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Stratis will enable organisations to provision their own private blockchains, tailored to their precise needs but secured on the parent Stratis chain. This approach means there are few unnecessary overheads whilst allowing businesses to secure the benefits of a blockchain-based solution, developing services via powerful APIs and lite web-based clients. Stratis tokens are used to power applications on the blockchain. In addition, they can be used on private chains created by Stratis for clients. Finally, they will be used to pay transaction fees and be involved in the network consensus process.Team:Chris Trew: CEO (Founder). (Email);Policarpo Guerrero: Director of Operations. (Email);Krushang Patel: Head of Communications. (Email);The Stratis ICO ran for five weeks and raised 915 BTC in that time with 561 BTC being invested in the last two days of the ICO despite the following discount structure. 20% for the first five days, 10% for the next ten days, 5% for the following ten days. A total of 509 investors participated with an average investment size of 1.797 BTC. Bonus Structure:First 5 days (20th June-24th June) – 20% bonusNext 10 days (25th June-4th July) – 10% bonusNext 10 days (5th July-14th July) – 5% bonusLast 11 days (15th July-25th July) – 0% bonus

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STRAT Latest Updates
December 20, 2018

Stratis Academy Update

Stratis Academy UpdateStratisplatformDec 20, 2018The Stratis Academy can be accessed via our Developers page.Stratis Academy has now been updated with extensive update on the existing Stratis Full Node documentation. We start off with a useful document that breaks down the output of the Full...


Stratis Partnership with MediConnect

Stratis Partnership with MediConnectStratisplatformDec 20, 2018Stratis can officially announce their partnership with MediConnect, the company behind blockchain solutions aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. MediConnect will prevent the prescribing of drugs to patients of medication from...


Stratis Distributed Ledger Technology Release

Stratis Distributed Ledger Technology ReleaseStratisplatformDec 20, 2018By leveraging the Stratis C# Full Node, a Stratis DLT solution enables enterprises to deploy performant, private and optimised blockchain solutions within their environments.We are excited to announce that Stratis...


December 12, 2018

Stratis Core Production Release

Stratis Core Production ReleaseStratisplatformDec 12, 2018Stratis Core is immediately available for download and installation from the wallets page.Stratis is pleased to announce the production release of the Stratis Core wallet, which comes with additional functionality and an improved user...


Stratis Full Node Production Release

Stratis Full Node Production ReleaseStratisplatformDec 12, 2018Stratis is proud to announce the production release of the Stratis C# Full Node on Mainnet.Stratis is proud to announce the production release of the Stratis C# Full Node on Mainnet. The Stratis Full Node uses the Microsoft .NET...


October 24, 2018

Stratis is now a certified Microsoft Partner

Stratis is now a certified Microsoft PartnerStratisplatformOct 24, 2018Stratis is excited to announce that we are now a certified Microsoft Partner. Our mission is to get C# blockchain technologies in front of enterprise customers, and we look forward to utilizing the marketing and development...


September 26, 2018

Stratis Q4 Development Roadmap

The Stratis Q4 Development Roadmap is now publicly available and provides an overview of the key deliverables to come from Stratis heading into the new year. Much of this work begun during Q3 of this year and the end of 2018 will see Stratis deliver a number of our core product offerings that...

From: Stratisplatform

May 16, 2018

Stratis Smart Contracts in C# Alpha Release

Stratis are proud to announce the alpha release of Stratis Smart Contracts in C#.A significant amount of time and effort has gone into developing a new approach to Smart Contracts, ensuring the product is easy to learn and the most inclusive platform for developers and businesses.Stratis has...

From: Stratisplatform

April 11, 2018

Stratis Full Node GUI Mainnet Beta Release

Following on from the recent successful release of the Full Node Mainnet Beta, Stratis is proud to present the Mainnet Beta release of the Full Node GUI, which has now officially been renamed Stratis Core.We took on the feedback from our users and added new features as well as more general...

From: Stratisplatform

January 17, 2018

Stratis enters partnership deal with Silicon Valley software company Gluon

We are thrilled and excited to announce that the Silicon Valley based corporation, Gluon, will be joining the Stratis family as one of our flagship verified ICOs. We started this journey with the desire to use our flexible blockchain development platform to meet the needs of real world financial...

From: Stratisplatform

December 18, 2017

The Stratis Full Node GUI alpha release

The Stratis Full Node GUI alpha release is now available on Testnet and is yet another key milestone in our development roadmap.This release contains the Stratis Full Node GUI which includes the following features:Inclusion of Staking capabilityDownload of the entire Stratis blockchainSupports...

From: Stratisplatform

November 30, 2017

Stratis Test ICO Platform

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the ‘Stratis Test ICO’ which utilizes the Stratis ICO platform.The Stratis ICO Platform is a secure, customizable platform for you to host your own ICO’s on the Stratis Blockchain Network. It has been developed from the ground up in C#...

From: Stratisplatform

October 31, 2017

Stratis Masternode Alpha Release

Today we have reached another significant milestone in our roadmap as we release our Stratis Masternodes product.This major release includes the following:A live running Masternode running on Microsoft Azure.The Masternodes fully support our new Service Discovery Protocol and are currently...

From: Stratisplatform

October 23, 2017

Breeze Wallet Beta Release

The beta release of the Breeze wallet is now available and represents a significant milestone in our development roadmap schedule.There has been extensive work undertaken since the alpha release in order to move the Breeze wallet to the beta status. A key development since the alpha release is...

From: Stratisplatform

October 14, 2017

Product Development Update

We are well into Q4 and wish to share the progress on our exciting Q4 Product Development Roadmap. There have been great strides made since our last update and below is an insight into the key milestones achieved in our development so far.Breeze WalletThe upcoming Breeze Alpha 1.2 release...

From: Stratisplatform

September 19, 2017

Stratis Identity Proof of Concept Public Beta Release

Today we are proud to release the first Stratis Platform Proof of Concept — The Stratis Identity App. In a joined effort between Stratis and the Escalate Group, we have assembled the first building blocks of many possible applications on the Stratis blockchain.Built on top of the Stratis...

From: Stratisplatform

August 11, 2017

Earth Twine partners with Stratis for compliance solution

We are proud to announce to have formalized a partnership with Earth Twine. With an impressive reach into ONGs, regulatory and government agencies, Earth Twine delivers much-needed coordination and technological evolution in the seafood industry, with a clear commitment to compliance and...

From: Stratisplatform

Bitcoin Privacy is a Breeze: TumbleBit Successfully Integrated Into Breeze

Development UpdateThis week the Breeze development team reached the final major milestone in their development of the Breeze Privacy Protocol, which is the Breeze implementation of TumbleBit.This development has allowed us to start seeing considerable volume of transactions protected by...

From: Stratisplatform

August 10, 2017

Stratis Birthday 9 August 2017

A year has passed by, and what a year. Exactly 12 months ago today, the first Stratis block was mined. And here we are, celebrating Stratis’ first birthday, with each and every one of you. With the community we love and the community that has been with us every step of the way. We truly value...

From: Stratisplatform

July 18, 2017

Breeze Tumblebit Server Experimental Release

Breeze TumbleBit Server is Ready to Test!The highly anticipated alpha version of the Breeze TumbleBit Server has now been released for testing. As promised, we have been engaging in a process of incremental deliveries and in this opportunity we want to share some technical details of the...

From: Stratisplatform

July 12, 2017

The Week In Stratis

Development progressWe start with a short review of the latest development sprint and the user feedback of Breeze Wallet and the plans ahead. Our core development team has been busy coding and implementing internal processes for the tasks ahead.Currently ongoing our first development sprint...

From: Stratisplatform