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Conceptual Model

Open, Transparent, Decentralized - openANX is a real world application of DEX (decentralized exchange). By utilizing technological improvements on the Ethereum block chain alongside payment channel technology, openANX merges the security of decentralized exchanges with the payment gateway functionality of existing centralized exchanges.

Project Description

OAX is a token that can be exchanged for memberships in the DAO and/or its association. Members will be entitled to certain privileges, including but not limited to voting privileges on major operational decisions relating to the openANX platform. The memberships will work through a tiered structure that allow for simple access, voting privileges or commercial (read: business) solicitation of services on the platform (e.g. escrow, legal, exchange, credit, asset gateway) with the relative number of tokens required for redemption varying with the level of benefits.OAX will be holding its ICO on June 22, 2017. There will be a total of 30,000,000 tokens available at the offering. 

Founders and Associates

Hugh Madden -CTO

Dave Chapman -Leadership and operations

Ken Lo -Strategy

David Tee -Finance

Jehan Chu -Advisor

Zane Tackett-Advisor

Chandler Guo -Advisor

Bok Khoo -Advisor

Ben Tai -Advisor

Liam Bussell -Marketing

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OAX Latest Updates
January 18, 2019


OAXBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingJan 18IFX EXPO Asia kicks off at the Hong Kong Convention Centre next week and we’re proud to announce that OAX will be a part of the event. Our General Manager, Amanda Liu, has been invited by the organizer to speak at a panel titled “Women in Fintech” on...

From: OAX

January 16, 2019

OAX Airdrop closed!

OAXBlockedUnblockFollowFollowingJan 15The airdrop application period has officially closed! We’d like to thank everyone who’s signed up. Over the coming days and weeks we’ll be performing the necessary due diligence and KYC checks to confirm participants’ eligibility and the precise...

From: OAX

January 10, 2019

OAX Airdrop: Ending in 7 Days

OAX Airdrop: Ending in 7 DaysOAXJan 9T-minus seven days ’til the end of the OAX Airdrop (12am Jan 16 HKT)! We would like to thank all our participants who joined the airdrop. If you have participated, do look out for upcoming announcements and emails about the KYC process and...

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December 27, 2018

2018 in Review: Prototypes, Progress, and Predictions

2018 in Review: Prototypes, Progress, and PredictionsOAXDec 26, 2018Highlights:OAX Foundation hosted or took part in over 12 eventsLaunched OAX platform prototype in JuneOAX token airdrop has been well-received by the communitySponsored a 3-part research paper on digital asset regulations by a...

From: OAX

December 13, 2018

A Giant Leap for Decentralization

A Giant Leap for DecentralizationOAXDec 12, 2018OAX Project Announces Breakthrough; Achieves over 1,000 Transactions per Second (TPS)Today, OAX Foundation and Enuma Technologies are announcing a major breakthrough in the development of decentralized trading platforms. In preliminary tests, our...

From: OAX

December 04, 2018

OAX Foundation Supporting Role Models in FinTech

OAX Foundation Supporting Role Models in FinTechOAXDec 3, 2018It was standing room only last night at Hong Kong’s Eaton Club for the Women Leaders in FinTech 2018 event. Amanda Liu, our General Manager was appearing on a panel discussing talent and diversity, having featured in this...

From: OAX

November 26, 2018

Moving the Regulatory Debate Onwards

Moving the Regulatory Debate OnwardsOAXNov 25, 2018“It was this focus on debate that made the event stand out for many of the attendees. There were no sales or marketing pitches to distract from the core aim of the morning.”Dave Chapman, Co-founder and Director of OAX Foundation,...

From: OAX

November 21, 2018

A View of the Future

A View of the FutureOAXNov 20, 2018In the final part of her series examining the current state and future direction of cryptocurrencies, our General Manager, Amanda Liu, sets out her vision of the future.By Amanda Liu, General Manager, OAX FoundationMy previous articles in this series looked...

