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Qtum is a decentralized blockchain platform with dApp and turing-coplete smart contract functionalities while still mantaining a an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) transaction model. Qtum employs a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. QTUM is the underlying value token in the Qtum blockchain.The ICO hit its funding cap of $15,000,000 in 5 days raising 11,000 BTC and 75,000 ETH. Of the 100,000,000 tokens 51% have been awarded to investors, with 20% going to founders and 29% reserved for community initiatives. Qtum raised $1 million prior to the ICO from various well know investors in the blockchain space including Chen Weixing (founder of Kuaidi), Star Xu (CEO of OkCoin), Anthony Di Iorio (founder of Ethereum and Jaxx Blockchain Interface), Jeremy Gardner (co-founder of Augur), Bo Shen (Fenbushi Capital’s Managing Partner), Roger Ver (aka Bitcoin Jesus), and Xiaolai Li (blockchain angel investor).Crowdsale prospectus  

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December 19, 2018

Qtum is Funding Formal Verification Research at Columbia University

QtumBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 19In an already depressed market in the summer of 2016, the DAO seemed like the beacon of hope that the blockchain community needed. A decentralized fund made sense for all those striving to decentralize finance. It was a logical step, and some of the...

From: QTUM

December 07, 2018

November Recap

QtumBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingDec 6Qtum Ambassador ProgramWe are excited to have launched the Qtum Ambassador Program in November, and we are still accepting applicants. If you believe the city or university you attend should have a Qtum meetup, apply now! The Ambassador Program will an...

From: QTUM

November 07, 2018

October Recap

x86When some turn to ghosts in October, Qtum continued to push itself out there with our latest research findings to improve our technology for everyone.Jordan Earls, Qtum’s co-founder and project lead on the x86 virtual machine, has been diligently improving on the x86 design. During the...

From: QTUM

October 18, 2018

QTUM Announces a Historic Partnership with Amazon Web Services

QTUM has announced a ground-breaking partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Together, QTUM and AWS will be working toward expanding blockchain service offerings in a move towards establishing Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) through AWS. These services will be focused primarily on creating...

From: QTUM

October 02, 2018

September Recap

September was a momentous month for Qtum. We celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Qtum blockchain launching, we wrapped up the Qtum global hackathon, we were listed on three of the top platforms for accessing blockchain tokens, we released one of the largest code updates to the Qtum...

From: Qtum

September 30, 2018

Qtum Hackathon Winners

The Qtum Hackathon has concluded! In just over two months, hundreds of developers and fledging entrepreneurs collaborated together to build the next best thing on Qtum. From mountains of Chile to the islands of the Philippines, over 1,000 people registered from over 75 countries making the event...

From: Qtum

September 18, 2018

Qtum’s Code Update History

Qtum Mainnet Ignition launched on October 13, 2017, with version 0.14.3 using a copy of bitcoin v.14 code. Since then, over the past year, we have released 18 updates to the platform. We are pleased to announce the release of the Qtum Core wallet version 0.16.0 which incorporates bitcoin version...

From: Qtum

Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,The team has been conducting research on lending QtumX and Qtum the ability to interact. It is easier since they share a similar foundation.

From: Qtum

September 13, 2018

Qtum’s One-Year Anniversary — Looking Back and Ahead

The Qtum blockchain officially commenced one-year ago today as the first proof-of-stake smart contracts system. Since this remarkable feat, which was years in the making, the team and the community have helped build Qtum into one of the most vibrant ecosystems.We have advised non-governmental...

From: Qtum

September 04, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — September 3rd

Community UpdatesThere is less than two weeks left in the Qtum Global Online Hackathon! If you haven’t already, you can still signup. Developers are invited to build their teams of up to five participants now, and demos are due September 16, 2018. Milestone prizes are closen each Friday at...

From: Qtum

August 28, 2018

Qtum Community and Development Updates — August 27

Qtum’s Patrick Dai at APEC — Asian Pacific Youth Innovation Summit in ChengduQtum’s founder and CEO Patrick Dai was invited to the APEC Asian Pacific Youth Innovation Summit in Chengdu and presented his thoughts about the evolution of blockchain and where the technology is head on...

From: Qtum

August 21, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — August 20th

Qtum at the 3rd Copenhagen Blockchain Summer SchoolThe Blockchain Summer School was held at Copenhagen Business School on 13–17 August 2018, Qtum’s core developers, David Jaenson & Howard Yeh, as well as, our Marketing Director, Stella Kung, were invited as special guests and blockchain...

