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Conceptual Model

The OXYCOIN® mobile application will enable investors to easily purchase cryptocurrencies directly with FIAT (i.e. USD or EUR), manage all their wallets and passwords, implement a user-friendly Global Address Book, and will be the central information hub where they can access any information they need to make informed investment decisions.

Project Description

Oxycoin is a blockchain-based mobile platform with its own native token. The platform features a built in exchange (with fiat), wallet and password management tools, an address book, and a central media hub. Following the launch, Oxycoin will create an Enhanced DAPP SDK, allowing “non-blockchain developers” to build decentralized applications (DAPPs) using JavaScript. The Oxycoin token allows users to vote on platform decisions.Team:Jan: Co-Founder Rob: Co-founderWes: Director of Business Communications  Andrea: Core developer The OxyCoin ICO will be held from the first of September until the first of October 2017. The ICO token supply is 75% of the total token supply (100M). During the campaign, the tokens will be available for purchase with multiple cryptos including BTC, BCH, ETH and others. The ICO minimum funding goal is 250 BTC and the hard cap is 2000 BTC. The price will be defined by the investments gathered.Token Reserve Split:ICO 75,000,000TEAM WALLET (VOTING WEIGHT)10,000,000BOUNTIES 5,000,000AIRDROP FOR AMBASSADORS 4,500,000AIRDROP FOR TESTERS 4,500,000STARTUP BONUS FOR TEAM 1,000,000Bonus Structure:Invest 4 BTC or more: receive 25% bonusInvest 10 BTC or more: receive 30% bonusInvest 20 BTC or more: receive 35% bonusInvest 50 BTC or more: receive 50% bonus 

Founders and Associates

Jan -Co-Founder

Rob -Co-Founder

Wes -Director of Business Communications

Andrea -Core developer

Bram -iOS developer

Jeroen -Android developer

Danny -Director of Marketing

Lokesh -PR consultant

Vincent -UX Specialist

Peter -Consultant

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