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Po.et is an  Ethereum-based decentralized ledger built to track ownership and attribution for digital creative assets. POE is an ERC20 Ethereum-based token that represents a proportional share of the the fees and revenue generated from the commercial applications built on top of the Po.et protocol, including generating content licenses and processing license payments among others. $10 million was generated from 2500 investors in only 30 minutes.Team:Max Bronstein: Media & Strategy Lead.Jeremy Kandah: Chief Coin Officer.Jill Richmond: Marketing & Communications.Álvaro Crespo: Mobile Developer.Justin Litchfield: Product Development.Patricio Mosse: Full Stack Developer.Strating on the 8th of August, the Po.et ICO will allow users to buy POE with Ether. Po.et is expecting to raise a maximum of $10 million, for which they will distribute 50% of the total 3,141,592,653 POE supply. The remaining tokens will be devided as so:Token Reserve Split (50%):22% Foundation;10% Integration Partners;10% Angel Investors;08% Founding Team;  Use of Proceeds:45% Poet R&D;05% Legal;15% Business Development;15% Marketing;20% Poet Platform;

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POE Latest Updates
August 15, 2018

August 2018 Po.et Engineering Progress Report

Po.et is the internet of content value: the decentralized protocol suite for ownership, discovery, and monetization of content.In this month’s update, I have big news: We’ve reached a critical milestone in the development of Po.et just in time to celebrate Po.et’s first...

From: Eric Elliott

August 13, 2018

Scaling Blockchain

For most of 2018 the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems have been working hard on one gigantic, shared problem: Scalability. (See also: “In the Crypto Ecosystem, It’s Still 1968 — but We’re Moving Fast”).But before you give up on blockchain scalability and declare Bitcoin...

From: Eric Elliott

August 07, 2018

Scaling Po.et to Millions of Users

Let’s cut right to the chase: This week, Po.et merged an important code update that allows us to batch any number of verifiable claims into a single Bitcoin transaction. Why does this matter?There are many blockers on the road to widespread blockchain adoption. These blockers are heavily...

From: Jarrod Dicker

July 31, 2018

Development Labs Partner Inkrypt Launches nLIGHTn

Back in May, we launched Po.et Development Labs as a way to support projects that believe in Po.et’s vision and expand the number of ways to engage with content on the Po.et Network. Inkrypt, the first project to be welcomed into Development Labs, is building a distributed media-hosting...

From: Po.et Development Labs

July 25, 2018

Proof of Effort: Putting Effort Over Results

A lot of people ask me, “Who are Po.et’s competitors?” This is a common and, in fact, fair question, especially as Po.et is an emerging technology in a new space. But what’s amazing about this space (that is, the blockchain and crypto space) is that it’s not about competition, it’s...

From: Jarrod Dicker

Weekly Update from Jarrod — July 25th, 2018

Proof of Effort: Putting Effort Over ResultsA lot of people ask me, “Who are Po.et’s competitors?” This is a common and, in fact, fair question, especially as Po.et is an emerging technology in a new space. But what’s amazing about this space (that is, the blockchain and crypto space)...

From: Jarrod Dicker

July 17, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — July 17th, 2018

The Mission, Mainnet & MorePo.et is building the decentralized protocol suite for ownership,discovery and monetization of content. The verifiable web. We oftentalk about the philosophies of what this means in terms of the futureof the web and how we’re building bridges not moats to get...

From: Jarrod Dicker

July 12, 2018

July 2018 Po.et Engineering Progress Report

Po.et is the internet of content value: the decentralized protocol suite for content ownership, discovery, and monetization of content.Everything on the web is centered around content. If content is king, Po.et is the kingdom, and it exists to support and sustain the people living and working...

From: Eric Elliott

July 10, 2018

Building the Bridge to a Better Web

In the blockchain space, it’s the quietest projects that competitors should be most concerned about. Especially now. Less talking means more listening and more building. The quiet, focused projects of today will be the loudest in terms of usability, utility and user base tomorrow. That is the...

From: Jarrod Dicker

July 06, 2018

Why Protecting Intellectual Property Is So Hard and How Po.et Can Help

How hard is it to protect intellectual property on the web today? To understand, put yourself in the shoes of someone who owns and manages a blog. That person likely creates original digital content and also republishes content created by others. Preventing misuse of the blog owner’s original...

From: David Turner

July 03, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — July 3rd, 2018

Recency, Relevancy and the Birth of ReputationThe web is built on two components: recency and relevancy. Every single thing that’s searchable, digestible or created on the web is driven from these two notions. How can I find the most recent content? How can I find the most relatable content,...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 28, 2018

Regulation Can’t Fix Digital Content Attribution

How can online content be shared in ways that protect intellectual property rights? That’s one of the questions behind a proposed law that moved a step closer to approval in the European Union recently.It’s also a question that we here at Po.et spend a lot of time pondering. And while we are...

