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The vision of ChronoBank (CBE) is to launch a stable cryptocurrency, Labor Hour Tokens (LHT) backed by an agreement to redeem tokens for one hours worth of labor at the Australian national average wage. Over the course of two months, ChronoBank collected a total of $5.4 million in a number of different currencies. This included:· 3,123 BTC· 14,385 LTC· 48,945 ETH· 33,043 ETC· 13,587,411 NEM· 385,963 WAVES· 416,566 EMC· $1,108,18012% of tokens have been allocated to the team and the remaining 88% distributed to ICO investors.Business plan

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TIME Latest Updates
February 22, 2018

ChronoBank partners with DBrain to Develop Better Employee Reputation Scoring Using AI

ChronoBank has recently established a strategic partnership with Dbrain, an open blockchain platform for collectively building AI apps. Through this partnership, ChronoBank will use Dbrain’s technology to create fair evaluation system for workers in the labor market.Dbrain made a simple tool...

From: Chronobank.io

February 21, 2018

ChronoBank’s new White Paper and LaborX sidechain functionality explained

In this article, we will tell you about the changes in the architecture of LaborX, reflected in the new White Paper.Some days ago ChronoBank announced voting for the updated version of the White Paper. Our community has been asking many question about possible changes in the WP. So here is a...

From: Chronobank.io

February 20, 2018

MINUTES $XMIN Airdrop for TIME and XEM holders

On December 9th 2017, ChronoBank, in cooperation with #NEMrussia, announced its royality awarding asset named MINUTES, also called mosaics deployed on the NEM blockchain.More info about NEM-based mosaics:NEM Releases Assets and Domains$XMIN will be given to all $TIME holders and to $XEM holders...

From: Chronobank.io

February 19, 2018

How does voting process work?

ChronoBank dev team explaining how they decrease expenses for poll actions and deploying the voting contractsChronoMint, as part of its functionality, provides an ability to organize polls — necessary tool for the ecosystem crore strategic decisions.Voting that is designed on blockchain...

From: Chronobank.io

February 18, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #18

12 February — 18 February 2018Welcome to the Issue #18 of Sunday TIMEs: Voting for the updated White Paper, ChronoBank‘s birthday, ChronoMint user update, Vote for TIME on Euсoin Exchange, Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $25.16 USD, 0,00255400 BTCTIME Week low: $17.72...

From: Chronobank.io

February 13, 2018

Voting for the updated White Paper

Make your vote countChronoBank highly valuates the opinion of its community and investors. For this reason, we decided to put the adoption of the updated White Paper to vote.

From: Chronobank.io

February 11, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #17

5 February — 11 February 2018Welcome to the Issue #17 of Sunday TIMEs: Community update, ChronoBank.chat, JS-developer vacancy, Vote for TIME on Euсoin Exchange, Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $22.36 USD, 0,00264229 BTCTIME Week low: $14.23 USD, 0,00224846 BTCMaximum...

From: Chronobank.io

February 07, 2018

ChronoBank Community Update: January 2018

We have a slew of new updates for the community. Many of these relate to the way we engage with our supporters. We also have some announcements about our tech and website.Dear community,As the first iteration of the ChronoBank platform nears completion and we are releasing more and more...

From: Chronobank.io

February 04, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #16

29 January — 4 February 2018Welcome to the Issue #16 of Sunday TIMEs: LaborX Testing Contest Winners, Davos Results, Community Growth, GitHub activity, Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $32.06 USD, 0,00272821 BTCTIME Week low: $18.89 USD, 0,00220133 BTCMaximum volume: $338...

From: Chronobank.io

February 02, 2018

LaborX Testing Campaign Results!

We’re happy to announce the winners of our almost two months lasting LaborX interface testing campaign.Since beginning December 2017, our community has the chance to explore and test first elements of ChronoBank’s upcoming decentralized labour exchange platform, LaborX -...

From: Chronobank.io

LaborX winners

LaborX Testing Campaign Results!We’re happy to announce the winners of our almost two months lasting LaborX interface testing campaign.Since beginning December 2017, our community has the chance to explore and test first elements of ChronoBank’s upcoming decentralized labour exchange...

