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MOEDA is a Cooperative Crypto Credit Banking-as-a-Service Platform designed to provide a mobile lending system. Moeda will provide a multi-purpose digital identity and opportunities to build credit-worthiness and reputation. It will also give investors real-time transparency of SDG-aligned Impact Investment, trust of cryptographically assured blockchain records and contracts while facilitating the scaling of community investments, payment transactions and service more customers online.Moeda Tokens (MDA) are backed by a social contract in loyal support of Green Cross Brazil to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The tokens will be transferable once the sale has concluded.Team:Taynaah ReisBrad ChunAthena DiaconisIsa YuAlex TodaroAngela ChengBrent DixonAri EisenstatMoeda held its ICO on the 28th of August, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 25% of the total token supply and each token was sold for $1 at the offering. The ICO ended on the 5th of September, 2017.Token Reserve Split (75%):75% Private sales, pre-sales, and foundation; 

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MDA Latest Updates
April 13, 2018


Here we have some pictures of TA and Communications teams working with people from COOPERFAMILIAR cooperative, responsible for the seed project “Women of Milk Way” in the city of Chapecó in the state of Santa Catarina. Here you can see Sandra Palahrini and Sandra Bergamin (who is president...

From: John Chiarella

April 04, 2018

Sugarcane of Cresol

Today we have another group of people and whose products we would like to feature.Mrs. Sueli and Mr. Estefano, a couple of family farmers affiliated with Cresol cooperative, have one daughter and two grandchildren. In addition to several products for family consumption, they focus a good part...

From: John Chiarella

March 30, 2018

Cookies of COOPAFI

This is the second installment of our highlights on the products of Moeda’s seed projects. To see the previous one, click here.These are handmade cookies made by Marislucia, a family farmer, affiliated with the COOPAFI cooperative in the city of Santo Antonio do Sudoeste.Marislucia, as many...

From: John Chiarella

March 28, 2018

First Round of Questionnaire Results Available

Several weeks ago, we announced that we were releasing a questionnaire (linked here) to our MDA holders/investors so we can better understand their priorities and their opinions regarding Moeda and its efforts. We’ve received the first round of our results and we would like to share them...

From: John Chiarella

Yogurt from SISCOOPLAF

If you’ve been following our posts about Moeda’s various seed projects, you’ll see that each one and their respective cooperatives are more than capable of high-quality production in whatever their field may be. We want to highlight some special goods made by the cooperatives.The first one...

From: John Chiarella

March 22, 2018

An In-Depth Look into COOPEREDE

As part of our segment on diving into some of our seed projects, we give you a closer look into the workings of our eleventh, COOPEREDE and its bakery (to see our previous entry on the cooperative, click here.)COOPEREDE has its roots in The Bahia Producers Network (RPB), which was founded in...

From: John Chiarella

March 21, 2018

An In-Depth Look into Central do Cerrado

As part of our segment on diving into some of our seed projects, we give you a closer look into the workings of our fifth one, Wisdom and Flavors of Cerrado, of the Central do Cerrado cooperative. (For our last project, click here, and for our previous entry on Wisdom and Flavours,...

From: John Chiarella

March 15, 2018

An In-Depth Look into COOPERFAMILIAR

We’ve already introduced to you our 18 seed projects for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program. And now, we can give you a more in-depth look into several of them, and tell you the stories of the cooperatives and the people in them. We start with the fifth project of the program, COOPERFAMILIAR. (To...

From: John Chiarella

March 09, 2018

Celebrate Women’s History Month With Moeda!

Women’s History Month, Month of Moeda’s Anniversary. It’s not by chance that we’ve adopted such powerful symbol as our brand!The strength of women is present in every aspect of our company — it is how we think, act and express ourselves to the world.We are the very first crypto...

From: John Chiarella

March 08, 2018

Moeda User Questionnaire Now Available

In order to better understand the experiences of our Moeda community, our team has created the following 5 minute survey, and we invite any holders of MDA tokens to participate. You can scan the QR code below or click the link at the end of the...

From: John Chiarella

Free Range Eggs for Social Inclusion

And just like that, we come to the end of our introduction to the eighteen projects of Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program. However, this won’t be the last that you hear of what the cooperatives are up to, as we have much more in store for you coming soon! Without further ado, let’s get started on...

From: John Chiarella

March 02, 2018

Central Milk Cooperative

We are approaching the end of our introductions to Moeda’s Pilot Seed Programs. However, we still have a couple left, and they’re noteworthy ones at that. So keep reading!We’ve noted in past publications how for many projects, the wheel is not being re-invented. That is, much of the loans...

From: John Chiarella

February 28, 2018

MOEDA App with KYC and AML check integration

We have successfully integrated our KYC provider into the app, and users now can input their personal information to see if they pass or fail the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) test.https://medium.com/media/21ee917aad4bb489625af42f80a4a25b/hrefThis is available for...

