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The Republic Protocol is an open-source decentralized dark pool for trustless cross-chain atomic trading of Ether, ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin.

Their token REN is an asset ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network.

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REN Latest Updates
January 18, 2019

Ren — The Evolution of a Protocol

Introducing our broader vision for Ren from its beginnings as Republic ProtocolFrom Republic Protocol’s inception in 2017 to date, our team’s focus has been to build the best possible protocol for trading large volumes of digital assets securely — facilitated through decentralized dark...

From: REN

January 07, 2019

Darknode Rollout: Limited Participation Begins

Public participation in the protocol is fundamental to broader our mission, and it is amazing to be able to begin handing Darknodes over to the community, as we transition our efforts to the evolution and improvement of our underlying protocol. Stay tuned for more...

From: REN

December 05, 2018

Darknode Rollout: Limited Participation Update

We now turn our efforts towards the successful deployment and integration of community Darknodes. In the coming weeks, we will also be releasing some new exciting updates about the underlying protocol and a wider ecosystem.— Loong Wang, CTO, Republic ProtocolAbout us: Ren is a dark pool...

From: REN

November 15, 2018

RenEx: Roadmap Update #1

While this roadmap outlines specific improvements for RenEx, and an exciting start to 2019, there is much more to come. In our next blog posts, we will introduce the next phase of the Darknode Rollout Plan — Limited Participation — to start getting Darknodes...

From: REN

October 26, 2018

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) — A Bitcoin Token Community Project started by BitGo, Kyber and Republic…

Introducing Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) — a community focused initiative to launch a Bitcoin ERC20 token on Ethereum by January 2019. The project is the culmination of a long-standing joint effort between BitGo, Kyber and Republic Protocol and will serve as important piece of cross-chain...

From: REN

October 12, 2018

REN Ambassadors and First Community Competition

At Republic Protocol, our vision is to become a leading decentralized exchange network and ecosystem, and we will need your help! Our aim is to give the community tools and incentives that will help ensure the continued growth of our community and adoption of RenEx.Today we are launching the...

From: REN

September 28, 2018

Republic Protocol Partners with TrueUSD

RenEx is integrating the world’s first legally backed stablecoinRepublic Protocol and TrueUSD, the world’s first legally backed stablecoin, are excited to announce our partnership to bring TrueUSD (TUSD) to RenEx.TrueUSD is our stablecoin of choice and the first to be integrated with RenEx....

From: Taiyang Zhang

September 27, 2018

Republic Protocol Mainnet Beta Launch

Today we officially announce the release of our Mainnet Beta! It has been a very exciting road to this point, and a big thank you to the community, our profoundly talented dev team and for all those who participated in the testnet — your feedback and efforts have been exceptional.The...

From: Taiyang Zhang

September 19, 2018

Mainnet Rollout Plan

We are very excited to announce that our Mainnet Beta will be the first official release of Republic Protocol, launching in the last week of September 2018. It marks a significant step towards our long term goal to bring traditional financial tools to the decentralized ecosystem.On Mainnet,...

From: Loong

Darknode Rollout Plan

With the Republic Protocol Mainnet Beta launching in the last week of September there are many factors to consider in order to launch a new network securely. As outlined in the Mainnet Beta Rollout Plan, our utmost priorities are:Security of funds for both traders and Darknode operators (the...

From: Loong

September 14, 2018

Republic Protocol Partners with Wyre

Providing liquidity and industry-leading KYC/AML services to Republic Protocol.Republic Protocol and Wyre, the leading blockchain FX company operating a regulated global payment infrastructure, are pleased to announce our partnership to bring liquidity, and Wyre’s industry-leading KYC service...

From: Taiyang Zhang

August 28, 2018

Republic Protocol Testnet Update

Republic Protocol Testnet has now been running for more than two months, with great success, and will continue to run indefinitely into the future. So far, we have approved hundreds of applications — with over two hundred applicants taking the opportunity to run Testnet...

From: Taiyang Zhang

July 09, 2018

Republic Protocol: R&D Announcement #3

The Republic Protocol Testnet was the focus of our development efforts during Q2 2018 and its successful launch last month stands as one of the biggest milestones achieved by our team. Since then, we have received a lot of great feedback from our community and are working tirelessly to improve...

From: Loong

June 19, 2018

REN Token listing on IDAX

REN tokens will be listed to trade on IDAX on June 22nd 14:00 UTC+8 . Users are able to deposit and withdraw REN tokens to IDAX from June 20th 10:00 UTC+8. The pairs of REN/BTC & REN/ETH will be available.IDAX Open REN Charge, Transaction AnnouncementAbout IDAXIDAX (International Digital...

From: Hugh Greethead

June 18, 2018

Republic Protocol Testnet Release

Since our introduction of Republic Protocol many months ago, we have been overwhelmed with the support of our community; for it is a project’s strong community that enables it to grow and thrive. Today, we are excited to reach an important milestone for the project and announce the first...

From: Taiyang Zhang

May 31, 2018

Protocol upgrades and additions

Introducing multi-pool capabilities, brokers, RenEx, updates to Darknode limitations and liquidity programs.IntroductionSince the last white paper (written in December), we have improved upon many components of our protocol; items which aren’t currently reflected within the now relatively...

From: Taiyang Zhang

May 14, 2018

REN Token listing on HADAX

REN tokens will be listed on HADAX on May 15th 14:00 UTC+8 (Singapore time). Users are able to deposit REN tokens to HADAX from May 14th 14:30 UTC+8. The pairs of REN/BTC & REN/ETH will be available.Bitcoin|Litecoin |Ethereum|Digital Currency...

