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Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain. The platform, with the help of its Expert community, ensures transparency and security, standardizes procedures, and creates an environment of cooperation that instills trust between parties.

Project Description

Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By offering blockchain-powered smart contracts and a decentralized Escrow system, Opporty puts client-contractor relations on the blockchain. OPP is an Ethereum-based token used within the platform to upgrade accounts, purchase offers and responses, and pay for provided services. They also serve as incentives for performing specific actions. Team:SERGEY GRYBNIAK: Founder.    KATERINA SUKHENKO: Product Manager.  EMIL DUDNYK: Developer. VADYM HUZA: Developer. NIKITA LAKISOV: Developer. ILLIA LAKISOV:  Developer. VLAD BILOUS:  Developer. SERGEY GERASIMCHUK:  Developer.  SERGEY SILIN: DevOps Specialist. MICHAEL KHVOSTYAK: QA Engineer.  IVAN LIHOY:  QA Engineer. KRISTINA SAVCHUK: SEO Specialist.  VLADISLAV VELEV: SEO Specialist.  ALIK ZAPOLNOV: SEO Specialist.EVGENIY AVEDOV:  SEO Specialist.  IRMA NANOVSKAYA: SMM Specialist.  MARIA SHINKARUK:  SMM Specialist.  ANDRII KHAKHARIEV: Copywriter.  IEVGENIIA GALYCH: Copywriter. ANDREY IVANCHENKO: Copywriter. MICHELLE MATTE: Copy Editor. DENIS MALYUGA: Designer. YURIY IVANKOV: PPC Specialist. MARYANA ANDRIEVSKAYA: Support Manager. SEAD MUFTIC: Technical and Blockchain Information Exchange Security Advisor. WULF KAAL: Entrepreneur, Technologist, Professor.  RICHARD BOHAN: Advisor. SERHII LUBKIN: Advisor. MICHAEL LAPIN: Advisor. ALEX BILICHENKO: Machine Learning & AI. PhD. DAVID TREYSTER: Managing Attorney at Hudson Law Group.  ANDREY SARAYEV: AI and Analytics BS MS PHD (Computer Science). ALEX KOMYAGIN: Security Advisor. SERGEI LOGVIN: Advisor. KONSTANTIN KALINCHENKO: MS in Mathematics, PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. The Opporty ICO will start on the 18th of October and will last until 8th of November, 2017. The ICO token allocation represents 40% of the total 1B OPP supply. Each token will be available for a 0.0002 ETH starting price. The ICO minimum funding target is 1000 ETH and the cap is 80,000 ETH. US-based contributors are also accepted.Token Reserve Split (60%):5% Bounties and community rewards,30% Company and long-term incentive alignment,25% locked in one year contract for phase 2The Opporty ICO features a bounty and bonus campaigns as well as an escrow agent.Bonus Structure:1st 24 hours - 20%2-3 days - 15%4-8 days - 10%9-14 days - 5%15-21 days - 0%

Founders and Associates

Sergey Grybniak -Founder

Katerina Sukhenko -Product Manager

Emil Dudnyk -Developer

Nikita Lakisov -Developer

Illia Lakisov -Developer

Vlad Bilous -Developer

Sergey Gerasimchuk -Developer

Vladimir Kovalchuk -Developer

Vadum Huza -Developer

Michael Khvostyak -QA Engineer

Ivan Lihoy -QA Engineer

Kristina Savchuk -SEO Specialist

Vladislav Velev -SEO Specialist

Evgeny Avedov -SEO Specialist

Irma Nanovskaya -SMM Specialist

Maria Shinkaruk -SMM Specialist

Andrii Khakhariev -Copywriter

Ivgeniia Galych -Copywriter

Andrey Ivanchenko -Copywriter

Michelle Matte -Copy Editor

Denis Malyuga -Designer

Yuriy Ivankov -PPC Specialist

Maryana Andrievskaya -Support Manager

Sergii Silin -DevOps Specialist

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OPP Latest Updates
January 17, 2019

Meet KMSChain, Opporty’s New Partner

Partnership BenefitsBy attracting the most innovative companies and projects to establish new partnerships, Oppory strives to bring our platform to the next level. Only by staying aware of the most recent technologies can we kick things up a notch to allow the Opporty project to evolve.Data...

From: OPP

December 19, 2018

Opporty’s Protocol Consensus Algorithm

PBFT runs in certain periods of rounds, where each node plays a different role: the role of a leader (block proposer) and the role of a validator. Each round consists of three (3) phases as shown in the figure.1. Pre-prepare phase:The leader initiates the consensus process by sending a signed...