From: David Turner

June 26, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — June 26th, 2018

Today is going to be a quick update because we are moving faster than ever before, and I don’t want to distract from all of our progress. Here it is:Partnering: We’re moving hard on partnerships and looking to onboard initial alpha partners soon. We’re being very selective here to make...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 22, 2018

A Decentralized Approach to Media Transparency

The truth is more important now than ever. And it’s critical to note that “truth” in itself cannot and will not change. That’s what makes it objective. It’s TRUTH. What has changed is the culture around truth, information and most dangerously, misinformation. The perception of what is...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 19, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — June 19th, 2018

The Campaign Has Already BegunIn April, we removed the dates on our forward-looking feature road map to adopt a standard practice for agile teams. This caused quite a stir, as many were looking at that road map as a milestone indicator for success. However, there was one major milestone missing...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 14, 2018

June 2018 Po.et Engineering Progress Report

We’re hard at work building the decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery, and monetization in media.It’s hard to believe that most of the engineering team was hired within the last 3 months. Everyone has been drinking from the firehose, learning about the market, ecosystem,...

From: Eric Elliott

June 12, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — June 12th, 2018

POErtugal and PartnershipsPo.et presented in Portugal last week at the annual WAN-IFRA World Congress journalism summit. The event brings together leaders in the media community to discuss key topics and trends that will impact media and journalism over the next year (years/decades). One of the...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 05, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — June 5th, 2018

Po.et: The Buzziest BlockchainYesterday, there was some buzz about Po.et in an article from Quartz. The piece focused on Civil, a journalism platform, as well as leaders in the broader space. This is what it had to say about Po.et:“And then there are broader efforts to route the provenance of...

From: Jarrod Dicker

June 04, 2018

In the Crypto Ecosystem, it’s Still 1968 — but We’re Moving Fast

Po.et is building the platform for the world’s creative assets: the internet of content value. It’s not just another walled-garden content-license marketplace, but the protocol foundations that all future content software can build on. Think of it like the TCP/IP of content value: the core...

From: Eric Elliott

May 29, 2018

Po.et Developer Community Spotlight — May 2018

Over the last month, the team has been out talking with content creators from all over the world, and we’re absolutely amazed to hear about all of the ways that people are seeking Po.et for help in their daily lives. From academics looking to ensure that their research isn’t misrepresented...

From: David Turner

Weekly Update from Jarrod — May 29th, 2018

A Community to Be Proud of …Last week was a historic week for Po.et. We officially announced our partner program, Po.et Development Labs (POEDL!), and the first development partner on the protocol, Inkrypt. As explained in my blog post...

From: Jarrod Dicker

May 22, 2018

The Creator Economy: Po.et Development Labs, Inkrypt & the Builder Community

The value of Po.et is an ecosystem for the media world of tomorrow where ownership, reputation and discovery are at its core. This is catalyzed through the use of blockchain as we are giving creators around the world a platform to control their assets so that they can receive market value for...

From: Jarrod Dicker

Weekly Update from Jarrod — May 22nd, 2018

POEDLToday was a very important day for Po.et. As you all know, our platform is only as valuable as the people who use it and build upon it. Our mission is to make Po.et the media blockchain technology of Web 3.0, and we do that by making it attractive, accessible and valuable to all. This...

From: Jarrod Dicker

May 15, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — May 15th, 2018

The Long RunThis is an exciting time in the life of Po.et. As I mentioned last week, we are in full build (BUIDL!) mode. Po.et is currently being strengthened and matured to scale at web capacity, not just from an accessibility set but from a volume set as well. We want the world using Po.et....

From: Jarrod Dicker

May 08, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — May 8th, 2018

Thanks for the support, everyone. Recently, we’ve seen some of you ask questions about our road map: When will new products release, and what are our main areas of focus?As you know, we are very transparent at Po.et. We do our weekly updates on Tuesday to make sure we keep the community...

From: Jarrod Dicker

May 03, 2018

Let’s Fix The Media Business

Access, Benefits, and the Building Blocks of a New Media ModelThe media business is not broken. It’s fractured. But not broken.The degree to which the media industry is fractured, and who should fix it and how, are the subjects of constant debate and pushback. It’s not that media companies...

From: Jarrod Dicker

May 01, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — May 1st, 2018

GrowthIn 1994, Netscape developed something called the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) in response to the notion that we, as an industry, need to provide better security on the web. It was set to secure web browser and server communications by enabling the certificate so information would...

From: Jarrod Dicker

April 24, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — April 24th, 2018

This one will be short and sweet.Over the past few weeks, we’ve stressed the importance of value, that all content (ideas!) should be secure on the blockchain, with control and opportunity in the hands of the creator. Our goal is not just to maximize the usage of the Po.et platform but to be...

