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Substratum is developing an open-source foundation for the decentralized web, providing free and unrestricted access to content for a new Web 3.0.The Substratum Network is a worldwide collection of nodes that uses industry-leading cryptography to deliver secure content anywhere, all without the need for VPNs or Tor. Substratum wants to revolutionize the hosting industry with per-request billing via micro transactions, all handled by blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.Team:Justin Tabb: Solutions Architect.  Abram Cookson: Lead Software Developer.   Jason Wollam: Senior Software Engineer.   Kevin Marois: Senior Software Engineer. Jason Burns: Design Lead. Michael Stockwell: Advisor. Substratum Network will be holding its ICO on August 14, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 100% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 600,000,000 tokens available, for 0.00033333333 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding target is 1000 ETH, the funding cap is 150,000 ETH and is expected to end on September 14, 2017 or when the funding cap is reached.ICO Budget Allocation30% Product Awareness;60% Product Development;10% Network Infrastructure;Bonus Structure:ICO WEEK 1: 3,000 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 2: 2,500 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 3: 2,050 SUB = 1 ETH;ICO WEEK 4: 1,500 SUB = 1 ETH;

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June 14, 2018

Substratum Historic Progress on CORES Network — LIVESTREAM Update 6.14.18

This week the Substratum Network made a historic step in the journey to a free and fair internet. The Substratum Developer team was able to create a CORES package, masquerade the package, send it across a network of decentralized nodes, discriminate the package, unmask it and pull the message...

From: Substratum

June 13, 2018

SubstratumNode 0.3.3 Release Coming This Week

This week we release SubstratumNode 0.3.3 on our road to 0.4.0. Fantastic progress was made this week on the road to 0.4.0 with the first full CORES package being successfully sent through a network of decentralized nodes.https://medium.com/media/a9c97b066f2f4d78cc350772651c80fb/hrefBelow are...

From: Substratum

June 09, 2018

Four Exciting Things I Saw at Substratum Development HQ Last Week — by Justin Tabb

https://medium.com/media/14b64addb5a447c6e1cacf7501c0f03b/hrefLast week I visited Substratum Development HQ for my regular status update and planning session which we do every couple months at least. There are a LOT of exciting things going on not the least of which is the new talent that will...

From: Substratum

Substratum Smart Contract Change Coming

https://medium.com/media/d22b01c7b385bae96174b656b4c98551/hrefNext week we will be making some changes to our Smart Contract. It is important to know that this will not affect your trading at all.In our original Whitepaper we specified that if liquidity in the network reached too low we would...

From: Substratum

October 20, 2017

How Substratum Secures Your Data

https://medium.com/media/8468eaac31c27fd209d88f8028337170/hrefNo Single Node Holds All the Data Necessary to Serve a RequestWhen you host your content on Substratum it starts in our internal bank of SuperNodes. Our Network then distributes the content out to a network of nodes with different...

From: Substratum

How Substratum is Building an Affordable Blockchain Network

Blockchain technology and the decentralized internet of the future promise web security, accessibility, and authentication for all.It’s a powerful idea that works, and Bitcoin’s incredible performance is a shining example.Why, then, do we still work with centralized server banks and...

From: Substratum

August 23, 2017

Substratum Raises Level of Substrate Offered

August 23Due to the recent price change in Ethereum and out of appreciation for our contributors we will be reverting to our Block 1 — ICO price as of today. Anyone who invested in Block 2 prior to today will receive the higher valuation of 3,000 Substrate for 1 Ether retroactively. We...

From: Substratum

August 21, 2017

You can join our Slack @ https://goo.gl/EzwVMw

You can join our Slack @ https://goo.gl/EzwVMwMy email is also available in our Whitepaper on our site https://substratum.net

From: Substratum

August 10, 2017

Initial Substratum Reviews are Positive: Join the ICO Now!

Over the past few days several YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency have given positive reviews of the Substratum Network and made recommendations to jump into the ICO.Take a look at some of the reviews that have been done, you can learn more about Substratum at:How It Works:...

