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Substratum is developing an open-source foundation for the decentralized web, providing free and unrestricted access to content for a new Web 3.0.The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses industry-leading cryptography to deliver secure content anywhere, all without the need for VPNs or Tor. Substratum wants to revolutionize the hosting industry with per-request billing via micro transactions, all handled by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.Team:Justin Tabb: Solutions Architect.  Abram Cookson: Lead Software Developer.   Jason Wollam: Senior Software Engineer.   Kevin Marois: Senior Software Engineer. Jason Burns: Design Lead. Michael Stockwell: Advisor. Substratum Network will be holding its ICO on August 14, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 100% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 600,000,000 tokens available, for 0.00033333333 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 1000 ETH, the funding cap is 150,000 ETH and is expected to end on September 14, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.ICO Budget Allocation30% Product Awareness;60% Product Development;10% Network Infrastructure;Bonus Structure:ICO WEEK 1: 3,000 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 2: 2,500 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 3: 2,050 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 4: 1,500 SUB = 1 ETH;

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December 18, 2018

Substratum Smart Contract Upgrade & Token Swap

Important things to know:changing from 2 to 18 decimal places to support further subdividing of payments within the networkBurn wallet of 120M tokens will NOT be transferredProcess is automaticExchanges will halt deposits and withdrawals while this takes place

From: SUB

June 14, 2018

Substratum Historic Progress on CORES Network — LIVESTREAM Update 6.14.18

This week the Substratum Network made a historic step in the journey to a free and fair internet. The Substratum Developer team was able to create a CORES package, masquerade the package, send it across a network of decentralized nodes, discriminate the package, unmask it and pull the message...

From: Substratum

June 13, 2018

SubstratumNode 0.3.3 Release Coming This Week

This week we release SubstratumNode 0.3.3 on our road to 0.4.0. Fantastic progress was made this week on the road to 0.4.0 with the first full CORES package being successfully sent through a network of decentralized nodes.https://medium.com/media/a9c97b066f2f4d78cc350772651c80fb/hrefBelow are...

From: Substratum

June 09, 2018

Four Exciting Things I Saw at Substratum Development HQ Last Week — by Justin Tabb

https://medium.com/media/14b64addb5a447c6e1cacf7501c0f03b/hrefLast week I visited Substratum Development HQ for my regular status update and planning session which we do every couple months at least. There are a LOT of exciting things going on not the least of which is the new talent that will...

From: Substratum

Substratum Smart Contract Change Coming

https://medium.com/media/d22b01c7b385bae96174b656b4c98551/hrefNext week we will be making some changes to our Smart Contract. It is important to know that this will not affect your trading at all.In our original Whitepaper we specified that if liquidity in the network reached too low we would...

From: Substratum

October 20, 2017

How Substratum Secures Your Data

https://medium.com/media/8468eaac31c27fd209d88f8028337170/hrefNo Single Node Holds All the Data Necessary to Serve a RequestWhen you host your content on Substratum it starts in our internal bank of SuperNodes. Our Network then distributes the content out to a network of nodes with different...

From: Substratum

How Substratum is Building an Affordable Blockchain Network

Blockchain technology and the decentralized internet of the future promise web security, accessibility, and authentication for all.It’s a powerful idea that works, and Bitcoin’s incredible performance is a shining example.Why, then, do we still work with centralized server banks and...

From: Substratum

August 23, 2017

Substratum Raises Level of Substrate Offered

August 23Due to the recent price change in Ethereum and out of appreciation for our contributors we will be reverting to our Block 1 — ICO price as of today. Anyone who invested in Block 2 prior to today will receive the higher valuation of 3,000 Substrate for 1 Ether retroactively. We...

From: Substratum

August 21, 2017

You can join our Slack @ https://goo.gl/EzwVMw

You can join our Slack @ https://goo.gl/EzwVMwMy email is also available in our Whitepaper on our site https://substratum.net

From: Substratum

August 10, 2017

Initial Substratum Reviews are Positive: Join the ICO Now!

