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Conceptual Model

TE-FOOD is a farm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent.

Role and category based processes

Custom processes and screens for supply chain roles and livestock and fresh food categories

Easy identification tool management

Integrated modules for easy identification material ordering and management

Consumer insight

Consumer mobile app for easy fresh food origin information

Open system

Standard interfaces for third-party logistics or traceability software connection

Enforcement support

Authority checkpoints, enforcement options, and automated fraud management functions

Blockchain is on the way!

Unalterable, incorruptible ledger for traceability information

Project Description


  • Trung Dao Ha: CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder. 
  • Erik Arokszallasi: CEO / Chairman / Co-Founder. 
  • Marton Ven: CMO. 
  • Gergely Koves: Project Manager. 
  • Katalin Vereczkey: Food Industry Expert. 
  • Gabor Nagymajtenyi: BDO Leader, Blockchain Team. 


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TFOOD Latest Updates
November 10, 2018

The FoodChain Has Launched

Every company has defining moments in their lives. When we launched TE-FOOD in 2016, tracking 1200 pigs per day, when we announced that we will start an ICO, or when our public token sale finished within a crazy 15 minutes.All these moments were prepared for several months, required hard work...


October 31, 2018

TE-FOOD signs multi-level cooperation agreement with the University of Debrecen and Laurel Group

TE-FOOD signed a trilateral agreement with the University of Debrecen and Laurel Group about a multi-level cooperation.With more than 25 000 students (over 5000 are foreign students), the University of Debrecen is the largest university in Hungary. It operates with a 640M USD yearly budget, has...


October 23, 2018

TE-FOOD partners with Tier 1 Network to enter the Indian market

TE-FOOD signed a sales and implementation partnership with India based Tier 1 Network, an established agritech business and solutions provider in the Asian country. Their farm technology business unit is called Tier 1 Digital, which includes the farm management software Rain+ Suite, part of the...


October 19, 2018

Masternode onboarding

After several months of work, we arrived to the masternode onboarding process for the initial launch of the FoodChain.During the last months we were contacted by several crypto influencers and loyal community members that they would like to start a masternode. We would like to work with all of...


October 13, 2018

TE-FOOD’s FoodChain testnet is alive

After several months of work, we are at the finish of the development phase of our new, blockchain based system. We always told that migrating our existing business to blockchain will be the largest step of our 3 years history, and it is. Now we lay the base infrastructure for it, and move...


October 12, 2018

Presenting TE-FOOD at MIT

TE-FOOD was invited by the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics to participate, and hold a speech on the Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain Management roundtable, an invitation-only event for the members of the MIT CTL Supply Chain Exchange, and special guests.TE-FOOD participated...


October 03, 2018

TE-FOOD Q3 Progress Report

We collected together all the important events of our progress from July to the end of September:TE-FOOD partnered with FAOWe are extremely proud to partner with FAO, and take our small part in the efforts to defeat hunger, and achieve food security for all. To be recognized by the leaders...


September 28, 2018

TE-FOOD’s Masternode Conditions Description

As our Blockchain Launch Roadmap advances, it’s time to share some information about the masternode conditions we provide.TE-FOOD’s masternode economics is different from other projects. Most projects reward masternodes with their own volatile tokens, without any revenue backing in sight....


September 27, 2018

TE-FOOD is selected to join TERRA Food & AgTech Accelerator’s program

TERRA, the leading Food and Agriculture Accelerator’s program brings together large corporations and startups to build cooperation opportunities. Food and AgTech tartups can apply, and after more rounds of selection, the partner corporations decide with which startups they want to start pilot...


September 20, 2018

TE-FOOD’s Blockchain Launch Roadmap

As we are close to the launch of our blockchain, we prepared a roadmap which describes the major steps we need to accomplish.TechnologyWe published earlier, that considering the current technological state barriers of blockchain technology, and the fast pace of progress at the same time, it’s...


September 13, 2018

TE-FOOD is accepted by the United Nations as a partner to the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS)…

TE-FOOD is accepted by the United Nations as a partner to the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) ProgrammeWe are proud to announce that the activities of TE-FOOD were recognised by the United Nations’ Sustainable Food Systems Programme. Some weeks ago, our joint project with FAO was featured in...


