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Blocklancer is a Distributed Autonomous Job Marketplace (DAJ) operating on the Ethereum Blockchain. Blocklancer is our collaborative vision of an entirely self-regulatory platform for finding clients/projects and ensuring jobs are completed efficiently and fairly. Blocklancer is changing the way freelancing works for both the freelancer and the customer, concentrating on building a trustworthy platform all stakeholders can rely on. Blocklancer does this by minimalizing fees and introducing a decentralized tribunal system to guarantee every dispute case is settled fairly and that no one loses out — we can finally wave goodbye to fraud in freelancing.


  • Michael Kaiser: CEO/CTO, Founder.  
  • Sabrina Kaiser: COO, Founder.  
  • Kevin Kaiser: CTO, Founder. 
  • Jason Hung: ICO Advisor 
  • MMag. Dr. Christian Wirthensohn: Legal Advisor
  • Mag. (FH) Cordula Kreidl, MA: International Strategies and Marketing
  • Chris Abdey: Client Retention and Customer Management , LinkedIn: 
  • Ing. Mag. Andreas Dobler: Taxation Expert

Prior to the ICO, Blocklancer will hold a pre-sale in September 2017 with a funding cap of 500 ETH.

Blocklancer will be holding its ICO in the Winter 2017/18 (Dates will be announced soon). The ICO token supply represents 88% of the total token supply. The ICO funding target is 200,000,000 LNC and the funding cap is 1,000,000,000 LNC.

Token Reserve Split (12%):

  • 10% Developers Team;
  • 02% Bounties;

Blocklancer's ICO campaign will feature a bounty campaign and a bonus structure, as shown below.

Bonus Structure:

  • Early Bird Sale: 15,000LNC : 1ETH
  • Early Hamster Sale: 14,000LNC : 1ETH
  • Early Panda Sale: 13,000LNC : 1ETH
  • Early Snail Sale: 12,000LNC : 1ETH

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LNC Latest Updates
October 16, 2018

New Feature: Private Gigs

Private Gigs have been requested by many users since the release of the Beta version. Private Gigs are Gigs that are not visible to everybody. This means that these Gigs are not indexed by the search engine.You can use Private Gigs for specific Gigs for specific customers. Imagine, you are a...

From: LNC

August 27, 2018

Places to buy Ethereum

There are many places and ways to buy Ethereum. You can buy Ethereum with fiat currencies like Dollars and Euros or you can buy Ethereum with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Some exchanges even offer to buy Ethereum with credit card (VISA, Mastercard, etc.).Places to buy Ethereum with...

From: Blocklancer Group

Places to buy Ethereum with credit card

Buying Ethereum with credit card is by far the simplest way to get some Ethereum easy & fast. There are some services that offer to buy Ethereum with credit card. By using these services you can own your first Ethereum within minutes. In this article we will list the easiest ways to buy your...

From: Blocklancer Group

Places to sell Ethereum

There are many places and ways to sell Ethereum. In this article, we will enumerate the most used services, their pairings, payment options and fees.Disclaimer: We do not endorse nor cooperate with any of these services. We just offer some guidance for newcomers. You should always do your own...

From: Blocklancer Group

Manage your Gigs and Orders

Blocklancer makes it very simple to manage all your Gigs and Orders. Never lose control of your Orders so that all your clients are satisfied.(1) Click on “My Orders”(2) You can check your Gigs in the “My Gigs” menuYou can Edit or Pause your Gigs(3) You find open Orders in the...

From: Blocklancer Group

How to buy Ethereum?

Prerequisites:Sign up for Blocklancer and create your profile.Step (1): Open your WalletYou can easily open your wallet via the main menu.Step (2): Press the Button “Buy with credit card”You can find the button “Buy with credit card” under the section “Your Balance”.Step (3):...

From: Blocklancer Group

August 18, 2018

Create your first Gig

Your first gig is ready for selling within minutes. Just follow 5 simple steps!(1) Click “Create gig” on the menu(2) Name your Gig and set a priceSome basic information is needed for your Gig:NameCategory/Sub categoryShort Description (visible in the search)Long Description (describe...

