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Monkey Capital is a Value CoEval, a collective non-incorporated entity which is represented by two or more independent parties which agree to sell a minority stake in their respective incorporated entities to the management company of the projects they undertake to invest in together and which is managed exclusively for the purpose of generating their own private capital returns. MNY is a Waves-based token that offers holders a Proof-of-Membership stake in the Monkey Capital Value Coeval. Team:Daniel M. Harrison: Founder and CEO.  Josua Hawley: COO. Stefan Hickmott: Group Financial Director. Monkey Capital will hold its ICO from the 8th of August, 2017 until the 8th of September, 2017. During this time, users will be able to purchase MNY with BTC, WAVES, ETH, LTC ,XRP and COEVAL. 

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MNY Latest Updates
August 06, 2017

Critical Updates From CEO Daniel Harrison on his latest radio interview with Gold Seek Radio


From: Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital MNY Updated White Paper Now Available On Slack

From: Monkey Capital

MONKEY — A Value Coeval

MONKEY — A Value CoevalDaniel Mark HarrisonWhat is a Value Coeval?It is the combined presence of multifarious but equally-positioned value propositions that lie on the Blockchain when understood from an ORS perspective (Open, Random, Supportive)- (Thomas Power). A Value Coeval as...

From: Monkey Capital

July 31, 2017

Monkey Capital Official Announcement

The idea of how to value MNY pre ICO has been a topic of internal discussion ever since we decided to offer the Private Placement Offering. In this line several ideas were floated including doing a pre ICO release of MNY in order to get a qualified valuation of MNY and also to get an idea of how...

From: Monkey Capital

July 29, 2017

Thank you John the slack is now available by invite only

Thank you John the slack is now available by invite only

From: Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital CEO Daniel Mark Harrison on GoldSeek Radio

Daniel Mark Harrison founder and CEO of Monkey Capital returns to GoldSeek Radio in another brilliant interview. Daniel is joined by COO Joshua Hawley. http://www.radio.goldseek.com/nuggets/DMHandJosh.mp3

From: Monkey Capital

July 28, 2017

Monkey Capital COEVAL Token Rebounds

28/07/2017-StaffCOEVAL found its bottom and is moving back up. The Monkey Capital pre-ICO token COEVAL made strong gains in the past 24 hours. Up 58.26% in the 24hr period. COEVAL value is expected to increase in the days leading up the ICO, following announcements that Monkey Capital is taking...

From: Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital Joins Cryptopia

28–7–2017 J. Hawley-In exciting news Monkey Capital is pleased to announce that COEVAL and MNY(after the ICO) will be available to trade on the cryptopia.co.nz platform. This is the first exchange to publicly list COEVAL and MNY. Cryptopia will officially begin advertising for COEVAL on its...

From: Monkey Capital

July 27, 2017

The Embryo Token gives birth to only one parent token.

The Embryo Token gives birth to only one parent token. The Parent Token can birth unlimited child tokens.

From: Monkey Capital


VI. TALES FROM THE CRYPTO-SPHEREMNY COO Josh Hawley & Chris G. Waltzek Ph.D. — July 26, 2017.Mp3 format.HighlightsMonkey Capital COO Josh Hawley makes his debut on the show.Josh is a leading entrepreneur and startup specialist, based in South-East Asia.He addresses the new SEC...

From: Monkey Capital