From: Qtum

August 13, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — August 13th

Qtum’s Wenbin Zhong at Huobi Korean CarnivalInvestment institutions, blockchain projects, opinion leaders and thousands of crypto-currency lovers from all over the world gathered together to discuss the development status of the blockchain industry at the Huobi Carnival.“Blockchain is an...

From: Qtum

August 07, 2018

Qtum Community and Development Updates — August 6th

Qtum’s Wenbin Zhong at Cyberport Blockchain conference 2018On July 30th, the Cyberport Blockchain conference was held in Hong Kong. Wenbin Zhong, Qtum’s lead developer (China) was invited and presented his own opinion on the “Evolution of Blockchain Technology and Its Business...

From: Qtum

July 31, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — July 30th

Start coding!Qtum is announcing the QTUM Hackathon, a global virtual event inviting developers to create the next wave of decentralized and open-source applications. Developers are invited to build their teams of up to five participants now, and demos are due September 16, 2018. QTUM will host a...

From: Qtum

July 30, 2018

Qtum Platform Now Available Through Amazon Web Services

Smart contract and Dapp development is now deployed through one of the world’s largest cloud providers of business softwareQtum’s development platform is now available on Amazon Web Services. Users across the enterprise and elsewhere will now be able to develop and deploy their own smart...

From: Qtum

July 26, 2018

QTUM Announces Global Virtual Hackathon

Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are invited to compete for Qtum tokens equaling $500,000Qtum is announcing the QTUM Hackathon, a global virtual event inviting developers to create the next wave of decentralized and open-source applications. Developers are invited to build their teams of...

From: Qtum

July 24, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — July 23rd

Qtum has allied with Celer to provide off-chain scaling solutionsCeler Network and QTUM recently announced a collaboration to develop and integrate Celer Network’s off-chain scaling solutions to QTUM. Both teams will work closely on developing and integrating Celer Network’s off-chain...

From: Qtum

July 16, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates — July 16th

JBaas Tokyo Blockchain ConferenceOn July 7, Tokyo, the JBaas Tokyo Blockchain event was a success! This event was not only a technical conference, but it also filled the gap between Qtum and the Japanese community and built a platform for local investors to learn more about Qtum ecosystem.Wenbin...

From: Qtum

July 05, 2018

Qtum Development Updates & Our State of Expenditures

UpdatesQtum Mainnet V0.15.2 Released — Optimized network topology and fixed several bugsNew features:Fix a staker halving subsidy calculation bugFix some translations errors and typosAdd Support for openssl 1.1Fix CVE-2018–12356 by hardening the regexFix a python tests bug that...

From: Qtum

June 21, 2018

IAME is Moving to Qtum

As a blockchain technology company, picking the right blockchain to build on is no different from getting married, it is a long-term commitment based on: trust (in the lead team), love (of the tech), and filled with hope (of having plenty of beautiful DApps together); which is why IAME has...

From: Qtum

June 03, 2018

Qtum x86 Virtual Machine & Qtum Enterprise Version — Progress Update

On the evening of May 23, the development progress of Qtum’s x86 Virtual Machine and Qtum Enterprise Version was revealed at a meetup in Seoul. This was the first time the Qtum team has made the technical details of the Qtum x86 virtual machine and Qtum Enterprise Version public, which...

From: Qtum

May 22, 2018

Qtum at Blockchain Week NYC

Consensus 2018On Device Key Management PanelAt Consensus, Jordan Earls, Qtum’s co-founder and lead developer, appeared on the “On Device Key Management” panel moderated by Zaki Manian, executive director of the Trusted IoT Alliance. Jordan’s co-panelists, Nicolas Bacca, the CTO of...

From: Qtum

May 01, 2018

Qtum at Harvard’s CSSA Blockchain Summit

On Sunday, April 29th, Qtum’s advisor, Jeffrey Wernick, and Qtum’s marketing director, John Scianna, participated in Harvard’s CSSA Blockchain Summit.At the event, Jeffrey gave a comprehensive overview of the blockchain ecosystem alluding to how bitcoin got its initial steam from the...

From: Qtum

April 26, 2018

Qtum Community & Development Updates March-April 2018

The Qtum project started in March 2016, a year before our successful crowdsale. We are now entering our 3rd year of operations. Most people heard about us in early 2017, when the industry landscape was a lot different. Bitcoin was around $1000.00, and many people were just hearing about...

