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Pikcio has been designed to store, secure, verify and certify data while ensuring the data source retains full control of their information at all times. Pikcio lets the user choose how to share their data, who to share it with, while also providing them with the opportunity to be paid for its use. By empowering the individual, Pikcio creates certainty for businesses. As the regulatory spotlight focuses on the data industry, companies need to find efficient ways to comply with new rules like the EU’s GDPR directive, and they need to know that the data they’re buying is both authentic and legally available. Pikcio creates the trust that’s needed to trade data in confidence.

PKC is a NEO Nep5 Token that powers Pikciochain's ecosystem.


  • Didier Collin de Casaubon: Founder, CEO. 
  • Fabien Bucamp: Co-Founder, CTO. 
  • Alizon König: Development. 
  • Jorick Lartigau: Co-Founder, Research. 
  • Gonzague Grandval: Strategy. 
  • Jean-Francois Lienart: Chief Sales Officer. 
  • Cherie Arruda: Co-Founder, Plan & Audits. 
  • Delphine Benat-Rassat: Operations. 
  • Kelly Stafford: Community Manager. 
  • Kirsten Morel: Content Manager. 

Pikciochain is currently holding a presale that will end on March 16th, 2018.  Pikciochain will be holding its ICO on March 17th, 2018. The ICO token supply represents 43.4% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 36,060,192 tokens available, for 0.00666666666 NEO each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 30,000,000 USD and is expected to end on March 31st, 2018 or when the funding cap is reached.

Token Reserve Split (56.6%):

  • 15.8% B2C Growth pool;
  • 0.01% Bounty program;
  • 25% B2B Premium inventory
  • 8% Team;
  • 7.7% Advisors.

Bonus Structure:

  • 5% Presale

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PKC Latest Updates
July 11, 2018

GDPR Changes The Data Resale Landscape: What Does This Mean For Users?

Author: Christine FerrusiMost companies who have stopped working with European companies have done so because of compliance issues — they either can’t, or don’t want to, bother with the new requirements for capturing, processing and storing customer data. However, there are others like...

From: PikcioChain

July 08, 2018

Is GDPR’s enforcement a permanent slowdown for non-compliant companies?

Author: Christine FerrusiSeveral companies have recently decided to stop serving European customers in wake of the recent GDPR enforcement on May 25. They’ve posted notes and prohibited European IP addresses from accessing their websites. Why would they do this?The most logical answer is that...

From: PikcioChain

PikcioChain TestNet has Launched!

Dear Community,We’re delighted to announce that the TestNet for Pikciochain has been deployed!This is an important step on our journey towards building the number one blockchain project for the handling and exchange of personal data.So what does TestNet mean for Pikciochain going forward?The...

From: PikcioChain

June 28, 2018

Beyond GDPR: Privacy Regulations Across the Globe

Author: Christine FerrusiNow that the deadline for companies to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation has passed, any company that works with European consumers is now familiar with the new privacy requirements (many companies have had to opt out of working with Europeans...

From: PikcioChain

June 25, 2018

Proof of Usage: Pikciochains consensus algorithm published

Dear Community,We’re delighted to announce that the code for Pikciochain’s proprietary mining and consensus algorithm “Proof of Usage” has been published on Github.Proof of Usage or PoU for short is a combination of Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS), based on the work of...

From: PikcioChain

June 16, 2018

PikcioChain Roadmap Update

Original Publishing Date: Jun 2018Dear Community,Every company has a roadmap that sets the milestones for its development. However, if you want to be successful in an everchanging environment, you have to allow for adjustments, to react to new developments. Working in an agile process, we have...

From: PikcioChain

June 14, 2018

Introducing “The Wallet”

Original Publishing Date: Mar 2018Dear Community,Whoever has participated in token sales in the past knows that token sales, in general, are far from perfect! Here are a few imperfections:We have to send KYC documents to every single token sale we want to participate in.We have to trust dozens...

From: PikcioChain

June 05, 2018

How to View PKC Tokens In Your Wallet — APHELION WALLET

APHELIONThe latest version of Aphelion wallet will display your PKC tokens automatically. You can download it here https://aphelion.org/ (v1.51 or greater).When you log into your wallet you should see the following screen. PKC will be automatically displayed under “My Holdings:How to View PKC...

From: PikcioChain

May 30, 2018

PikcioChain Token Distribution

Dear Community,Within 9 days we will deliver on our promise and release the PKC tokens bought during the token-sale. Before we do that, please make sure that you supplied your personal NEO wallet address to the PikcioChain dashboard under the Master...

From: PikcioChain

How To View PKC Token In Your Wallet — O3 WALLET

O3 Wallet — IOS1. Download the latest version of the O3 Wallet to your Apple device.2. Login to your O3 Wallet. PKC will display automatically under Assets in your WalletO3 Wallet — Android1. Download the latest version of the O3 Wallet to your Android device.2. Login to your O3...

From: PikcioChain

How To View PKC Token In Your Wallet — NEX EXTENSION

NEX WALLET EXTENSION1. Log into your Wallet using the NEX Wallet Extension. You should see a similar screen to this:2. Click on Tokens List:3. Enter PKC into the search bar or scroll down through the options to find it:4. When you find PKC click Hidden:5. When Shown is displayed then you can...

From: PikcioChain

How To View PKC Token In Your Wallet — NEOTRACKER

NEOTRACKERThe NeoTracker wallet will display your PKC tokens automatically:How To View PKC Token In Your Wallet — NEOTRACKER was originally published in PikcioChain on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

From: PikcioChain

How To View PKC Token In Your Wallet — NEON

NEON WALLET VERSION >= 0.2.5In the NEON Wallet version 0.2.5 or greater the PKC token will be displayed automatically like below:NEON WALLET VERSION <= 0.25If you have an older version of the NEON wallet you will need to perform the following steps to add PKC as a custom token:1. Load...

