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Optimal Shelf Availability Token (OSA) 2 days
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Decentralized and safe access to the Internet. Airbnb for your Unused network traffic. Get paid for renting your underused Network capacity.

Project Description

The MYST token allows users to perform activities within the Mysterium VPN network both as VPN clients or as a service provider (VPN Node). During May 30th, Mysterium held an ICO to fund the development and marketing of the network, amassing a total of $14400000. During the ICO period, users were allowed to exchange ETH for the MYST token for $0.85 per token, which increased to $1.2 following the end of the soft cap bonus which lasted until the campaign gathered $6,170,000. The funds gathered will be locked in an multisig (2-out-of-3) in which 2 keys are held by an escrow agent. This agent will  hand over all keys in his possession to the legal representatives of the Mysterium Entity once said entity is incorporated.Mysterium Foundation, Bounty program and Advisors will receive 9% of all tokens. Tokens will be received by the Foundation multisig wallet, and will be used to reward assistance from: early node operators (mining), bounty program participants, advisors and new employees via a Vesting program, etcFounders will receive 10% of all tokens. Founder tokens will be locked for 12 months. The MYST token is not mineable.

Founders and Associates

Robertas Visinskis -CEO, founder

Paulius Mozuras -Lead Ethereum Developer, co-founder

Valdas Petrulis-Lead Software Developer, co-founder

Ricardas Pocius-Architect of protocol

Augustas Staras -Business development

Matt Green -Researcher

Sarūnas Savickas -Visual communication

Vytautas Civilis -Business development

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MYST Latest Updates
July 06, 2018

Mysterium Development Update: Enabling Service Providers (Nodes) & Team News

Mysterium Network Roadmap milestonesAs we continue our goal to create a protective layer on top of any communication taking place within the new decentralized ecosystem, we will Enable Service Providers and open the possibility for anyone to join the decentralized network by setting up and...

From: Jaime Chacón

May 30, 2018

Mysterium Network - New Exchange Listings & Steemit page

cryptocurrency exchangesAs we have mentioned in our previous Roadmap, Product Update, Testing Results and the Team post, we continue to work towards our goal of a future built on open source, decentralization and empowerment principles. Our MYST token will now be available for trading on two...

From: Jaime Chacón

May 18, 2018

Roadmap, Product Update, Testing Results and the Team

Hi all! During the last few weeks we had a couple of Reddit AMA sessions (ask me anything) to spice up our communication. We will be doing more of those in the future but today we have quite a bit of news and want to place them right here on Medium.For your attention, our updated RoadmapIn...

From: Marta Kuz

May 15, 2018

Mysterium Network at Chainges 2018 Conference

Chainges 2018 Conference main stageMysterium Network was a partner of the Chainges 2018 Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Friday May 4 to Saturday May 5. Chainges was a two-day blockchain and cryptocurrency event shaped by the community mixing blockchain technology with crypto-economy...

From: Jaime Chacón

April 06, 2018

Mysterium Network - 1st Reddit AMA (March 2018) Review

We would like to thank our community for their participation in our 1st Reddit AMA last month. The event was a great success and we received some positive feedback and insightful inquiries. This will now be a monthly happening so be sure to subscribe to our Reddit page to participate in the next...

From: Jaime Chacón

February 23, 2018

February News

Straight to the point: it’s been all about Product, or to be more precise — about the pre-alpha.We focused on these three goals:Setup and launch our Testnet with Service provider nodes that would be verified by Mysterium.Build CLI for Mysterium Client API testing.Build user friendly...

From: Marta Kuz

February 07, 2018

Quick Look at the Testing of Mysterium Pre-Alpha

Hi everybody! As most of you know, we are now testing our Pre-Alpha.In this video we’re showing how a client connects to a Mysterium service node through command-line interface:https://medium.com/media/f7201770840426a959e877f765a71924/hrefOnce we’re generally happy with results of internal...

From: Marta Kuz

February 01, 2018

Master Plan to restore our Privacy

Interconnected and complex worldFrom our Whitepaper: “Our mission is to create a distributed, trustless and sustainable network — providing open access and privacy to all Internet users.”With this goal we’ve set ourselves onto an epic journey. Just to be clear — privacy to...

From: Roberto Vis

Mysterium Master Plan: Restore our Privacy

Interconnected and complex worldFrom our Whitepaper: “Our mission is to create a distributed, trustless and sustainable network — providing open access and privacy to all Internet users.”With this goal we’ve set ourselves onto an epic journey. Just to be clear — privacy to...

From: Roberto Vis

Mysterium Master Plan to Restore Our Privacy

Interconnected and complex worldFrom our Whitepaper: “Our mission is to create a distributed, trustless and sustainable network — providing open access and privacy to all Internet users.”With this goal we’ve set ourselves onto an epic journey. Just to be clear — privacy to...

