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Monaize is an e-banking platform that provides a mobile-first current account and Business Mastercard for freelancers and small businesses. The platform has an extensive range of third party services integrated in to it including professional insurance, innovative payment solutions, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain-based lending and factoring; empowering entrepreneurs to focus on their business. In partnership with Komodo Platform, an open source project that thrives on solving existing socio-economical problems through decentralized technologies, our joint vision is to bridge banking and blockchain, and help cryptocurrencies achieve mainstream adoption.

Project Description

Monaize is an e-banking platform that provides a mobile-first current account for freelancers and small businesses. Monaize provides businesses with an an instant KYB (Know Your Business) on-boarding process allowing users to create a business current account in less than five minutes with a smartphone. Monaize will provide an extensive range of third party services, including professional insurance, innovative payment solutions, cryptocurrency wallets, crowd lending and factoring. Through the use of the Komodo Platform, Monaize will also be able to provide pegged fiat currencies, scalable payment networks, micropayments, on-chain KV storage and more. Monaize is an Equihash-based cryptocurrecny using the Komodo Platform's assetchain technology. The Monaize blockchain features a PoW and DPoW consensus mechanism in which Monaize notarizes blocks to theKomodo blockchain, which in turn notarizes blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring protection against blockchain attacks. Monaize's block generation is done on-demand, meaning that mining only takes place when there is a transaction to process. The Monaize token allows holders to receive rewards based on the number of monthly Monaize Business Account creations. These loyalty rewards as distributed in KMD.Team:Vincent Rajoo: CEO Guillaume Derivery: CTO Trécy Azerot: Design Manon Lavergne: Communication Robert Miller: UK Etienne Théodore: Android  Florian Greiner: Back-end The Monaize ICO will start on the 10th of November, 2017 and will last until the 10th of December, 2017. The total ICO allocation represents 70% of the total supply and will be available for BTC and KMD at a ~0.00006Token Reserve Split (30%):1% maximum of MNZ tokens generated will be promised to a few early supporters (Komodo team) as part of a pre-token sale. Funds raised will be used for token sale communication and marketing as well as logistics.9% of MNZ tokens will be put aside and distributed overtime as part of an incentive scheme to individuals and organisations that contribute to the Monaize project. These might include marketing, business development, educational content and bug bounties to name a few.20% of tokens will be allocated to Monaize’s core team and early supporters as an incentive pool held in escrow and vested over 3 years in order to ensure long term commitment to the company and therefore to the future value of the tokens themselves.The Monaize ICO features a bonus and bounty campaigns and the MNZ token will be mineable.Bonus Structure:FIRST 6 HOURS (AVAILABLE TO KMD USERS ONLY): +20% MNZ bonusFROM 6 - 24 HOURS: +15% MNZ bonusDAYS 2: AND 3 +10% MNZ bonusDAYS 4 – 7: +5% MNZ bonusREST OF PERIOD: No MNZ bonus

Founders and Associates

Vincent Rajoo -CEO

Guillaume Derivery -CTO

Robert Miller -Head of UK and Blockchain Strategist

Etienne Théodore -Android Developer

Trécy Azerot -Art Director

Manon Lavergne -Growth Manager

Florian Grenier -Back-end Developer

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MNZ Latest Updates
March 27, 2018

Monaize to Conduct MNZ Token Pre-Sale

Monaize’s campaign to conduct an ICO officially began back in June 2017 when we joined forces with our partners at Komodo Platform from which “Banking meets Blockchain” was born. At the time, with extremely bullish cryptocurrency markets and growing worldwide enthusiasm and hype for...

From: Monaize UK

February 26, 2018

Thanks David!

Thanks David!

From: Monaize UK

February 24, 2018

Making the Best Use of Blockchain to Disrupt Banking: A Marathon, not a Sprint.

It has been a tumultuous and exciting past 12 months in the world of crypto. When the Monaize and Komodo Platform teams formed a partnership in July 2017 to launch the world’s first decentralized ICO, Bitcoin was worth around $2500, and the idea that cryptocurrency might replace traditional...

From: Monaize UK

November 20, 2017

Official Monaize Meme Competition

To make the best of this delay we have decided we are going to be running a meme and gif competition.This is just one of the things we are doing in the community. If you are interested in getting involved in the chat on these things please check out our Telegram channel!This competition will...

From: Monaize UK

November 19, 2017

Latest Updates Following dICO Delay

It has been another busy week at Monaize HQ. Following our dICO postponement, members of the Komodo Platform team have been been working closely with our tech team to get the countdown under way once again.A lot of the work has evolved around making the swap process so simple that your...

From: Monaize UK

November 10, 2017

Thanks you Crypto Spock, we appreciate the message.

Thanks you Crypto Spock, we appreciate the message.

From: Monaize UK

Thanks for the message. We hope we can keep you as a supporter.

Thanks for the message. We hope we can keep you as a supporter.

From: Monaize UK

Thanks for your support Yann!

Thanks for your support Yann!

From: Monaize UK

dICO Postponed Until Further Notice

We regret to inform our community that, due to technical issues, we have taken the decision to postpone the Monaize dICO until further notice.As many of you are aware, Komodo Platform’s team have been working tirelessly putting together final technical aspects of the decentralised Initial...

From: Monaize UK

November 04, 2017

6 Days to go to the first dICO!

A lot has been happening behind the scenes and those who have been following our Twitter and Facebook feeds are the most well-informed on the latest news. So we wanted to reach out to the community and let everyone in on all that has been going on.With only 6 days to go before the first ever...

From: Monaize UK

October 16, 2017

Bounty Campaign Officially Launched!

We are very excited to announce that the bounty campaign for our upcoming dICO has officially been launched!1% of MNZ tokens generated being given away as bounties.As part of this huge PR event, we will be giving away 1% of all MNZ tokens generated to participants for helping us get the word out...

From: Monaize UK

October 02, 2017

Welcoming James to Monaize.

It is our pleasure to offer a warm welcome James aka @Team Crypton to the MNZ Management Team. James has been helping out since day one as an enthusiast, welcoming people to our Slack team, engaging in conversations and volunteering to help the team out wherever possible. We were thrilled when...

From: Monaize UK

MNZ Token Sale Start Date Change:

Friday 10th November @12 pm GMTAs many of you know, we will be the first organisation in the world to conduct a completely decentralised ICO. For this reason, all eyes will be on us. We must live up to expectations and prove that we are able to innovate in a way that constantly gives us the...

From: Monaize UK