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Swarm Fund is a fully decentralized capital market place that democratizes investing by using the power of the blockchain to open up high-return, alternative investment classes to smaller investors through asset-backed funds using cryptocurrency tokens. It makes traditionally exclusive investment opportunities, such as private equity and hedge funds, inclusive for the Swarm by pooling together smaller investments into larger, institutional-sized blocks. Swarm Fund also gives fund managers access to more capital from a new asset class of investors who want access to institutional-type investments, but don’t have the high minimums many institutional funds require. Pilot investment vehicles on the Swarm Fund platform include a Distressed Real Estate Fund, a Solar Energy Fund, and a Crypto Hedge Fund.

Project Description

Swarm is an open source project to build a “distributed incubator to help people fund their ideas” by issuing digital tokens on top of protocols such as Counter Party and the Master Protocol. The ICO raised around $560,000.Info report 

Founders and Associates

Philipp Pieper -Partner & Co-founder

Timo Lehes -Partner & Co-founder

Joel Dietz -Partner & Co-founder

Jelle Herold -Lead Developer

Anton Livaja -Full Stack Developer

“Jazzwall” Sharad Jaiswal -Full Stack Developer and Project Manager

Chris Eberle -Global Marketing

Emilia Gheorghe -Project Manager

Katerina Kan -Ambassador Relations

Pavlo Shandro -Front-end Developer

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SWARM Latest Updates
December 13, 2018

Fight it how the Catholic church fought Gnosticism?

Joel DietzDec 13, 2018Fight it how the Catholic church fought Gnosticism?


December 08, 2018

The Five Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in Five Wild Years of Crypto

The Five Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made in Five Wild Years of CryptoJoel DietzDec 8, 2018Being first isn’t enough. Being fast isn’t enough. Being dedicated isn’t enough.What is enough? Let’s find out after I make some jokes at my own expense.Let’s start...


October 31, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/30/18

The DAO Daily 10/30/18Joel DietzOct 30, 2018Maker‏ @MakerDAONEW: There is a brand new CDP portal for single collateral #Dai! It’s now much more intuitive, taking the number of clicks to open a CDP from 8, down to 2–3!Shamir Ozery‏ ShamirThis is amazing. Super bullish...


October 29, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/29/18

The DAO Daily 10/29/18Joel DietzOct 29, 2018Aragon‏ @AragonProjectIntroducing the next step in decentralizing Aragon’s development. Flock, funding for Aragon teams. Learn more about becoming an Aragon team beside @AragonOneTeam & the Aragon DAC by @Givethio....


October 27, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/26/18

The DAO Daily 10/26/18Joel DietzOct 26, 2018Chris Remus‏ Chris RemusThese user stories represent a vision for the @AragonProject MVP. The list stays true to the original roadmap. It’s intended to represent a minimum set of features required to run a #DAO. The @AragonOneTeam looks...


October 26, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/25/18

The DAO Daily 10/25/18Joel DietzOct 25, 2018Aragon‏ @AragonProjectFive new teams have been awarded grants with funding from Aragon Project. We’re excited to have more teams working on the Aragon & #Ethereum ecosystems.We welcome Decentralized Design Lab, @levelk_io,...


October 25, 2018

THE DAO DAILY 10/24/18

THE DAO DAILY 10/24/18Joel DietzOct 24, 2018Gitcoin‏ @GetGitcoinCheck out @AragonProject’s bounties and help build unstoppable organizations!Aragon‏ @AragonProjectExcited to come to #AraCon2019, but don’t have the financial resources? Scholarship applications for...


October 24, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/23/18

The DAO Daily 10/23/18Joel DietzOct 23, 2018DASH‏ The Dash TimesToday we are announcing the release of @Uphold integration into the Dash @Android app. For the first time users will no longer have to use a second app or cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Dash.Web3 Foundation‏...


October 23, 2018

The DAO Daily 10/22/18

The DAO Daily 10/22/18Joel DietzOct 22, 2018Chris Remus‏ Chris RemusReminder! If you created 1 of the 2500 @AragonProject #DAO’s on Rinkeby, your DAO’s getting deprecated ONE WEEK from today. Read this to learn why the pending upgrades required us to do this, what to do...


