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Nimiq Exchange Token ICO summary information

Project Description

Nimiq is a Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem Written in Javascript ES6 designed to make cryptocurrency easier for the enduser. The Nimiq project is not live yet and the team has issued IOU tokens that can be traded. These tokens are callred Nimiq Exchange Tokens (NET) and they are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. NET tokens will later be exchangeable for real Nimiq tokens.The Nimiq ICO started the 6th of June, 13:00 UTC and ran for 10 days. With almost 4'400 valid contributions the Contribution and Creation Cap where fully met and reached in just 10 days. During this time, Nimiq gathered 4,992 BTC in exchange for 10,500,000 NET tokens. ICO specifications:NET are standard tradable ERC20 tokens.Exchange rate: 1 NIM = 10 NET.Tokens created in sale: up to 10'500'000 NET.The sale is capped at 60’000 ETH.Bonus: - First two weeks: 1 ETH = 175 NET - Last two weeks: 1 ETH = 125 NETThese tokens will be exchanged for Nimiq tokens at a 10:1 exchange rate, which means the ICO supply is 5% of the total Nimiq supply (21M). 88% will be distributed in mining rewards. The remaining Nimiq tokens will be distributed as so:5% Token Sale Contributors (no vesting, ~25% circulating supply yr 1)2.5% Long-term Endowment Foundation¹ (10 year vesting)2% Good Cause Partnerships and Sponsorships² (10 year vesting)1.5% Early Contributors (6 month vesting)1% Creators (3 year vesting) 

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NET* Latest Updates
November 05, 2018

The Onboarding Boat

Team Nimiq recently published an article mapping out its fresh take on communication and marketing matters. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already.In this article, we take a stance for marketing that provides value to its recipients as well as for Nimiq’s stakeholders and goes...

From: NET*

October 29, 2018

Nimiq wants to support you and your project!

Nimiq is passionate about being inclusive and empowering people to make a difference. We know many of you in the community have amazing ideas that could add real value to the Nimiq ecosystem. However, a great idea is one thing and we understand that most of the time initial funding is needed to...

From: NET*

October 23, 2018

ATTENTION: End-of-Life NET Token

Friday 3:00pm GMT, November 30 2018.The time has come to announce the last and final chance to activate NIM from NET, as well as the date for the end-of-life of the NET ERC20 token. The sole purpose of NET — allowing its holder to activate a corresponding amount of NIM on the Nimiq...

From: NET*

October 22, 2018

New Visual Identity

We have spent the last few weeks rethinking the Nimiq brand. This process brought our mission, vision, brand persona and core values to a point where we were able to develop a visual language. We’re proud to finally show you this visual language, and, along with that, we also want to share the...

From: NET*

October 18, 2018

Vision, Mission & Marketing

Marketing communicationWhile our focus is on developers and the challenged communities described above, we also want to share our new communication efforts.By streamlining processes and diverting marketing related responsibilities from the core development, we believe we can now field a much...

From: NET*

October 16, 2018

Technology Road Ahead

Since the Nimiq Mainnet launch, we gained a lot of valuable insights from Nimiq operating live. Over the last few months, we made adjustments to meet the initial needs of the real world operation. Having reached a very stable ground-level, now it is time to revisit the greater technical roadmap...

From: NET*

October 03, 2018

Nimiq Community Meetup

First Edition — AmsterdamHi!For those who do not know me, my name is Ricardo Barquero Carranza (Richy most of the times) and I help with communication between the Nimiq Community and the rest of Team Nimiq. Lately, I have been focusing on achieving a faster flow of information between Team...

From: Ricardo Barquero Carranza

September 11, 2018

Transparency Report

To provide a high degree of transparency to the Nimiq community, we would like to present an overview of the assets and use of funds for the Nimiq project as of July 31 2018, as well as details of the distribution of NIM tokens with circulating and total supply.Assets and use of fundsAt...

From: Team Nimiq

September 10, 2018

Nimiq Swag Shop

Open for BusinessYes, you are reading correctly!The first humble version of a Nimiq Swag Shop is open for business.Showcasing the ease-of-use of the NIM checkout process for Nimiq Keyguard (browser-based) accounts (Ledger Nano S accounts are not supported yet), the Nimiq Swag...

