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Conceptual Model

Patientory is a blockchain-based distributed electronic medical record storage computing platform. Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. From the platform smart contracts can be executed in relation to the patient care continuum cycle.

Project Description

The PTOY token is the native token of the Patientory platform. In exchange of PTOY tokens, users will be able to use the network to rent information storage space, and to execute smart payment contracts. Patientory held an ICO that started on the 31st of May, during which 70 million PTOY were available to be purchased with Ether (ETH). The crowdsale was meant to last until the 28th of June, but the maximum cap of 46,666.6667 ETH was reached on the 3rd of June.70% of the tokens were distributed in the ICO while the remaining 30% were pre-allocated to the Foundation PTOY. There was a bonus for the first 10 days of the ICO. The ICO did not use an escrow. The PTOY token is an Ethereum-based token and cannot be mined. 

Founders and Associates

Chrissa McFarlane -Founder/CEO

Jesse Brown -CTO

Michael Beer -Lead Developer

Michael Rubin -Marketing

Bob Logan -Business Development

Mohan Ramanuja -TechnologySpecialist

Sonya Rush- Outreach and Recruitment

Frenesa Hall, MD-Advisor - Clinical Strategy

Peter Kung -Advisor - Healthcare Strategy

Geetha Rao -Advisor - Regulatory & Product Strategy

Nigel Waller -Advisor - Mobile Strategy

Rick Brounstein -Advisor- Finance

Richard DiMonda -Advisor - Commercialization

Rodney Sampson -Advisor - Growth Hacking

Shawn Wilkinson -Advisor

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PTOY Latest Updates
August 30, 2018 18:02

Mark your calendars for Bloomberg Live!

The program, “The Value of Data: How Emerging Technologies are Redefining our Future,” will feature at 10:50 am, “Blockchain: The New Solution to Old Problems.”

In this panel discussion, the Patientory CEO along with leaders from IBM, the United Nations, and Walmart will talk about the popular belief that Blockchain will do for humanity what the internet did for information.

The agenda can be viewed online here: https://www.bloomberglive.com/value-data-emerging-technologies-redefining-future/#row-5b7303740de88

August 07, 2018 20:35

Patientory, Inc. App Demo LR

Check it out - Pre-launch sneak-peak into the new Patientory App currently in Beta with our VIP testers. The Patientory App will enable you to manage your health data in the blockchain from your mobile phone.

July 06, 2018 16:25

Patientory 2018 Q2 AMA

Patientory AMA session for the 2018 second quarter by the team members.

June 11, 2018 20:58

Patientory Introduction Video

New video intro to Patientory, the first-mover in blockchain-based solutions for electronic medical record portability, access, and security. Thanks to the production team @ipCapital_Group. View, like and share.

June 11, 2018 20:23


After the 2018 Patientory Stiftung Summit, attendees were ready to celebrate, relax, and network with industry leaders at the VIP Launch Event hosted by Patientory, Inc. This glamorous rooftop event overlooking the beautiful Atlanta skyline was filled with food and fun. Industry leaders and innovators mingled with bloggers and peers while sipping champagne to toast the beta pilot of the new app.

May 23, 2018 18:16

Blockchain in Healthcare Webinar Series

The Patientory Stiftung, Patientory, Inc., and PTOY Tokenomics

April 12, 2018 02:19

Patientory 2018 Q1 AMA

March 07, 2018 01:53

Patientory Core: Part 1 Demo Video 2

Core: Part 1 (video 2 of 2)

March 07, 2018 01:26

Patientory Inc. Demo - Part 1

Patientory demo Core: Part 1 (part 1 of 2 videos)

December 27, 2017 14:56

Top 10 Patientory Headliners of 2017

Here's a quick recap of the top 10 Patientory accomplishments of 2017!