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CryptoPing is an IM assistant bot that provides users with useful info and buy signals. The information provided by the bot is based on volume, change to coin rate to BTC, a number of signals on the coin and coin market capitalization. The PING token is used as payment for subscriptions to the CryptoPing product.The CryptoPing ICO was started on the 25th of March 2017 at 00:00 UTC and lasted for a month. 10% bonus was available for referrals and 15% for investments of over 100 BTC. The ICO reached its cap of 1000 BTC which came from 4727 investors, during the last hours of the established time period. Druing the ICO 9M tokens (90% of the total supply) were sold to investors who could contribute with BTC, LTC, WAVES, DASH, ETH and ETC. The remaining 1M tokens were reserved for referral program payouts.Cryptoping planned to burn any surplus tokens by sending them to an address without a private key. Developers want to ensure that token price remains high, and there are plans to burn 75% of subscription fees paid in tokens. Moreover, if subscription is paid in Bitcoin/altcoins, 50% of subscription fees will be directed to buy tokens back off exchanges and burn them too for the first 6 months after token is added to any exchange, and 10% of fees to do that for a year after that.  

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PING Latest Updates
April 26, 2018

Price Alerts Improvements

We have reworked price alerts algorithms and added alerts log and settings to users’ dashboards on the website.Greetings everyone! In today’s update we address one of our oldest features that has remained almost intact for the last year: price alerts. Initially designed as a tool to keep...

From: CryptoPing

April 16, 2018

Combined TA indicators in signals and changes to social trading

We’re rolling out new interesting bits of info included into signals and removing pre-approval from social trading profiles, among other things.Social trading, revisited1. Every social trader is now automatically approved and can start sending their own signals right away.In our recent...

From: CryptoPing

April 01, 2018

One Year After: State of the Project and What’s Next

Marking the anniversary and moving forward.Greetings! Despite the time that has passed since our last blog post, and the fact that today is the day when you can’t really trust many headlines and blog posts, this one is real and here we are with the summary of what was going on lately and...

From: CryptoPing

September 01, 2017

About Cryptopia delisting all Waves assets

Our statement addressing the situation.What happened?It has become known today, on Friday, September 1 2017 UTC, that apparently management of Cryptopia, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange, has decided to delist all Waves tokens from the exchange. Since PING token is based on Waves,...

From: CryptoPing

August 17, 2017

Subscription price adjustment: now 20 USD/month in PING

We respond to recent significant changes to the price of Bitcoin with adjusting the price of subscription to CryptoPing bot service and basing it off USD instead of BTC from now on.Watching Bitcoin’s recent market movements one can but wonder, will it stop, and if it will, where? Different...

From: CryptoPing

August 13, 2017

Signals for new exchange — HitBTC and signal search tools in dashboards

Today we begin generating signals for crypto assets listed on HitBTC exchange, and release basic tools to search for signals in users’ dashboards.Addition of HitBTC exchange to CryptoPingFollowing requests from our users, we have added another exchange to our signal generation systems today....

From: CryptoPing

August 06, 2017

New type of signals, new filters, site redesign, roadmap update and more

Subscribers get early access to the alpha version of “down” signals and more filtering options. All users can now have prices in signals shown in USD. And we have redesigned our website. And set preliminary timeframes on the roadmap.Happy August, everyone! We have some news, features and...

From: CryptoPing

July 19, 2017

Price alerts for Cryptopia and YoBit

First post in our brand new official Medium blog about CryptoPing.Today we’re rolling out price alert functionality for Cryptopia and YoBit exchanges. We already had it enabled for Poloniex and Bittrex, and making it work for other exchanges was truly long overdue.How price alerts workBy...

From: CryptoPing