Over the past few days several YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency have given positive reviews of the Substratum Network and made recommendations to jump into the ICO.Take a look at some of the reviews that have been done, you can learn more about Substratum at:How It Works:...

From: Substratum

August 09, 2017

The Substratum Token that will bring you the Decentralized Web

Substrate & AtomsThe general public does not understand the complexities that go along with cryptocurrencies today. The terminology that is involved confuses people who are not extremely technical in nature. The average person understands Fiat currency. With Fiat we have TWO Decimal places...

From: Substratum

August 08, 2017

Substratum Fills the Void Left by VPN

The Attack on Global Privacy Leaves Few Places To TurnIn the article above we read how China and Russia will be cracking down on the use of VPN’s. This will leave billions of people in the dark in relation to viewing content from the outside world and will censor their worldview.At the perfect...

From: Substratum

January 10, 2019 23:50

SubstratumNode Update January 2019: Full Decentralization, TNT Test Framework, New Release!

What’s up guys? Today we just wanted to drop you a quick video with the additions that have been made to SubstratumNode since our last binary release.

As large graph testing has been completed and we round the corner towards our next binary release we wanted to take a look back at everything that has been completed in regards to SubstratumNode since our last release.

At a high level we started SubstratumNode with a linear approach to validate the hypothesis of design which allowed us to do one significant iteration to step into decentralization.

In order to achieve self healing and true decentralization it was critical to move from this linear approach to the complex graph approach we use now. Prior to decentralization if a node was lost within the linear route the routing chain was broken and requests would fail. Now using the complex graph methodology nodes gossip so when any node shuts down and is removed from the network the neighborhood knows and doesn’t try to route future requests while it is inactive. Instead new routes will omit any inactive nodes.

Additionally our first decentralized release required nodes to bootstrap from a single centralized entity to be in the same neighborhood. With self healing, complete nodes can bootstrap into any neighborhood with any node making this function inherently decentralized and required to achieve self healing and true decentralization. Decentralized bootstrap will enable new features like social sharing where a friend can invite you to the network and you become automatically bootstrapped from their neighborhood. This completely removes the need for a centralized server as a gatekeeper for the network and addresses a large number of attack surfaces that could have been exploited to reduce the functionality of the network. These are the merits of decentralization that we all know and love and now they are integrated into SubstratumNode.

Additionally we have developed what we have coined as TNT, the Test Net Tools Framework and we will be open sourcing this very soon. TNT allows easy communication with the running nodes for verifying their health. TNT was essential for us to complete the complex testing we needed with speed and ease. This framework will be helpful as an orchestration tool for setting up a node cluster from the command line and thus will be extremely useful for users or businesses managing multiple VPS or cloud instances all around the world. This will continue to evolve over time but look forward to the TNT framework being released as open source very soon.

We believe this is a good high level overview of what we’ve added to this release. It includes many key features necessary to deliver a stable and scalable network, intelligent enough to take care of itself as old nodes drop off and nodes join. So we are beyond excited to get this out the door!

Stay tuned for our next update video and we thank you for being part of the free and fair internet of tomorrow through the power of the decentralized web.

January 01, 2019 01:36

Substratum 2018 Reflections & Things to Look Forward to in 2019

In this video we take a look back at the successes from 2018 and give you a preview of what to look forward to in 2019:

References from Video:

China Video - https://youtu.be/S_-a85G0zjs
Russia Video - https://youtu.be/Ph7yXwdNHYc
Iran Video - https://youtu.be/Oj_hWrfepEQ

Self Healing:


Smart Contract:

New Smart Contract Address with majority of Ether Balance:


Old Smart Contract Address that is now frozen with small portion of Ether:


December 14, 2018 18:34

Substratum Token Swap to Begin December 17th

The Substratum Token Swap will begin on 12/17/18. Binance will support the token swap and the process is fully automated so token holders don't need to do anything to receive the new tokens.

December 06, 2018 13:00

Why You Are Going to Want AMPX

Hello everyone, and welcome back to our video series.

The Amplify ICO is up-and-running as we speak.

