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True Flip Lottery ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

True Flip is the international anonymous blockchain lottery with instant payouts, open source code, and transparent prize fund.

Project Description

True Flip is a blockchain lottery platform. True Flip developed a bitcoin-based and fair-proof lottery 6/49 (Powerball*) and plan to make at least 3 more lottery games.True Flip Lottery will be holding its ICO on June 28, 2017. There will be a total of 14,700,000 TFL tokens available for 0.0005 BTC each at the offering. The ICO is expected to end on July 28, 2017.Bonuses:Cumulative BTC CommittedBonus %0 - 100030%1001 - 200020%2001 - 300010%3001 - 50005%5001 - 61250%

Founders and Associates

Nikita Parhomenko -COO

Konstantin Katsev -Marketing director

Daniil Andriyanov -CFO

Alex Gorlo -Marketing manager

Vasili Polynov -PR director

Dmitry Machikhin -Crypto lawyer

Felix Sidokhin -Core developer

Nikita Ivanov -Core developer

Oleh Skorbatiuk -IT infrastructure architecht

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TFL Latest Updates
May 27, 2018

Get to know True Flip: Where did Flip come from?

The story behind True Flip’s logoHey guys,Today we’d like to share some insights into our corporate life with you! The True Flip team is proud of the brand’s history, and we would be happy to tell you more about it.So, let’s start from the beginning. In this post, we would like to tell...

From: TrueFlip

May 21, 2018

Flip’s Star — new video is here!

Hey! Check out the brand-new tutorial on Flip’s Star, our flagship game with 400 BTC in the Jackpot!How do you like the visuals? Any ideas on the next clip we should make? :)Don’t forget to like and share:https://youtu.be/0uR9l15pExkTrue Flip social accounts:Telegram channelTelegram...

From: TrueFlip

May 18, 2018

State of True Flip — #11

Hello,We’re here to provide you with yet more incredible news!:) We’ve made several important updates. Here is a brief overview:• Our new game, “Pirate Bay,” has been developed and launched. The game consists of five rounds and tests your intuition at guessing the winning cells. Bets...

From: TrueFlip

May 15, 2018

True Flip launches Pirate Bay, a new instant blockchain game

True Flip, the blockchain fair games operator, has developed and launched its next instant game. Pirate Bay is available on pb.trueflip.io, with bets starting at 0.000020 BTC.15th May 2018 — Costa Rica The concept of Pirate Bay is a fight for justice. Flip, the mascot standing for...

From: TrueFlip

April 17, 2018

True Flip now accepts 50+ cryptocurrencies

Hey, got deep pockets of altcoins? :) Then here we are — now accepting over 50 cryptocurrencies in addition to the six existing!True Flip has integrated ShapeShift, an instant digital asset exchange. This solution lets our users seamlessly convert their coins into BTC, the main inner...

From: TrueFlip

April 10, 2018

Master Flip Q1, 2018 — the results

Dear friends,It’s amazing that so many of you have participated the second draw of Master Flip! We’d like to congratulate all the winners and thank you for staying with us :)Here’s a quick overview of the results:Block # 0000000000000000000980bf997496a8b964f81c6f223f3fa5593b746f1acedaThe...

From: TrueFlip

April 03, 2018

True Flip enters the slot market with Chain’s Code

True Flip has developed and launched its first slot game. Chain’s Code is available now at cc.trueflip.io with bets starting at 0.000020 BTC and up to 5 BTC as the Superprize.3rd April 2018 — Costa Rica Chain’s Code features a single-line slot machine with a centralized play button for...

From: TrueFlip

April 01, 2018

True Flip attends CRAC 2018 — come visit us!

True Flip will attend the Crypto Affiliate Conference 2018 — CRAC — on April 23–24 in Prague. The event brings affiliates and traffic seekers together in the crypto environment.True Flip has developed a set of appealing offers for the local crowd, so feel free to reach us on site...

From: TrueFlip

March 29, 2018

True Flip gift cards — NOW IN STOCK!

Hello,We love unique presents and hope that so do you. Starting this week, a cool idea is just a few clicks away.TRUE FLIP NOW OFFERS GIFT CARDS!Just scroll down trueflip.io and choose with 6 options available — starting at 0.002 BTC and up to a Bitcoin. Once you’ve filled in an email...

From: TrueFlip

March 24, 2018

TFL holders special game — APRIL 10, 2018

Dear TFL holders,It’s unbelievable, but another 3 months have passed in a blink of an eye :) Therefore Master Flip — our special token holder game — is on its way!The draw will take place at 18:00 UTC, April 10. The current Prize fund amounts to 16 BTC — to be distributed...

From: TrueFlip

March 20, 2018

True Flip meets the Asian gaming — iGA 2018

Hello,True Flip has attended iGaming Asia Congress in Macau, one of the region’s biggest igaming events. Here’s a short digest of our trip.If you try hard, huge shows pay off shortly. Although iGA is quite a chamber event, it gathers the region’s igaming executives. Macau was a perfect...

From: TrueFlip

February 27, 2018

True Flip expanding to Asia! — iGA 2018, Macau

Dear friends,We’re pleased to inform, that True Flip is attending the 10th iGaming Asia Congress — the longest running C-level iGaming event in Asia — on 13–15 March 2018 in Grand Hyatt, Macau.iGA brings together operators, affiliates, suppliers and other companies from regional...