September 05, 2018

Introduction of TE-FOOD’s Technology

TE-FOOD is a food traceability ecosystem on blockchain. It aims to provide solution for companies with any level of technological readiness to join and track their products.It will also integrate service providers for the contracting, management, and clearing of services in its...


August 31, 2018

TE-FOOD updates

The following article contains the summary of various updates regarding TE-FOOD:Tokenization of TE-FOODThe tokenization of our current activity started in February, at the same time as our token sale. TFD licence tokens were obtained by our implementation partners to cover their operational...


August 28, 2018

TE-FOOD announces a major step forward, its live pig traceability operation became available on a…

TE-FOOD announces a major step forward, its live pig traceability operation became available on a public blockchainSpectacular changes take a lot of work to happen, and require many small steps to be taken. Developments are relatively easy in many ways, as they happen behind closed curtains, in...


August 10, 2018

TE-FOOD partners with QSM to enter Poland

TE-FOOD signed partnership with QSM LLC to provide sales and implementation capacity towards potential food industry customers in Poland.QSM (Quality Safety Monitoring) is a Polish company that provides services related to the application of food law in food industry enterprises, including...


August 07, 2018

Reality Through the Lens of Data — the Revolution of Digital Transformation in the Agriculture

Interview with Dr. Gabor Pajor, veterinary and IT expert of TE-FOODYou are a veterinary and IT expert. Why is this combination special?To be veterinary and IT expert at the same time is being the representative of a profession which doesn’t exist yet. I learned veterinary medicine and worked...


July 30, 2018

TE-FOOD joins the Trace Alliance

(image from the OriginTrail Medium blog)There is a common argument amongst crypto enthusiasts, that all blockchain based supply chain solution providers are competitors. We think the real competition comes from elsewhere, and there can be synergies with other crypto companies which make all of...


July 26, 2018

TE-FOOD partners with TomoChain in search for a future-proof framework

When we talk about the blockchain technology TE-FOOD implements, we always tell, that we will build the ecosystem in phases, focusing on the short term goals, and don’t pursue a long term solution at this phase.The founders, and several team members of TE-FOOD are in the corporate IT industry...


July 16, 2018

TE-FOOD Progress Report 4.

Again a busy month with Kucoin listing, CAL token economics, and two interesting partners.Partnership with DeloitteAs part of our strategy, we are seeking for partners for sales and implementation of TE-FOOD. With Deloitte, we found a partner which is a long term trusted supplier of governments...


July 09, 2018

Let’s finish the fight amongst crypto projects!

Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military strategist wrote in The Art of War:“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”In a business sense, besides knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you have to know who is your real competitor, who can...


July 06, 2018

FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations enters into a cooperation with…

FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations enters into a cooperation with TE-FOODFAO, through the Global Strategy to improve Agriculture and Rural Statistics, and TE-FOOD International GmbH. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in several activities:As the...


June 29, 2018

Token economics of Calories (CAL)

We are glad to present the token economics of TE-FOOD’s second token: Calories (CAL).This post is a follow up of the Token Economy of TE-FOOD post. In the previous post, we described the token economics of TFD, and introduced the planned two-token economy.IntroductionThis token economics is...


June 21, 2018

TE-FOOD cooperates with Deloitte to implement blockchain based traceability projects

TE-FOOD and Deloitte Hungary signed a Cooperation Agreement to work together in selling and implementing agritech and food traceability solutions in multiple countries. The parties together will provide proven and trusted solutions for private companies and governments.As a growing number of...


June 05, 2018

TE-FOOD technology used to track premium Wyoming beef on blockchain

History was made last week at the Campstool Ranch near Devils Tower, Wyoming when blockchain-based technology was employed at a cattle branding — the first time the technology has been used for such an endeavor.The goal of the pilot made by Wyoming Certified Beef, LLC and Germany-based...


June 01, 2018

TE-FOOD progress report 3.

One month passed since our last progress report, and many things we are working on start to crystallize. Some of them still not ready to announce, but we see how they will materialize, and how they will fit into our plans.Representation in ItalyStefano Sermenghi, CEO of BIG GROUPTE-FOOD...