If you’re outside of the U.S., you can register to buy tokens.

If you’re inside the U.S., you can’t buy tokens; however, you can still earn AMPX through referrals.

Getting these tokens into the hands of newcomers and Substratum followers alike is a crucial step to expanding the Amplify community and supporting both projects. That’s why we decided that this video will focus on AMPX tokens.

There are five reasons why you’re going to want AMPX tokens:

First, AMPX tokens reduce fees on the Amplify Exchange. AMPX serve as utility tokens that lower routine transaction costs on the exchange--the more you cover fees in AMPX, the lower your fees will be; this is true in phase one and phase two.

The second reason is that AMPX helps nodes participate in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus protocol that keeps Bridgechain operating in phase two. Proof-of-Stake is an energy-efficient alternative to Proof-of-Work, which forces users to compete for maximum computing power and tends to cause centralization among a few powerful miners.

In contrast, on a PoS network, a selection protocol picks an individual who has staked their tokens to add a new block. Our Popularis protocol encourages real decentralization by alternating rewards structures between even and odd blocks--even blocks divide mining rewards equally among ten stakers, while odd blocks divide rewards proportional to stakes.

What all of this really means is that owning and staking AMPX is key to earning more AMPX from Bridgechain mining. You can use those AMPX for your own Amplify trades, or sell them to other traders.

Third, AMPX tokens will give you discounts on conversions performed during point-of-sale transactions using CryptoPay. CryptoPay is an application that allows people to pay for goods and services with any cryptocurrency that a merchant accepts. Merchants can choose to get paid in their preferred cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Tokens and coins that are available on Amplify are automatically available to be used for goods and services through cryptoPay.
The fourth reason why you’re going to want AMPX is that it can be used to convert fractional cryptocurrency value--commonly referred to as “Crypto Dust”--into AMPX. This solves the problem of cryptocurrency values that are lower than the minimum trading requirement, transfer, or withdrawal limit, and therefore end up sitting idle in user wallets. This conversation feature will significantly benefit our customers, as well as, help create a consistent demand for the AMPX token.

And lastly, when our platform is enterprise-ready, AMPX will be used to pay for upgrades within the platform. While we expect this will be specific for institutional, or sophisticated market participants, our enterprise-grade services such as increased API transaction rates may incur additional fees to cover the technological costs associated with those services. AMPX will be the fuel within the platform that allows these customers to quickly upgrade; this not only benefits token holders, but also helps complete our ecosystem surrounding Amplify, CryptoPay, and Substratum.

You can buy AMPX right now through our public sale--but act fast, prices will increase as we come closer to selling out.

If you’re interested in acquiring more AMPX after the sale, you have two options. You can buy AMPX on the Amplify Exchange, or you can join the Substratum network as a node operator. SubstratumNode operators provide internet access by handling peer-to-peer routing requests; and soon, SubstratumNode operators can choose to process Amplify transactions which earn them AMPX tokens alongside SUB tokens.

So there you have it: everything you can do with AMPX, and how you can become an AMPX token holder even after the public sale and airdrop come to an end.

See you next time..

December 05, 2018 13:00

The Two Phases of Amplify Exchange

Welcome back to our Amplify whitepaper series!

Today we are going to cover the two stages of the Amplify Exchange launch.

You might be wondering why we are unrolling Amplify in two phases?

We are unrolling Amplify in two phases because it means we can bring you the first phase, Amplify Distributed, as soon as possible--we anticipate a launch date sometime in the second quarter of 2019. And in the meantime, we can develop phase two, Amplify Decentralized.

Let’s get into some more details.

Our two-phase rollout has a lot to do with what makes Amplify so unique in the crypto space: it is hybrid, both centralized and decentralized.

Phase One, Amplify Distributed, will start off releasing an easy to use interface, similar to Coinbase, and connect with a multitude of exchanges for liquidity. We’re planning to integrate with almost a half dozen other exchanges to provide you the best bid and offer price in the market, and give crypto newbies an easy to use platform that has dozens of trading pairs, including, but not limited to, fiat-to-altcoins.