From: Substratum

August 09, 2017

The Substratum Token that will bring you the Decentralized Web

Substrate & AtomsThe general public does not understand the complexities that go along with cryptocurrencies today. The terminology that is involved confuses people who are not extremely technical in nature. The average person understands Fiat currency. With Fiat we have TWO Decimal places...

From: Substratum

August 08, 2017

Substratum Fills the Void Left by VPN

The Attack on Global Privacy Leaves Few Places To TurnIn the article above we read how China and Russia will be cracking down on the use of VPN’s. This will leave billions of people in the dark in relation to viewing content from the outside world and will censor their worldview.At the perfect...

From: Substratum

November 14, 2018 02:33

Browse Censored Content with your iPad using a Raspberry Pi Running Substratum

We have often eluded to having a device that can connect to your home network and allow you to browse the Substratum Network using wifi within your home. Censored content becomes uncensored just by connecting to this little device. How hard would it be to take the SubstratumNode code and apply it to a device so you can be free of censorship? Not that hard as you see in this video!

November 11, 2018 02:53

Substratum Network Allows Users to Use Skype in Censored Countries

In this video you see a simple demonstration of the Skype application over the Substratum Network from behind the Great Firewall of China. This next generation multipoint decentralized VPN is the perfect answer to censorship worldwide.

October 19, 2018 23:33

MUST SEE! SubstratumNode Delivers Content THROUGH the Great Firewall of China - RAW VERSION


In this video we demonstrate that the Substratum Network CAN push content THROUGH the Great Firewall of China.

This video shows you a machine in China route:

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, NYT, and MANY more

Using a simple small version of the Substratum network

Again this is only 4 nodes! Imagine the speed when we have hundreds of thousands.

October 19, 2018 20:11

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - SubstratumNode Integration

Welcome back everyone to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Today we are covering one of the very exciting features within the Substratum Ecosystem and that is how SubstratumNode and Amplify Exchange work together to deliver globally unrestricted trading and freedom while rewarding participants in both SUB & AMPX tokens where appropriate.

First a quick overview of SubstratumNode:

SubstratumNode allows users all over the world to have full access to the Internet regardless of censorship in the form of digital borders placed by governments and corporations. Through the use of our CORES system the Substratum Network can route traffic clandestinely and offer the entire world access to the entire internet regardless of geolocation.

People running SubstratumNode’s can earn $SUB tokens for processing CORES packages across the internet by people using the network who want to remain clandestine or view content that is blocked in their geographical region.

Amplify will utilize the Substratum Network for unobstructed decentralization of exchange transactions. Amplify will also be the chosen exchange for monetizing the Substratum Network. With SubstratumNode configured to perform routing and consensus work for the Amplify Exchange a SubstratumNode user can choose to ear n AMPX alongside of SUB.

Users will have the option to earn AMPX by authenticating tra nsactions to the Amplify BridgeChain in addition to the SUB coins they are earning for processing CORES packages through the Substratum Network

Once the user has leveraged the SubstratumNode to earn coins, they will begin to see their coins accumulate on the Earnings tab.

Because Amplify allows you to connect any bank account or alternate funding method to the Exchange, users will easily be able to withdrawal their earnings from Substratum directly to the bank account or alternate funding method of their choice. Alternatively, users can move their cryptocurrency earnings to another wallet of their choosing.

Due to the interoperability with SubstratumNode, users will be able to leverage the Amplify Exchange to trade anyone regardless of censorship.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about our vision of a beautiful ecosystem of products that work perfectly together to fill all the needs of our daily digital lives in a totally unrestricted manor.

If you want more information about SubstratumNode you can visit https://substratum.net and if you would like more information about Amplify Exchange you can visit https://amplifyexchange.com where you can read our whitepaper and learn more about how Amplify will disrupt the digital currency trading market and how you can get involved.

That’s it for today! Make sure you subscribe to this channel and follow us on Twitter @SubstratumNet for all the latest updates. Look out for our Q&A video that is coming soon, if you have questions you want answered just go to the URL on the screen and submit them and we will get them answered.


Until then thank you for joining us in our journey to a free and fair internet through the power of the decentralized web.

October 16, 2018 05:05

Substratum CryptoPay: New Partnership + Airdrop 1 Snapshot Complete & More

Substratum welcomes Hurricaide - https://hurricaide.com to the Substratum family as our second official corporate customer to process cryptocurrency transactions using Substratum CryptoPay!