May 30, 2018

Corporate IT security expert Sandor Miskey joins as CTO of TE-FOOD

After finishing his studies, Sandor worked as software developer, software architect, and project manager since 1993 in several companies. Since 2006, he worked at Novell Professional Services Hungary, as senior consultant, then as head of NetIQ branch. The NetIQ products provide identity and...


May 27, 2018


John,We stated in the post that the supply chain solution providers will be forced to connect to each other, and this communication will be based on GS1 standards. You told it’s incorrect and misleading, but you haven’t write any argument which supports this.You are right, TE-FOOD is still...


IBM, OriginTrail and TE-FOOD are as well GS1 based.

IBM, OriginTrail and TE-FOOD are as well GS1 based. Some others are planning to implement GS1 standards, some of them not (at least no public trace of it).What we wrote is that these companies will work together in the future, and their communication will be based on GS1 standards. Why do you...


May 25, 2018

The role of GS1 in blockchain based food traceability

During the past months, we experienced that a lot of people in the crypto world don’t really know what GS1 is, and why our partnership with them is crucial.As trading goods became global, the need for standardization had been emerging. Companies all around the world managed their products,...


May 23, 2018

TE-FOOD technology brings halal food chains on blockchain

TE-FOOD’s technology will be utilised on two pilot projects in June 2018 with HALAL TRAIL™️, a UK based company, to track chickens and lambs from farm to table, through the halal food chain.The pilots will be implemented through a new collaboration with HALAL TRAIL who have developed...


May 11, 2018

TE-FOOD 농심과 전략적 파트너 협약 체결한다.

두 회사는 한국의 블록 체인 기술을 기반으로 식품 추적 가능성 솔루션을 제공하기 위해 함께 노력합니다. 자회사 한국 식품 산업의 주요 기업의 정보 기술 전문 기업입니다, Nongshim Data System TE-FOOD의 판매 및 구현 파트너가...


May 03, 2018

TE-FOOD brings farms to a new level with deep data analysis based production improvements

TE-FOOD announces a new extension for small and medium size farms, which enables them to operate more efficiently, and getting more profitable by making scientific deep data analysis accessible and understandable.Problems to solveTo be successful in the food industry, a solution provider has to...


April 30, 2018

TE-FOOD Signs A Strategic Partnership Agreement With Nongshim

The companies join forces to provide blockchain based food traceability solutions in South Korea. The Korean food industry giant’s IT subsidiary, Nongshim Data System will be a sales and implementation partner of TE-FOOD. The first step of the partnership is a pig and cattle pilot project,...


April 26, 2018

Statement regarding the recent BatchOverflow ERC20 Vulnerability

The BatchOverflow and ProxyOverflow exploits are a result of non-standard ERC20 code that does not implement the SafeMath library. The TFD contract employs SafeMath for all arithmetic calculations. All code in the contract that is not a part of the ERC20 standard was written specifically for our...


We believe this is an important partnership.

We believe this is an important partnership. We got an extremely experienced and motivated sales force.


April 24, 2018

TE-FOOD opens to Italy

TE-FOOD signed partnership with BIG GROUP S.r.l to provide sales and implementation capacity towards potential Italian customers.The food industry in the mediterranean country is one of the most important industrial sectors, which counts about 56 000 companies employing around 343 000 people,...


April 20, 2018

TE-FOOD progress report 2.

We are past a busy month since our last progress report, and former leads start to show the first results.Token economyWe announced the token economy we have been working in the past period. The two-token economy will provide possibilities for a lot of use cases for the future. We know that a...


April 19, 2018

TE-FOOD joins R&D project to develop AI based meat quality checker application

TE-FOOD was invited to a consortium of companies to take part in an R&D project with one of the main goals to develop a meat quality checker mobile app for consumers. The consortium won a national grant of over 1 million USD in Hungary.The goalOften people face the dilemma that a previously...


April 13, 2018

Token Economy of TE-FOOD

Everybody experienced the fallback of cryptocurrency prices during the last months. According to analysts, two major factors play important role in the decline.Regulatory uncertaintyLack of real world usageRegulatory uncertaintyThe growing popularity and novelty of cryptocurrencies surprised...