From: Hugh Greethead

May 09, 2018

Invitation to test Darknodes

Today, we’re announcing the opening of applications to help test Republic Protocol Darknodes; an announcement we’ve been eager to make for a long time. We appreciate the feedback of our community regarding the Darknode roll-out process and have taken the time to design an integration...

From: Taiyang Zhang

April 13, 2018

Republic Protocol: R&D Announcement #2

With the first quarter of the year behind us, it is time to take a look at the Republic Protocol Roadmap, and what has been achieved. All of our milestones for the first quarter are complete, and we are already well on our way to finishing our milestones for the second quarter.In March, we also...

From: Loong

April 12, 2018

REN-collateralized nodes: Introduction to Darknodes

A brief overview regarding nodes and their incentives within Republic Protocol’s ecosystem.Quick summary: Darknodes match orders within Republic Protocol. Requirement for running a darknode is 100,000 REN tokens staked as collateral and a fast, stable Internet connection. It is not...

From: Taiyang Zhang

March 22, 2018

Dark Node Previews — A Step Closer to Federation Zero

Dark Ocean UIA reminder to our community: stay safe! Our preview uses the Ethereum Ropsten Testnet. Anyone asking you to spend actual REN, or ETH, on Ethereum Mainnet is illegitimate.As the second quarter of the year draws near, our development team has been getting ready for the release of the...

From: Loong

March 07, 2018

Republic Protocol Update — March

A technical update and a strategy for focus and delivery.It’s been a month since the launch of the REN token and we already have a lot of progress updates for Republic Protocol’s technology. We’ve hit critical milestones faster than expected — all credit to our development...

From: Taiyang Zhang

March 05, 2018

Republic Protocol listed on OKEx

We are excited to announce REN will be listed by OKEx. REN tokens will be listed on OKEx at March 6th 16:00 UTC+8 (Hong Kong time). Users are now able to deposit REN tokens to OKEx (from 24-hours prior to when the listing begins). The pairs of REN/ETH, REN/BTC & REN/USDT pairs will be...

From: Hugh Greethead

February 17, 2018

Republic Protocol Token Unlock

We are excited to remind you that the Republic Protocol REN tokens are unlocked - from February 17th, UTC 10:00am onward. Beware of imitation tokens/fake pairs that may be trading on EtherDeltaTokens are currently trade-able on Liqui, Tidex, IDEX and EtherDelta. Please refer to the official...

From: Hugh Greethead

February 08, 2018

Republic Update — Genesis

Summary of token launch, order computation engine demo and forward thinking.Token launch summaryThe REN token launch started and ended on the 3rd of February with all tokens from the public sale sold and distributed. The tokens will be unlocked and transferable on the 17th of February 10AM UTC,...

From: Taiyang Zhang

February 02, 2018

How to Participate in Republic Protocol Crowdsale

Crowdsale ENS domain and guide for common walletsSummaryCrowdsale will start on February 3rd, 2018 at UTC 10:00amOnly approved addresses of the whitelisted/KYC passed participants can contribute, check your address using our bot https://t.me/republicprotocolbotNo need to rush, as everyone is...

From: Taiyang Zhang

January 31, 2018

Republic Protocol Crowdsale Details

SummaryStart date and time: 3rd of February, UTC 10:00amAmount to raise: 5000 ETHAllocation period: 5 hoursMax/min contributions: 1 ETH max per individual for first 5 hours then no limit in first come, first serve afterwards. No minimum.Contribution address: ENS domain to be used which will...

From: Taiyang Zhang

January 24, 2018

Whitelist KYC Instructions

All registered members of the whitelist must pass our Know Your Customer (KYC) checks to participate in the Republic Protocol crowdsale on the 3/2/18. KYC checks are necessary to identify crowdsale participants and comply with anti-money laundering rules in different jurisdictions.The KYC...

From: Hugh Greethead

January 23, 2018

Republic Protocol Whitelist Wrap Up

What an amazing response from the community, thank you all!We are happy to announce that our whitelist cap allocation of 6000 people is now full (+800 first mailing list subscribers that can still whitelist themselves) after our community grew by over 10,000 members in less than 24 hours.There...

From: Hugh Greethead

January 20, 2018


Q: What is the hardcap and what is the total token supply?A: 35,000 ETH (hard cap) was raised for 60.2% of our REN tokens. There is a total supply of 1 billion REN tokens.Q: What was the price of the REN token in your ICO?A: The price of REN to ETH is fixed, where 1ETH = 17,200RENQ: When will...

From: Hugh Greethead

General FAQ

Q: What is a dark pool?A: A dark pool is an over the counter trading market where orders between buyers and sellers are private from each other, facilitated by a ‘hidden order book’ as opposed to a regular exchange where all buy and sell orders are in open view.Q: What are the benefits of...

From: Hugh Greethead

January 16, 2018

Republic Protocol: R&D Announcement

Our team of cryptonauts has been hard at work this week, opening up our GitHub repositories and getting ready for the upcoming public sale. Today, we’re excited to share our progress with the community, talk about some of the Republic Protocol in more detail, and discuss what we will be doing...

From: Loong

January 12, 2018

Republic Protocol: Github progress & whitelist update

What a week it’s been. Thanks to all the Republic supporters around the world. With over 8000 sign ups to the mailing list from over 50 countries, and 3500 members on our Telegram, we’d like to thank you all for being part of the Republic community.With this in mind, we’d like to announce...

From: Taiyang Zhang