From: David Shi

February 23, 2018

Moeda to Appear in Blockchain Documentary

For the last two days, Moeda and one of its Seed Projects were profiled by a documentary crew in Brazil. OX3 (3 Oranges), an international media production company sent a film crew to shoot an episode about blockchain technology and tell the story of Moeda. It would also be the company’s first...

From: John Chiarella

February 21, 2018

AMAR Network

For most of the projects in Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program, the wheel is not being re-invented. That is, with some exceptions, most of the projects are building on and expanding a function, a form of production, or their connection to the larger market. For example, many existing bakeries this...

From: John Chiarella

February 18, 2018

This is My Family Farm

Family farms don’t have it easy in Brazil. Although most of Brazil has the necessary geographical features for bountiful and diversified farming, its mostly tropical climate and topography require much more labor intensive efforts in planting, tending, harvesting and transport of farmed goods....

From: John Chiarella

February 15, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — SISCOOPLAF

Dairy production often poses a challenge to small farmers for a number of reasons.The first major on is that cattle, often in large numbers, have to raised, fed, and corralled in what is usually a fairly small area. Second, the actual dairy produced by the cows need to be extracted and refined...

From: John Chiarella

February 13, 2018

Moeda Featured in Fast Company

Moeda was recently featured in Fast Company, an American business magazine.This comes off the heels of several other high-profile pieces written by other mainstream media outlets about Moeda. The article covered multiple aspects of Moeda, including its utilization of blockchain and the...

From: John Chiarella

February 09, 2018

Moeda Featured in Duke’s SBSI Conference

Moeda’s Chief Ambassador Ari Eisenstat was invited to participate at The Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) conference, hosted by the The Fuqua School of Business Net Impact Club of Duke University in North Carolina of the United States. It is the largest event of its kind in the...

From: John Chiarella

February 08, 2018

Awaken Women for the Future

In essence, the open air market — a public marketplace where food and merchandise is sold in a market square — has remained unchanged for thousands of years. It was where some of the first transactions in recorded history took place, and even today in developed countries, despite the...

From: John Chiarella

February 03, 2018

Moeda Featured in UN Side Event, AlphaImpact

Moeda’s Chief Ambassador, Ari Eisenstat, recently participated in a United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Commission side event on social entrepreneurship for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through blockchain and cryptocurrency. The goal of the event was to find ways...

From: John Chiarella

February 01, 2018

Moeda Closed Beta Testing To Begin

Moeda is proud to announce the start of a closed beta testing period for its app! We are inviting a few special MDA investors to try it out and offer us their feedback, so we can improve on it before we begin a wider beta release. In particular, we ask that the testers evaluate the GUI, the...

From: John Chiarella

January 27, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — COOBENCOL Bakery

The twelfth project for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program, COOBENCOL Bakery, has the raw materials to for their bakery. Now all they need is the bakery itself! Located in Santa Luz, the 300 members of COOBENCOL already produce plenty, including baked goods, cassava, fruit, horticulture (plant...

From: John Chiarella

January 26, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — COOPAJAS Headquarters

Farming is not as simple as picking an apple from a tree and then sending it to the grocery store. No matter what is being produced, that piece of food has to be gathered, selected, processed, examined, coated with chemicals or additives, and sometimes even sliced and peeled and packed to be...

From: John Chiarella

Moeda Selected Seed — COOPEREDE Bakery

Coming in at 750, the number of members of the eleventh project of Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program is the second highest of every one, and far ahead of the third.COOPEREDE Bakery in Feira de Santana is meant to operate on a large scale, and as a result takes part in extensive forms of farming and...

From: John Chiarella

Moeda Selected Seed — Seeds of Sertão

Sertão, located in northeast Brazil, is one of the country’s most arid and poorest regions. Even subsistence farming, let alone commercial, can be difficult — that is, if not done without the proper resources.Thanks to Moeda microloans worth 61,920USD, Moeda’s tenth project of its...

From: John Chiarella

January 25, 2018

MOEDA featured on Forbes and Yahoo Finance

Moeda recently received extensive media attention, due to its presence at the international CryptoHQ Conference and in a recently published piece in Forbes.The first annual CryptoHQ Conference was held from January 22–26 in Davos, Switzerland. CEO and co-founder Taynaah Reis was featured as a...

From: David Shi

January 23, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Women Milky Way

“Industrial farming” is a bit of a paradox. How can one expect food produced in a factory or built on mechanical processes to be of the same quality as traditional farming, or to be as sustainable?Women Milky Way, the eighth project of Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program seeks to show that for...

From: John Chiarella

January 21, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Seed Women of the Contestado Land

If you’ve been reading this far, you’ve probably noticed that most of the projects for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program have to do with bakeries or baked goods in some capacity. But if you were a wannabe baker in Brazil, and even if you had the location, the raw materials and resources, and the...

From: Isa

January 20, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Cooperfavi-Bio

Perhaps no other issue in the world is as serious and widespread as climate change. Yet despite the threat, it unquestionably presents endless opportunities for innovation and sustainable development. While certain fields like energy and weather deservedly get much attention with regards to...

