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Signals Network ICO summary information

Project Description

The Signals Network platform is a decentralized platform where users can create fully customizable trading robots with no advanced technical knowledge required. Based on the Ethereum network, the SGN token allows holders to create their own crypto-trading models based on premium indicators developed by data science community, perform complex machine learning experiments using super computer on historical data, or rent and copy-trade other successful strategies in Signals marketplace.

Short video introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KY2qu0zpq-Q&t


  • Pavel Němec: CEO & Co-founder 
  • Pavel Volek: CTO & Co-founder 
  • Jan Budík: Algorithmic Trading Expert 
  • Zdeňka Šeděnka: Data Scientist 

The Signals Platform ICO will start on the 26th of February 2018. The ICO token allocation represents 48.7% of the total token supply and will be available for a $0.3 starting price. The ICO funding target is set at 2,000,000 USD and the cap at 18,500,000 USD.

Token Reserve Split (51.3%):

  • Community: 20%
  • Token Presale: 1.3%
  • Bounty Program: 2%
  • Advisors & Partners: 10%
  • Signals Company Reserve: 18%

The SGN ICO features a bonus and bounty campaign as well as an escrow agent.

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SGN Latest Updates
February 18, 2018

Signals Partners with Blockchain Prediction Market Platform STOX

Signals is integrating with other successful blockchain projects to create a state-of-the-art trading platform for the crypto community. Previously, we debuted our partnership with iExec, who will help us empower cryptotraders with their cloud based computing platform. Now we are proud and...

From: Signals

February 14, 2018

Signals Q&A: Meet Signals advisor, Gabriel Zanko

We had a chat with tech entrepreneur and Signals advisor Gabriel Zanko, who told us about his background, relationship with the company and his thoughts about the future of crypto.Please tell us a bit about yourself.I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I have over 12 years of experience...

From: Signals

February 13, 2018

Signals’ new partnership with Foxconn’s data center, SafeDX

Working hand in hand, Signals and SafeDX data center can efficiently collect and pre-process big data from various crypto-markets in real time.To enable the storage and processing of terabytes of data within the cryptotrading market, as well as media analyses and blockchain monitoring, Signals...

From: Signals

February 08, 2018

Signals Telegram bounty: Spread the word!

Help the Signals team grow our official Telegram group and earn SGN tokens as a reward!Yes, you’ve read that correctly — our team has just implemented a feature in the Signals bounty app that allows users to reap benefits from spreading the word about our Telegram group and growing our...

From: Signals

Smart Trading Strategies

When you make the decision to trade with cryptocurrencies, you have two main options to do so using a couple of important strategies. Let’s take a look at the way these strategies work, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the most relevant situations in which to make use...

From: Jan Budik

January 24, 2018

Strategy performance metrics

We just released Signal Strategy Marketplace Alpha version with five default trading strategies prepared by our trading experts. These strategies and our technology will show you how trading algorithms can help you to be precise, disciplined, do right decision in right time and be a...

From: Signals

January 23, 2018

How to use the first version of the Signals Marketplace

Together with your support, our team has been able to release the first testing alpha version of the Signals platform. The purpose of this alpha version is to optimize our product’s interface and give you a real sense of its potential. During the testing period, users will be able to receive...

From: Signals

January 14, 2018

News from the Signals team: Upcoming Alpha release, main token sale and compensation

Here’s the latest from our team about our token sale schedule, compensation for our pre-sale participants and the upcoming Alpha release of the Signals platform.In light of recent events, the Signals team has had to make some adjustments to our token sale schedule to accommodate evolving...

From: Signals

January 09, 2018

Introducing Signals Strategies Marketplace Alpha

We’re happy to say that we’re ready to share with you some key parts and demonstrate the performance of the first version of the Signals platform. It’s a tool for monitoring currency movements through various combinations of technical indicators.The alpha version will include a...

From: Signals

January 08, 2018

Ethereum movements and its impact on the Signals token presale

EDIT: After discussing the topic with our community, we’ve decided to change the way we will be compensating for the rapid rise in ETH. Check out our newest blog post for more details:...

From: Signals

December 14, 2017

It took us 18 days to hit our SGN token presale target

When we started building Signals we felt the need for such a product — an AI-powered marketplace, where developers could share their algorithms and traders could make smarter decisions. But now, we know that the need is global. People from 72 countries have contributed to our mission by...

From: Signals

November 22, 2017

How to add SGN tokens to a wallet

In some wallets in order to see the purchased SGN presale tokens, you need to add them manually. Here is how to do that in the most common wallets:MyEtherWallet (MEW)Connect to your MEW using the account you used in PresaleIn the right side see the Token Balances SectionClick “Add...

From: Signals

November 20, 2017

How to participate and stay safe during the Signals Network token presale

Months of our team’s hard work and your amazing support are bearing fruit. Our community is growing, two angel investors have already decided to trust us with their money and just a few days ago we’ve announced an exciting partnership with iExec, a member of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance! All...

From: Signals

November 15, 2017

We’re partnering up with iExec to give cryptotraders power of blockchain-based cloud computing…

We’re partnering up with iExec to give cryptotraders power of blockchain-based cloud computing platformAt Signals we want to make complex trading algorithms accessible for the crypto community, and that requires a powerful computational infrastructure. Therefore, we cannot be more excited to...

From: Signals

November 09, 2017

Signals Network vs Competitors

What does the cryptotrading bot market look like to date?Many projects are trying to develop sophisticated algorithms for generating signals for crypto traders. Their business model is quite simple, they develop an advanced algorithm for trading signals and make those signals accessible for a...

From: Signals

November 07, 2017

Help us spread the word with Referral program!

We’re excited to announce that you can now participate in our new Signals Referral program, and earn a 3% bonus from all purchases of SGN tokens made by your referrals.How to refer a friend? It’s simple. All you need to do to is find your referral link in the Bounty app and share it with...

From: Signals

February 06, 2018 09:51

Signals Platform: Alpha Release

Together with your support, the Signals team has been able to release the Alpha version of the Signals platform! Listen in as Signals advisor Samuel McCulloch walks through the Alpha release and introduces some of its top features, including the Strategies Marketplace.

Learn more about Signals: https://signals.network/

Become a Signals Alpha tester: https://app.signals.network/login

November 18, 2017 15:09

Signals Network Platform (short)

Subscribe for the SGN token sale: https://signals.network.
Signals is a data science marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.

October 16, 2017 16:29

Signals Network Platform Introduction

Subscribe for the SGN token sale: https://signals.network.
Signals is a data science marketplace to help you discover, create and monetize cryptocurrency trading strategies driven by machine learning, crowd wisdom and decentralized supercomputing power.