From: PikcioChain

May 27, 2018

PikcioChain Weekly AMA

All Q&A’s CollectedDear Community,In an effort to provide you all as much information as possible, we’ve introduced our weekly #PikcioAMA contest. Every week we choose three of the most pressing questions posted in our Telegram group and we ask our core team members to answer them.More...

From: PikcioChain

May 15, 2018

The Future of Identity Management — Crypto Wallets as Authentication Hubs

Author: Christine FerrusiWallets began in the cryptocurrency world as a way for individuals to buy, sell and store currencies. The wallets also store the cryptographic keys necessary for those transactions. And typically users will validate their identities to the wallet company before being...

From: PikcioChain

April 25, 2018

Give us our data back!

Author: Christine FerrusiHave you noticed that in most articles about identity, fraud, breaches, and malware that the main point is that those issues are expensive for companies? They talk about the importance of better identity management only in the context of reducing cost for the firms....

From: PikcioChain

March 31, 2018

Token Sale Closed and Sold Out

Dear PikcioChainers, This has been a truly humbling experience. We are overwhelmed by the developments in the last days of this Token Sale. Only a few days ago the counter showed 30% of tokens sold and now we can proudly say that we did sell out the PikcioChain Token Sale. Of course, we...

From: PikcioChain

March 20, 2018

Why Blockchain-based Identity’s Biggest Obstacle Is The Problem It Solves: Defining Identity

Author: Christine FerrusiWhen speaking about digital identity, and in the case of blockchain-based identity, there are many use cases and examples of how identity validation can be made safer and faster than today’s approaches. Those use cases are all exciting and hold tremendous promise for...

From: PikcioChain

March 12, 2018

PikcioChain: Introducing “The Wallet”

Dear PikcioChainers,Whoever has participated in token sales in the past knows that token sales, in general, are far from perfect! Here are a few imperfections:We have to send KYC documents to every single token sale we want to participate in!We have to trust dozens of companies with our data and...

From: PikcioChain

March 10, 2018

PikcioChain signs key partnership with French government institutes

Dear PikcioChainers,Another great day, another great partnership announcement. This time, we are collaborating with Praxiling, Epsylon lab and the University of Montpellier.Praxiling and Epsylon lab are both part of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), or the French National...

From: PikcioChain

March 09, 2018

PikcioChain participates in the NEO APAC Tour

Dear PikcioChainers,Earlier this month we gave you a glance into our strategic partnership with NEO. We are proud to be the first and so far only European company working so closely with NEO and we aim at becoming an integral part of the NEO ecosystem.In our ever growing strategic partnership...

From: PikcioChain

March 05, 2018

PikcioChain FAQ

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about PikcioChainStep-by-step guide: how to buy PKC TokensMore on the PKC Token SaleQuick Facts and Figures:Hard Cap: 30M USDTotal Token Supply: 83,088,000 TokensToken Sale Price: 1 NEO = 150 PKCTotal Tokens for Sale: 36,009,716Individual Cap: No...

From: PikcioChain

March 01, 2018

Building key partnerships in the NEO ecosystem

Dear PikcioChainers,Thank you for your amazing support. Today we want to answer some of your questions and give you a look behind the scenes of the NEO ecosystem.How did PikcioChain become part of the NEO ecosystem?If you have been closely watching NEO’s actions over the last months, you could...

From: PikcioChain

PikcioChain and its Strategic Business Partners

Dear PikcioChainers,Today we are excited for yet another announcement regarding our partnerships. After having announced our strategic partnerships with NEO, we want to take this opportunity to introduce our Strategic Business Partners; E&Y, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Capgemini.In just three...

From: PikcioChain

February 23, 2018

Token Sale Changes Announcement

Hello fellow PikcioChainers,As stated before, we have a bunch of things coming out in the coming weeks. We want to keep everyone in the loop so you know what we are currently working on.Let’s start with the most obvious things first: There are some changes on the website with regards to the...

From: PikcioChain

February 16, 2018

How to Contribute to PikcioChain TokenSale — ETH

Step-by-Step guide on how to set up your PKC account and purchase PKCs using the MEW walletFollow this simple step-by-step guide to participate in the PikcioChain Token Sale using the MyEtherWallet wallet. Please ensure you also read our whitepaper to understand the terms of the tokensale. Once...

From: PikcioChain

How to Contribute to PikcioChain TokenSale — NEO

Step-by-Step guide on how to set up your PKC account and purchase PKCs using the NEON walletFollow this simple step-by-step guide to participate in the PikcioChain Token Sale using the NEON wallet. Please ensure you also read our whitepaper to understand the terms of the tokensale. Once you...

From: PikcioChain

January 23, 2018

China’s Largest Cryptocurrency NEO shows its support of PikcioChain

We are pleased to announce that NEO Council has purchased 660,000 of the PKC tokens made available during the PikcioChain Token Pre-Sale, amounting to an estimated worth of 3 million U.S. Dollar.This significant investment demonstrates the confidence that one of the blockchain world’s major...

From: PikcioChain

November 30, 2017

Global fintech experts join Blockchain Data Exchange PikcioChain

Paris, France: PikcioChain, the secure blockchain-based exchange for valuable data assets that has raised US$6 million from strategic supporters, has further strengthened its board of advisors by appointing two talented and experienced fintech experts.As a highly decentralised network for the...

From: PikcioChain