From: OAX

November 14, 2018

Development Update — Nov 2018

Development Update — Nov 2018OAXNov 13, 2018We’ve been talking a lot recently about the promotion work we’ve been doing to get the OAX project better known and to drive the debate about the future of the industry. Behind the scenes we’ve been just as...

From: OAX

November 07, 2018

Demonstrating Our Commitment to Debate

On Saturday 24 November Professor Syren Johnstone will be hosting a conference at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to launch the first of his research papers into cryptocurrency regulation, and OAX Foundation will be there as speakers and breakfast sponsor. This event looks set to be an...

From: OAX

October 30, 2018

Talking Crypto at Hong Kong FinTech Week

Wayland Chan, Technology Director at OAX FoundationAs we’ve written before, today OAX Foundation took centre stage at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s day of FinTech sessions, part of the opening day’s line up at Hong Kong FinTech Week. We were in great company, with many high profile...

From: OAX

October 29, 2018

OAX at Hong Kong Fintech Week Today!!

Hong Kong FinTech Week kicks off today and as mentioned in an earlier post we’ll be at one of the first events (Click here for event details). Wayland Chan, our Technology Director, and Lio Lunesu, from our tech partners Enuma, have been invited by Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to...

From: OAX

October 26, 2018

Building for the future

In the second of a three part series examining the current state and future direction of cryptocurrencies, our General Manager, Amanda Liu, takes a look at what makes a sustainable cryptocurrency project.By Amanda Liu, General Manager, OAX FoundationIn my last article I wrote about the...

From: OAX

October 18, 2018

OAX Foundation Takes Centre Stage

Arguably the two hottest topics in cryptocurrency right now are technology innovations and regulatory developments, and we’re excited to announce today that OAX Foundation is participating in two major events relating to both.First off, we have been invited to join Hong Kong Polytechnic...

From: OAX

The New York Attorney General’s report on crypto trading: a decentralized response

By Wayland Chan, Director, Technology, OAX FoundationThe Office of the New York State Attorney General (OAG) recently published a report on cryptocurrency trading designed to give consumers information about how different platforms operate. Nine crypto trading platforms participated in the study...

From: OAX

October 16, 2018

An Evening Lecture on Blockchain and Decentralized Exchanges

This evening, Kelvin Wong — our head of branding and communications — went to City University of Hong Kong to help teach a blockchain course hosted by the ANX Academy. Regular readers will know this is not the first time we’ve done something like this — in fact, our team...

From: OAX

October 05, 2018

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — the Bigger Picture

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain — the Bigger PictureIn the first of a three part series examining the current state and future direction of cryptocurrencies, our General Manager, Amanda Liu, takes a look at the bigger economic picture for crypto projects.By Amanda Liu, General Manager,...

From: OAX

September 28, 2018

Engaging the Wider Financial Community

Over the past months OAX Foundation participated in a couple of major events targeting the Hong Kong blockchain community. This week we decided to change things up and focus on promoting the project to the city’s wider financial and professional community. Those of you who have been following...

From: OAX

September 18, 2018

TL;DR Atomic swaps, cross chain swaps, on chain, off chain

By Wayland Chan, Technology Director, OAX FoundationLike any specialized industry, the world of cryptocurrency trading is full of jargon and acronyms. At OAX, while we try to make our communications as easy to understand as possible, there are times when you just can’t avoid technical terms....

From: OAX

September 10, 2018

Our Saturday with Vitalik

The OAX booth at ETHISBy OAX Marketing TeamOn Saturday the OAX Foundation team was out promoting the project at another big industry event in Hong Kong. Ethereum Industry Summit (ETHIS) is a global conference that aims to promote communication and cooperation between different Ethereum...

From: OAX

September 07, 2018

Our Top Tips for Staying Secure

“Buyer beware!”This adage is well known to investors in stock markets, but it’s worth bearing in mind in life generally — and especially when doing anything online. Scams have evolved fast to embrace digital, and unfortunately as a result we’re seeing increasing levels of fraud...