From Amplify’s perspective, this is a good thing, because we need to secure a large user base and assets under management in order to have sufficient liquidity for our next release. Our next release will be the actual exchange platform where we handle transactions similar to existing centralized exchanges like Binance.

However, Amplify Distributed won’t just be another exchange. We’ll be offering trading pairs for the top 100 altcoins and will provide direct fiat-to-altcoin gateways, as well as sophisticated dashboard tools for advanced traders.

During phase one, the main usage for AMPX tokens will be lowering fees on the exchange--the more AMPX you use to pay a fee, the lower your total cost is.

Phase two, Amplify Decentralized is where things really get interesting. During phase two we’ll launch the Amplify Bridgechain. We’ll get more in-depth about the Bridgechain later, but in brief: the Bridgechain records the off-chain transactions happening in Amplify Decentralized onto Amplify Distributed with a distributed blockchain ledger. The Bridgechain is what makes Amplify a hybrid exchange--whether you initiate a trade from the distributed side or the off-chain ledger, your transaction will get synced to both. This feature gives us the security of a decentralized exchange and the speed of a centralized one.

In phase two, AMPX will still help you cover exchange fees; however, AMPX also becomes a key component in the Bridgechain ecosystem.

A critical element of the phase two launch will be converting all AMPX tokens from the ERC20 protocol we used in phase one to the Amplify Mainnet; this allows AMPX to carry out the Bridgechain’s Popularis consensus protocol.

You might be familiar with Substratum, our closely related project that uses distributed nodes to handle routing requests and create censorship-proof internet access. SubstratumNode operators already receive SUB tokens for processing routing requests, and when the Amplify Bridgechain starts sharing the Substratum network during phase two, authenticating Amplify transactions will earn Node operators AMPX tokens too.

All very exciting, but that’s all for now, guys. Keep an eye out for our next video covering why you’re going to want AMPX.

December 04, 2018 22:08

How to Participate in the Amplify ICO

Hi everyone! Great news; the Amplify ICO is finally public!

Check out our videos, whitepaper, and website to learn more about what this project accomplishes.

In this video, I’m going to explain how you can participate in the ICO and get your hands on some AMPX tokens.

Let’s start by going to the Amplify website, Amplify Exchange Dot Com. Afterward, click on “Crowdsale Open” in the upper right corner; this will take you to our ICO registration page.

Right off the bat, you’ll see some important rules. U.S. residents can’t directly participate in the ICO thanks to the SEC; however, they can receive referral bonuses, which means it’s still worth it to register.

We also have an important announcement about wallets.

The token generation event creates ERC20 tokens, which are not compatible with exchange wallets. So make sure you have moved the crypto you want to contribute into an ERC20-compatible wallet like the Ledger Nano S, or MyEtherWallet before proceeding.

Fill out the form to register an account with us, and make sure you complete every field with a star next to it. This information helps us stay compliant with Know-You-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering regulations. If you’re contributing more than $15,000, we’ll also ask for copies of a government-issued ID and an item that verifies your address, such as a utility bill, further down the line.

The Amplify ICO accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum. Even if you’re only contributing with Bitcoin, you’ll need to give us your Ethereum address too, because we will need a place to send your AMPX. Remember, these have to be ERC20-compliant, non-exchange wallets.

Be sure to enter the referral code of anyone who helped you find Amplify - it gives them bonus AMPX tokens! And make sure to read our terms and conditions before you check the mandatory box.

After completing and submitting the form, you’ll have to verify your email address. You can now access your Amplify ICO dashboard at any time by clicking “Login” on the registration page. Your dashboard shows important information like the current price of AMPX and how much time is left in the ICO; this is also where you’ll send in your contribution.

Get your referral code under “Referrals” and share it early and often--anyone who participates using that code earns you extra tokens. You can also see your referral earning history once the first batch of AMPX are distributed to the participants.

