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NEO is a decentralized and distributed ledger protocol that digitalizes real-world assets into digital ones, enabling registration, deposit, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via a peer-to-peer network.NEO keeps records of the transfers of digital assets with e-contracts. In NEO, digital tokens generated by e-contracts function as general underlying data and could be used for recording rights and assets like equities, creditor’s claims, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills and currencies, and could be applied for areas like equity crowdfunding, equity trading, employee stock ownership plans, P2P financing, credit points, funds and supply-chain finance, etc.The NEO (Antshares) ICO lasted 31 days from Aug. 8th to Sept. 7th and raised 6119.3 BTC. With the largest investor contributing over 1000 BTC in one transaction on the first day whilst the 20% bonus was active. 1/4 of the funds raised came from 2 transactions. There are 1498 participants with an average Bitcoin investment size of 4 BTC.  Approximately 17% of the ANS have been designated to participants of the ICO Phase I, which took place in October, 2015, in exchange of 2,100 bitcoins. About 1,200 bitcoins were from individual investors while 900 bitcoins from one institutional investor.All the bitcoins raised in the ICO have been transferred to the following multisig address for escrow. The private keys are held by DACA, HaoBTC and TAT respectively.

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NEO Latest Updates
July 06, 2017

Neo Website Redesign Competition — We are looking forward to brilliant ideas from you.

BackgroundOn June 22th, Antshares blockchain, China’s first ever original and open source public chain project, has been officially renamed NEO. This word has a broad meaning ranging from innovation and modernization to youth in ancient Greek. Meanwhile, a new refreshing green logo which...

From: NEO

June 23, 2017

NEO reported by BITCOIN Magazine

Antshares Rebrands, Introduces NEO and the New Smart EconomySometimes called “China’s Ethereum,” Antshares rebrands as Neo and lays out its roadmap for the future of blockchain tech in China.

From: NEO

June 22, 2017

Hello, World!

Dear Community,Antshares is rebranding to NEO.The team will update all software and documentation in 2017 Q3. Community members do not need to take any action other than downloading new client/app when it is ready.This is a rebranding campaign. There will be no new token issued or new ICOs. We...

From: NEO