From: OAX

August 31, 2018

A Day with a VIP Discussing Our “Awesome” Work

From right to left facing the camera: Dr Patrick McCorry; Enuma Technologies Co-founders Antoine Cote (middle in black t-shirt) and Lionello Lunesu. With back to camera: Mathis Antony, Software Design Engineer at Enuma (in red t-shirt); Wayland Chan, Technology Director at OAX Foundation. Not in...

From: OAX

August 21, 2018

Welcome to Wayland

Wayland (in white shirt) meeting with the development team on his first day.This week, we’re welcoming Wayland Chan to the OAX team as Director, Technology. Wayland is a highly skilled manager of IT systems and development projects with international experience working for some of the...

From: OAX

August 17, 2018

My Summer with OAX — An Intern’s View

By Morgan HiewI’ve just come to the end of a three month internship at OAX Foundation which has really helped shape my future career plans. I’m in my final year at HKUST studying business, but decided a little while ago that I wanted to have more of a technology focus after I leave...

From: OAX

August 11, 2018

Responding to the Decentralized Exchange Challenge

By Paul Li, General Counsel, OAX FoundationYesterday I gave a presentation at the Finwise Summit in Hong Kong. Billed as one of China’s most influential blockchain events, it aims to strengthen collaboration between different parts of the industry and so promote its long-term development. Last...

From: OAX

August 09, 2018

OAX Platform Prototype Demo Video

The OAX Platform is a new type of decentralized platform for trading digital assets, now launched in prototype form.One of the main features of decentralized platforms is that each user holds their own individual keys. To demonstrate this prototype we use MetaMask to access users’ wallets.Now...

From: OAX

August 08, 2018

Airdrop FAQ

GeneralQ: Can I apply for the airdrop multiple times?A: It is not allowed to enter duplicate ETH addresses for the application. Please make sure the information you provide is accurate.Q: Why don’t you offer your airdrop through some exchanges (e.g. Binance)?A: We’ve structured the airdrop...

From: OAX

July 23, 2018


OAX DEVELOPMENT PROTOTYPE FAQOAX would like to thank everyone for taking the time to test the prototype and give feedback. These will be important in helping us improve during the development of our platform. Here are some common questions we have identified. And don’t forget our feedback...

From: OAX

July 20, 2018

Talking Off Chain in Berlin

By Mathis Antony, Software Design Engineer, Enuma TechnologiesA couple of weeks back we were lucky enough to attend a blockchain workshop in Berlin organised by Binary District, a collaborative technology community. They organise events where community members come together to discuss the latest...

From: OAX

July 17, 2018

OAX Airdrop Application Form

OAX Airdrop Application FormFor the OAX Airdrop application form, please click the following link: https://www.oax.org/en/airdrop

From: OAX

July 16, 2018

OAX Airdrop Details

OAX Foundation is pleased to announce details and rules of a 5 million OAX token airdrop. Please note that an application form containing all the terms and conditions for the airdrop will be made available shortly.Rules:1. Airdrop period: 17 July 2018 (12 am HKT) — 16 January 2019 (12...

From: OAX

July 06, 2018


OAX Dev AMA #2 — Project Discussion “Roadmap and Development”Lio Lunesu, Technology AdvisoryTamas Herman, Core Developer David Leung, Core DeveloperMathis Antony, Core Developer Kirsten Ambrens Barnes, Project Management Moderator: Kelvin Wong, Head of Marketing & CommunicationsOAX...

From: OAX

July 03, 2018

OAX Announces 5 Million Airdrop; No Token Sale Planned for 2018

Following the recent successful launch of our platform prototype, we at OAX Foundation are pleased to bring you more exciting news today. Firstly, we are airdropping 5,000,000 OAX Tokens to reward token holders for their commitment to the project. Secondly, there will be no token sale this year...

