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Luckbox ICO summary information

Project Description

Luckbox is creating a fully licensed betting platform dedicated to serving the global esports community, where fans are able to bet, watch and chat in a safe environment using cryptocurrencies, in-game items and cash. Luckbox’s dual token structure offers contributors a chance to share in the company’s long-term success with the option to hold a ‘profit share’ token. The esports field is growing fast but operators fail to provide players with a comprehensive, secure/regulated and innovative platform. This lack of compliance from operators prevents them to access app stores and provide players with easy payment method options. Our priority is to be fully licensed and regulated first to guarantee a fantastic player experience and guarantee sustainability of our business no matter the regulatory changes.


  • Lars Lien: CEO, co-founder
  • Mike Stevens: Co-founder
  • Archie Watt: CFO
  • Lee Hills: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
  • Boris Mihov: VP of Product

The Luckbox ICO will start on the 15th of February and will last until the 1st of May 2018. The ICO token allocation represents 34% of the total token supply. The ICO funding target/cap is set at $20000000.

Token Reserve Split (66%):

  • Strategic Investors 27%
  • Company Reserve 10%
  • User adoption pool 20%
  • Team 3%
  • Advisors 3%
  • Influencers / Promotion 3%

The Luckbox ICO features a bounty campaign.

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LUCK Latest Updates
February 14, 2018

Meet the Luckbox team: Nick Smith

The Luckbox team combines a wealth of gambling industry knowledge and a passion for esports. Here’s a short interview with Nick Smith, one of Luckbox’s influencer marketing directors …Generally speaking, what does your role involve?I help provide strategic insights into esports and...

From: James McMath

February 12, 2018

Luckbox bounty: Earn Your Luck to win free tokens

Earn Your Luck is a way of rewarding members of the Luckbox community who spread the word about our project.For a chance to win free LuckCash tokens, you can write a blog post, share a video on YouTube or create a Gif — or all three.Enter Earn Your Luck nowWe’re looking for the most...

From: James McMath

February 09, 2018

Luckbox crowdsale date confirmed

The Luckbox crowdsale will open on February 23, with BTC/ETH price lock occurring on February 21 at 3pm GMT.This is a change to the provisionally scheduled date of February 15, allowing the community time to adjust to the new market conditions following the recent correction.The presale has...

From: James McMath

February 08, 2018

Earn free tokens in the Luckbox Airdrop

Every crowdsale needs a crowd — and we’d love your help as we continue to build the Luckbox community.It’s time to Earn Your Luck. Everyone who helps will earn a share of $50,000 in LuckCash tokens.The free tokens will be airdropped into the Ethereum wallet of everyone who...

From: James McMath

February 01, 2018

Luckbox enrolled in Google Top Tier programme

We are proud to announce that Luckbox has been enrolled into Google’s Top Tier programme.It means a team of Google experts will work with Luckbox across multiple areas of the business during the ICO stage and beyond, including when the product launches later this year.The partnership will not...

From: James McMath

Meet the Luckbox team: Boris Mihov

Meet the team: Boris MihovA short interview with Boris Mihov, Vice President of Product at Luckbox.Generally speaking, what does your role involve?I mainly take care of the engineering and design teams, making sure things get done, but I wear a few more hats.Where are you based?Between...

From: James McMath

January 31, 2018

Sigwo founder Steven Grove joins Luckbox advisory team

Sigwo Technologies founder Steven Grove has joined Luckbox as an advisor.Steven is a hugely respected figure in the blockchain community and beyond and founded two multimillion-dollar cap crypto currencies — Darcus (DAR) and Mercury (MER).He is also the president of Sigwo Technologies...

From: James McMath

January 29, 2018

Video: First glimpse of Luckbox prototype

We are proud to reveal our first showcase of the Luckbox platform.The video shows a prototype version of Luckbox that our team of developers are working on.https://medium.com/media/7c21fdda69f971099a4ddfcb867b2c93/hrefWe are also able to release the first version of the Luckbox...

From: James McMath

January 26, 2018

Luckbox presale oversubscribed

The Luckbox presale is significantly oversubscribed.We have received intended contribution amounts exceeding the $11m target for this stage of the crowdsale.We will, however, continue to accept applications to continue to build a reserve list of applicants while payment and KYC information is...

From: James McMath

Luckbox roadmap published

The Luckbox roadmap has been published.It outlines our vision for the project between now and 2020, including continued development of the platform, recruitment to the team and licensing plans.The Luckbox roadmap can be found here.For the latest news about the project, please join the Luckbox...