From: Jarrod Dicker

April 17, 2018

The Internet of Tomorrow: Value, Permanence & Redefined Discovery

Last week I presented at the The International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) in Austin, Texas. My presentation focused on how technology trends, particularly blockchain technology, will impact the future of journalism. It was a 10-minute talk followed by a panel with media colleagues who...

From: Jarrod Dicker

Weekly Update from Jarrod — April 17th, 2018

Last week I presented in Austin, Texas, at the the International Symposium on Online Journalism. My presentation focused on how tech trends will impact the future of journalism, particularly the blockchain. It was a 10-minute talk followed by a panel with media colleagues who specialize in...

From: Jarrod Dicker

April 13, 2018

The Po.et WordPress Plugin Is Live!

I’m thrilled to announce that our last significant milestone of Rosetta Era — releasing an official WordPress plugin — was accepted into WordPress’ Plugin Directory last week. The Po.et Team would like to give a special thanks to the folks at KnowledgeArc for their contributions...

From: David Turner

April 10, 2018

Weekly Update from Jarrod — April 10th, 2018

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” — T.S. EliotIt has been an incredible seven weeks of exploration and fulfillment at Po.et. Since I joined in late February, I’ve seen our...

From: Jarrod Dicker

April 09, 2018

The Po.et Roadmap: More Value, Faster

The Gutenberg Era is all about defining and building the decentralized platform for marketplaces that drive creativity, distribution, and monetization of creative works. We’re building features needed by partners to increase the number of creative works registered on the open Po.et...

From: Eric Elliott

April 02, 2018

I’ve Joined Po.et as VP of Engineering. Here’s Why.

Over the course of the next 10 years, half of the current Fortune 500 will be replaced. The half that survive will be the ones that learn the lessons of the first wave of internet disruption.In the mid 90’s, the business world discovered the internet. For the next 10 years, there were two...

From: Eric Elliott

Welcome to the Gutenberg Era

From its inception, Po.et was created to unify content creators, curators, and publishers around a set of shared ideals:Permanent attribution of content ownershipWell-curated and unbiased content discoveryFreedom to create clearly defined monetization opportunitiesSimplified value exchange with...

From: Jarrod Dicker

March 08, 2018

Po.et’s Open Source Community Plugins

Po.et was designed to be an open network. Our mission from the beginning was to enable content creators across the entirety of the web to seamlessly access the network and register their works. A key to making this mission a reality is the protocol’s open source nature. We architected Po.et so...

From: Jarrod Dicker

February 26, 2018

Po.et & Blockchain 101

Some simple explanations of Po.et and blockchain fundamentalsPo.et & Blockchain 101What is Po.et? What is blockchain? Why does it matter?For those of us who work in the blockchain world / decentralized economy, sometimes it can be tough to remember what it was like when we first heard about...

From: Jonathan White

February 13, 2018

The Next Platform for Media and Makers

Embarking on my next journey as the CEO of Po.etMaintaining the value of digital content has always been a challenge for the creative community. In the current paradigm, the effort and access involved in creative asset security can present insurmountable obstacles. But now that is changing....

From: Jarrod Dicker

February 08, 2018

Announcing Frost — An Open API for Publishers

The easiest way for content publishers and developers to interact with the Po.et networkThe Po.et team is excited to formally introduce the beta release of Frost — an open API layer for publishers.Frost provides a user-friendly way for content publishers and developers to interact with...

From: Max Bronstein

February 06, 2018

POE: An Economic Tool for Crowdsourcing Truth

Using tokenized incentives to value the world’s digital creative assetsPo.et is a shared, open, universal ledger designed to record metadata and ownership information for digital creative assets. Po.et is a continuation of Proof of Existence, the first non-financial application of the...

From: Elliot Feeny

February 01, 2018

Po.et Use Case #5: Press Release Distribution

You’re a company with an exciting product release, partnership or new service to announce. How do you make the world care about your news?First, you write a press release. Next, you pay a lot of money to post it on a site that will publish your release with hundreds of similar releases....

From: Jonathan White

January 29, 2018

Announcing Our Partnership With Digital Media Network Maven

Exposing Po.et to 40 million usersWe’re extremely excited to announce our partnership with theMaven Network, Inc. — an expert-driven digital media network that creates tools for publications and allows content creators to have the ability to better manage and distribute their works....

From: Max Bronstein

January 25, 2018

Po.et Use Case Series #4: Font Licensing

Fonts may not be the first item that comes to most people’s minds when they think about licensing and digital content. However, for designers and publishers, font licenses are a hot topic.Simplifying font licensing, and restoring control over licensing terms to font designers, is one of...

From: Pat Riley

January 18, 2018

The Po.et Technology Stack

An overview of Po.et’s core componentsWhen we launched Po.et, we knew that we wanted to build a secure, robust system for managing ownership of digital assets. We also wanted to make sure the platform would be both simple to use and developer friendly. We firmly believe the most value will be...