From: Qtum

April 23, 2018

Decentralized Prediction Market, Bodhi, Launches on Qtum

Bodhi, the decentralized prediction market platform, today announced that it has deployed a live beta on the Qtum mainnet.This platform will allow users to leverage the wisdom of the crowd to more accurately predict the outcome of future events.“This is a big step for Qtum. We’re excited...

From: Qtum

April 18, 2018

Qtum in Silicon Valley

Qtum at Draper UniversityTim Draper Introduces Qtum as the First Draper University UnicornAt Draper University, Patrick gave an Intro to Tokens & Token Models at the executive program and informed the audience about Qtum.Since many in the program were relatively new to the blockchain...

From: Qtum

March 21, 2018

Qtum Circulating Supply Updated

Qtum Circulating Supply UpdatedThe Qtum project sold 51% of the maximum supply during the March 2017 crowdsale. The remaining 49% is distributed as per the “Economy Whitepaper Draft”, which was released in February 2017. In order to understand this document, you have to know the difference...

From: Qtum

March 05, 2018

Mithril Announces Development of New Social Media Applications on Qtum

The social media blockchain project, Mithril, recently announced plans to develop social media decentralized applications (DApps) on Qtum and welcomes Qtum’s head of marketing and public relations Stella Kung as an advisor to Mithril.Mithril is committed to building a social media platform...

From: Qtum

March 02, 2018

BINGO to Build Blockchain Pan Entertainment Ecosystem with Qtum

Recently, BINGO, an independent blockchain pan entertainment ecosystem for developers, publishers, and gamers, announced it would work with QTUM. Within this cooperation, BINGO developed QTUM HEROES which is the first crypto-currency game on Qtum. BINGO will also work more with QTUM with some...

From: Qtum

February 06, 2018

Vanywhere Is Coming To Qtum

https://medium.com/media/dfc50151336451cc8e3231f3f5296372/hrefVanywhere, the skill-sharing platform that enables anyone with a marketable skill to capitalize on their knowledge and talent, is announcing their collaboration with Qtum, the blockchain application platform. The Vanywhere marketplace...

From: Qtum

February 05, 2018

Community Updates — February 5

Important Update for Qtum Stakers and NodesPlease download the latest version of Qtum Core if you are staking. This version contains critical security updates and also a new user interface. **Please make sure to backup your wallet beforehand**qtumproject/qtumCommunity UpdatesWatch Jordan...

From: Qtum

January 20, 2018

Qtum’s Patrick Dai on China Global Television Network

The Point with Liu XinIn light of the recent buzz about blockchain on Chinese social channels and the stock markets with interest in companies associated with the technology, Liu Xin, of The Point with Liu Xin on China Global Television Network, hosted Henry Cao and Patrick Dai to discuss the...

From: Qtum

January 19, 2018

Banca Will Build A Cryptocurrency Investment Bank Community Based On Qtum

Qtum & BancaRecently the decentralized and intelligent community investment bank, Banca, announced its decision to build on Qtum. This collaboration will combine blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and big data to tackle problems faced by the financial industry.Banca’s team...

From: Qtum

January 16, 2018

Community & Development Updates — January 15th

Last week the Qtum Foundation announced our partnership with Baofeng, China’s answer to Netflix. Baofeng’s Bokocloud division will help Qtum deploy up to 50,000 nodes. Adding these nodes to the system will help stabilize the Qtum blockchain, thus making the network more reliable. This...

From: Qtum

January 11, 2018

China’s 360 Finance and Qtum Are Establishing China’s First Commercial Blockchain Research Center

360 Blockchain Research Center, the BTN Foundation and the Qtum Foundation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a blockchain technology laboratory as of January 8, 2018, making the partnership the first of its kind in China. The joint partnership will see the three parties...

From: Qtum

IDHub Will Build A Digital Identity Platform on Qtum

Recently IDHub, blockchain-based identity platform, announced it will build on Qtum. IDHub plans to take advantage of Qtum’s technology and our rich open-source community resources to build a new digital ID-based trust ecosystem. IDHub will be the very first digital ID verification project...

From: Qtum

January 10, 2018

Qtum’s new ecosystem trailblazer — Baofeng Bokocloud

Qtum is officially announcing that it has reached a strategic collaboration agreement with Baofeng Bokocloud to achieve the world’s first BCN (blockchain consensus network) service.Baofeng Player, an app developed by Baofeng, has been committed to providing Internet users with the most...

