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Conceptual Model

Decentraland is a virtual reality world where users can buy and build on parcels of land. Property contents range from static 3D scenes to dynamic applications. A property owner can host other users on her land and determine how the world interacts with them..

Founders and Associates

Ariel Meilich -Project Lead

Esteban Ordano -Tech Lead

Manuel Araoz -Board Member

Yemel Jardi -Board Member

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MANA Latest Updates
July 12, 2018

Introducing Decentraland’s XOM-8: Scrapyard Escape

Join a faction of robots racing to escape the planet in Decentraland’s blockchain-based, coop strategy gamePicture a barren landscape littered with futuristic space debris. There are dozens of robots, all hard at work collecting scrap metal and spare parts, rushing against the clock to...

From: Decentraland

July 10, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — July 10th

News and updates from DecentralandWe would like to share several quick updates with you this week. We’ve deployed a new version of the Marketplace, we’ve released a new version of the SDK, and we’re making some exciting progress with the UI and UX design of the Decentraland Client....

From: Decentraland

July 04, 2018

Announcing Decentraland Agora

Help shape the future of the metaverse using Decentraland’s new voting dAppDecentraland is first and foremost a community driven project. To empower community members to help make the decisions that will shape their Districts, and the entire metaverse, we’ve built Decentraland Agora.Agora...

From: Decentraland

July 02, 2018

Introducing Decentraland’s New Documentation

Take a deep dive into our new docs, just in time for v4 of the SDK!We are very excited to share with you our expanded and redesigned documentation! We’d like to give you a quick tour of these new docs, and also want to highlight some of the latest improvements included in the latest version...

From: Decentraland

June 28, 2018

디센트럴랜드 프로젝트 업데이트 — 6월 25일자

디센트럴랜드 뉴스 및 업데이트 소식저희는 여러분들에게 흥미로운 프로젝트 개발 사항을 몇 가지 전달드리려고 합니다. 디센트럴랜드 팀 전원은 마켓플레이스 신규 기능부터 SDK 퍼포먼스 증진까지 디센트럴랜드의 툴셋의...

From: Decentraland

June 27, 2018

Blockchain Security: Will it scale?

Blockchain security, DPoS, and how we plan to scale the transactions of the Decentraland ecosystem without drafting a constitutionHow do you build a decentralized application that can support an increasing number of users, without sacrificing security? Building any application that can scale is...

From: Esteban Ordano

June 26, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — June 26th

News and updates from DecentralandWe have several exciting project developments to share with you! The whole team has been hard at work, making progress in every corner of Decentraland’s toolset ranging from new features in the Marketplace to performance boosts in the SDK.Specifically,...

From: Decentraland

June 20, 2018

Barunson 公司与 Decentraland 达成合作协议

Barunson 公司将基于 Decentraland 平台开发有关 VR 的体验和游戏(Source: Decentraland, Barunson co. Ltd.)Barunson 公司已于 6 月 12 日宣布,该公司与 Decentraland 签署协议,在基于 Decentraland...

From: Eric Schallock

Barunson Co. Ltd. Partnering with Decentraland

Barunson Co. Ltd. to begin producing VR experiences and games for the Decentraland platform(Source: Decentraland, Barunson co. Ltd.)Barunson co. Ltd. has announced that the company has signed an agreement with Decentraland to create and distribute interactive content for the Decentraland...

From: Eric Schallock

June 06, 2018

Decentraland 虚拟世界已被引入 imToken 平台

Decentraland 虚拟市场在 imToken dApp 浏览器中上线!今天,我们很高兴宣布,Decentraland 虚拟市场已经在 imToken 2.0 版本中上线。这将使得全球 450 万新用户可以浏览、购买和出售虚拟土地(LAND)及 MANA。 imToken...

From: Eric Schallock

Introducing Decentraland on imToken

The Decentraland Marketplace is now available from the imToken dApp browser!We are proud to announce that the Decentraland Marketplace is now featured on imToken version 2.0, allowing 4.5 million new users worldwide to browse, purchase, and sell LAND and MANA. imToken provides a cryptoasset...