From: Max Bronstein

January 09, 2018

Po.et Use Case Series #3: Journalism

Bringing Journalists into the internet of valueIt’s no secret that journalists have taken a beating over the past decade as a result of technological change, namely the internet. Newspapers closed at dizzying rates as content consumption moved online. Republication of journalists’ work...

From: Max Bronstein

January 04, 2018

Po.et Node 2.0 Beta Release

Developers welcomeThe Po.et team is excited to announce the release of the first beta version of Po.et Node 2.0. Node 2.0 is the core component of the Po.et protocol, which uses the Bitcoin blockchain to track ownership of various forms of digital content.The Po.et protocol is built on:The...

From: Lautaro Dragan

December 20, 2017

Blockchain and Media

How Po.et fits into the decentralized media landscapePo.et, which uses blockchain technology to manage digital creative assets, is part of a small but dynamic ecosystem. Po.et is not the only platform that is leveraging the blockchain to streamline the way digital assets are identified, tracked...

From: Max Bronstein

December 18, 2017

Po.et’s Open Source Vision

One of the looming questions within the blockchain community is how “open” blockchain software should be. Although all of the major blockchains emerged to date, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, are open source and transparent, it is possible to create blockchains that are closed. It is equally...

From: Lautaro Dragan

December 06, 2017

The Po.et Story

How, Why and Where Po.et Was BornPo.et is like ballpoint pens and the printing press: it was born out of a deliberate effort to overhaul a slow, manual process that affected lots of people.Just as ballpoint pens made it much easier to write by hand without worrying about ink drying out, and...

From: Max Bronstein

November 27, 2017

Microservices and the Blockchain

Building unique blockchain infrastructureIn the world of application development, microservices and containers are all the rage. Developers everywhere are working to break monolithic applications into smaller, more modular pieces by using microservice architectures coupled with technology like...

From: Lautaro Dragan

November 20, 2017

How Po.et Uses Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Digital Licensing

A new paradigm for protecting digital contentDigital content owners today face no shortage of licensing options for regulating how media is shared and distributed. Blog posts, audio files, videos and other digital creative assets can be protected with a range of licenses that — in theory,...

From: Max Bronstein

November 14, 2017

Po.et Node 2.0

Revamping our core architectureThe development team has been working on the Po.et node diligently over the last several months. Significant progress has been made behind the scenes reconstructing a more efficient node. We are excited to finally share our progress with the community.As anyone who...

From: Lautaro Dragan

October 12, 2017

Po.et Development Update — October 12th, 2017

An open, shared, universal ledger designed to track metadata ownership for digital creative assetsHey everyone! As many of you probably already know, a large part of the Po.et development team (including myself) is located in Argentina. Buenos Aires has a bounty of talented blockchain...

From: Lautaro Dragan

October 03, 2017

Announcing the Zerion Po.et Token Buyback

A gift to the Po.et communityWe’re excited to announce that we’ve completed a buyback of $100,000 USD worth of POE on the open market over the course of this past week. These tokens will be sent to an address that will render the tokens unspendable. This token ‘burning’ process will have...

From: Max Bronstein

September 29, 2017

Po.et Development Update — September 29th, 2017

An open, shared, universal ledger designed to track metadata ownership for digital creative assetsA majority of this past week’s focus for the Po.et development team has been centered around cleaning up the technical structure of the production environment and feeds, as well as updating the...

From: Lautaro Dragan

September 18, 2017

Po.et Development Update — September 18th, 2017

An open, shared, universal ledger designed to track metadata ownership for digital creative assetsIt’s been an exciting time for Po.et since we completed our successful token raise on August 8th, 2017. Unfortunately, we had to spend more time on customer support than we had originally...

From: Lautaro Dragan

September 14, 2017

Po.et Use Case Series #2: Decentralized Content Marketplaces

How blockchain technology can help facilitate seamless creative asset exchangesToday’s InfrastructureThe idea for Po.et was catalyzed as a response to inefficiencies in the current digital publishing space. Specifically, the team at BTC Media found it extremely difficult to continuously source...

From: Max Bronstein

August 28, 2017

Vice’s Chief Digital Officer Mike Germano Joins the Po.et Advisory Board

Mike joins Po.et to extend his knowledge on digital media commercializationWe’re extremely excited to announce today that Mike Germano, Chief Digital Officer at Vice Media, has joined our advisory board, bringing with him deep industry expertise that will help guide our blockchain solutions...

From: Max Bronstein

August 23, 2017

How To Claim Your Po.et Tokens

Detailed instructions on how token sale participants can access their Po.et tokensThe Po.et team is happy to announce that token sale participants will be able to claim their tokens on 08/29/2017. We originally promised our community that they would be able to receive their tokens 30 days after...

From: Max Bronstein