From: OAX

OAX Foundation Announces 5 Million OAX Token Airdrop; No Token Sale Planned for 2018

Following the recent successful launch of our platform prototype, we at OAX Foundation are pleased to bring you more exciting news today. Firstly, we are airdropping 5,000,000 OAX Tokens to reward token holders for their commitment to the project. Secondly, there will be no token sale this year...

From: OAX

June 27, 2018

Help Us Improve the OAX Platform Prototype! Tell Us What You Think!

Help Us Improve the OAX Platform Prototype! Tell Us What You Think!We’ve just added a couple of links on the landing page (see picture) to make it easier for users to leave comments and questions after testing the prototype.To access the prototype: https://dex.demo.oax.org/#/And be sure to...

From: OAX

June 26, 2018

“Leave-A-Question” and AMA Campaigns

Thank you for testing the OAX prototype. We are hosting an online AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the OAX Telegram channel between 9:30am till 10:30am (Hong Kong Time), July 4, 2018 to gather feedback and answer questions from the community.During the session we will be dropping tokens to qualified...

From: OAX

June 22, 2018

OAX Foundation Revolutionizes Digital Asset Trading with Launch of Decentralized Platform Prototype

OAX Foundation Revolutionizes Digital Asset Trading with Launch of Decentralized Platform PrototypeHONG KONG — June 22, 2018 — OAX Foundation Limited today announced it has successfully launched a prototype of the OAX project, a new decentralized platform for the trading of digital...

From: OAX

June 15, 2018

Newsletter — June 2018

— An Update from the OAX Technology TeamWelcome to our first technology team monthly newsletter.As we continue the work on our decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, we’re also expanding our platforms for communication and consultation with our community. Through this newsletter we will...

From: OAX

June 13, 2018

Strengthening our compliance function

This week Ivan Wong joined the team as Senior Vice President, Money Laundering Reporting Officer. Compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations is a crucial part of any business operating in financial services, and particularly so in the fast-evolving digital asset industry.As you’ll...

From: OAX

June 11, 2018

Helping the Legal Community “Unblock the Blockchain”

By Paul Li, General Counsel, OAX FoundationLast week I was invited to give a speech and take part in a panel discussion at the Law Society of Hong Kong’s Annual Conference of In-House Lawyers. Much of the event centred around the legal implications of new technologies, with digital assets...

From: OAX

June 05, 2018

Development Update #8

At Consensus in New York last month, we demo to attendees the preliminary version of the OAX platform prototype, which brought us a lot of useful insights and feedback.Earlier this week, our team at the OAX Foundation and development partner Enuma Technologies met again to discuss the...

From: OAX

May 23, 2018

Wrap-up from Consensus — Spreading the words about OAX

By OAX MarketingWe’re back from a successful Consensus in New York. Over the three days we saw a huge number and variety of people, ranging from potential partners to service providers to industry peers wanting to know more about our platform and the technology behind it. We were particularly...

From: OAX

May 15, 2018

OAX Foundation and Enuma Technologies Strengthen Cooperation

NEW YORK CITY — May 15, 2018 — OAX Foundation Limited and Enuma Technologies are pleased to announce they are further strengthening their cooperation in developing a new decentralized exchange platform for the trading of digital assets.The current system of centralized exchanges and...

From: OAX

May 13, 2018

Development update #7

A couple of weeks back we gave you a first look at the user interface. Now we’re proud to announce that a demo of the prototype is ready. This is a big milestone as it really shows how everything is coming together. Not only does it mean that we can really start to publicise the project, it...

From: OAX

May 10, 2018

OAX: Ahead of the Regulation Curve

Paul Li, General Counsel at OAX Foundation, shares his thoughts on the latest development in government regulation of digital assets in our management blog this week.Paul Li, General Counsel, OAX FoundationNothing has focused attention on digital assets more than the incredible rise of bitcoin...