From: Team Nimiq

NIM Activation Deadline Reminder

NET End of LifeThe Nimiq Exchange Token, or NET, is a temporary ERC20 Token. Its sole purpose is to be utilized to activate NIM, the actual transactional unit of the Nimiq Blockchain. The Activation process began months before the actual Mainnet Launch. A cut-off date was also defined for NIM...

From: Team Nimiq

September 05, 2018

Nimiq Communication Hackathon

Revisiting the human cornerstone of NimiqImportant AnnouncementActivation of NIM from NET deadline is October 14 2018. If you still hold NET Tokens we strongly encourage you to proceed with the Activation process without further delay.If you’ve been following us on Twitter you are probably...

From: Team Nimiq

August 27, 2018

Exceptional Events Report August 25

Technical Description of the EventsOn August 25, 2018 in the late evening (UTC), the Nimiq Network experienced a short period of no newly produced blocks after block #191361 due to an error in account pruning logic in the miner code, which prevented miners from calculating valid new blocks. The...

From: Team Nimiq

Incident Report August 25

Technical Description of the EventsOn August 25, 2018 in the late evening (UTC), the Nimiq Network experienced a short period of no newly produced blocks after block #191361 due to an error in account pruning logic in the miner code, which prevented miners from calculating valid new blocks. The...

From: Team Nimiq

August 13, 2018

Win a Limited Edition Ledger Nano S!

We know you want one! And if you’ve been following our Social Media, you are probably as excited as we are to see the launch of the first Nimiq Promotion.In case you are not fully aware of the promotion then check out this beauty and read on.Nimiq-branded Ledger Nano...

From: Team Nimiq

June 03, 2018

Nimiq: Past, Present & Future

Blog SeriesSince Mainnet launch, we have been monitoring and maintaining the network as its combined hashing power grew to more than 700 MH/s (with peaks close to 1 GH/s). Our community has been very active and already developed a first couple of Nimiq-based applications like poolwatch and...

From: Team Nimiq

May 04, 2018

Nimiq Update

Pool Mining, Exchanges, Ledger Promo, NIM Activation from NETThe Nimiq Blockchain keeps growing stronger, block by block, minute by minute. With so much happening, it is time for an update — this is a bulky one, lets get started.Mining Pool Open SourceYes — mining pools are here!...

From: Team Nimiq

April 20, 2018

First Week of the Nimiq Blockchain

First week of the Nimiq Blockchain… and the next weeks for Team NimiqImportant note for NET HoldersAs previously stated, NIM activations after the cut-off date require a manual process which will be performed sometime in the next month. Following activation, you will see the correct total...

From: Team Nimiq

April 14, 2018

Nimiq Mainnet Deployment

Status PageThis page is intended to provide a frequently updated view of the deployment of the Nimiq Network and Blockchain.[Most recent at top]:Seed Nodes publishedPublishing Seed Nodes…Windows node package build still being finished.Currently deploying seed nodes….Windows node package...

From: Team Nimiq

The “Nimiq Safe” 101

The Nimiq Safe is a free and open-source, client-side user interface. It allows you to interact directly with the Nimiq blockchain while remaining in full control of your keys and your funds. You and only you are responsible for your security.Nimiq Safe AccountsWhen you create an account in the...

From: Team Nimiq

April 11, 2018

Nimiq Mainnet Launch FAQ

Mainnet Launch is imminent. Here are some important things to keep in mind for the Launch:security, Security, SECURITY!Make absolutely sure you ALWAYS start at:https://nimiq.comManually type this in the URL address bar of your browser, check spelling and bookmark the URL. DO NOT enter...

From: Team Nimiq

When Mainnet Richy?

Nimiq Mainnet Launch DateLet’s keep this short:Saturday, April 14 2018 11pm, UTC.Here’s the official countdown.When Mainnet Richy? was originally published in Nimiq on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

From: Robin Linus

March 30, 2018

Mainnet Release Candidate

Security, Features, Release PlanAfter months of further development and hardening, the release candidate for the Nimiq Mainnet is ready to go live. Below are the technical details:SecurityAccounts Tree PruningSince its early versions, our protocol has used Merkle-Patricia Tree to store...

From: Robin Linus

February 28, 2018

Attention all NET Holders

Nimiq (NIM) Activation ToolIt has been an intense ride and now the time has come to get a real taste of the quickly approaching Nimiq Mainnet launch! For all holders of NET the Nimiq Activation Tool provides the key to activating your Nimiq (NIM) for NET and securing your NIM amount in the Nimiq...