From: Qtum

Luna’s STARS Tokens to be Powered by QTUM

https://medium.com/media/5da55e30aaeb1f9f4cdf8cc6fe29bb9d/hrefLuna is a blockchain-powered dating company. Founded in 2017 by Andre Ornish, Luna’s mission is to fix online dating by aligning platform and user incentives.People using popular dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid realize very fast...

From: Qtum

January 01, 2018

What’s the Difference Between A Blockchain Currency and Platform

*Before I delve any deeper and anger any economists, when I say currency, I am referring to digital assets with limited functionality like bitcoin, litecoin, etc. I know these don’t meet the criteria for a traditional currency*The HistoryOn October 31, 2008, a ghost veiled behind a computer...

From: Qtum

December 23, 2017

Qtum Community & Development Updates: Week of December 14th-21st

It seems like a busy week is the norm for us lately. A lot of this is foreshadowing for 2018, with all the new events and press articles. Expect a strong Qtum public presence next year, as we are moving beyond the initial launch of our main network back in September. We have released many of the...

From: Qtum

December 22, 2017

QTUM-based crypto messenger BeeChat unveils innovative features for its ecosystem in latest update

BeeChat, the world’s foremost QTUM-based messenger and cryptocurrency community, updated its app this week with more integration features to foster the development of its open standards blockchain ecosystem.With the new release, the number of activated users on the platform quickly grew to...

From: Qtum

December 20, 2017

Please get in contact with a Qtum staff member on Discord to share your portfolio.

Please get in contact with a Qtum staff member on Discord to share your portfolio. We need to see that you are capable of delivering this.

From: Qtum

Github repository checks out, bounty is claimed.

Github repository checks out, bounty is claimed.

From: Qtum

Zerion Will Collaborate With Qtum on Smart Contract Services

We are excited to announce that Qtum has started a collaboration with Zerion, an industry-leading blockchain investment platform. Zerion will be integrating the Qtum platform and their services will now support Qtum smart contracts.In July of this year, the Qtum team met with Alex Bash,...

From: Qtum

If you are an incumbent participant, the effort put into improving your site should equal the…

If you are an incumbent participant, the effort put into improving your site should equal the amount of effort someone would invest in creating one from scratch. This bounty can be considered claimed, but we would like to see expanded functionality on the site, not more updates.

From: Qtum

Qtum Community Bounties

There are some services that we would like to outsource to the community in order to bring value to the ecosystem. We could build a lot of these ourselves, but there is a lot of talent within the Blockchain developer community we can utilize. All of the services listed will be third party, as...

From: Qtum

December 19, 2017

Qtum’s Trusted IoT Alliance Grant

Smart contracts are a powerful tool for the automation of business processes, while laying the foundations for a new age of decentralized computation. However, until now, smart contracts could only be executed on machines equipped with heavy, specialized software, carrying a copy of the entire...

From: Qtum

ObEN to build blockchain lab with Qtum

ObEN, the leading US firm in personal AI (PAI) which was invested in by Tencent, has recently announced its plan to build a Blockchain lab with Qtum. ObEN’s has raised over 21 million USD with funding from Tencent, SoftBank & others. ObEN’s developers have been focusing on Project...

From: Qtum

December 15, 2017

Qtum Community & Development Updates Week of December 5th — 13th, 2017

Another great week for the Qtum project, lots of updates and a new Decentralized Application. A new optional wallet update was released, which adds some user friendly functionality for working with the QT interface. We are awaiting an official announcement from the United Bitcoin team about...

From: Qtum

December 06, 2017

Qtum Community & Development Updates Week of November 28th — December 4th

Another busy week for the Qtum team, along with the Decentralized Applications that are building on our platform. Patrick spoke at Cointelegraph’s Blockshow Asia conference, and Miguel is due to speak at the Labit Conference in Colombia today. There was on online event with Patrick Dai and...

From: Qtum

December 05, 2017

Robin8, Combating Fake Data in the Advertising Sector

The online advertising industry faces big challenges, especially in the form of fake data. The internet economy is vast, and traditionally adopts a laissez-faire style marketplace to purchase advertising. Fake news is a hot buzzword lately, with governments and social media platforms struggling...