From: Eric Schallock

June 04, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — June 4th

News and updates from DecentralandWe have several updates for you this week! First, we’d like to introduce a new LAND permissions control feature in the Marketplace, we have a quick status update for our SDK, and finally, we’d like to share a little information about the recent ETH Buenos...

From: Eric Schallock

June 01, 2018

District Update: Leadership and Governance

It’s time to elect your District Leadership and approve your District Startup Plans!The deadlines for Districts to elect their leaders and to approve their Startup Plans are approaching fast!Districts must notify Decentraland who their District Leaders are by June 7th. Districts must also...

From: Eric Schallock

May 21, 2018

SDK Highlight: Building an Underwater Landscape

Taking a closer look at what you can build with the SDKIt’s been three weeks since we announced the alpha release of the Decentraland SDK, and we’re already starting to see it put to action in some novel and exciting ways by our developer community. We’ve loved all of the screenshots,...

From: Eric Schallock

May 11, 2018

Building a Memory Game Using Decentraland’s SDK

Learn how to use Decentraland’s SDK and API to create your first, simple game!So, you want to build your first interactive experience for the metaverse? You came to the right place!My name is Daniel Belohlavek and I’m part of Decentraland’s world team (the team in charge of developing...

From: Daniel Belohlavek

May 08, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — May 8th

News and updates from DecentralandThe past two weeks have been busy for the team at Decentraland. Ari Meilich has just returned from a trip to Singapore for the World Digital Assets Summit where he helped lead discussions on the future of NFTs, our MANA token has been listed on the KuCoin...

From: Eric Schallock

May 02, 2018

Game Designs for Decentraland: Distributed Role Playing Games

Creating a Distributed RPG Using Loot CratesHey everyone! It’s me again, Chris, Decentraland’s Experience Architect!If you remember from last time, I went through a bunch of different design constraints like parcel size, distributed ownership, and limited graphics. Then we talked about how...

From: Christopher Chapman

April 25, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — April 24th

News and updates from DecentralandWe have several exciting announcements to share since our last Project Update. First and foremost, we released our SDK alpha so that developers can begin creating content for their LAND. We’ve also made it possible to purchase MANA directly within the...

From: Eric Schallock

April 24, 2018

디센트럴랜드 SDK 알파 버전 릴리즈

디센트럴랜드에서 처음으로 공개하는 API를 사용하여 메타버스를 구현하세요디센트럴랜드 소프트웨어 개발 키트는 개발자들이 디센트럴랜드를 위한 게임과 애플리케이션을 개발하는 일을 시작하는데 필요한 도구, 문서,...

From: Eric Schallock

April 23, 2018

Announcing the Decentraland SDK Alpha

Start building the metaverse using the first release of our APIThe Decentraland Software Development Kit provides the tools, documentation, and alpha version of our API that developers need to start creating basic games and applications for Decentraland. We’ve built the Decentraland SDK with...

From: Eric Schallock

April 12, 2018

Designing Experiences for Decentraland

Balancing player types, game mechanics, and technical constraints when building games in a decentralized worldHey there. This is Chris! (aka, m3mnoch on the internet) Nice to meet you. I’m the guy at Decentraland who has the lucky job of designing and implementing deep, engaging experiences...

From: Christopher Chapman

April 11, 2018

Decentraland Project Update — April 11th

News and updates from DecentralandThe last few weeks have been full of some exciting developments here at Decentraland. First and foremost, we recently released our Marketplace, with additional support for Android and iOS devices. We’ve really enjoyed watching how quickly the community took to...

From: Eric Schallock

March 27, 2018

Introducing the Decentraland Marketplace for Mobile

Browse, buy, sell, and manage LAND from a mobile DApp browser!The Decentraland Marketplace is now available for mobile devices!Our mobile Marketplace includes all of the same features and benefits accessible from the desktop Marketplace, but now allows you to browse, buy, sell, and mange LAND...