September 17, 2018

The DAO Weekly 9/10–9/16

September 10, 2018TWITTEREthos.io‏ @Ethos_ioWe’re so delighted to support $DASH! CheersDASH‏ @DashpayIntroducing Long Living Masternode Quorums! Just another step in the $Dash Evolution Revolution! https://blog.dash.org/introducing-long-living-masternode-quorums-76ea8b23a85a …DASH‏...

From: Swarm

August 01, 2018

Worked on the legal analogue of this a couple years ago, insofar as creating a formal manifesto…

Worked on the legal analogue of this a couple years ago, insofar as creating a formal manifesto with a list of members and a blockchain timestamp could legally qualify for being an unincorporated non-profit association in many jurisdictions with the possibility of collectively owning property.

From: Swarm

December 30, 2017

Is 2018 the year of real blockchains?

In today’s ICO mania people often forget the ‘simple truth’ about blockchains.So let’s review:No blockchain exists that transfers a “significant” amount of transactions relative to traditional payment networksNo blockchain technology exists that can handle a significant amount of...

From: Swarm

December 20, 2017

Successful models of blockchain governance

Recently notable thought leaders of the Bitcoin and Ethereum community have come out against on-blockchain governance systems.Their arguments can be summarized as follows:(1) Open source software governance works(2) If something ain’t broke don’t fix it (3) No one actually uses...

From: Swarm

December 13, 2017



From: Swarm

November 20, 2017

ZeppelinOs basically is this.

ZeppelinOs basically is this.

From: Swarm

September 25, 2017

Great work!

Great work!

From: Swarm

September 24, 2017

Completely agree with you as usual.

Completely agree with you as usual.

From: Swarm

September 13, 2017

You mean $0.50? if you converted at that rate they’ve also already gone up 3x.

You mean $0.50? if you converted at that rate they’ve also already gone up 3x.

From: Swarm

September 07, 2017

Network Democracy Token Release

Swarm is the first project to use a blockchain-governance module to oversee real world assets. This uses our own “network democracy” software with integration points into existing legal structures and Ethereum best practices like ZeppelinOS, MiniMe, and the Gnosis Multisig.The governance...

From: Swarm

August 14, 2017

ICOs are bullsh*t. Build a business.

Everyone’s excited about ICOs. The problem is most ICOs are both totally bonkers and definitely securities. In many cases they are also creating hype cycles that take away from real product development. Take it from the founder of one of the most highly touted early ICOs, we need a way...

From: Swarm

July 27, 2017

Swarm 2.0 Token Swap

After 3 years of fine-tuning Swarm 1.0, growing our team, connecting with experts from diverse fields, and working hard on creating something new in the crypto space, Swarm 2.0 is finally here. In this article we will talk about the new Swarm and introduce you to an app we’ve built to convert...

From: Swarm

June 28, 2017

Can be a long stage.

Can be a long stage.Get Swarm Fund White Paper (Instant Download)*********************************************Subscribe To Get The Latest Swarm Fund News*********************************************Join Our Cryptocurrency Communities: Swarm Fund Telegram...

From: Swarm

May 28, 2017

We put the remainder into a smart contract liquid democracy platform that can be used for fund…

We put the remainder into a smart contract liquid democracy platform that can be used for fund management platform and the tokens are being swapped transferred from the Bitcoin blockhain to the Ethereum one.Get Swarm Fund White Paper (Instant...

From: Swarm

Five simple principles for managing your crypto portfolio

I run several private groups where crypto-investors discuss their investment strategies and am frequently asked questions about portfolio management.This is what I roughly what suggested to members of one of our groups in September for a $100,000 medium-risk portfolio:Sample portfolio provided...

From: Swarm

January 01, 1970

I’m sorry Christoph, apparently there is a Christoph Burgdorf on twitter and when we used his @…

Joel DietzNov 9, 2018I’m sorry Christoph, apparently there is a Christoph Burgdorf on twitter and when we used his @ name, it tagged you. I can’t see where to edit the post so once you’ve seen this, I will delete to avoid misrepresentation.