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Conceptual Model

The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) project is a public blockchain ledger designed to be specifically secure against quantum computing (QC) advances. Unlike existing ledgers, such as bitcoin or ethereum, the QRL is specially designed to use a form of post-quantum secure signature for transactions called XMSS.The QRL also uses a low power proof-of-stake (POS) algorithm which again utilises iterative hash-chains and provably secure hash-based pseudo random number functions. The POS algorithm is designed to have zero reliance upon conventional signatures which are vulnerable to a sufficiently powerful QC and allows nodes to run on low power devices such as raspberry PI’s or laptops and passively earn income by staking.

Project Description

52 Million token were sold with 13 Million tokens held back by the foundation and developers. The approximate price per token was .08 cents in USD at the presale, raising 4.16 Million dollars in cryptocurrency at the close of the early crowdsale. Approximately 85% of the 600+ participants requested ERC20 Tokens.Roadmap

Founders and Associates

Dr Peter Waterland -Core developer & Founder

Dr JP Lomas -Core developer & Full stack developer

Kaushal Kumar Singh -Blockchain developer

Leon Groot Bruinderink -Advisor & PhD student post-quantum cryptography, PQCRYPTO

Michael Kolenbrander -Technical Solution Architect

Filip Radičević -Business solutions architect

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QRL Latest Updates
January 18, 2019

Ledger App Update!

TL;DR — Ledger app is complete, awaiting final review. Automatic migration will close 3 months after Ledger app goes live. Instructional video on YouTube. More tech details to follow in a later blog.Development ProgressAs we have previously communicated, the development of the Ledger app...

From: QRL

January 14, 2019

Last Week in QRL: Jan 7 — Jan 14, 2019

Last Week in QRL: Jan 7 — Jan 14, 2019Adam KoltunJan 14IntroductionAfter a few abnormal weeks and multiple-week blogs, we are back on our weekly blogging schedule (for now). As always, the length and presentation of these blogs will adjust slightly as the content changes...

From: QRL

No, IBM’s Quantum Computer won’t break Bitcoin, but we should be prepared for one that can.

ContentsPrimerIBM’s Commercial Quantum ComputerWhen do we need to worry, anyway?The importance of preparationPrimerAnytime there’s an advancement in Quantum Computing, like Intel’s 49 qubit chip at last year’s 2018 CES show, or this years CES show with IBM’s 20...

From: QRL

January 08, 2019

Last Week(s) at QRL: Dec 18–Jan 6

Last Week(s) at QRL: Dec 18–Jan 6Jack MatierJan 8IntroductionIt has been a little while since our last “Last Week in QRL” blog. So in honour of this being the first blog of 2019, “Happy New Year!”Obviously this blog will have closer to just one week’s...

From: QRL

December 24, 2018

12 Days of XMaSS

12 Days of XMaSSAdam KoltunDec 24, 2018TL;DR — This is a cheerful, jovial blog meant to take a fun, non-serious look at where the project is at as 2018 comes to a close, but mostly to have some festive fun before the end of the year. Enjoy!On the first day of XMaSS my true...

From: QRL

December 18, 2018

Last week(s) in QRL: December 4th — 17th, 2018

Last Week(s) in QRL: December 4th — 17th, 2018Jack MatierDec 17, 2018Ledger Nano SWe are happy to report that the Ledger app is complete! We just need the web integration to be finished, and testing to commence, before we call ledger-qrl-js v1.0.0 ready for a full...

From: QRL

December 17, 2018

Bittrex Exchange Migration Complete!

As a reminder The QRL is the first fully post-quantum blockchain ecosystem designed from the ground up with a core of:multiple implementations for qrl node (python, go)desktop GUI wallet (mac, windows, linux)a fantastic web-wallet with built in features such as document notarisation and full...

