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Storj is a decentralized cloud storage platform that allows anyone to rent their idle hard drive space and to earn a revenue by doing so. Endusers can use Storj to store their files at competitive prices and within a p2p network that is secure from sever downtime, censorship and hacks. Payments within the Sotrj network and conducted with the STORJ token, an ERC20 Ethereum-based token.Storj held a second ICO which also counted with the migration of the Storj token from the Bitcoin onto the Ethereum blockchain, this token was previously known as SCJX. The Initial Coin Offering campaign was held from the 19th of May until the 25th, during which time, 17.23% of the total token supply as sold. The Storj token can be mined with an HDD.

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STORJ Latest Updates
March 07, 2017

S3 Failure Highlights the Need for Decentralized Services like Storj

S3 Failure Highlights the Need for Decentralized Services like StorjAmazon S3, the world’s largest cloud storage platform, went offline last week, taking down a large percentage of internet services with it. Trello, Quora, Heroku, and Slack are just a handful of the many services that were...

From: Storj

October 05, 2016

Storj Master Plan

The plan that will take Storj and Storj Labs Inc. from zero users to a next generation storage platform for the web consists of four stages:Build an object storage platform for developers and businesses.Build a marketplace for Storj based apps, where developers offer applications that allow...

From: Storj

September 30, 2016

How To DDoS Yourself

We’ve been dealing with some backend issues recently. Something has been making our Bridge servers hang, which caused even simple requests to time out. This impacted everything from user registration to file retrievals. These time outs manifested as “502 — Bad Gateway” errors from...

From: Storj

September 29, 2016

Introducing KFS: a local file store inspired by Kademlia

Our object store is built on a distributed storage network. Nodes on the network, called “farmers,” store a lot of files, on a wide variety of hardware. Storj Share, our farming client, runs on everything from Raspberry Pis, to blades in server farms. In addition to the technical challenges...

From: Storj

What is Storj? Part 3 of 3: The Storj Community

More important than the protocol or the software are the people involved: The Storj Community.Storj LabsStorj Labs Inc. was founded in 2015 to push development of the protocol, and to help build demand for the network. We’re a team of hackers headquartered in Atlanta, with contributors around...

From: Storj

What is Storj? Part 2 of 3: The Storj Toolset

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. The previous post covered the core technology. This post discusses the toolset we’ve built around it. The last part will introduce the people involved.The protocol contains all the tools necessary to securely make storage contracts, but it’s missing a lot...

From: Storj

What is Storj? Part 1 of 3: The Storj Network

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. This part covers the core technology and the network, parts 2 & 3 will cover the toolsets and the people involved.Storj (pronounced: storage) aims to become a cloud storage platform that can’t be censored, monitored, or have downtime. It is the first...

From: Storj

March 16, 2016

If You Can Identify the Target, You Can Hack the Target

One can imagine the glee shared by various nation state adversaries to the US in learning that a large amount of highly classified DoD data will soon be stored in two special built Microsoft Azure...

From: Storj

THERE IS NO CLOUD: It’s just someone else’s computer

Spoiler alert: Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny also do not existOnce you come to terms with the fact that the “cloud” is just someone else’s computer, this begs the question as to what type of computer (or collection of computers, ie a network) do you want your data stored on.Data...

From: Storj

Even Hackers Get Hacked

Turnabout is fair play, so they say: http://techcrunch.com/2015/10/12/the-hacking-quandary/.So even hackers get hacked, resulting in loss of reputation and future earnings, and in this case 400GB of pirated digital gold worth who knows how much.Why? Because the Milan-based Hacking Team was...

From: Storj