From: Qtum

December 01, 2017

CFun: Tokenizing Creativity

Social Media is an industry that never stops growing, just like Blockchain. Putting them together is a recipe for success. CFun is a content creation platform that has seen enormous growth since inception in 2014. Their main focus is a niche market known as Cosplay. They received their seed...

From: Qtum

November 29, 2017

Qtum at Blockshow Asia

After a little more than a week since the Inclusive Blockchain Conference, part of the Qtum team is back in Singapore for Blockshow Asia, hosted by Cointelegraph. The team has been quite busy with travels to Hong Kong, Dubai, and back to Shanghai since the last conference.Today, on November 29th...

From: Qtum

Qtum at TechCrunch Shanghai

The 2017 TechCrunch international innovation summit Shanghai stop continued on Nov 28, China Standard Time, with Qtum. Patrick Dai, founder of Qtum foundation, was invited to participate in the event and joined in on the How decentralized apps are quietly changing the world panel.It has been...

From: Qtum

November 28, 2017

Qtum Community & Development Updates: November 21st — 28th, 2017

This was a busy week for the Qtum ecosystem, with many Decentralized Applications about to launch their pre-sales, along with new ones that announced their intention to collaborate with our project.Patrick and other team members were in Dubai and Hong Kong, having meetings to discuss the Qtum...

From: Qtum

AWARE Will Be Developing A Digital Asset Investment Management Platform Based on Qtum

Qtum x AWARERecently, AWARE announced its plan for a Qtum-based development of their investment management platform for digital assets, aimed to boost the liquidity of innovative assets and to serve blockchain entrepreneurs across the globe.AWARE consists of the Token Fund Products (TFP),...

From: Qtum

Pundi X is Supporting Qtum to Expand its Presence in Southeast Asia

Proof of Stake meets Point of SalePundi X has announced that it will support Qtum. Pundi X is a cryptocurrency point-of-sale (“POS”) solutions provider for retail stores seeking to accept digital currencies in South East Asia. The collaboration includes Pundi X integrating the Qtum...

From: Qtum

November 23, 2017

Riding into the STORM

Qtum x StormThe gig economy isn’t being left out when it comes to the disintermediating effects of blockchain technology. Freelance matchmaking services like upwork, fiverr, and amazon’s mechanical turk take an enormous cut of workers pay, but with near frictionless payments, things...

From: Qtum

November 22, 2017

Matchpool $GUP Holders can now claim $QGUP (QGuppy) on the Qtum Blockchain!

Matchpool will distribute a second token, dubbed ‘QGUP’ on top of the Qtum blockchain. Current holders of Guppy on the Ethereum network will have an option to claim the second token on a 1:1 basis within a limited timeframe. Hurry up!Note: Please use Qtum Core to generate your address for...

From: Qtum

Qtum DApp Corner — Robin8

Qtum’s dapp ecosystem continues to vibrantly grow since the Qtum Ignition release in September. A few projects have already raised over $50 million combined, and they are actively contributing to the token economy. That’s why Qtum is happy to introduce another application that wants to build...

From: Qtum

November 21, 2017

Qtum Community and Development Updates — Week of November 14th — 21st, 2017

Qtum in SingaporeQtum — In SingaporeIn what has become the center of the blockchain revolution, the Qtum team took charge in Singapore during the city’s Fintech Festival. At SUSS’s Inclusive Blockchain Conference, which was part of Singapore Fintech Festival, Qtum’s founder, Patrick Dai,...

From: Qtum

January 01, 1970

Qtum’s 2018 in Infographics

From: QTUM

November 21, 2018 06:24

Points of Qtum's Patrick Dai at 2018 Shenzhen TechCrunch

November 20, 2018 06:33

Qtum's Patrick Dai was Interviewed by TCFA

November 12, 2018 09:24

Qtum's Wenbin Zhong at 2018 C.E.C World Blockchain Meetup

November 09, 2018 06:04

QTUM Light Suite

QTUM 2018 Global Virtual Hackahton
Winning Team Interview
QTUM Light Suite
Grand Prize Winner

September 27, 2018 04:41

Qtum's Patrick Dai at G20 YEA Summit Argentina

September 03, 2018 05:07

Process of Token withdraw GUI

September 03, 2018 05:06

Deployment to the test net

September 03, 2018 05:06

Usage of the database

September 03, 2018 05:05

Calling a smart contract

September 03, 2018 05:05

Ethereum & Smart Contract