October 15, 2018 04:01

Substratum Update: Top Things to Know Week of 10/14 - DECENTRALIZATION WORLDWIDE! Airdrop & More

In this video we cover the top things you need to know or pay attention to the week of 10/14 @ Substratum:

1. SubstratumNode Decentralized Worldwide Demo

After the great demo by Dan Wiebe that you can see here: https://youtu.be/DuZParZZQuY

Two of our community members went out and made their own demos:

HuMicro showed data flowing in nodes across the globe! Nodes in US, Japan, UK & Australia show how the network will work GLOBALLY when up. You can view that here on Twitter:


Next up Bastiaan made his own demo as well and you can view that on Twitter here:


2. AMPX for SUB Aidrop

The first snapshot takes place 10/15 @ 23.59 UTC and you can find out more at the amplify web-site at https://amplifyexchange.com or by watching this video on YouTube:


3. Amplify Video Whitepaper Series

You can view that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ6VH7jXmYo&list=PL7X6_Y095na1XJYUfyHbACWCCHi0QXt90

4. Amplify Private Sale reaches $5MIL

This allows us to get a jumpstart with our office and in hiring. We will be scaling from 27 to 67 or more employees within a year!

5. Amplify Public Sale starts 11/15

6. Q&A - we will be posing a link for you to ask questions for Q&A so stay tuned on Twitter

October 10, 2018 22:19

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - CryptoPay Integration

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - CryptoPay Integration

Welcome back guys to the Amplify Whitepaper Series. Today we are going to get into the overall integration of all the products within the Substratum Ecosystem. This is where things get very exciting because we are using the strength of each product to make ALL the products within the ecosystem stronger, more useful, and more impactful as a whole.

Today we will be talking about how CryptoPay and Amplify integrate together to make an all in one solution for complete management and USE of your digital assets.

CryptoPay is an online payment gateway for cryptocurrency use when paying for goods and services. Substratum set out to deliver CryptoPay to allow consumers to pay in the cryptocurrency of their choosing and allow the vendor to get paid with cryptocurrency of their choosing. Quickly amongst our focus groups though we concluded that vendors cannot speculate on the value of cryptocurrency when selling goods and services. For instance a vendor selling a printer online for $400 doesn’t want to run the risk of that cryptocurrency they just received being worth $375 an hour later.

Quickly we realized that we needed to offer IMMEDIATE fiat resolution to make CryptoPay something that can TRULY be MASS ADOPTED and used every day by millions of people around the world. The problem is there are no third party programmatic services that offer crypto to fiat resolution available on the market today.

Enter Amplify Exchange

One of Amplify's strengths is that it allows the consumer’s profile to be served up where needed. CryptoPay takes advantage of this as one of the first Amplify clients for the portfolio API and set of services.

A CryptoPay user will establish a new Amplify portfolio during CryptoPay registration that will enable them to not only buy goods and services using any of their cryptocurrencies but also buy cryptocurrency directly to add to their CryptoPay account.

Once setup, this is a completely seamless process. Tokens and Coins that are available on Amplify are automatically available for goods and services purchase through CryptoPay. There is no additional setup ever and users will always have immediate access to their funds through this direct integration.

This tight integration enables Amplify users to not only trade their digital assets speculatively on the exchange but with NO FURTHER SETUP use them to purchase goods and services. This is the type of integration that we need to take cryptocurrency from being merely a speculative investment to a TRUE CURRENCY. Then we will see the mass adoption that we all know needs to happen to bring cryptocurrency to the forefront of finance and Amplify and CryptoPay are the vehicle that will propel it there.

That’s it for today. If you want more information about Amplify Exchange and our upcoming ICO you can learn more at amplifyexchange.com and make sure you check out our next video which will be on the integration between Amplify Exchange and SubstratumNode.

October 09, 2018 23:59

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series: Proof-of-Stake Utility

Welcome back guys to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Today we have a LOT to cover, we will be touching on three exciting and revolutionary aspects of the Amplify Exchange.