From: Team Nimiq

February 21, 2018

Public Bug Bounty Program — Now Live

As we move forward with the Roadmap to Mainnet it is imperative we harden our Blockchain and Payment Protocol. Our dev team has been stress testing the network and searching for any vulnerabilities or bugs. We also invited a security expert (Stefan M.) who is performing an internal audit of our...

From: Team Nimiq

February 01, 2018

Roadmap to Mainnet

We’ve overcome a significant amount of challenging tasks on our path of developing and implementing the Nimiq Protocol and Ecosystem. While plenty of tasks lie ahead of achieving our vision of real mainstream adoption, we are enthusiastic about reaching the important Mainnet milestone. It will...

From: Team Nimiq

December 14, 2017

Luna Protocol Update 2

Advanced Account Types, Block Reward Emission and moreThe Luna Protocol Update 1 has run for 10 days without any major issues. So now it’s time to announce our second update introducing some exciting new features:Advanced Account TypesVesting Accounts (for pre-allocated accounts in...

From: Robin Linus

December 04, 2017

Luna Protocol Update 1

Extra Data and Support for Safari & EdgeLuna has run for about 10 days now without any major issues. Today we announce a protocol update fixing various minor bugs and introducing some new features:Mempool syncingNodes now sync their mempool after establishing consensus. This ensures...

From: Robin Linus

December 02, 2017

Design Blog 2: Identicons

How can users easily recognize addresses?What is an Identicon?An Identicon is a visual representation of a hash value. In the words of the originator:I originally came up with this idea to be used as an easy means of visually distinguishing multiple units of information, anything that can be...

From: Robin Linus

December 01, 2017

Design Blog 1: Fast and Beautiful Fonts

Simplicity, Performance and Beauty.On our road to Nimiq Mainnet launch we encounter lots of interesting engineering and design problems. We thought it might be valuable to share our most interesting experiences and approaches in a blog style format. This is part 1:Web fonts and why...

From: Robin Linus

November 24, 2017

Luna has Landed

Successful Protocol Update and Roadmap DetailsWe are happy to announce that today 2017–11–23 at 17:53:48 Luna has landed in our release branch and is now live for the public. This is the final major update before the Nimiq Mainnet launch. Luna introduces all remaining core protocol features...

From: Robin Linus

October 30, 2017

Introducing Luna

In our previous blog post we focused on the developments and ongoings around Team Nimiq, so now we feel it’s time to provide a more detailed technical update of the most exciting features of the upcoming Testnet release called Luna.OverviewTwo new client types: light and nanoSchnorr...

From: Robin Linus

September 28, 2017

Community Update

T-Shirts, Nerd Temple 2 and New Team MemberClosing in on our goal of (somewhat) regular development updates, here’s what’s been going on in our Nimiq offices (yes, plural):German Nerd Temple set-upAs Philipp already mentioned in one of our recent Vlogs (Vlog 31 — Hacking the...

From: Team Nimiq

September 06, 2017

Development Update

JungleDB, Testnet, UX, Light ClientsWe like to keep our updates meaningful. Please be patient if we don’t report frequently in our blog as we prefer to focus on production and supply information as we reach tangible milestones (please refer to out Vlogs for more frequent insights). We’ve...

From: Team Nimiq

July 16, 2017

World’s Freshest Startup is Looking for World’s Freshest UI/UX Designer :)

We had more than 3’500 people contribute to our vision of making blockchain payments so simple, your mom will use it!Who We WantTo complete our team’s skill set, we are looking for a world-class UI/UX Designer. We want our App ecosystem to be designed by an artist who is obsessed with...

From: Robin Linus

July 09, 2017

Contributions Finalized — Closing Analysis

10 day sale & very wide base of contributorsWhat an experience. We barely made it back from Switzerland where we took first steps towards setting up the Endowment and Good Cause Foundation and were almost caught off-guard by the increased speed of contributions and the sudden,...

From: Team Nimiq

June 29, 2017

Contributions — First Analysis!

Fast out of the gate & wide base of contributorsFirst off, we are humbled by and very thankful for the strong show of support— THANK YOU!We exceeded the Activation Threshold within less than a minute (the first valid block) and surpassed 50% of the Contribution Cap within a few hours.We...

From: Team Nimiq