From: Eric Schallock

March 24, 2018

어떻게 NFTs이 게임 시장을 바꿀까 ?

게임 및 암호 수집품은 주요 암호화 채택의 주류로 이끌 것입니다.Crypto는 게임 개발자에게 두 가지 새로운 빌딩 블록을 제공합니다. 첫째, 스마트 계약을 통해 개발자는 공개적으로 검증 가능한 규칙을 만들 수 있으며...

From: Eric Schallock



From: Eric Schallock

March 22, 2018

How will NFTs change games?

Games and crypto-collectibles will lead the way to mainstream crypto adoption.Crypto offers two new building blocks to the game developer. First, smart contracts allow developers to create publicly verifiable rules, users can connect with one another globally without being hindered by national...

From: Tony Sheng

March 19, 2018

Introducing the Decentraland Marketplace

Buy and sell your LAND in the Metaverse!Today we are very excited to announce our Marketplace. After the Terraform Event it became evident that we needed to provide an easy way to control your assets within Decentraland. After a few weeks’ work, we are are delighted to deliver this tool to...

From: Ariel Barmat

March 12, 2018

DARs, NFTs, and the New ERC-721

Improving smart contract standards for non-fungible tokensIn our previous blog post, we discussed our reasons to push for a better non-fungible token (NFT) standard. Since then, and after the collaboration within the broader NFT community, a number of projects and individuals have joined us in...

From: Esteban Ordano

March 05, 2018

Decentraland Project Updates — March 5th

News and updates from DecentralandTechnical DevelopmentsOur engineering team has had a busy couple of weeks, so we’d like to give you all a quick look into some of the more technical progress that’s being made on the Decentraland project.The team is hard at work putting together the...

From: Eric Schallock

February 28, 2018

Introducing Etheremon on Decentraland

Capture, buy, sell, and battle Etheremon in the Decentraland Metaverse!The team here at Decentraland is happy to announce an Etheremon integration with Decentraland! Etheremon is a crypto-collectible game revolving around digital monsters that users can discover, buy, sell, train, evolve, and...

From: Eric Schallock

February 26, 2018

Designing Genesis City: Roads & Urban Planning

Using roads to navigate and browse virtual worldsThe Terraform EventDecentraland’s Terraform Event made history as the largest sale of virtual land ever, creating one of the most valuable non-fungible token collections on Ethereum. A significant part of the Terraform Event included unveiling...

From: Trevor Waldorf

February 12, 2018

Decentraland Project Updates — February 12

News and updates from DecentralandAnnouncing the LAND ManagerEarlier this week, we announced the release of our LAND Manager — a new tool that makes it possible for you to quickly visualize your LAND holdings in the greater context of Genesis City. Users have already started using the...

From: Eric Schallock

February 07, 2018



From: Eric Schallock

View and Transfer LAND With the LAND Manager

Announcing the Decentraland LAND ManagerToday, we are pleased to give you the beta release of Decentraland’s LAND Manager!What is it?You can use the LAND Manager to view a two-dimensional grid map of all LAND parcels in Decentraland. The LAND Manager presents a high-level overview of...

From: Eric Schallock

用Decentraland CLI 工具来编辑虚拟土地场景

我们将发布一个有用的编辑器工具:Decentraland 命令行界面(CLI)。这是什么?Decentraland...

From: Eric Schallock

February 05, 2018

Decentraland Project Updates — February 5th

News and updates from the Decentraland projectVisiting the Bay AreaWe’ve recently returned from a very exciting trip to San Francisco where we met with several leaders in VR and crypto. Most notably, we gave a talk at a Google-hosted crypto meetup, and we’ve joined with the 0x Project and...

From: Eric Schallock

February 01, 2018

Decentraland Project Updates — January 31st

News and updates from the Decentraland projectWe’ve launched our developer CLI!We recently released our first development tool: the Decentraland CLI. Since we are still in the process of building Decentraland from the ground up, we saw a command line interface as the quickest way to get our...

