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Ethereum.link is a platform that connects traditional markets and businesses with crypto currencies, smart contracts and the big spectrum of tools Ethereum platform has to offer.Ethereum.link aims to exponentially increase Ethereum integration into small and medium businesses.Team:Steven J. Kelly: CEO.Alexander Dawson: CTO.Alicia L. Alcantara: Marketing and Design.Michael Y.: Developer.Ethereum.Link's ICO raised a total of 1,501,194 USD.

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LNK Latest Updates
April 25, 2018

Link Platform & Silverlink Update — April 25–2018

Dear community,Silverlink platform is now accepting purchases in Ethereum Main Net, KYC documents are now processed quickly and accounts are active to mint new tokens almost instantly.Our website has been updated with a new image that’ll represent what the platform is aiming to do.LNKS Token...

From: Link Platform

April 22, 2018

Link Platform Weekly Update — April 21–2018

Hi Guys!This has been a great week for Link Platform, with the launch of Silverlink.io.Main Net LaunchToday, the platform has ended the whitelisting period, it has now been launched in Ethereum Main Net, we’re still finishing KYC approval, in a lapse of 24–48 hours the platform will...

From: Link Platform

April 17, 2018

Silverlink.io is Now Live

Dear Community,Link has launched the Silverlink.io platform, now you can submit your documents to get whitelisted.During this period users will submit their documents in order to start minting LNKS Token.Please submit your documents before the 21th, we’ve an active promotion of 0.3 LNK for...

From: Link Project

April 13, 2018

Press Release — Launch of Silverlink.io Platform

Hong Kong — 3:49 April 14—New York City —15:49 April 13— Mexico City — 14:49 — Paris— 21:49LNK Silver Link team (Link Platform) https://ethereum.link is planning to launch their silver trading platform on April 16 starting with a User Whitelisting, five days later the...

From: Link Project

April 12, 2018

Link Platform Weekly Update — April 12–2018

Dear Link Community,We are at a very few days before our expected launch of Silver Link Platform in main net, on April 16th the whitelisting will start, please be prepared to submit your documents in order to get your account whitelisted for you to be able to buy Silver backed Tokens after...

From: Link Project

April 07, 2018

Link Platform Weekly Update — April 06–2018

Dear Link Community,We suffered an important delay in the Main Net launch on March 10th due to extra development that took place on the account system and KYC part of the platform, we’ve been working on this development up to this date, this function is now almost completed and ready to be...

From: Link Project

March 30, 2018

Link Platform Weekly Update — March 30–2018

Dear Linkers,This week we’ve started the development of an account system to host the KYC/AML compliant registration and provide KYC whitelisting system for interested users before Silverlink platform is launched in the main net, this account system will also host generation of public/private...

From: Link Project

Link Platform Weekly Update — March 29–2018

Dear Linkers,This week we’ve started the development of an account system to host the KYC/AML compliant registration and provide KYC whitelisting system for interested users before Silverlink platform is launched in the main net, this account system will also host generation of public/private...

From: Link Project

March 26, 2018

Link Platform appoints new CEO

As a very possitive news we confirm the addition of a new CEO.We are glad to present the new CEO that will lead the direction of Link Platform, his name is Daniel Mendoza and is very happy to join the Link Team, he will do appeareances in the upcoming weeks in order to explain and show what is...

From: Link Project

March 23, 2018

Link Platform Weekly Update — March 23–2018

We’ve been working in our beta during the whole week since we expect to have the launch ready very soon.UpgradesSilver Price Markup Over Spot PriceAbility to add inside Admin Panel our provider current percent over spot price that is active in their silver reserves:Improving of TX...

From: Link Project

March 18, 2018

Update: Delay in Main Net Launch

Dear Community,We want to give an apologize for the delay our planned launch of Silver Link Platform in main net at March 10th is experiencing, this delay ocurred due to our Ethereum smart contracts being revised and audited additional times.The main thing we are looking into our project is to...

From: Link Project

March 07, 2018

Link Platform Team Change

Hi There Link Community!Steven Jackson Kelly has slowed down his activities inside Link Platform within the last months and by his own decision, he wants to inherit his position to someone with the ability to keep reaching new and bigger goals.We are happy to introduce Daniel Mendoza as the new...

From: Link Project

March 04, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — March 3–2018

Hi Link Community!In the first week of March we completed several tasks around Silver Link Platform as described below:Backend:Certificates FunctionCertificate URL and amount it is certifying can now be modified via Admin Panel, a sum of all available certificates is displayedTokens...

From: Link Project

February 25, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — February 24th –2018

Carrying on the work that is being done before Link Platform is launched in the official Ethereum network we want to clarify that final code is passing several security tests before it is rolled out in public, some of these tests comprehend since how LNKS are approved and sent to user wallet to...

From: Link Project

February 18, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — February 17th –2018

We’ve initiated a LNK giveaway aimed at silver traders and crypto-currency users in general, Beta testers will also receive part of this pool once the testing period finishes, please stay tuned for our next LNK and LNKS giveaways and airdrops.Silver AvailableNumber of Tokens available...

From: Link Project

February 10, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — February 10th –2018

Link Platform Launch in Main NetworkWe’re glad to announce the official date the platform will be launched on the Ethereum main net and silver trading will be initialized, this date is March 10th.It will be released initially for Desktop and Mobile IOS and Android support will be added after...

From: Link Project

February 02, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — February 2nd–2018

Hi Guys!, during this month the last part of first phase Link Platform development has been completedShipping information is stored in the smart contract and it is viewable via the admin panel.During the mid days of this month the smart contracts will get another audit round that will make them...

