to make all my payments on time!After a much needed holiday...

From: WeTrustLeonD

December 22, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — December 22, 2017

Welcome to a special holiday edition of the WeTrust update. The entire WeTrust Team would like to wish our amazing community a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Habari Gani to our friends celebrating Kwanzaa, and a Happy Holidays to everyone! In the spirit of the holiday season, we have a special...

From: WeTrustLeonD

December 14, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — December 14 2017

Time for a special Testnet Launch edition of the WeTrust Update!We’ve just finished pushing our latest code to the beta server and we’re eager to have a large sample audience testing the product which we’ve all worked so hard on. Our whitelist testing has been going extremely well, with...

From: WeTrustLeonD

December 08, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — December 7 2017

Aloha WeTrust Community, it’s time for another update! As our product readies to launch and we ramp up our marketing efforts, expect to start seeing regular weekly updates from us. Speaking of our product launch, the TLC codebase is looking good for a public testnet launch on December 14 (code...

From: WeTrustLeonD

November 24, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — November 23 2017

Welcome to a special Thanksgiving edition of the WeTrust community update! Here in the WeTrust office in Mountain View, CA, we have been feeling thankful for the chance to work together on such a great team, the excellent progress we have made on development of our dApp, and of course our...

From: WeTrustLeonD

November 11, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — November 10 2017

Greetings WeTrust fam, it’s time for another Community Update. We’ve made some great progress on the Trusted Lending Circle app, and the Alpha build is now complete! At this point, the product supports all 3 ROSCA formats: Random Flow, Predetermined Flow, and the Bidding Flow. Our work this...

From: WeTrustLeonD

October 26, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — October 26 2017

In WeTrust’s latest community update, we have some information on the progress of our Trusted Lending Circle Alpha Build, and an interview with Susana Camarena, director of non-profit partner Qualitas of Life. Read on to learn more!TLC Alpha 1: CompleteAt this time, we have completed the...

From: WeTrustLeonD

October 13, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — October 12 2017

Greetings to our WeTrust Financial Inclusion tribe! Our dev team continues to work very hard on the Trusted Lending Circle product, and we wanted to provide all of you with a sincere and transparent update on our progress. In accordance with our very aggressive product roadmap (shown below), we...

From: WeTrustLeonD

September 27, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — September 26 2017

The weather’s getting a bit cooler, the leaves are starting to change color, and WeTrust is one step closer to releasing our Trusted Lending Circle product. We’re happy to announce that our new website is up and ready, take a look at it here. In the rest of this update, we’ll be talking...

From: WeTrustLeonD

September 19, 2017

An Interview with Cathy Tao, Microfinance Enthusiast, Startup Advisor, and Social Entrepreneur

Cathy Tao (picture left), Patricia Inga, author of “The Mustard Tree” (pictured right)WeTrust recently interviewed Cathy Tao regarding microfinance conditions in South America, ROSCAs, and opportunities for collaboration between WeTrust and local NGOs. We are very grateful for Cathy’s...

From: WeTrustLeonD

September 13, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — September 12 2017

Team WeTrust, reporting in with another Community Update. We’ve spent much of the last two weeks hashing out details of our ROSCA product, so much so that we’re including a Technical Deep Dive (details below) to keep you abreast of these changes. At this point, we have hit a feature freeze...

From: WeTrustLeonD

August 30, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — August 29 2017

It’s time for another installment of the WeTrust Community Update! We’ve been busy interviewing some great technical talent to join our team of blockchain ninjas, welcoming a very accomplished Vice President of Product who has joined us, and making various technical improvements to our...

From: WeTrustLeonD

August 14, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — August 14 2017

It seems like these days, the only constant in the blockchain space is how quickly things change: SegWit, fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, and plenty of projects with great potential completing successful crowdsales. Like the rest of the blockchain world, WeTrust has been going through...

From: WeTrustLeonD

July 29, 2017

WeTrust Community Update — July 28 2017

Well would you look at that, another fortnight goes by like a cool summer breeze. Here’s the update as promised, including a couple of conferences and a new addition to the roster. We’ll also try to reduce any overlap between our personal updates by switching to updates for each product...

From: WeTrust Editorial Team