From: QRL

Reflecting on CBC 2018

Reflecting on CBC 2018Adam KoltunDec 17, 2018TL;DR — Was in Las Vegas last week with Jack for the Crypto Blockchain ConferenceMet Jack!Last week, Jack and I attended CryptoBlockCon. This was my first time working in person with Jack (bringing my total number of QRL team...

From: QRL

December 09, 2018

Crypto Block Conference This Week!

Crypto Block Conference This Week!Adam KoltunDec 9, 2018TL;DR — Who/What/Where/When/Why of CryptoBlockCon 2018WhoCryptoBlockCon 2018 will be attended by:AdamJackWhatCryptoBlockCon is a conference series that convenes four times a year, everywhere from Las Vegas to London,...

From: QRL

December 03, 2018

Last Week in QRL: Nov 26-Dec 3

Last Week in QRL: Nov 26-Dec 3Adam KoltunDec 3, 2018IntroductionWe are going to be putting out these “Last Week in QRL” blogs moving forward. Because of the intended regularity of these posts (we will sincerely try to post them around the same day each week, excepting holidays),...

From: QRL

November 20, 2018

Bittrex Exchange Migration: Proper liquidity secured for The QRL!

We are delighted to announce that Bittrex will be migrating to QRL mainnet on the 4th of December 2018. You can read their announcement here in full.The QRL is the first fully post-quantum blockchain ecosystem designed from the ground up with a core of:multiple implementations for qrl node...

From: QRL

November 01, 2018

Community: Nominations

Our community contains an amazing assortment of people that have a wide range of professions and origins. Many of those people continually go above and beyond in improving QRL and furthering Quantum Computing Awareness in the blockchain space.It’s time we recognised these people who go above...

From: QRL

October 21, 2018

Post-quantum secure multisignature wallets

Whilst our current plan is to transition to an abstracted unified transaction format with the release of our ‘silicon’ smart contract platform (pencilled for release mid 2019), we have decided internally to integrate multisignature functionality into the QRL early in our upcoming hard...

From: QRL

October 17, 2018

150k in 100 days

150,027 blocks in 103.62 days, specifically.Before I get into it, I would like to take a moment to thank Kaushal (Discord username cyyber), without which this would not have happened. I have attempted to select out some fun, interesting and telling statistics from our first 150,000 blocks to...

From: QRL

September 21, 2018

Reflecting on Discover Blockchains Houston

TL;DR- Was in Houston over the weekend to speak at the Discover Blockchains Conference.Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to fly to Houston, Texas to speak at the Discover Blockchains Conference — which is a series of conferences that are somewhat more educational in nature than many...

From: Adam Koltun

September 14, 2018

Mainnet v1.1.5 is released

This is a minor iterative update including the following changes:WalletDaemon is now allowed to create XMSS trees with minimum tree height of 6 (2⁶ signature capacity)Master/slave XMSS reserved OTS reduced from 20 to 5Improved error handling & loggingWalletAPI: Changed balance data type...

From: Peter Waterland

September 06, 2018

Discover Blockchains Conference Next Week!

TL;DR — Who/What/Where/When/Why of Discover Blockchains ConferenceWhoDiscover Blockchains 2018 will be attended by:Adam: Lead Business StrategistWhatDiscover Blockchains is a conference that is, like the name implies, meant to introduce new people to the blockchain industry, as well as...

From: Adam Koltun

August 27, 2018

x41 d-sec audit

Project UpdateTLDR — x41 D-Sec audit has commenced, mobile wallet updates, wallet API improvements, OTC market opens, tipbots, and basic concepts videosOur team is global, with members currently residing in The United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and India....

From: Jack Matier

August 20, 2018


Project UpdateTLDR — Go-QRL Node repo public, Project Carbon, incremental wallet update to v1.0.2, and Developer Meeting SummariesGo.It’s what the team and network have been doing and will continue to do. Just as the QRL network’s blocks move forward, so too will we.Go-QRL NodeOur...