From: Link Project

January 26, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — January 25th–2018

Welcome to January last update!, today we’ll publish the progress completed during this week.Silver Vault and Provider PartnershipThe first supply chain within the Americas has been completed with our recent partnership with precious metals dealer and vaulting facility Strategic Wealth...

From: Link Project

January 19, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — January 18th–2018

This week we’ve been focused on improving the UI, after several reviews we’ve finished a demo for a clean and fast interface with market balances, user balances, silver price information, Link Platform fee’s information and latest network and user transactions.An easy Direct-buy button...

From: Link Project

January 12, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — January 11th–2018

On this update of Ethereum Link, we want to share with you important progress made!.GrowthWe started to expand to include more world regions into our silver shipping zone which will provide faster delivery times in currently supported countries and provide availability in non-supported...

From: Link Project

January 05, 2018

EthLink Weekly Update — January 4th–2018

Being the first update of this year, we want to wish you a very happy 2018! thank you for following us.Development made this week:AuditsAfter a review of the security audits made within the contracts by writing several tests, we wrote several fixes to correct issues that were slowing contract...

From: Link Project

December 29, 2017

EthLink Weekly Update — December 28–2017

Dear Community,We want you to have very happy holidays this season!This week we want to present our new development roadmap based in Link Platform decentralized application until a production version is out and ready to be launched, now you can access it via https://silverlink.io .Development...

From: Link Project

December 22, 2017

Link Platform Beta Version is Live

Dear Link Community,As we mentioned yesterday, today we have launched a Beta version of LNKS Silver Vault Ethereum Smart Contract System, the code is a stable version that is public at our Github.The requirements to use this DApp are having Metamask Chrome plugin enabled, set it to Rinkeby...

From: Link Project

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — December 21–2017

Dear Community,During this week we continued to improve Link DApp:Summary:In-contract transaction history displayDApp latest transactions are displayed such as Direct Buy (minting new Tokens) or Redeeming (Exchanging Tokens for silver).Detects if Metamask is enabled or notA warning signal is...

From: Link Project

December 15, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — December 14–2017

Following the release of Link Platform prototype, we’ve made several improvements to it:Added functionality to check whether Metamask is enabled, selected Ethereum network is supported and whether Metamask account is unlocked.Fee integration added, a 0.3% fee is extracted from every purchase...

From: Link Project

December 07, 2017

Link Platform 1.0 Released & Development Update

Link Platform 1.0 Test dApp has been released along with a readme and a public repository that will be updated by Link, most of this development has been made by Karolis Ramanauskas and we want to say a big thank to him for his commitment.This release is an Alpha platform with most of the...

From: Link Project

November 29, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — November 29–2017

Welcome to this Ethereum Link update!During this week our DApp has got several improvements and moves closer to our release date.Here is a list of work done in two sides:Backend:Created a secret repository with full open source code to test Link Platform DApp that will be publicy released on...

From: Link Project

November 23, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — November 22–2017

Welcome to November update number third!During this week we did lots of work,We created the main interface using React libraries that will interact with user own wallet either using Metamask or directly creating a new wallet on later versions.We’ve developed a direct buy minting smart...

From: Link Project

November 17, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — November 16–2017

Welcome to another update! Today we’ll be discussing the overall progress of Silver Link Platform.At this stage we can say that we are very close to the release date of our first version of LNKS platform, this date will hopefully be before the end of the year.Backend:Corrected errors and...

From: Link Project

November 09, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — November 7— 2017

Welcome to first week November update!During this week we’ve added several functions that will be needed inside the two main smart contracts Silver Token contract(LNKSToken.sol) and Trading Engine (LNKSVault.sol), here is a list of Token features and functions added:LNKSToken.sol:Token is...

From: Link Project

November 01, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — October 31, 2017 — Silver Hub

Thank you for once again reading Link weekly updates, during this period we have been busy with testing and implementing several features listed within the LNKS platform to acquire real silver in the form of Tokens.Link aims for a fast engine that can provide digital silver in a real-time basis...

From: Link Project

October 24, 2017

EthLink Weekly Dev Update — October 24, 2017 — User Interface Improvement

Welcome to this week Link update, during this week we’ve worked over the User Interface linked to Token exchange and we’ll be able to provide a preview of it very soon.Our ideal User interface is a simple one which doesn’t require too many forms to fill, user needs to have an easy way to...

From: Link Project

October 17, 2017

Link Weekly DEV Update — October 16, 2017 — Dynamic Link Reserve

Welcome to another Link DEV update, in this week we’ve made great advances within the design of Silver Link Reserve system, take a look at the following brief technical explanation.Silver Link ReserveWhen a new order is triggered by a user within the LNKS exchange, it would normally need to...

From: Link Project

October 10, 2017

Link Weekly Dev Update — October 9, 2017 — Exchange System

Since our last announcement regarding our shift from Linksilver staking system to our main silver exchange platform, we’ve made several improvements in development, we are working to deliver the best quality possible while at the same time we ensure the highest security within...

From: Link Project

September 07, 2017

Silver Staking— Instructions

Dear Link Community,Thank you for following Link Project and out last DAPP launch. We appreciate your support and are glad to have you with us.LNK Token Staking Instructions:1. Preparing the stake —Important points:Create an account at linksilver.ioMinimum Stake amount at this early launch...

From: Link Project

Link Platform Introduces linksilver.io

Dear Link Community,A dedicated Proof of Silver stake system serving for LNK Token has been launched, now that Link is gaining traction there is a clear opportunity to continue to connect anchors, provide services and support for new and existing technologies, to develop tools and applications...

From: Link Project