From: Roberto Vis

January 24, 2018

Exchanges: What are We Doing and Why

Cryptocurrency exchanges and their listings are causing a lot of buzz. Together with ever increasing supply of new coins and new listings, the community also evidenced a number of delistings. Listing or delisting of coins does not only affect the traders, but also has an impact on roadmaps and...

From: Marta Kuz

January 14, 2018

Re: Delisting on Bittrex

Yesterday we were informed that Bittrex is going to delist MYST starting from January 26.We got in touch with them and received an explanation.“(…) We encourage you to request relisting when you have completed and fully implemented the basic application for which you intend your token to be...

From: Marta Kuz

January 10, 2018

January News

Hi all, and Happy New Year! The first month of 2018 is moving so quickly we almost forgot there was a Christmas season :)In a few weeks we plan to have a closed pre-alpha for testing purposes. It will be a location shifting VPN service (without payments), accessible to the most active community...

From: Marta Kuz

December 21, 2017

December news

Hi all, here’s another update by the team Mysterium.During the last three months the number of our team members grew twice. Here’s what the team looks like if gathered in one place (and also dressed up a litttttle bit more than usually).Pre-Christmas gathering. From the left, sitting around...

From: Marta Kuz

December 06, 2017

Team Mysterium November updates

During the last two weeks we were focused around on-boarding of our new team members and getting more code shipped.Development1 on 1 Client-Node communication channel got updated with VPN session creation events.A lot of needed changes were implemented by updating the DTO for client-node...

From: Marta Kuz

November 16, 2017

Team Mysterium October Updates

We are catching up with the product development now as the team is back from DevCon3, Mexico, and HR efforts are finally paying off with more people joining Mysterium this month.Development ProgressUp until now, the development team had a struggle of constantly shifting their focus from...

From: Marta Kuz

October 16, 2017

You asked, we answer pt. 2

Our community raised some questions! Kudos to Josh Lee, our community member, for putting them together

From: Marta Kuz

October 02, 2017

Team Mysterium September Updates

It was a productive month indeed — happy to share with you some news.DevelopmentThe hiring process requires quite a bit of time and effort — despite that product development was moving ahead just as planned.As you may know, we’re currently working on node&client communication...

From: Marta Kuz

September 01, 2017

Team Mysterium August Updates!

Another month has passed.Growing our teamMarta KuzmickaitėThis month, we are starting to work with Marta. She used to be Internal Communications & Employer Branding Manager at Vinted for about 4 years and previously to that, worked in the leading daily newspaper oriented to...

From: Aleksandras Gaska

August 02, 2017

July updates from Mysterium

A second month after our token sale has passed by, and it has been quite a ride. Let us tell you, the important news we have from July!HiringWe’ve officially started to look out for new team members: Robertas and Valdas have attended a hackercamp in Lithuania called “NoTrollsAllowed”,...

From: Aleksandras Gaska

July 17, 2017

You asked, we’ve answered

Here are the most frequently asked questions, that we wanted to answer:Team gathering out of office over weekendBrainstorming in non-formal environmentTeam buildingWhat does Mysterium team look like now?At the moment, our team consists of these people — Robertas, Paulius, Valdas, Vitas,...

From: Aleksandras Gaska

June 30, 2017

Mysterium is preparing for long road ahead

Hello world!As some of you may know, I’m the newest member of Mysterium team, helping to communicate with everyone.Temporary silenceSo what are we doing now? Working. In fact, I’ve had a meeting with Robertas couple of days ago, and during our hour-long meeting, Robertas had to take multiple...

From: Aleksandras Gaska

June 06, 2017

Mysterium token sale aftermath

Thanks to your support and participation — Mysterium token sale went quite fast, selling out in 45 minutes.Protecting project against fraudWe received multiple warnings about possibility of fraud and there are many angles of attack, so let me try to tackle some of them.We want to share...

From: Roberto Vis

May 30, 2017

Token Sale for Fast Growing Mysterium Network Opens on 30th May

Blockchain based VPN service Mysterium is on track to open its crowdsale on 30th May. With an alpha network already live and proving popular, and it’s pre-sale now sold out, Mysterium is set to re-invent the wheel for VPN provision.Mysterium aims to provide an open-access yet completely...

From: Augustas Staras

May 29, 2017

Adding protective layers to Mysterium token sale

Hello all and thank you for your support and this incredible increase in interest. During last few weeks we have received so much of it— we can hardly handle the load.As an example — we launched MVP program just 3 weeks ago and there are already over 950 nodes available. This is ten...

From: Roberto Vis