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Orocrypt ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

Orocrypt is a Panamanian-based company that will issue tokenized precious metals. Tokens will be backed by securely stored and audited precious metals, convertible on demand, and easily tradable. Tokens are secured on the Ethereum blockchain and will be compatible with all Ethereum wallets. They can be bought or sold instantly and seamlessly. Orocrypt will launch gold-backed tokens, each representing 30 g of LBMA compliant bullion gold. In the future, we will expand to Silver, Platinum and bespoke tokens

Project Description

Indirect precious metals investments can be held in gold, platinum or silver ETF shares. Orocrypt aims to provide an alternative to the above by offering a method of recording precious metals ownership.Orocrypt  will be holding its ICO on June 14, 2017. There will be a total of 500,000 Class A tokenized shares available for €9 EUR each at the offering. The ICO is expected to end on July 14, 2017.The ICO did not raise its minimum of 1,199,997 EUR and will be issuing a refund to all those who participated in the crowdsale. 

Founders and Associates

Alejandra De Gaustad -Founder & CEO

Jose Antonio De La Cerda -Secretary

Darlene Hart -CFO

Margaret Bentham -Director

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OROC Latest Updates
May 25, 2018

Update. You are probably receiving multiple messages and emails about accepting new terms about the…

Update. You are probably receiving multiple messages and emails about accepting new terms about the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The good news is that you do not need to do anything about your data at Orocrypt. We do not sell or share your registered data or use externally...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

April 12, 2018

A reward for our early investors

The first five million euros invested in our OCG gold backed tokens will have free storage for the next three years. Current gold market prices of 30 grams of gold at EUR 1.063,68 translate into the first 4837 tokens sold. Please consider that if the gold price rises, the storage free tokens...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

April 09, 2018

Smartphone Registrations

Smartphone RegistrationsOur Smartphone registrations are now working. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

From: Orocrypt Inc.

April 08, 2018

Smartphone Registration Issues

We apologise to the users that are trying to register using their smartphones. We are working to resolve that issue. Registration is currently working only from the desktop web page.

From: Orocrypt Inc.

April 07, 2018

Orocrypt Gold Token OCG now available for sale.

Orocrypt Gold Token OCG now available for sale.

From: Orocrypt Inc.

December 08, 2017

where did you get the idea we do not want to publish the audit result?

where did you get the idea we do not want to publish the audit result? We will. Only still not sure where.

From: Orocrypt Inc.

The audit will be done by Icorating.

The audit will be done by Icorating. Not sure where we will publish it. The Smart Contract is undergoing final tests. When those are finished, Icorating will do the security audit.

From: Orocrypt Inc.

October 30, 2017

Yesterday we signed a service agreement with Applicature and Letzgro to develop our gold token…

Yesterday we signed a service agreement with Applicature and Letzgro to develop our gold token Smart Contract and to expand our website functionality for operations. According to the timeframe, and save any unexpected delays, we will be ready to start selling the gold token by 30th November. We...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

July 02, 2017

Orocrypt Road-map

You asked, we listened. Please check our Road-map published today.https://orocrypt.com/docs/OrocryptRoadmap.pdf

From: Orocrypt Inc.

June 23, 2017

Orocrypt: A Word from our CEO

One day in 2014, I was waiting for a friend at a cafe. My friend was late, so I started looking up bitcoin on my mobile phone. At that time, it was selling around $250. Although I really loved the idea and wanted to learn more about bitcoin and the blockchain, it seemed too volatile and I was...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

Preliminary Road Map Announcement

We have received a number of questions from investors and potential investors asking for more details of our road map for the future direction of the business and management felt it would be helpful to set out an outline of our plans.In addition to the launch our gold token in September 2017...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

June 17, 2017

Fraud Alert

WARNING!Please be alert — intruders copied Orocrypt Inc. website and recreated it on a new hosting trying to fraud our investors.Orocrypt Inc. only allow it’s investors to access their OROC tokens through the secure process of registration and confirmation of their identity. The process...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

June 15, 2017

OROC Tokens Purchase Instructions (ICO)

To participate in our Inital Coin Offering; you will need to register to receive your Investors Wallet in order to proceed with your payment. The steps and images below will guide you through the process.First Step: Account/Investors Wallet Creation.Begin by visiting our Official Website and...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

June 14, 2017

Orocrypt Token Sale — Official Announcement

We are happy to announce that our initial coin offering will soon begin on the JUNE 14, 2017 at 6:00AM PDT: https://orocrypt.comWith only 500,000 OROC tokens available for purchase; we would like to remind you that investors who buy during the first week of the ICO offering will receive a bonus...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

May 31, 2017

Orocrypt — Digitized precious metals on the Ethereum blockchain

This offering is not available to US persons.The first product Orocrypt is planning to launch in the third quarter of 2017 will be a digitized Gold token (ORO.G), where each token will represent the ownership of 30 grams of LBMA-quality gold. The real physical bullion of gold will be stored in...

From: Orocrypt Inc.

May 25, 2017

Orocrypt Bounty Campaign

A bounty campaign is a PR event when a project is being promoted by its participants. Usually, a term “bounty campaign” is being used in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) crowdsale campaigns. The membership in such campaigns is being rewarded with blockchain tokens offered for sale during an ICO....

From: Orocrypt Inc.