From: OAX

May 07, 2018

New articles on Decentralized Exchange Models

The decentralized exchange concept is getting better known!Our team recently spoke to journalists at global financial media Bloomberg and were quoted in an article explaining the concept to the general audience. The full article is here:...

From: OAX

May 03, 2018

OAX Foundation Congratulates Enuma Technologies on Its Ethereum Foundation Grant

Grant awarded for Sprites technology development; OAX project one of its first real-world applicationOAX Foundation is pleased to congratulate Enuma Technologies, the firm leading the development of the OAX project, on being a recipient of an Ethereum Foundation grant.Enuma Technologies is one...

From: OAX

May 02, 2018

New Senior Vice President for Business Management

We have made another important hire to help us promote our work at the OAX Foundation. Raphaël Tressieres is joining us as Senior Vice President for Business Management at just the right time, with the user interface of the OAX platform at an advanced stage and a full demo almost ready. He will...

From: OAX

April 30, 2018

Report from the Roadshow

Last week we were invited to take part in an internal roadshow organised by HSBC’s digital team for their Global Markets team in Hong Kong. A group of us — including general manager Amanda, head of marketing Kelvin and lead developer Lio — headed to the bank’s HQ to present the...

From: OAX

April 25, 2018

Dev update #6

Hopefully you’ve been noticing the increased volume and variety of activities that we’ve been getting involved in over the last few months. These have been across areas including senior level appointments to drive key functions, raising our profile at industry events and educating the wider...

From: OAX

April 20, 2018

Taking the OAX Foundation to a wider audience

Last week, our head of branding and communications, Kelvin Wong, was invited as guest speaker to a blockchain class organised by ANX Academy for the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Union. This was attended by about 30 people from a range of backgrounds, all keen to learn more about blockchain. The...

From: OAX

April 13, 2018

OAX Foundation to Take Part in Exhibition on Digital Tools for Trading

While our team gear up for next month’s Consensus conference in New York, this is far from the only item in the OAX Foundation’s event calendar. In about two weeks’ time, we will be taking part in an internal roadshow hosted by the global markets team at one of Hong Kong’s major banks....

From: OAX

April 05, 2018

Gearing up for Consensus

Consensus is just over a month away now and our preparations are in full swing! We’re planning to pack a lot in over the three days. Here’s a flavour of what’ll be on offer at booth 217.First and foremost our leadership team will be out in force, including our co-founders, technology...

From: OAX

March 30, 2018

How the OAX project is going to increase liquidity in decentralized token exchange

Earlier this week our technology team hosted a session with Amir Bandeali, the co-founder of 0x, a project which has the potential to provide a critical piece of infrastructure for the token economy. Amir and our team discussed how the 0x protocol works and how it is benefiting the...

From: OAX

March 22, 2018

Spreading the Word

Today we’re launching a new blog where members of the OAX management team will share their thoughts on industry issues, give insights into different aspects of our work and generally keep you updated on what’s going on behind the scenes. First up is our General Manager, Amanda Liu.Amanda...

From: OAX

February 26, 2018

Appointment of Senior Project Management Leader

We’re focused on delivering the OAX project successfully and efficiently, and so we’re excited to welcome Kirsten Ambrens Barnes to the team. Kirsten is joining as Senior Vice-President, Project Management, and will play an important role in bringing our development plans to reality.She has...

From: OAX

February 16, 2018

Sad Departure

We are sad to announce that Liam Bussell, who led OAX’s marketing and branding effort during the past year, has decided to pursue other opportunities.Liam as been an integral part of the OAX project since its launch phase and his contribution is well recognised. We wish him well and success in...

From: OAX

February 12, 2018

Kelvin Wong joins OAX to lead the next phase of our promotion plans

We’re continuing to develop our team by bringing the best people together for each stage of the OAX Project. Following last week’s appointment of Paul Li as general counsel [Here], we’re now welcoming Kelvin Wong to the OAX Foundation. He’s taking over from Liam Bussell who guided the...

