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Acorn Collective (OAK) 2 days
Tradelize (TDZ) 5 days
Scanetchain Token (SWC) 5 days
Kepler (KEP) 5 days
Pluton ICO summary information

Project Description

Only 850,000 (4.25% of a total 20 million) Plutons were available for sale for ETH and BTC. Plutons are issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be distantly compared with cashback points or frequent flier miles. The remaining 95.75% of Plutons are not owned by Plutus.it. They are locked to be automatically and very slowly emitted by a decentralised rebate system over hundreds to thousands of years.Money raised was said to be stored in a multi-signature account (provided by BitGo for BTC, a smart contract for ETH) , to be released to the development team according to these guidelines: 40% after the crowdsale, 10% after the launch of Plutus DEX, and 50% after the launch of the Plutus Mobile Payments App.1033 participants raised a total of $1,005,487.65 over a 9 day period.

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PLU Latest Updates
April 23, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — April 22nd 2018

Welcome back to your Plutus Weekly Report, where we keep you informed about the latest developments and innovations.If you’re in a hurry, here is a brief overview and summary of our recent progress. Let’s take a look at the news:Now that we have a product in beta, we have increased our...

From: Plutus.it

April 16, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — April 16th 2018

Welcome to another installment of the Plutus Weekly Report, it has been a proactive week at Plutus.it, and with significant progress made in the last few days, we now prepare for a lot more.Today’s installment is threefold. First, we have released a brand new website, which is live now on the...

From: Plutus.it

April 07, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — April 7th 2018

Welcome back to our weekly update report, we have a number of exciting project updates and new developments this week. So let’s get started.We are proud to announce that we will be official sponsors at Consensus 2018, The 4th annual blockchain technology summit being held in New York . Join...

From: Plutus.it

April 01, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — April 1st 2018

On account of the Easter holidays and mostly internal (confidential) nature of our current progress, this week’s public report is rather light. However, everything is moving forward behind the scenes. We are now hiring additional employees to join the Plutus team and help us provide superior...

From: Plutus.it

March 24, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — March 24th 2018

Marketing OverviewAs you may have noticed from our smart new layouts and updates, we are fine-tuning our messaging for a wider audience. With more and more eyes on Plutus, the time has arrived to expand our messaging and make our products and branding engaging even to those outside of the...

From: Plutus.it

March 18, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — March 18th 2018

Welcome back to the Plutus weekly report. This week we will be highlighting our progress and developments in unifying retail payments and cryptocurrencies, using the Plutus Tap & Pay app and PlutusDEX, our Live pioneering decentralised exchange.Many members of our BETA testing program are...

From: Plutus.it

March 09, 2018

Plutus Weekly Report — March 8th 2018

Dear Plutus.it Community members,Earlier this week we announced details of the public beta launch on our latest blog post, where users received the long awaited news of live currency deposits on the app. The same day, our sage at Plutus, our CTO Martin Szyllo took to the stage to present a live...

From: Plutus.it

March 06, 2018

Plutus Tap and Pay: Beta Launch Date

Dear Plutus.it Subscribers,There is exciting news on the Plutus front! We are temporarily closing access to the BETA until Monday, 12th March before activating LIVE cryptocurrency and payment support. This is a big step forward to reaching our vision, and will see real value flowing through the...

From: Plutus.it

December 20, 2017

Green Light for Exchanges, Cards Delivered & Live Product Demo

Plutus Tap & Pay and the official Plutus Debit CardIt has been a tremendous year for Plutus, marking a time where Plutus is going to get a lot more exposure — we have to ensure that we are prepared. There is a lot more going on: we are hiring a customer support team, a CMO, marketing...

From: Plutus.it

December 02, 2017

If you’re reading this, come join us on Telegram for a chat! http://t.me/plutus_group

If you’re reading this, come join us on Telegram for a chat! http://t.me/plutus_group

From: Plutus.it

December 01, 2017

The Crypto Backed Plutus Card — Delivered!

We opened our mail… and found the first ever Plutus Debit Card!A short time later it already made its way to the hands of the Plutus development team, who are currently testing deposit and payments functionality to make sure everything works as intended and allows for a smooth customer...

From: Plutus.it

November 30, 2017

Announcing Plutus Payments Partnership

Dear Plutus members,If you’ve haven’t joined our official feedback channel on Telegram to share your point of view, or the Plutus Tap & Pay BETA waiting list yet to take our prototype for a test drive, this is the perfect time.And even though this is a relatively short update that you...

From: Plutus.it

November 09, 2017

Update — New KYC Partnership, Lower Barriers to Entry, Upcoming FinTech Event in London

Dear Plutus community members,You’ll be glad to hear that we will be releasing v.02 of the Plutus Tap & Pay BETA on Monday the 13th November. But before that, we’d like to start you out with a recap. Here is a quick heads up on the last week of Plutus.body[data-twttr-rendered="true"]...

From: Plutus.it

October 26, 2017

Update — Plutus Debit, Private BETA, & Moving to Telegram

Update — Plutus Debit, Private BETA, & Moving to TelegramINTRODUCING THE PLUTUS DEBIT & LIMITED EDITION FOUNDING MEMBER CARDSAttention Pluton holders!You will be glad to hear that we are moving closer to release of the Plutus debit cards.Best of all, everyone who has supported...

From: Plutus.it

September 30, 2017

Try the Plutus Tap & Pay BETA V0.1

We are proud to announce that we have arrived at this year’s second major milestone for Plutus — the release of the Tap & Pay BETA on TESTNET, which connects to the existing PlutusDEX BETA.As you may know, our journey to creating the peer-to-peer platform for both spending and buying...

From: Plutus.it

September 08, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions about Plutus & the PlutusDEX

Everything you’ve wanted to know about Plutus.To our valued Plutoneers, proud early adopters, and new users joining Plutus today,Thank you for your eager interest in the progress of our project. As a result of our recent announcements and the successful milestones reached in the private...

From: Plutus.it

September 06, 2017

PlutusDEX Private BETA Development Update #1

Building the next generation payment platform, and not only for crypto users!Hello Plutoneers,The launch of the PlutusDEX BETA has been a great success so far, feedback is pouring in, and we will be unlocking new features as we continue along on our journey.Announcing the PlutusDEX Private...

From: Plutus.it

Plutus.it — Statement on SEC’s Investor Bulletin

Due to recent statements by the SEC regarding certain other token sales in the space, we wanted to clarify Plutus’ official stance on which our enterprise was founded, as well as the previously agreed upon terms and conditions of our product pre-sale.In the Plutus pre-sale terms and...

From: Plutus.it

July 31, 2017

Announcing the PlutusDEX Private BETA—Defining the Plutus Experience

Dear Plutoneers and Crypto Fans,Thank you for your engagement, enthusiasm, and suggestions, particularly in the lead up to our launch. Recently, both our code- and user-base have undergone significant development and as a result, Plutus is delighted to present the first of several major...

From: Plutus.it

April 01, 2017

Engineering Plutus — New & Improved

Full speed ahead!The Plutus.it dev team has now grown to 8 developers pushing their limits. And since then, our codebase has increased substantially and automated KYC has gone live for the PlutusDEX.If you haven’t already, please take a look at the general update recently posted by our CTO,...

From: Plutus.it