From: OPP

December 05, 2018

Opporty’s Minimum Viable Product

Opporty’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is now accessible for application and use. This means that all of the following functionality is now available:1. Users can use decentralized escrow smart contracts through the Network.You may now use Opporty’s Escrow mechanism to ensure safe business...

From: OPP

November 22, 2018

How to Purchase OPP Tokens

Opporty on the BTCEXAExchangeOPP tokens are easy to buy on the exchange. All you need to do is passing the next few steps:Go to the BTCEXA exchange, following the link: https://btcexa.com/home. Register there and log into your account.2. To pass KYC, click “Setting” — “KYC...

From: OPP

November 20, 2018

Opporty’s October-November Updates

Hello followers!This fall has been an extremely productive time for our team: listing on the BTCEXA Exchange (please consider the laws of your country of residence while purchasing tokens), launching the Marketplace localization for Australia, signing an agreement with Zhongcheng Smart...

From: OPP

Verified Providers on the Opporty Platform

How Does One Become a Verified Provider?There are three possible ways to become verified:Some companies have been added to the Opporty Catalog by Opporty’s team. We have checked the accuracy of the information using several trustworthy sources.We have conducted the verification process of...

From: OPP

November 14, 2018

Opporty Announces Strategic Partnership With Zhongcheng Smart Technology

About Zhongcheng Smart TechnologyZhongcheng Smart Technology is a high-tech company that provides low cost, high-security, easy-to-implement intelligent cloud services and innovative applications for smart cities, rural areas and small towns.The company was established on May 24, 2014. It is...

From: OPP

November 02, 2018

Opporty Launches Marketplace Localization for Australia

Opporty provides a revolutionary way of attracting new customers, finding partners, collaborating, enhancing online presence, sending cross-border payments, showcasing expertise, expanding brand awareness, and more.With Opporty, Australian users do not have to worry about security issues while...

From: OPP

October 27, 2018

The Lesson: Ethereum Plasma Cash-Enabled International Trades

Q: Got it. So please share your vision on the current state of the industry, and on the applications you mentioned earlier.Currently we are seeing the penetration of blockchain into a number of industries, following its previous penetration into the financial industry. To serve this goal, many...

From: OPP

October 01, 2018

Opporty Updates: September 2018

Hello friends!September was a long month full of work for the Opporty team, but we are taking a short break to sum up the results and share them with our loyal followers.Enjoy your monthly updates!Private Offers and RequestsThe majority of our work in September was dedicated to improving the...

From: Opporty BP

September 04, 2018

Opporty Updates: August 2018

Hello everyone!At last it is time for our August updates.The final month of Summer was a hot one for important events. The Opporty team has been increasing awareness of our project among the largest worldwide organizations, winning business awards, and enhancing the project’s technology.So...

From: Opporty BP

August 21, 2018

Opporty Technical Paper Part 2

Opporty Implementation of zk-SNARKs Protocol:Abstractzk-SNARKs algorithms are among the most crucial components when embedding blockchain protocols.This algorithm enables us to confirm data and check sustainability from a witness. It uses math calculations to meet decentralization...

From: Opporty BP

August 17, 2018

Opporty Participates in People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Business

Hello everyone,We hope you have a few minutes to read our latest post about winning two Stevie International Business Awards. A huge event for all our team!The 2018 competition gathered more than 3,900 nominations from organizations of all types in 74 nations. Receiving two Bronze Stevie Awards...

From: Opporty BP

August 15, 2018

Opporty Scores Two Stevie Awards!

Two Stevie Awards for Opporty!Hello everyone,Ready for some exciting news?We are proud to announce that Opporty has received awards in two nomination categories of the 2018 Stevie International Business Awards:Opporty was recognized as a Bronze Stevie Award Honoree for the Company of the...

From: Opporty BP

August 14, 2018

Opporty Becomes a CCTEA Participant

Hello everyone,We hope you have had a chance to read yesterday’s post about Opporty’s participation in the UN Global Compact. We believe that businesses like ours should make every effort to solve social problems and try to make our world a better place.Opporty continues to explore and...

From: Opporty BP

August 13, 2018

Opporty Becomes a UN Global Compact Participant

Hello followers,The team at Opporty has an important announcement!We are happy to tell you about our participation in the UN Global Compact. You can find us listed as Participants on the Compact’s official website.What is the UN Global Compact?The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate...