From: OAX

February 08, 2018

Dev Update #5

Updated DiagramWe’ve been updating you recently on some of the governance [here] and team [here] news we’ve had, but now it’s time we gave another development update. Things have been progressing well behind the scenes with our developers hard at work on a number of areas.The previous few...

From: OAX

January 31, 2018

Appointment of General Counsel

Today we’re pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Li as General Counsel to the OAX Foundation, marking an important stage in the development of our legal and regulatory function.Paul was previously in the Financial Regulation Group at Linklaters in Hong Kong. Here, he advised his clients...

From: OAX

January 26, 2018

Getting ready for Consensus

Getting ready for ConsensusWe’re really pleased to reveal that this year OAX is a three block sponsor of the 2018 Consensus conference! As you’re all no doubt aware, Consensus is the premier blockchain technology summit. Held in New York every year, this time around the organisers are...

From: OAX

January 24, 2018

Our second Working Group: development plans and regulatory policies

Last week we held our second Working Group meeting. For an overview of who’s in the Group and how they’re helping guide the success of the OAX project, take a look at our post about it last week Here. Today, as promised, we want to give you a summary of the main areas discussed last week.To...

From: OAX

January 15, 2018

All about the OAX Working Group

This week sees the second of our Working Group meetings. We’ll be providing a summary of what was discussed shortly afterwards, but thought it worthwhile now posting a reminder of what the Working Group is and what its role is in the OAX Project.The Working Group is designed to provide...

From: OAX

January 08, 2018

OAX Code Development Update #3

By Lio Lunesu, Cerulean Hu, Tamas Herman and Carl LeungHappy New Year and welcome back everyone!While you’ve been resting, we’ve been working hard over here. In the past few weeks, the OAX Devteam has been steadily pushing forward to the new code updates on our repositories over...

From: OAX

January 02, 2018

Taking cryptocurrencies mainstream in 2018

Happy New Year to you all!here comes 2018~At OAX we’re looking forward to a busy 2018, but just now we think it’s worth taking a quick look back at just a few developments from 2017 that we think are significant for how the cryptocurrency market will continue to evolve and mature...

From: OAX

December 21, 2017

OAX Holiday Greetings!

Dear Sir/Madam,Greetings from the OAX Team. 2017 has been a fruitful and busy year and we would like to send our best regards to all of you that have been supporting the project. Whether you are a token holder, a member of our working group, or merely a vocal supporter on our social media, we...

From: OAX

December 15, 2017

New member onboard!

This is our honor to welcome new members, who will bring a variety of experience, into our OAX team! Our new General Manager, Amanda Liu, brings with her decades of invaluable experience in investment and corporate banking. Prior to OAX, Amanda had been Managing Director, Head of Corporate &...

From: OAX

December 14, 2017

Centralized Stories — Community Competition

By the OAX TeamEver had a bad experience with some crypto exchange, a wallet or some other issue with someone holding your private keys? We have:(On the project, we believe pretty strongly in the future being decentralized, that’s why it’s on our banners.So, for the Holiday period (If...

From: OAX

OAX Development Update #2 “KYC — Not sexy but important”

BY Lio Lunesu, Cerulean Hu, Tamas and Liam BussellContinuing on last week’s Dev Update #1, this time we will drill down into the KYC issue. This was a piece of code last week that drove a lot of interest on Social, so I will dive into more detail here.enumatech/metamask-oauth2To be able to...

From: OAX

December 13, 2017

Projeto OAX na Feira de Blockchain & Bitcoin em Moscou: o que teve?

Por Liam Bussellwe had a request to post this recap in Portuguese.For the English version click herehttps://medium.com/@OAX_Foundation/moscow-blockchain-recap-1f9b14a8becf?source=linkShare-5db17275eefd-1513137001Na semana passada, tive o prazer de ser convidado a apresentar na conferência...