From: Jack Matier

August 10, 2018

QRL Mainnet v1.1.1 Released

TLDR — QRL mainnet v1.1.1 is released and brings a wallet API, wallet daemon, greater stability, and other improvements.At roughly 65,000 blocks after genesis, QRL mainnet v1.1.1 was born, and with it comes back end non-breaking improvements. If you’re running a node you can...

From: Jack Matier

August 03, 2018

Mobile app, QIPs, and More!

TLDR — Mobile app technical side complete, the QIP process, In the Media Section, and a P2P exchange network listing commit.Last week we spoke about Ledger progress, mobile (web) improvements, API documentation, our new post-quantum notarisation feature, and a brief update on smart...

From: Jack Matier

July 26, 2018

Step by step, what we’ve been up to

tldr; Ledger progress, mobile improvements, API documentation, our new post-quantum notarisation feature, and a brief update on smart contracts!We have now surpassed our 44,000th block with no major issues, a testament to the amount of testing done by the development side at QRL. To date, nobody...

From: Jack Matier

June 24, 2018

Red4Sec security audit concludes; a summary

TL;DR — Red4Sec finished, more audits coming, and an update regarding mainnetRed4Sec, our auditor for the last 7 weeks, has completed their audit and submitted their report to QRL. Red4Sec consists of a talented team that has spent much of the past 2 months pouring over our code 8 hours a...

From: Jack Matier

June 05, 2018

Pre-Genesis Project Update

It has been some time since our last general progress update blog. In this blog we will do our best to detail as much as we can regarding:The ongoing audit with Red4SecThe creation of mobile walletsSupport for Ledger Nano SToken burn updateBug bountiesTransform PRConference/expo/meeting...

From: Elliott Gregory Dehnbostel

June 04, 2018

We Hired A PR Firm!

TL;DR — We hired TransformPR, a cryptocurrency/blockchain focused PR firm that is going to help us meaningfully advance our marketing effortsQRL is excited to announce that we have hired TransformPR as our PR firm of choice to help us through our next stage as we continue to grow as a...

From: Adam Koltun

May 28, 2018

Reflecting on my evening with the Financial Services Club in London

TL;DR — Flew to London to speak to the Financial Services Club, met many people in unique FinTech positions, figuring out the second half of 2018Last week, I had the opportunity to fly to London to give a presentation to The Financial Services Club. This was made possible by Chris...

From: Adam Koltun

May 20, 2018

Reflecting on Consensus 2018

TL;DR — Consensus 2018 overview, our first conference as attendees, how the supporter meetup went, some highlights, and what to expect nextThis past week the eyes of the blockchain/cryptocurrency world was on Midtown Manhattan, where more than 8,000 people gathered at the Midtown Hilton...

From: Adam Koltun

May 08, 2018

Consensus Conference Next Week!

TL;DR — Who/What/Where/When/Why of Consensus 2018. Details of supporter meetup. Second auditor selection update.WhoThe QRL Delegation at Consensus 2018:Peter: FounderAdam: Marketing ManagerJuan: Lead ArchitectMichael: Technical Solution ArchitectWhatConsensus 2018, put on by CoinDesk, is...

From: Adam Koltun

April 28, 2018

Reflecting on DC Finance’s High Tech Family Office Meetings

Speaker card image provided by DC FinanceTL;DR — DC Finance event overview, what some Family Office managers feel about cryptocurrency, next stops on the conference tourThis week I had the opportunity to fly to New York City and present at DC Finance’s NYC Blockchain &...

From: Adam Koltun

April 27, 2018

External Audits & Bug Bounties

TLDR: Red4Sec has begun our security audit, a tip-of-the-iceberg overview of our own code practices and bug bounties in the cryptocurrency space.Red4Sec, our first security auditor who also completed the audit for NEO, is not only doing our audit, but has already begun. Another auditing firm...