From: Opporty BP

August 08, 2018

Opporty ICO Rescheduled

Hello everyone!Opporty is here with an important announcement: We are moving our Opporty official token sale to September 2018.The new ICO date will be announced shortly.We have made this difficult decision for a number of reasons:Establishing new business partnershipsRight now our top managers...

From: Opporty BP

Opporty Updates Its Token Supply Amount

Hello friends!Opporty continually strives to make our project reliable and unique. In our latest blog posts, we have told you about our updates, new technologies, and solutions.However, we must also bear in mind the behavior of the market. Once again, in analyzing the market, the instability of...

From: Opporty BP

August 02, 2018

Opporty Updates: July

Hello everyone!The Opporty team has been tirelessly working for the last three weeks, and we hope you missed us.From now on we will post updates only once per month. The reason is that the project has reached a critical stage where we are enhancing the platform using the most reliable but...

From: Opporty BP

July 18, 2018

Opporty Technical Paper. Part 1

1. AbstractBusiness information is sensitive. Businesses have incentives to protect certain company data, like transactions and order details to third parties, and they often prefer to make it inaccessible to banks and government agencies.When a company makes a transaction through a bank, they...

From: Opporty ICO

July 11, 2018

Opporty Updates: June 28-July 11, 2018

Scroll down to check out amazing pics from events and conferences!Hello everyone!Opporty is back with our latest news and project upgrades.Without further ado, enjoy your weekly updates!Account Termination Process ImprovedWe have updated our account termination process to meet all the...

From: Opporty ICO

June 28, 2018

Opporty Updates: June 14–28, 2018

Opporty Updates: June 14–29, 2018Hello everyone!Opporty is back with more exciting news and updates. For the past two weeks, our team has been working tirelessly, powered by a strong desire to share more achievements with our followers. Although two weeks seems like a short time period, we...

From: Opporty ICO

June 25, 2018

Opporty Enhances Its Plasma Cash, Runs Speed Tests, and Takes TPS to the Next Level

Hello everyone!We are working tirelessly to make our business relationships ecosystem the best B2B/B2C platform on the blockchain. We are doing our best to stay relevant to the community, and to keep you up to speed with important updates.A couple of weeks ago we came across this post: Alibaba...

From: Opporty ICO

June 14, 2018

Opporty Updates: May 31–June 14, 2018

Hello everyone!Opporty here to share some fresh updates with our valued followers. Another two weeks have passed, and they were full of hard work and new achievements. We hope you have already checked out our latest posts about our new team members and reputation tracking and analysis on the...

From: Opporty ICO

June 08, 2018

Reputation Tracking and Analysis on the Blockchain, and How Opporty Makes It Work

In today’s interconnected digital world, the reputation of your business on the web can make or break it. Just as a good online reputation can help you attract customers, a bad one can become the “ultimate repellant” that drives them away.According to a Moz study, a bad reputation on the...

From: Opporty ICO

June 07, 2018

BLS Threshold Signatures Implemented to Opporty Plasma Cash Protocol

Hello everyone!Opporty is back again with some awesome news.As you know, we have been tirelessly working on our Plasma Cash Protocol release. Today we are happy to announce some significant improvements made to Plasma Cash 1.1.Enjoy!BLS Threshold Signature: Why do we need it?We have already...

From: Opporty ICO

BLS Threshold Signatures Implemented

Hello everyone!Opporty is back again with some awesome news.As you know, we have been tirelessly working on our Plasma Cash Protocol release. Today we are happy to announce some significant improvements made to Plasma Cash 1.1.Enjoy!BLS Threshold Signature: Why do we need it?We have already...

From: Opporty ICO

June 05, 2018

New Members to Join the Opporty Team

Hello everyone!The Opporty is here with some exciting news. We are pleased to announce you that three new specialists have recently joined our team. Let’s introduce our new team members!Jing ZengWe are proud to introduce Jing Zeng as our new business development partner.Ms. Zeng has extensive...

From: Opporty ICO

May 30, 2018

Opporty Updates: May 17–May 30, 2018

Hello everyone!The Opporty team is here with some new updates. Another two weeks have passed and a lot of work has been done. We have decided to take a short break to share our latest achievements with you, and after that — back to work!Today we are pleased to tell you about our...

From: Opporty ICO

May 16, 2018

Opporty Updates: April 19–May 16, 2018

Hello friends!The Opporty team is working tirelessly to achieve our primary goal — to present an exceptional blockchain-powered marketplace to our customers. We are constantly working on both minute details and large innovative developments to make the Opporty Marketplace more secure and...

