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Reality Clash will be the most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market, backed by the Etherum Blockchain. The team behind Reality Clash have worked in games for decades and been involved in many hit titles from Activison, Disney, UbiSoft and Microsoft. A working playable demo has already been developed. Following the Token Sale the funding will be used to develop the game to an MVP (minimal viable product) and a soft launch in Q3 2018

Project Description

RCC Gold Coins is an Ethereum-based token that will serve as an in-game currency for what is described as "most comprehensive and advanced social augmented reality combat game in the market", Reality Cash, which will be available for iPhone and Android. RCC Gold coins also give users the opportunity to acquire weapons and armory that no one else will have • The token sale. All in-game content will be ERC-20 tokenized with a Blockchain-based trust list.Team:Morten Rongaard: Co-Founder;Tony Pearce: Co-Founder;Paul Mottram: Lead DeveloperThe Reality Cash ICO will be held on the 29th of August until the 29th of September or until the cap of 15000 ETH is reached. The ICO coin supply represents 43.6% of the total coin supply. The minimum ICO funding target is 7500 ETH. Any unallocated or unsold RCC Gold will be burnedToken Reserve Split:100,000,000 RCC Gold coins (ICO and Pre-sale)40,500,000 Free Bonus coins8,500,000 Management, Team & Advisors1,000,000 BountiesThe Reality Cash ICO will feature a Bonus and bounty campaigns, and the coin will not be minable.Bonus Structure:Tier one 20,000,000 RCC with 50% bonus coinsTier two 15,000,000 RCC with 30% bonus coinsTier three 10,000,000 RCC with 10% bonus coinsTier four 5,000,000 RCC no bonus coins 

Founders and Associates

Morten Rongaard -Co-Founder

Tony Pearce -Co-Founder

Paul Mottram -Lead Developer

Ben Hebb -Executive producer

Ella Romans -Head Producer

Sam Barkaway -Project manager

Sonja Angelevska -Community Manager

Jove Stojcevski -Web designer

Nikola Mukoski -Web developer

George McDonaugh -Advisor

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RCC Latest Updates
August 20, 2018 18:58

RealityClash - BETA

June 17, 2018 20:33

Using the Reality Clash Armoury

Simon Miller describes the process of buying limited edition items from the Reality Clash Armoury using Reality Clash Coins (RCC)

Adding RCC to display in your myetherwallet account requires the following coin metrics:

Contract address: 0x9b6443b0fB9C241A7fdAC375595cEa13e6B7807A
Decimals: 18
Symbol: RCC

Simon uses an account accessed at: https://www.myetherwallet.com

Use the Metamask plugin from: https://metamask.io

We check the gas prices for payments at: https://www.ethgasstation.info

What is Reality Clash? https://youtu.be/9tKnjdkPlL8

What is a Reality Clash Coin and how to get them? https://youtu.be/18x8QzO3L0w

June 17, 2018 20:24

What is a Reality Clash Coin?

What is Reality Clash? https://youtu.be/9tKnjdkPlL8

Simon Miller discusses the Reality Clash Gold Coin (RCC) and how to get your hands on some with a wallet generated at: https://www.myetherwallet.com

The Metamask plug-in installed from:

And trades RCC at:

Using the Reality Clash Armoury: https://youtu.be/lMDHhgrHqEY

June 17, 2018 19:11

What is Reality Clash?

Simon Miller discusses Reality Clash and explains some of the features of this ambitious AR mobile game which launches in late 2018.

Homepage: https://realityclash.com

What is a Reality Clash Coin and how to get them? https://youtu.be/18x8QzO3L0w

Using the Reality Clash Armoury

August 23, 2017 23:25

RealityClash C4

How about planting a C4 and catch your enemies from an ambush? With RealityClash, you have the ability to bring the element of surprise with a huge bang!

August 23, 2017 23:21

RealityClash Airstrike

Catch your enemies off-guard with the help of the airstrike! With RealityClash, you can target your enemies and attack them from air when they least expect it!

July 24, 2017 18:11

RealityClash ICO

July 03, 2017 10:15

RealityClash Teaser

#RealityClash is taking mobile gaming to a whole new level! By using augmented reality, the world is now your battlefield. Find out more at http://reality-clash.com