From: OAX

December 07, 2017

OAX Code Development Overview #1

By Lio Lunesu, Cerulean Hu, Tamas and Liam BussellIn the past few months, the OAX Devteam has been slowly and steadily pushing out new code updates on our repositories over at Gitlab.openanx/OpenANXTokenOAXWe have now officially moved over to Gitlab for the codebase, the reason for the move...

From: OAX

November 24, 2017

Moscow Blockchain Recap

By Liam BussellLast week I had the pleasure of being invited to present on at the Moscow Blockchain & Bitcoin conference.Blockchain Conference Russia | Moscow Blockchain ConfMy topic wasThe Need for a Paradigm Shift in the Exchange Business- The problems with the Centralized Exchange...

From: OAX

November 15, 2017

OAX Foundation launches digital asset industry Working Group in Hong Kong

By Liam Bussellhttp://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/oax-foundation-launches-digital-asset-industry-working-group-in-hong-kong-657655343.htmlHONG KONG, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The OAX Foundation, the not-for-profit entity that supports the development of the OAX decentralized...

From: OAX

October 30, 2017

OAX торгуется на новой бирже и Другие новости!

Автор: Лиам Бассел, маркетинг-директорДело движется вперед!Биржа Qryptos, принадлежащая компании Quione, объявила сегодня о листинге OAX.https://www.qryptos.com/Quione — первая в...

From: OAX

October 27, 2017

OAX Gets Listing Fever and Other News!

By Liam BussellToday Qryptos, the exchange run by Quione announced the listing of OAX.QRYPTOS | Trade On The Most Popular Crypto MarketsAs the first regulated exchange company in Japan, Quoine is a large player in the market, and we are happy for the recognition for the project.In other news,...

From: OAX

October 19, 2017

Hi Sergey, I love the chart and the work behind it, good job!

Hi Sergey, I love the chart and the work behind it, good job! I can’t help but notice that I (OAX) am not on it!We are slightly different, but should sit in the box with 0x and Etherdelta!Prototype is deployed early next year.White Paper is...

From: OAX

October 10, 2017

OAX Dev AMA #1 Full Transcript — In Russian!

Онлайн-конференция команды OAX “Дорожная карта и разработка платформы”By BitVoyagerOAX Dev AMA #1 — Project Discussion “Roadmap and Development”Original English...

From: OAX

October 06, 2017

OAX Development AMA #1 — Transcript

OAX Dev AMA #1 — Project Discussion “Roadmap and Development”Liam Bussell, Head of Marketing Tamas Herman, Core Developer Geoffrey Tipton, Core DeveloperLio Lunesu, Technology Advisory Sawyer Zhang, DevelopmentHow how do you plan on getting kyc tokens across different regions?Liam:So,...

From: OAX

openANX becomes OAX

Same Great Project, Simpler NameBy Liam BussellIf you stay abreast of CoinMarketCap (say, refreshing your browser multiple times a day) then you may have noticed a little change on Tuesday this week. openANX is now just listed as OAX, both as ticker and name. (Pronounced like the O-A-K tree,...

From: OAX

September 27, 2017

Dimon Dogs, and the Question of How to Get Fiat into Crypto

By Liam BussellIt’s been a rough month for crypto-based businesses. China did it’s thing, we’ve talked about that in detail here. Or you can get a second opinion here.Korea has implemented regulatory changes, overwhelmingly these are positive, but it has led to some jitters. Then...

From: OAX

September 26, 2017

Hey BitCrypto’ed, We love your posts over here.

Hey BitCrypto’ed, We love your posts over here. This one was especially good, I’m going to steal TAF, if you don’t mind…I’ll credit you… if asked.We actually really like the way you talk about Tether, and it’s shortcomings, it shows us that people in the market DO understand some...

From: OAX