From: Opporty ICO

May 07, 2018

First Version of Opporty Plasma Cash Solution Released

Hello everyone!On April 23, the Opporty team released the first backend version of its Plasma Solution. At the same time, we announced our plans to keep working on Plasma’s scalability to accelerate the number of transactions processed per second and increase the reliability of the...

From: Opporty ICO

Opporty Ecosystem: Offering Global Opportunities for Economic Growth and Development

As recent technological innovations become entrenched in our daily lives, opportunities abound for individuals, organizations, governments and businesses to work together to create a more equitable and sustainable world for all of earth’s inhabitants. Forward-thinking individuals who are...

From: Opporty ICO

April 23, 2018

First Backend Version of Plasma Solution Released

Opporty Releases First Backend Version of Its Plasma Solution, Runs Transaction Speed TestsHello everyone!In March, the Opporty team announced its plans to enhance its business blockchain by implementing Plasma Protocol to develop Opporty Enterprise Solution.In a month after the initial...

From: Opporty ICO

Token Supply Update

Hello everyone!The Opporty team works tirelessly to offer beneficial terms of ICO participation to our contributors. Here is why, after analyzing the market, we have arrived at the decision to increase the total supply of OPP tokens to 625 000 000.In February 2018, we had to update the total...

From: Opporty ICO

April 18, 2018

Opporty Updates: April 5–18, 2018

Two weeks have passed since the last Opporty update, and we have been busy. Today, we are very excited to share a couple of key updates about our latest achievements. Enjoy!Cryptocurrency WalletsWe are pleased to announce the release of the Bitcoin and Ethereum transit wallets for our website...

From: Opporty ICO

April 09, 2018

Opporty Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Press contact:Andrey KhakharievOpporty International [email protected] Immediate ReleaseOpporty Joins The Enterprise Ethereum AllianceDover, Delaware / April 9, 2018—Opporty, a three-layered business relationships ecosystem on the blockchain, today announced that it has joined the...

From: Opporty ICO

April 04, 2018

Opporty Updates: March 28-April 4, 2018

Another week has passed and Opporty continues our tradition of sharing our latest achievements and project updates.Creating a high-quality product requires not only in-depth subject knowledge, but a significant investment of time. While improving and accelerating Opporty’s development...

From: Opporty ICO

March 28, 2018

Opporty Updates: March 21–28, 2018

Hello, everyone!The Opporty team has been busy over the past week, overcoming new challenges and reaching new heights. We have been striving daily to optimize the platform’s performance, and we continue to issue weekly updates to keep our supporters informed of our progress. Please enjoy...

From: Opporty ICO

March 22, 2018

Opporty Adds a New Dimension to Its Business Blockchain by Implementing Plasma Protocol to Develop…

Opporty Adds a New Dimension to Its Business Blockchain by Implementing Plasma Protocol to Develop Opporty Enterprise SolutionOpporty is a business relationships ecosystem that consists of PoE protocol, business-scoring system, and B2B platform for business transactions. The three-tiered...

From: Opporty ICO

March 21, 2018

Opporty Updates: March 14–21, 2018

A new week brings us new updates, and we are excited to share them with you. The Opporty team works tirelessly to enhance the project, finding new ways to make Opporty as user-friendly as possible. For instance, we are continually improving our escrow system and optimizing the features of our...

From: Opporty ICO

March 20, 2018

Opporty Enhances Its Marketplace With Decentralized Escrow by Implementing a Three-Tiered Business…

Opporty Enhances Its Marketplace With Decentralized Escrow by Implementing a Three-Tiered Business EcosystemOpporty adjusts its business model by upgrading its business-oriented marketplace with decentralized escrow through the implementation of a three-tiered business ecosystem enabled by PoE...

From: Opporty ICO

March 14, 2018

Opporty Updates: February 21 — March 14

Hello everyone!The Opporty team is back with a healthy dose of weekly updates. It has been three weeks since our latest Weekly Update, but we have not been sitting idle. We have been busy optimizing Opporty for the benefit of our users and ICO contributors. Major details about what has been...

From: Opporty ICO

February 26, 2018

Opporty Propels Off-Platform Payments in ETH and BTC, Implements Smart Widgets at Verified Company…

Opporty Propels Off-Platform Payments in ETH and BTC, Implements Smart Widgets at Verified Company WebsitesHello everyone!If you have looked over Opporty’s White Paper, you know that our goal is to become a global business marketplace and an expertise validation provider on the blockchain, to...