From: Chronobank.io

January 21, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #15

15 January — 21 January 2018Welcome to the Issue #15 of Sunday TIMEs: New White Paper, ChronoMint new release, CryptoHQ conference, Big interview with Sergei Sergienko, Price update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $41.13 USD, 0,00324127 BTCTIME Week low: $24.39 USD, 0,00247774...

From: Chronobank.io

January 19, 2018

New version of the ChronoBank’s TIME White Paper

ChronoBank is committed to maintain compliance in a fast-changing regulatory landscape. Staying ahead of evolving regulation around blockchain tokens and offerings will require making some changes to our business model. There are enormous benefits to this in the exchanges and markets we will be...

From: Chronobank.io

January 18, 2018

ChronoBank and Sergei Sergienko to participate at CryptoHQ, Davos

ChronoBank is a sponsor of one of the main crypto event of the year, and the company’s CEO will be speaking at the five-day conference for industry leaders.ChronoBank is pleased to announce that it will have a strong presence at Davos-Klosters next week, at the CryptoHQ event. CEO Sergei...

From: Chronobank.io

January 17, 2018

New release of ChronoMint issued

With over 5,000 users already, we intend to make our product the best and most popular on the market in terms of functionality and user experience.Happy New Year to ChronoBank community! We are pleased to announce a new release of our flagship ChronoMint software, with some fantastic updates. In...

From: Chronobank.io

January 15, 2018

Big interview with Sergei Sergienko, CEO of ChronoBank

In December, Sergei Sergienko gave a big interview for Cryptodealers YouTube channel. He talked about ChronoBank’s mission, present and future of crypto-industry, Bitcoin Cash pump, who might be Satoshi, about AI and robots. Read the highlights here!

From: Chronobank.io

January 14, 2018

Sunday TIMEs Issue #14

1 January— 14 January 2018Welcome to the Issue #14 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank — 2018 view, LaborX interface testing program, Russian telegram channel, Price update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $53.61 USD, 0,00326481 BTCTIME Week low: $22.47 USD, 0,00151346 BTCMaximum volume: $1...

From: Chronobank.io

January 10, 2018

ChronoBank —  2018 view

ChronoBank — 2018 viewThe year 2017 saw 882 successful ICOs. They collected $5.9 billion and made 4,700 promises in their white papers, almost one half of them scheduled for 2018.Since the very first days, ChronoBank team concentrated its attention not only on developing economical and...

From: Chronobank.io

December 24, 2017

Sunday TIMEs Issue #13

18 December — 24 December 2017Welcome to the Issue #13 of Sunday TIMEs: ChronoBank — an official partner of Estonia, Bit-Z voting, Smart Contracts, Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: $25.85 USDTIME Week low: $15.46 USDMaximum volume: $625 797 USD on December 19Minimum...

From: Chronobank.io

December 21, 2017

Vote for $TIME on Bit-Z exchange

Dear Community,The last few weeks have been quite intense for ChronoBank with Bittrex delisting and the price turbulences resulting from that.Nevertheless, the whole ChronoBank team is working harder than ever before, and we are very confident that the next weeks will be more fortunate. We have...

From: Chronobank.io

December 18, 2017

ChronoBank Smart Contracts

ChronoBank Smart Contracts ecosystem is built around two things simple for understanding: platforms and assets. Platforms act as a base for all token operations like issuing, balance storage, transfer. Assets add interface layout and define some custom internal logic to allow implementing...

From: Chronobank.io

December 10, 2017

Sunday TIMEs Issue #12

4 December— 10 December 2017Welcome to the Issue #12 of Sunday TIMEs: MINUTES — NEM based asset, LaborX Interface Testing, $TIME was delisted from Bittrex, Price Update.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: 0.00229604 BTC, $33.10 USDTIME Week low: 0.00104246 BTC, $15.19 USDMaximum volume:...