From: Jack Matier

April 24, 2018

Reflecting on Blockchain Expo 2018

TL;DR — Blockchain Expo overview, standing out from the crowd, summarizing the presentation, next stops on the conference tourThis past week I joined Peter (Founder) and JP (Core Developer) in their home country of England for Blockchain Expo Global 2018. The event was held at the Olympia...

From: Adam Koltun

April 11, 2018

Global Blockchain Expo 2018 Next Week!

TL;DR — Who/What/Where/When/Why of Global Blockchain Expo 2018. Token Migration update. Details of supporter meetup.WhoBlockchain Expo 2018 will be attended by:Peter: FounderJP: Core DeveloperAdam: Marketing Manager.WhatBlockchain Expo Global is an iteration of the Blockchain Expo event...

From: Adam Koltun

April 04, 2018

QRL Token Migration Begins!

TL;DR — Token Migration is Live! Step-by-Step instructions, links to additional sources of informationToken Migration is now live! Token Migration is the first step of the final leg to launching our Main Network, though it will continue on past Genesis. We want to ensure that every token...

From: Adam Koltun

March 24, 2018

QRL Token migration to be announced shortly

TLDR — new team members, final hard fork to test token migration successful, GPU Pool mining implemented, feature freeze achieved, extensive bug bounty program to be announced, QIP process, documentation efforts progressing, parallel internal code review & external audit remain.New...

From: Peter Waterland

March 21, 2018

Reflecting on APAC Blockchain 2018

TL;DR - APAC overview, Layers (so hot right now), growing awareness of Quantum Computing in the industry, our next stops on the conference tourThis past week Scott, Juan, and I all flew down to Melbourne, Australia to attend the APAC (Asia-Pacific) Blockchain Conference. We were joined in the...

From: Adam Koltun

March 09, 2018

Setting The Stage For Mainnet

TL;DR — We have a new website that is soon to launch, mining pool integration has progressed to completion, we are currently undertaking internal code review, we are placing an open call for Token Migration Testers, we have been added to our first Chinese language...

From: Adam Koltun

March 06, 2018

APAC Blockchain Conference 2018

TL;DR — Who/What/When/Where/Why of APAC Blockchain 2018. We are currently exploring the desire within the community for a meetup during the conference (more at the end of the blog).WhoAPAC Blockchain 2018 will be attended by Adam, our Marketing Manager, Juan, our Lead Architect, and...

From: Adam Koltun

February 19, 2018

The Final Countdown: mainnet progress update

After our last update Get Ready for QRL Launch, it has been a hectic month for the developers and a volatile month in the world of crypto! Proof-of-work using cryptonight has been running successfully on our public qrl testnet and has been stable for many days now (blockheight > 23k and...

From: Jack Matier

Event: BlockDelhi Conference — February 21st

India’s corporate leaders are looking to embrace blockchain technology to provide solutions to payments, record-keeping, data security, e-governmence, communication and more.BlockDelhi provides an avenue to connect industry leaders like QRL with many of the luminaries of India’s...

From: Jack Matier

February 13, 2018

It takes a community to raise a crypto

I’m happy to be formally advising and assisting the QRL project. In late 2013 I co-founded the Counterparty project. Counterparty pioneered the first working decentralized exchange technology, as well as some of the earliest blockchain-based financial contracts, and hosted many of the first...

From: Robby Dermody

January 25, 2018

Introducing Robby Dermody, QRL Advisor

Robby DermodyLast week we sat down with Robby to ask him a few questions to help introduce him to the QRL community. We are very excited to add Robby to the project in an advisory role, and look forward to learning from his wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency space. Robby will be offering...

From: Adam Koltun

December 31, 2017

Get ready for QRL launch!

What a year in the crypto ecosystem! I tend to try and ignore prices and concentrate on the project but it has been impossible to miss that the entire crypto ecosystem has grown to nearly 0.6 trillion dollars this year. Quite incredible for those of us who have been in the scene since 2012/3...