Tokenswap to Mainnet

First up is our token swap to Mainnet. Like many projects who want to get up and running quickly we will be starting out with an ERC-20 token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain but during Phase 2 we will facilitate a tokenswap from that ERC-20 token to tokens running on our Amplify PoS Mainnet. The token process will be facilitated through Amplify Exchange or alternatively through a process that will be released in the future for token holders utilizing cold storage. Transactions with the new PoS token will be facilitated by Substratum Network participants who choose to earn AMPX tokens when running their node.

Amplify Bridgechain

Next up is the Amplify Bridgechain and guys this is something we are very excited about. Blending the best of both exchange philosophies, the Bridgechain will provide a direct mirror of Amplify Distributed to Amplify Decentralized through the power of the blockchain. This direct mirror provides near instant transaction times, reduced transaction fees, and global availability. These three tenants are not accomplished by any other currently implemented exchange philosophy and the Amplify Bridgechain is the only way possible to attain all three through its use of off-chain transactions facilitated by our system of decentralized nodes. The Bridgechain will mesh a distributed speed and performance driven platform with a decentralized open digital ledger to provide a perfect blend of required features.

The AMPX token provides virtual fuel for this network by incentivizing nodes to authenticate transactions to the digital ledger of the Bridgechain. Node users process transactions to the Bridgechain and are selected using our own variant of the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm.

Popularis Protocol

Last but certainly not least is the Popularis Protocol. This is our own variant on the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm which provides a balance across all nodes for reward and creates an even playing field. It does this by selecting Nodes that have not been rewarded for the longest time frame allowing them to win the block reward provided they correctly validate the block.

Nodes must stake a minimum amount of tokens to be eligible for a chance at the reward. The type of distribution for the reward for validating transactions will be whether the block number is an odd or even on the ledger.

Let’s take a closer look at how blocks are selected and rewarded:

Odd Blocks – weighted distribution

When validating an odd numbered block, the reward is split across multiple nodes and distributed based on the percentage stake against those nodes in the confirmation. This rewards nodes for staking more and providing them with a higher payout.

Even Blocks - even distribution

When validating an even numbered block, the reward is split evenly among the multiple nodes selected. This rewards nodes for still participating in validations and providing a chance of winning regardless of stake.

I am sure you can see why we are excited about this new protocol. It allows smaller nodes to get involved and ensure they will be rewarded and given the fact that a very small number of mining groups make up a large amount of both Bitcoin and Ethereum miners this should be a breath of fresh air. TRUE DECENTRALIZATION. Allowing any and everyone the chance to get involved in the process.

That’s it for today, make sure you check out the next video in our series which will cover how Amplify integrates with CryptoPay to provide a PERFECT solution for complete management and use of your digital assets.

October 09, 2018 23:41

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - Incentives: Buyback & Burn Plan

Amplify Whitepaper Video Series - Incentives: Token Buyback & Burn Plan

Welcome back guys to the Amplify Whitepaper Video Series. Today we will be covering another incentive available within the Amplify Exchange program and that is our token buyback and burn plan.

As we know the lower the amount of supply that exists the more potential upside that exists on value of a token. That goes back to the Law of Supply and Demand. By removing some of the supply of the token the price that can be demanded for that token goes up due to the scarcity of the asset as low supply and high demand increases price.

In order to provide incentive for ICO participants Amplify Exchange will be implementing a token repurchasing plan. At the beginning of each quarter Amplify will use 20% of our profits to buy back AMPX Tokens. Private token sale holders will have first right of refusal on 80% of the buyback allocation. 20% of the allocated amount will be available to the outstanding supply. Tokens repurchased from this program will be burned and publicly available for validation on the blockchain. This program will continue until 50% of circulating supply has been repurchased and burned.

This is just another way we are looking out for our token holders in the future. Make sure you check back for the next video where we are going to cover our Proof-of-Stake Utility including our Tokenswap to Mainnet, the Amplify Bridgechain, and the Popularis Protocol - you do NOT want to miss that one so stay tuned.

October 09, 2018 01:32

Why Can’t I Leave my $SUB tokens on the exchange & receive the Amplify Airdrop?

Quick video explaining why exchange wallets are not eligible for the Amplify Airdrop.