April 10, 2018

TE-FOOD partners with Laurel

About LaurelLaurel is the leading retail technology provider in Hungary. It provides POS Solutions, Store Management Systems, In-Store Marketing Tools, and Inventory Management systems since 1993.Laurel’s customers include companies like TESCO, Metro, Auchan, IKEA, SPAR, Adidas, Butlers, Coca...


March 28, 2018

TE-FOOD’s Strategy for Q2, 2018

Recently we shared what we achieved during the first month of post-ICO era. Now we would like to share what is our strategy for the next 3 months.Existing marketThere are many business directions to go in Vietnam:Rolling out of pig, chicken and eggs traceability in Dong Nai and Ca Mau...


March 21, 2018

TE-FOOD progress report

Almost a month passed since our token sale. Although we post regular updates to Twitter/Facebook/Telegram about our progress, we would like collect all information to a post:ConferencesGS1 Global Forum 2018 conferenceDávid Kétszeri, Partnership Director at GS1 Hungary presented TE-FOOD on GS1...


March 14, 2018


TE-FOOD is on ILDEX VIETNAM 2018, the International Exhibition focusing on Livestock, Dairy, Meat processing and Aquaculture. We exhibit together with the Ministry of Agriculture Department of Livestock Production. 8000 visitors, 250 international brands from over 30...


March 10, 2018

TE-FOOD partners with Sankofa to enter the West African market

TE-FOOD signed partnership with agricultural consulting and project management firm Sankofa Ltd. to represent its livestock and fresh food traceability solution in the French-speaking countries of West Africa. Sankofa — with offices in North America and West Africa — manages...


February 25, 2018

TDF distribution is underway, it will be ready today.

TDF distribution is underway, it will be ready today.How to add to MEW:Token Contract Address — 0xE5F166c0D8872B68790061317BB6CcA04582C912Token Symbol — TFDDecimals — 18


February 23, 2018

Token Release Update

Dear TE-FOOD token holders, Yesterday morning we had the most exciting 15 minutes of our lives. Our token sale reached the hard cap of $19,100,000 in less time than an average lunch break. Upon completion, the smart contract immediately started to distribute the tokens, as programmed.Thank you...


February 20, 2018

TE-FOOD Token Sale Details

First of all, we want to thank all the TE-FOOD community members for their support! Below are full details of the public token sale.Dont forget! Nobody from the TE-FOOD team will ever ask for any payment in a message or email. Any such request from anybody is a SCAM! The only place where we...


TE-FOOD signs partnership with Telenorma AG

Blockchain is changing the world. Trade is changing. The tracking of products and the associated opportunities shift market shares; many industries are at a turning point. TE-FOOD is the leading system here.For the launch of TE-FOOD innovations in the German market, TE-FOOD and the TELENORMA...


February 19, 2018

Hi, TFOOD token will be used by both supply chain companies and consumers (TECoin was the original…

Hi, TFOOD token will be used by both supply chain companies and consumers (TECoin was the original name but we had to change it). This is what we sell in the token sale.The other token you refer will be used for managing transactions, but this token will be invisible for the people, it will be...


February 13, 2018

Sorry if we offended you with it!

Sorry if we offended you with it!


TE-FOOD private sale results

Wow, what a week!To say it was busy would be an understatement! Having always known there would be demand for a product like TE-FOOD, we never imagined our project would get so much attention over such a short period of time.In the past week TE-FOOD has been featured across several high...


February 08, 2018

TE-FOOD gets backing by Wolf Crypto

TE-FOOD team is happy to announce its collaboration agreement with Wolf Crypto, a well-known blockchain consulting and services agency, with a broad network of people looking for contribution in interesting blockchain projects.We found common values with them in bringing food safety to as many...


January 31, 2018

TE-FOOD is presented to the European Parliament in Brussels

Today, Erik Arokszallasi and Dr. Gabor Pajor presented TE-FOOD in Brussels to Albert Dess from the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament.TE-FOOD is the world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business...


January 25, 2018

TE-FOOD Airdrop — Be Fast, Don’t Miss It!

We are happy to introduce the TE-FOOD Airdrop to spread the word about the Token Sale of the world’s largest farm-to-table food traceability solution!Participate in the Airdrop, and help us to reach as many people as possible to tell them: They have the right to know what they eat!Here are...


January 01, 1970

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