From: Eric Schallock

January 29, 2018

Use the Decentraland CLI to Edit Scenes

Announcing the Decentraland Command Line Interface editing tool.Today we’re announcing the first public release of an editor tool: the Decentraland Command Line Interface (CLI).What is it?The CLI is an open-source tool that core developers can use to create, edit, and upload scenes to...

From: Ari Meilich

January 16, 2018

The Non-Fungibles Revolution of 2018

A proposal for a new standard, with critical improvements.We started building the LAND contract in September of 2017. After some early developments, we saw other projects adopting a model based on distinguishable digital assets, or “Non-Fungible Tokens”. Some examples of these are crypto...

From: Esteban Ordano

January 05, 2018

Decentraland Project Updates — January 5th

News and updates from the Decentraland projectThe past few weeks have been filled with several exciting milestones. We completed our highly-anticipated Terraform Event, announced multiple partnerships, and outlined how crypto-collectibles can be integrated into Decentraland. Here are the...

From: Ari Meilich

January 04, 2018

3D Artists: How to Make Money Working on Decentraland Projects

We’ll show you how to create an Ethlance profile and connect with our community.If you’re a 3D artist looking for new projects, you’re in the right place!In Decentraland, users can create, experience, and monetize virtual content and applications. Given our large and diverse user base,...

From: Martin Shibuya

December 21, 2017

Huobi, BigOne, OKEx, Exchange Union & HitBTC Join the Terraform Event to Build Virtual Trading…

Huobi, BigOne, OKEx, Exchange Union & HitBTC Join the Terraform Event to Build Virtual Trading EnvironmentsBusinesses continue to find ample opportunities within Decentraland.Since the Terraform Event began, Decentraland has attracted multiple enterprise-level projects. Over the past few...

From: Ari Meilich

December 20, 2017

Partnering with OTOY's Render Token to provide real-time 3D graphics through the browser

A partnership that will allow OTOY's Render Token to power the ever-evolving landscape of DecentralandToday, we are excited to publicly announce the beginning of a partnership between OTOY’s Render Token (RNDR) and Decentraland. Decentraland’s virtual ecosystem is a perfect match for the...

From: Ari Meilich

Reopening Our Terraform Registration to Include all Community Members

Solving congestion issues, technical difficulties, dealing with Ethereum’s user experience, and allowing all members to participate.Following the launch of our Terraform Event on December 15th, we were pleased to see thousands of community members participate in what’s becoming the largest...

From: Ryan Vanzo

December 18, 2017

Decentraland Partners With RCN to Bring Credit Loans to Virtual Businesses

We’re bringing increased functionality to our virtual economy.We recently announced our latest partnership with Aelf and FBG Capital to build a virtual Silicon Valley. In combination with our Genesis City Auction, we’re preparing for an economic boom within Decentraland. To meet the needs...

From: Ryan Vanzo

Aelf, FBG Capital & Decentraland Join Forces to Create a Virtual Silicon Valley

Joining forces to build Crypto Valley, a virtual hub for the blockchain industry.Decentraland’s Genesis City Auction commenced on December 15th. Already, we’ve seen thousands of people worldwide participate, likely making this the largest virtual land sale in history.While our community...

From: Ryan Vanzo

December 15, 2017

Genesis City Auction Tutorial

Everything you need to know to participate in the largest virtual land auction in history.The Terraform EventNote: for our Mandarin-speaking users, you may refer to this guide.OverviewThe auction starts on December 15th at 10 pm GMT. It will run for one week, excluding extensions made on...

From: Ryan Vanzo

December 14, 2017

Decentraland and Bancor Partner to Create a MANA/BNT Token Relay for Decentralized Liquidity

MANA joins a decentralized liquidity network of Smart Tokens to allow simple conversion directly on our siteOver the past few months, as we on-boarded thousands of users to our ecosystem, it has become clear that pointing newcomers to an external cryptoasset exchange to acquire MANA was not the...