From: Chronobank.io

December 08, 2017

LaborX Interface Testing

ChronoBank invites community to test interface of the LaborX platform.We are looking for the comments and suggestions for improvements for the general flow, UI/UX and bugs.Please email your suggestions to support@chronobank.ioWe have bounty budget of 200 TIME for distribution of rewards the...

From: Chronobank.io

Bittrex Delisting

On Friday, December 1, 2017, the Bittrex exchange requested ChronoBank provide them with a completed listing application and legal opinion from a U.S. law firm to remain listed. It appears that Bittrex is doubling back on their early listed tokens in an attempt to obtain proper documentation for...

From: Chronobank.io

December 03, 2017

Sunday TIMEs Issue #11

27 November — 3 December 2017Welcome to the Issue #11 of Sunday TIMEs: Delisted from Bittrex? Price Update, Waves support, partnership with Bcoin, #ChronoTeam.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: 0.00265483 BTC, $25.69 USDTIME Week low: 0.00162866 BTC, $17.82 USDMaximum volume: $1 700 380...

From: Chronobank.io

November 26, 2017

Sunday TIMEs Issue #10

20 November — 26 November 2017Welcome to the Issue #10 of Sunday TIMEs: Price Update, Roadmap update, Trezor support, Q&A section, #ChronoTeam, comments from the CEO about current market situation.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: 0.00311285 BTC, $24.56 USDTIME Week low: 0.00264276...

From: Chronobank.io

November 25, 2017

ChronoBank for dummies

All you need to know about ChronoBank, at a glance.ChronoBank has a simple mission: to make it easier to access short-term employment. The platform enables anyone, anywhere in the world to access jobs in the gig economy. It uses a decentralised network and blockchain payments to ensure there...

From: Chronobank.io

November 23, 2017

ChronoMint Mobile Version iOS Development Update

23 November 17: ChronoMint Mobile App has been submitted to Apple. Currently at the review stage.

From: Chronobank.io

November 22, 2017

ChronoMint Desktop App Development Update

Desktop App for MacOSPlanned Release Date: Early December 17November 17: Pre-release internal testing stageDesktop App for WindowsPlanned Release Date: Early December 17November 17 Pre-release internal testing stage

From: Chronobank.io

November 17, 2017

ChronoBank — roadmap update

ChronoBank — roadmap updateWith ChronoMint launched and LaborX in internal testing, we’re well on track to meet our roadmap’s key milestones.Since our last roadmap update, back in July, we’ve been hard at work building the next stages of the ChronoBank ecosystem. The key...

From: Chronobank.io

November 12, 2017

Sunday TIMEs Issue #9

6 November — 12 November 2017Welcome to the Issue #9 of Sunday TIMEs: Price Update, ChronoMint guide, future user interface, Parity multisig bug, news from the CEO.TIME Price UpdateTIME Week high: 0.00364099 BTC, $27.10 USDTIME Week low: 0.00306113 BTC, $18.50 USDMaximum volume: $987...

From: Chronobank.io

November 11, 2017

New Parity multisig bug. Why ChronoWallet is safer.

ChronoBank’s totally new multi-sig implementation will be reserved for TIME holders.‘I accidentally killed it.’ This was the comment of the dev who claimed his ineptitude had caused a major headache for Parity users.Stating he was an Ethereum newbie, ‘devops199’ told Parity...

From: Chronobank.io

November 08, 2017

Hi, George Lewis!

Hi, George Lewis!Click “Login” button to login to ChronoMint. Here’s a step by step instruction “How to login to ChronoMint”.If you have any questions, please, join our telegram https://telegram.me/chronobank or contact via email: support@chronobank.io

From: Chronobank.io

November 06, 2017

How to use ChronoMint: Multisig Wallets, Asset Manager, Reward System Interface?

On the 29th of October ChronoBank released its latest version of ChronoMint. Among the new features are the now fully functional Dashboard and Multisignature wallets, the Asset manager, which allows users to create platforms and tokens, time-out feature, price live-ticker and Reward System...

From: Chronobank.io