And you’re set! Your AMPX won’t show up in your wallet until the token generation events, which will occur in periodic stages. This means, Amplify is distributing tokens in batches as opposed to one massive distribution event. Keep an eye out for your distributions, but your portion is now reserved for you. Remember that the tokens’ price will increase as the ICO proceeds. Each token will be $0.10 each until we’ve sold 100 million, then $0.13 until we’ve sold another 100 million, and finally $0.15 until we’ve sold 740 million--our token sale hard cap.

And now, you’re all set to participate in the Amplify ICO, helping us work toward a better, safer, and censorship-resistant crypto exchange to market.

So long for now, and keep an eye out for our next video.

November 14, 2018 02:33

Browse Censored Content with your iPad using a Raspberry Pi Running Substratum

We have often eluded to having a device that can connect to your home network and allow you to browse the Substratum Network using wifi within your home. Censored content becomes uncensored just by connecting to this little device. How hard would it be to take the SubstratumNode code and apply it to a device so you can be free of censorship? Not that hard as you see in this video!

November 11, 2018 02:53

Substratum Network Allows Users to Use Skype in Censored Countries

In this video you see a simple demonstration of the Skype application over the Substratum Network from behind the Great Firewall of China. This next generation multipoint decentralized VPN is the perfect answer to censorship worldwide.

October 19, 2018 23:33

MUST SEE! SubstratumNode Delivers Content THROUGH the Great Firewall of China - RAW VERSION


In this video we demonstrate that the Substratum Network CAN push content THROUGH the Great Firewall of China.

This video shows you a machine in China route:

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, NYT, and MANY more

Using a simple small version of the Substratum network

Again this is only 4 nodes! Imagine the speed when we have hundreds of thousands.

October 19, 2018 20:11

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - SubstratumNode Integration

Welcome back everyone to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Today we are covering one of the very exciting features within the Substratum Ecosystem and that is how SubstratumNode and Amplify Exchange work together to deliver globally unrestricted trading and freedom while rewarding participants in both SUB & AMPX tokens where appropriate.

First a quick overview of SubstratumNode:

SubstratumNode allows users all over the world to have full access to the Internet regardless of censorship in the form of digital borders placed by governments and corporations. Through the use of our CORES system the Substratum Network can route traffic clandestinely and offer the entire world access to the entire internet regardless of geolocation.

People running SubstratumNode’s can earn $SUB tokens for processing CORES packages across the internet by people using the network who want to remain clandestine or view content that is blocked in their geographical region.

Amplify will utilize the Substratum Network for unobstructed decentralization of exchange transactions. Amplify will also be the chosen exchange for monetizing the Substratum Network. With SubstratumNode configured to perform routing and consensus work for the Amplify Exchange a SubstratumNode user can choose to ear n AMPX alongside of SUB.

Users will have the option to earn AMPX by authenticating tra nsactions to the Amplify BridgeChain in addition to the SUB coins they are earning for processing CORES packages through the Substratum Network

Once the user has leveraged the SubstratumNode to earn coins, they will begin to see their coins accumulate on the Earnings tab.

Because Amplify allows you to connect any bank account or alternate funding method to the Exchange, users will easily be able to withdrawal their earnings from Substratum directly to the bank account or alternate funding method of their choice. Alternatively, users can move their cryptocurrency earnings to another wallet of their choosing.

Due to the interoperability with SubstratumNode, users will be able to leverage the Amplify Exchange to trade anyone regardless of censorship.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our vision of a beautiful ecosystem of products that work perfectly together to fill all the needs of our daily digital lives in a totally unrestricted manor.

If you want more information about SubstratumNode you can visit https://substratum.net and if you would like more information about Amplify Exchange you can visit https://amplifyexchange.com where you can read our whitepaper and learn more about how Amplify will disrupt the digital currency trading market and how you can get involved.

That’s it for today! Make sure you subscribe to this channel and follow us on Twitter @SubstratumNet for all the latest updates. Look out for our Q&A video that is coming soon, if you have questions you want answered just go to the URL on the screen and submit them and we will get them answered.


Until then thank you for joining us in our journey to a free and fair internet through the power of the decentralized web.