From: Ari Meilich

December 13, 2017

Decentraland as a Playground for Crypto-Collectibles

From crypto-pets to Rare Pepes, the possibilities are endless.A rendering of a 3D prototype of a CryptoPetAs we prepare for the conclusion of our Land Auction, many in the community have turned their focus towards development. For example, each Decentraland District is targeting a specific...

From: Kieran Lee Farr

December 05, 2017

The Terraform Event is Around the Corner!

Quick Facts, Beta Testing, Terraform Registration Recap, Reddit AMA.The Terraform Event is around the corner! This blog post includes all the necessary information you need to know to participate.A preview of the Genesis City AuctionTerraform Event Quick FactsStart date: the Terraform Event...

From: Ari Meilich

November 29, 2017

Dev Updates: November 28th

As we approach the end of the month, we’re getting ready for a very eventful December.Genesis City AuctionWe just published the source code of the Terraform auction, which is currently undergoing security audits. We have completed the internal testing phase and are working on the performance...

From: Esteban Ordano

November 24, 2017

Security at Decentraland

Keeping our community safeThe cryptocurrency space has attracted a lot of attention from people using their technical skills to try to get their hands on some cryptocurrency. In this post, we share some of the measures we took to protect our users’ privacy, as well as the overall security of...

From: Esteban Ordano

November 22, 2017

Decentraland Updates — November 21st

News and updates from the Decentraland projectThe past two weeks have been focused on testing and improving our land editor and making sure that the entire community has a chance to participate in the terraform registration prior to the upcoming Terraform event this December. We’re also...

From: Ari Meilich

November 15, 2017

Dev Updates — November 14th

Terraform Registration, Genesis City Auction, Web Client and Editor, EthAlarm updates, District Governance Framework, Land ManagerTerraform RegistrationUsers can now use their Ledger hardware wallets to participate in the Terraform Registration and stake MANA to either the Genesis City auction...

From: Esteban Ordano

November 07, 2017

Decentraland Updates — November 7th

News and updates from the Decentraland ProjectFrom launching the alpha version of our land editor to meeting with the best and brightest at the devcon3, these past two weeks have been an all-hands-on-deck push to get the first version of some great new tools that will help make the metaverse...

From: Ari Meilich

November 04, 2017

Making Ethereum More Usable: EthAlarm

Our gift to the community, following an awesome DevConOne of the things that make me uncomfortable when dealing with Ethereum smart contracts is the lack of overall visibility into what’s going on “under the hood”. One example is how inconvenient it is to easily get information about what...

From: Esteban Ordano

November 02, 2017

Why we use A-Frame

A library for our virtual space. Security, physics, components.A-Frame is an open-source web framework for building virtual reality experiences.The decision to use A-Frame to power our web client stems from two different angles: first, to empower content creators; second, to make the experience...

From: Ben Nolan

October 30, 2017

Decentraland Dev Update — October 30th, 2017

Terraform Auction, Decentraland Editor and an alpha Web Client.October was a great month at Decentraland. It started off with the addition of Ben Nolan to our Dev team after the launch of the Terraform Registration app. Last week, we published the alpha version of our A-Frame-based parcel...

From: Esteban Ordano

October 25, 2017

The Decentraland Weekly — October 24th

News and updates from the Decentraland projectThe past week has been a busy one as we look to expand our team. Our hiring efforts are starting to pay off and we are extremely excited to share that we have hired two new developers, with more to come soon. Here is a quick summary of what else is...

From: Ari Meilich

October 22, 2017

Decentraland Chat is now Open

Our user migration is complete!Two weeks ago we announced our decision to move to Rocket Chat, an open source messaging platform.As of today, we are pleased to announce the user migration is complete. We have begun closing down all Slack channels and moving our discussions exclusively to Rocket...

From: Dave Clancy