From: TrueFlip

February 15, 2018

Buying a ticket on Trueflip.io

Hello,Recently we’ve launched “Flip’s Wiki”, a series of short guides and how-to’s on True Flip games, features and the surrounding environment. So, here’s the next one!#1 — Creating an account on Trueflip.io#2 — Buying a ticket on Trueflip.ioStep 1. Sign in. (18+)Step...

From: TrueFlip

February 01, 2018

State of True Flip #8

Hello,True Flip has already faced major improvements, but the team keeps working to deliver an even better product. So here’s a quick review of our last updates on trueflip.io:Now you can repeat any of your played draw combinations with just a single click;Funds withdrawal fee has been fixed...

From: TrueFlip

January 20, 2018

Plans for 2018 // A brief report

Hello,As January marks new beginnings, we’ve recently had an entire team’s sync meetup. Here’s a brief recap just to keep you posted on our roadmap progress.True Flip gamesWe plan to issue one new game every two months, 6 games a year in total! Our product developers have already designed...

From: TrueFlip

January 12, 2018

TRUE FLIP — First updates in 2018 !

Hi,Hope you had great Winter holidays and so did we! These days are full of enthusiasm for 2018, backed by new game launches and lots of other cool stuff. The year has just started, but some important updates are already here:• Withdrawal fee is fixed at 1 TFL now, set to comply with the...

From: TrueFlip

December 31, 2017

Holiday greetings + Master Flip results! HNY 2018 :)

Dear friends,We want to thank you for this outstanding year! There’s been plenty of work, but with your help we did well. Next year True Flip will bring more cool games and positive news!We wish you the best holidays and a successful New year :)This is also to remind you the results of...

From: TrueFlip

December 28, 2017

State of True Flip — #7

Hi there,It’s been a while since we published the last “State of True Flip”, so let this be the next one!The end of the year has brought us lots of positive news:Over 70% of True Flip tokens has been parked to play Master Flip, our special game for token holders. Just several hours left...

From: TrueFlip

December 25, 2017

IMPORTANT! Token holder game — Park your TFL! ++ new Flipcast

Hello,We have finalized all works on the upcoming “Master Flip”, a long-awaited game created only for our token holders. The special Draw will take place at 21:00 UTC, December 28.This Draw’s Prize fund is around 35 BTC, distributed fairly among the holders of TFL token. To participate...

From: TrueFlip

November 09, 2017

True Flip reports on the company’s developments in Q3-Q4, 2017

True Flip, the provably fair blockchain games platform, announces a report on the company’s developments in Q3-Q4, 2017. The keynote presentation has been published on November 9, 2017 and includes all major updates in True Flip business during August-November, 2017.Inter alia, the team has...

From: TrueFlip

November 07, 2017


Hey there,Some of you might have noticed us staying silent during last week. Well, the reason is obvious — True Flip was on tour again. We’ve attended Crypto Affiliates Conference (CRAC) in Prague and then Excellence in iGaming (EiG) and Berlin Affiliate Conference (BAC) — making...

From: TrueFlip

October 10, 2017

State of True Flip #4

Hi there!We already have lots of bugs fixed and problems solved, and this time SOTF includes just a few updates, but of crucial importance:Players can now buy up to 100 tickets a time — for 111 upcoming draws;Instant payouts now active for minor wins. A player doesn’t need to wait for...

From: TrueFlip

October 03, 2017

New broadcast on 27 Oct. — True Flip

Dear everyone,Just within 2 months after the crowdsale we’ve made True Flip more attractive for players, investors and partners. We improved security, updated interfaces and UX. The price of tickets is halved, and we keep increasing the Jackpot — soon it will exceed $1 000 000! The...

From: TrueFlip

September 01, 2017

Cheaper tickets, 100+ BTC for Jackpot!

Hey,We’ve all been waiting for this! True Flip has reduced twice the cost per ticket, so that now it’s 0,0005 BTC. All the winnings’ sizes reduce in the same proportion — 50% — to match our original model. Except the Jackpot, which now exceeds 100 BTC and keeps...

From: TrueFlip

August 22, 2017

True Flip listed on HitBTC!

Now it’s official! HitBTC trading platform has opened deposits/withdrawals for True Flip’s tokens (TFL). Find the listing here.NB — TFLs belonging to the Team (20% of the initial emission) are stored safe and intact and won’t be subject to trade — in full accordance with White...

From: TrueFlip

August 11, 2017

True Flip LIVE broadcast @ 15/08/17

Hello!It seems, we’ve really done a lot in the recent several weeks! The ICO is over, with all the brand-new thoughts and decisions it has brought to us. The team continues multi-task job and, moreover, lots of stuff needs to be done in the nearest future to keep growing rapidly.As now...

From: TrueFlip

True Flip successfully finishes crowdsale with over 2000 BTC raised

True Flip, the provably fair international lottery, has successfully closed the company’s TFL tokens sale at 10:00 am (UTC), July 29, with the mark of 2000 BTC exceeded.The first blockchain-based lottery solution with a viable business model has attracted the promising 3000+ participants...

From: TrueFlip

July 27, 2017

The Flip’s Chest

Hi!This day brings another portion of good news! We are ready to show the first demo of Flip’s Chest, a new instant game upcoming on True Flip. With it’s progressive Jackpot size, multiple winning strategies and other improvements to rise the prospects of a win, Flip’s Chest definitely has...

From: TrueFlip

July 26, 2017

Congratulations with the successful crowdsale!

Congratulations with the successful crowdsale! Glad that you guys have managed everything on such a high level :)

From: TrueFlip