From: Peter Waterland

December 14, 2017

Statefulness and security

QRL has a highly unusual signature scheme to secure our accounts which is stateful — XMSS.Each time a transaction is signed from a QRL address a Winternitz OTS+ one-time signature is used up in the XMSS wallet.Whilst it is possible to sign again from the same one-time signature (ie....

From: Peter Waterland

December 09, 2017

QRL Technical: Weeks 43–48

TL;DR: New processes, deployment packages, etc. Lots of work in testing and related infrastructure. Better persistence scheme. New API, most applications have been updated. A tutorial for third-party developers will be available soon.We are so busy that sometimes we forget to tell you what we...

From: Juan Leni

October 27, 2017

Introducing QRL Wallet

TL;DR — The new QRL Wallet for testnet and mainnet has arrived!https://wallet.qrlexplorer.info/Behind the scenes we’ve been working tirelessly to provide a secure, portable and consistent wallet experience for our users. We discussed a range of requirements, and through a number of...

From: Scott Donald

October 23, 2017

QRL Technical: Weeks 38–42

TL;DR: Tons of improvements: Wallets, Communication Layer, Persistence Layer, Installers. Many more to come.It seems it was years since my last post about the new XMSS library. We have made many, many improvements since then. The library has been running in testnet for some time already and we...

From: Juan Leni

QRL proof-of-stake algorithm

This is a short blog about the proof-of-stake algorithm currently in use on our QRL testnet. You may wonder why this is important and hopefully by reading onwards the significance of the nuts and bolts under the hood of our node implementation (qrlcore) will become clear.Block selection...

From: Peter Waterland

October 15, 2017

Evolution of the timeline, catching everyone up

From the outset, our team has been dedicated to releasing the most stable, reliable, and functional product we can. We recognize the awesome responsibility placed in us and the mass of wealth that is going to be held, transferred, and (hopefully) created by our network. To that end, we made the...

From: Adam Koltun

September 15, 2017

QRL Technical: Weeks 36–37 Crypto

TL;DR: The crypto module is now in C/C++. Architecture is being reworked. Performance is significantly higher (verification is more than 500 times faster). Lots of improvements in the pipeline.Crypto ModuleXMSS represents one of the most critical aspects of QRL. There is a well known saying in...

From: Juan Leni

September 03, 2017

Welcome Juan!

It is becoming customary to start the blog with the announcement of a new hire and today is no different. So without further ado, we have a new member — Juan Leni! He goes by the slightly sinister nickname @purpletentacle on the slack, but is a senior developer with project management...

From: Peter Waterland

August 14, 2017

New additions, team update..

I’d like to welcome new people to the team who have joined over the last week. Dimitar Christoff has arrived from the professional world of UX/UI/JS and web development. He is hugely experienced and I actually cannot wait to see what he will produce for us going [email protected] has joined the...

From: Peter Waterland

August 06, 2017

Bughunts, memory leaks and negative millionaires..

We have been publicly testing the QRL testnet (status may be checked here https://theqrl.org/status/) for the last few days.As you may imagine moving from an isolated private VPS network with a handful of nodes under complete developer control, to a public testnet with over 50 nodes spanning...

From: Peter Waterland

April 24, 2017

Thanks for the interest.

Wouldn’t they just be able to switch to some hash-based or symmetric cryptographic algorithm if quantum attacks became a problem?Thanks for the interest.There are several cryptocurrencies which offer privacy and anonymity (designed and conceived in several different ways), why don’t we just...

From: Peter Waterland

April 21, 2017

Quantum Computing and Cryptocurrency Discussion

Quantum computers, first theorized by physicist Richard Feynman in 1982, have promised a new era of computing. The theory has only recently translated into significant real-world advances, with NASA, the CIA and Google working on a quantum computer. Computer scientists now warn the machines will...

From: Filip Radicevic