From: James McMath

Google’s Onur Bildik joins Luckbox project

Luckbox is delighted to announce that Onur Bildik has joined the project as an advisor.Onur is a Senior Business Development Manager at Google’s Top Tier Programme where he is advising large brands on digital transformation and marketing strategies.He also spends some of his time mentoring...

From: James McMath

January 23, 2018

Meet the Luckbox team: Elena Walsh

The team at Luckbox is passionate about esports and no one more so than Elena Walsh, our social media manager. Ellie has worked in gaming and esports for almost a decade. Here we find out more about her …Generally speaking, what does your role involve?I am in charge off all aspects social...

From: James McMath

How to apply for the Luckbox presale

The Luckbox presale is now open. If you would like to participate, please click the button below and complete the form.The sale is being conducted and bonuses awarded on a first come, first served basis.If you have been successful, our team will contact you using the email address you submit...

From: James McMath

January 22, 2018

Luckbox presale details

Registration for the Luckbox presale will open at 3pm GMT / UTC on Tuesday, January 23.A button to “Apply For Presale” will be published on our website at that time.Please join our Telegram and sign up for email alerts for updates.Key points about the presale are below. More details about...

From: James McMath

January 18, 2018

Luckbox advisor profile: Vadim Soloveychik

Luckbox is benefitting from the talent and experience of advisors with a wide spectrum of knowledge. The company has worked to engage individuals with strong understanding of esports, gambling, digital currencies and mainstream business.Among the panel of Luckbox advisors is former PokerStars...

From: James McMath

January 16, 2018

Meet the Luckbox team: Alexander Ivanov

At Luckbox, we’re fortunate to have a talented and experienced team. Here, we find out a little more about Alexander Ivanov, our chief technology officerGenerally speaking, what does your role involve?I am responsible for laying our product’s foundation by assessing our technology choices,...

From: James McMath

January 15, 2018

Luckbox crowdsale dates

The provisional dates for the Luckbox crowdsale have been published.The presale will open on Monday, January 22, and close on Wednesday, February 14. The cap is 20m USD equivalent.The minimum contribution amount during presale is 10,000 USD equivalent. BTC and ETH are the preferred payment...

From: James McMath

January 11, 2018

Meet the Luckbox team: Dimitar Pavlov

Luckbox is fortunate to have an experienced and talented team driving the project forward. Here, we catch up with Dimitar Pavlov, the company’s vice president of developmentGenerally speaking, what does your role involve?In the last couple of months I have been busy establishing operations in...

From: James McMath

January 03, 2018

Meet the team: Archie Watt

Archie Watt joined Luckbox as chief financial officer in November 2017. Here we find out more about his workWhat does your role involve?The role has been pretty varied so far — sourcing bank accounts and dealing with all the admin associated with opening accounts, arranging payments of...

From: James McMath

December 27, 2017

Meet the team: Fredrik Stromberg

The team at Luckbox comes from a diverse variety of backgrounds. Here, we find out a little about product manager Fredrik StrombergGenerally speaking, what does your role involve?Ensuring all the different people and departments work on their parts of the Luckbox project in a timely manner....

From: James McMath

December 22, 2017

New Luckbox ICO website launched

Hi there. Just a short message to let you know our new website for the Luckbox ICO has been launched.The page outlines the key features of the product, what Luckbox offers in the current landscape and some of the technology that will be adopted.It also brings up to date the team and...

From: James McMath

December 20, 2017

PwC: Esports poised to make major breakthrough

Esports is poised to make a major breakthrough in its disruption of traditional sports, according to a report published by PwC.PwC, one of the Big Four auditors, says that the sports industry is “undergoing more disruption than ever” — and esports is in prime position to move in.In...

From: James McMath

December 06, 2017

Dreams, teams and sweet soft ice creams

Dreams, teams and delicious ice creamsA visit to Sweden proved productive and enjoyable for three members of the Luckbox team.Lars, Fred and Nick made the trip to Jönköping for Dreamhack, a major event in the esports calendar.Dreamhack is described as “the world’s largest digital...

From: James McMath

December 01, 2017

Update on Luckbox ICO launch plan

The public stage of the Luckbox ICO is scheduled to begin in early 2018.After a successful pre-sale that raised 483.5 Bitcoin, we had initially considered the crowdsale would be launched before the end of 2017 but we have decided to wait, primarily because of current market...

From: James McMath