From: Opporty ICO

February 22, 2018

Opporty Updates: February 15–21, 2018

Aside from our routine Opporty development process and bug fixing, some groundbreaking changes took place over the past week. Our long and exciting journey of adopting blockchain and cryptocurrencies has finally brought forth the first amazing results.Opporty marketplace is proud to house...

From: Opporty ICO

February 21, 2018

Opporty Updates Token Sale Structure, Implements New Policy for Unsold Tokens

Hello everyone!With Opporty’s public token sale kicking off in less than one month, we have been busy, coming up with new ways to reward our potential contributors and raise interest in the Opporty project. Recently, the team decided to adjust our token sale structure and implement a new...

From: Opporty ICO

February 19, 2018

How (and When) Can You View Additional Bonuses on Your Presale Contribution?

Hello everyone!Our team has been receiving numerous questions about additional bonuses of 10% and 5% that were added to contributions made on Days One, Two and Three of our presale. In this article, we will provide detailed answers. Read on!Everyone will receive their bonusesTo begin with,...

From: Opporty ICO

February 16, 2018

Ethereum and Bitcoin Make Way to NY Accounting, Thanks to Opporty

Twenty-eighteen is well underway, and Opporty is enjoying a steady flow of new members to our rapidly evolving business platform. Today we would like to share a bit of news that is shaking up New York’s Crypto Business World.Our Press Release at AccesswireUniversal Accounting Systems, a...

From: Opporty ICO

NY Accounting Firm Makes History by Officially Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments for Its Services!

Twenty-eighteen is well underway, and Opporty is enjoying a steady flow of new members to our rapidly evolving business platform. Today we would like to share a bit of news that is shaking up New York’s Crypto Business World.Our Press Release at AccesswireUniversal Accounting Systems, a...

From: Opporty ICO

February 15, 2018


We are happy to officially announce a strategic partnership with a major ICO project — REPU. REPU — is a smart reputation management, rating and feedback system. Technology allows you to replace the system of “likes” with the rating — both for users and for...

From: Opporty ICO

February 14, 2018

Opporty Updates: February 8–14, 2018

Another week has passed, and the Opporty team has prepared some more updates. We tirelessly keep moving our project closer to perfection, day by day, to create an even better version of Opporty. So here they are, our traditional weekly updates!Presale ICO AccountSince our presale is still...

From: Opporty ICO

February 07, 2018

Opporty Updates: February 1–7, 2018

Last week was another super busy week for the Opporty team, as we were preparing for Opporty’s token presale, which launched on February 5. However, that did not stop us from continuing with project development, even for a minute. While a lot of updates and fixes made over the past week were...

From: Opporty ICO

January 31, 2018

Opporty Updates: January 22–31, 2018

Another month has come to an end and we would like to finalize it with our traditional weekly updates. As you might have already noticed, today’s updates refer not only to what happened at Opporty last week, but to new changes that took place over the past ten days. In this article, we will...

From: Opporty ICO

January 23, 2018

Opporty Updates: January 15–21, 2018

Oppory again with our weekly updates! This week’s updates are special because they do not only refer to our website. Last week our founder, Sergey Grybniak, attended two important events — the World Crypto Economic Forum and the North American Bitcoin Conference — where he...

From: Opporty ICO

January 16, 2018

Opporty Updates: January 8–14, 2018

We are back with more updates! Every day, amazing changes happen at Opporty, and we are ready to share what’s new with our community of supporters and followers. As always, many of our updates are about perfecting our Gamification feature, but we are also making sure that our team delivers...

From: Opporty ICO

January 11, 2018

2017: Opporty’s Achievements and Milestones

It has been the productive year since the launch of Opporty, and six no less productive months since our team decided to kick off the Opporty ICO. This certainly was a decision that we do not regret, because it led to many changes — both significant and minor — that have served to...

From: Opporty ICO

January 08, 2018

Opporty Updates: January 1–7, 2018

At Opporty, the first week of 2018 began with new achievements and updates. While the whole world was busy celebrating the New Year, our team was busy working on our UK version of the site, and on our Gamification feature in the USA version — Opporty.com.Keep reading to...

From: Opporty ICO

December 26, 2017

Opporty Updates: December 18–24, 2017

Since we promised to keep our users up-to-date and share what’s new on Opporty every week, we are ready to introduce new updates and features that were released over the past week. Great things are happening every day at Opporty, because we are continuously working towards making Opporty a...