From: John Chiarella

January 19, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Wisdom and Flavors of Carrado

Moeda’s fifth project of its Pilot Seed Program, Wisdom and Flavours of Cerrado, is by far the most massive one to date! Since it is located in an urban setting, Brasília in fact, the beneficiaries are not hundreds, not one thousand, but over 2,350 people! WFC plans to produce baked goods...

From: John Chiarella

January 18, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Networking Women

Networking Women: Creating Socio-Administrative Strategies in the Solidarity Marketing Process (quite a title, we know!) is the fourth project for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program. Based in Mossoró, it’s the first of the Seeds to focus more on the expansion of the sale of farmed goods, rather...

From: John Chiarella

January 17, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — the Strengthening of Women

The Strengthening of Women: Creating Socio-Administrative Strategies in the Solidarity Marketing Process (quite a title, we know!) is the fourth project for Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program. Based in Mossoró, it’s the first of the Seeds to focus more on the expansion of the sale of farmed goods,...

From: John Chiarella

January 15, 2018

Moeda Selected Seed — Daring Women

Nothing in agroindustry is easy, let alone running your own tropical fruit pulp company. But don’t tell that to the 22 women that are the co-owners or workers for the second project of Moeda’s Pilot Seed Program, the aptly named Daring Women. These women aim not only to produce their own...

From: John Chiarella

Moeda Selected Seed — 207 Flavours

Are you hungry for some authentic Brazilian baked goods? If so, the next time you’re in Ji-Paraná try paying a visit to 207 Flavours, the first of eighteen projects of Moeda’s Seed Pilot program!Run by an eight-member family farm, the bakery intends to produce high-quality, locally made...

From: John Chiarella

January 11, 2018

MDA User Guide

We’ve compiled a list of answers for questions from our Moeda community on how the whole mechanism works. Hopefully this user guide will provide a better insight on our product, and you can be well-informed on how to invest in projects with your MDA!Q: What is Moeda’s business model?Rural...

From: David Shi

January 10, 2018

Moeda Announced 18 Micro-financing Projects Chosen for Moeda Seed Pilot Program

Moeda announced 18 micro-financing projects chosen for the Moeda Seed Pilot Program on December 18th, 2017, jointly with Unicafe, a national organizing body of cooperatives across Brazil.The projects were chosen from an existing record of cooperative projects that Unicafes was aware of and had...

From: David Shi

December 27, 2017

New Year Special: all You want to know about MOEDA

On a regular basis, we receive many questions asking about MOEDA. We wish we could answer everyone’s questions but that is simply not possible. Below we have compiled some of the questions that appear with regularity on various social media sites.What’s the MOEDA ICO?MOEDA is a cooperative...

From: Isa

December 09, 2017

Moeda on Coindesk

Microlending Startups Look to Blockchain for Loans - CoinDeskMoeda CEO Taynaah Reis and CTO Brad Chun are quoted on Coindesk article Microlending Startups Look to Blockchain for Loans (Aaron Stanley Dec 8, 2017). Moeda is featured as the leading startup leveraging blockchain technology, cutting...

From: Isa

December 04, 2017

MOEDA Weekly Ship

26 November — 2 December, 2017GeneralCEO Taynaah attended Blockchain 4 SDGs Workshop in Amsterdam (1 December 2017) Blockchain 4 SDGs Workshop was organized by University of Groningen, a leading research university in the Netherlands with over 400 years history. CEO Taynaah Reis gave a...

From: Isa

November 18, 2017

Moeda Co-Founder at the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference

Moeda at the Blockchain for Social Impact ConferenceMoeda Co-Founder Isa Yu at Financial Inclusion panel at Blockchain for Social Impact ConferenceMoeda Co-Founder at the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference was originally published in Moeda on Medium, where people are continuing the...

From: Isa

November 13, 2017

ICOs Are Already Revolutionizing Fintech, Moeda CEO Says

ICOs Are Already Revolutionizing Fintech, Moeda CEO SaysICOs Are Already Revolutionizing Fintech, Moeda CEO Says was originally published in Moeda on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

From: Isa

November 04, 2017

Moeda to Announce Selected Seed Projects and Ambassador Program

Via YahooFinancehttps://finance.yahoo.com/news/moeda-announce-selected-seed-projects-232100287.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw …Moeda CEO Taynah Reis at workshop for Selected Seed Projects and Ambassador ProgramMoeda to Announce Selected Seed Projects and Ambassador Program was...

From: Isa

September 28, 2017

Graphic Designer Wanted

About Moeda:Moeda is a multi-national fintech company in blockchain industry. We build transparent micro-lending platform facilitating investments in UN SDGs projects. Moeda New York office will be working on PR / marketing and events organization primarily.The Position:Moeda is looking for a...

From: Isa

September 14, 2017

An Evening of Celebration and Innovation at NYC’s Bohemian National Hall Hosted by Moeda

An Evening of Celebration and Innovation at NYC's Bohemian National Hall Hosted by MoedaAn Evening of Celebration and Innovation at NYC’s Bohemian National Hall Hosted by Moeda was originally published in Moeda on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and...

From: Isa