From: Opporty ICO

December 21, 2017

Opporty’s Integration With Bancor Offers Token Liquidity to Opporty Users

Opporty, a complete ecosystem with a decentralized service marketplace and a self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform, has a new partner — Bancor. Now Opporty will be able to offer its users continuous and autonomous liquidity via the fast growing decentralized liquidity...

From: Opporty ICO

December 18, 2017

Opporty Updates: December 4–17, 2017

The Opporty team cares about its users, and we are working tirelessly to deliver more new features and bug fixes. Usability optimization and project upgrades are among our top priorities as we strive to make our website a welcoming place where users want to stay and interact. To achieve this...

From: Opporty ICO

December 09, 2017

How to buy Opporty tokens?

You can buy OPP tokens now during the pre-sale by joining Opporty’s white list.OPP Token Price: 1 OPP = 0.0002 ETH. / 1 ETH = 5000 OPPThe minimum investment is 0.5 ETH.Get up to a 35% bonus during our whitelisted pre-sale! The bonus is available to investors who contribute a minimum of 1...

From: Opporty ICO

December 08, 2017

Latest Update: Opporty Has Launched Gamification 2.0

Opporty is constantly upgrading and adding new features, with the goal of making our platform more user-friendly and providing outstanding services that set us apart from other solutions.One unique feature we released earlier this year is gamification for companies. The core principle behind the...

From: Opporty ICO

December 06, 2017

New Member Joins Opporty’s Advisory Board!

More great news for Opporty! Henry Ines has joined our board of advisors. This is a very valuable connection for the project, because Mr. Ines has extensive experience in various fields which we believe will be useful in our development.Henry currently serves as a venture partner at Draper...

From: Opporty ICO

November 27, 2017

ICO Rescheduled

Hello Opporty Community of Supporters,We have an important announcement to make:Let’s start with the good news. We have received approval for some important strategic partnerships: 1. Bancor2. Coinsilium3. Some other eminent funds have also requested information.We are expanding those...

From: Opporty ICO

November 20, 2017

September Updates: ICO Preparation and Security Optimization

Since the release of our latest Opporty updates, we have made several changes to our site and improved the functionality of our platform. We have launched our ICO and commenced full-scale preparations for organizing our token sale. Additionally we have improved the security of our resources and...

From: Opporty ICO

November 15, 2017

TOP Advisors Have Joined the Opporty Team and a New Partnership is Established

We are back with exciting news. We recently acquired two top advisors, Desmond Marshall and David Drake. These two business pros have a number of important connections, and both have founded companies that will help Opporty develop and find new investors. Additionally, these advisors have...

From: Opporty ICO

November 06, 2017

First Advisors to Join the Opporty Team

As our project grows we would like to tell you more about our advisors who were with us from the very beginning of our journey. They have watched our concept develop and they witnessed the first days of our ICO. They were with us when we sold our very first tokens. Learn more about our AI and...

From: Opporty ICO

October 30, 2017

Использование токенов на Opporty

Услуга приоритетного размещения и рекламные услугиТранзакции между клиентом и поставщикомУслуга приоритетного размещения и рекламные услугиНа платформе Opporty...

From: Opporty ICO

October 27, 2017

Opporty’s AI Chatbots and Interface Revolution: What to Expect?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on technology’s sidelines for decades. The topic has been popular among researchers and in the sci-fi space since 1956, when the field of AI research was born at Dartmouth College. However, intelligent agents, the underpinnings of AI technology, did not...

From: Opporty ICO

October 26, 2017

Token Utilization

Opporty Priority Listing Services and Opporty Advertising ServicesCustomer-Supplier transactionsOpporty Priority Listing Services and Opporty Advertising ServicesOpporty has a complex listing system for business providers. Once the site has traffic, business providers may want to buy priority...

From: Opporty ICO

October 25, 2017

Opporty Receives Higher Scores and More Support from ICO Experts

Opporty is pleased to announce exciting news. We previously informed you that Opporty had received approval from ICOrating. Today, we have achieved a new milestone. Our project received a LOW risk score and a HIGH Invest score. This means that the ICO community of experts recognizes our...

From: Opporty ICO

Opporty Launches Blog 2.0

Our company evolves from day to day, seeking to find new ways of connecting people and businesses. In order to make this process smoothly going, we regularly add, develop and invent features that will give our users indispensable experience.Today we are going to tell you about our new blog...

From: Opporty ICO