From: Blocklancer Group

July 29, 2018

Dev Diary #20 — Account Security and 2FA

Dear Blocklancers, we already arrived at our 20th Dev Diary! We will celebrate this by talking about a very important topic: Account Security and 2FA (2-Factor-Authentication). Recently we implemented 2FA authentication for our Beta-Testers, as this feature has been requested by many users.What...

From: Blocklancer Group

July 15, 2018

Dev Diary #19 — Mobile App Testing

Dear Blocklancers, we are back with a new exciting Dev Diary.This time, we are happy to announce that we just released the mobile Blocklancer App in the Google Play Store. The App is still in the Beta Testing phase and at the moment only Beta Testers can sign up.Please do not forget to signup...

From: Blocklancer Group

June 12, 2018

Dev Diary #18

Hello again to another Dev Diary. At the time of writing this the first users, with access to the Blocklancer Platform are already creating the first Gigs. We are using the time till the final release to show off some new images of the platform.DesktopOverview of gigsCreate a giguser...

From: Blocklancer Group

May 15, 2018

Dev Diary #17

Importance to verify the correctness of an addressHi again to another Dev Diary. In this publication we will discuss the importance to verify the correctness of an address entered.Deposit ViewEveryone which already used Mist or MyEtherWallet knows that there are so called Identicons...

From: Blocklancer Group

May 07, 2018

Dev Diary #16

Dev diary #16Hi again to another Dev Diary. In this publication we will show you various additions we included into the Blocklancer platform.Dashboard of disputesGig Dashboard for SellersMessagingNow every job has a dedicated chat box attached to it which should be used by the client and the...

From: Blocklancer Group

May 02, 2018

Dev Diary #15

Hi again to another Dev Diary. In this publication we will discuss the changes we made regarding thecost of a dispute.view of a single gigThe old SystemIn the previous system a dispute had a flat cost which obviously has its flaws especially if we consider low cost jobs. In such a case the...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 30, 2018

Dev Diary #14

Hi again to another Dev Diary. In this publication we will discuss the new level system we implemented in the Blocklancer platform.level is shown in profileYou can view your current level in the blue circle next to your profile image or in the header at the top right. Further you can view your...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 27, 2018

Are you looking for a secure Wallet to store your LNC?

Are you looking for a secure Wallet to store your LNC? Blocklancer is now integrated in Proxy Wallet.We are happy to announce that Blocklancers LNC is now supported and integrated in Proxy Wallet. Proxy is a Secure Cryptocurrency Storage & Chat.We are impressed by Proxy Wallet, because...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 25, 2018

Blocklancer Re-Design Sneak Peak

In this publication we will give first insights to the new design of Blocklancer. Thankfully, many users gave feedback for our early beta release. We thank everybody, who submitted feedback via our feedback form.At first, we will sum up the feedback that we received:Design is...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 23, 2018

Dev Diary #12

Hello again to another Dev Diary. Today we will discuss about the changed verification system included into the Blocklancer platform.Previously everyone who planned to participate in the THT had to make a transaction to verify his LNC ownership. Now it is possible to verify the account by...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 16, 2018

Telegram Bot tells you the price

We updated the Telegram Bot so that the Bot is now able to tell you the current price of LNC. The Bot facilitates the CoinMarketCap API so that you will always receive up-to-date data from CoinMarketCap.Up to now the Bot was able to tell you:Your Balance of LNCExchanges where LNC is tradedLNC...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 06, 2018

Dev Diary #11

In this Dev Diary we are discussing how the platform is progressing during the development. In the last weeks we worked on the smart contract part of the platform and we are happy to announce that the smart contract part is already nearly finished.We also went through the feedback that we got...

From: Blocklancer Group

April 01, 2018

Bounty Distribution

Hi everyone, yesterday we distributed the bounty. There have been >18k active bounty participants, most of them joined the Twitter and Facebook bounty. We thank all of them for making Blocklancer possible!Here again, the distribution rules for the bounty:As mentioned above most users joined...

From: Blocklancer Group

March 27, 2018

Dev Diary #10

Welcome to another series of our regular development diaries. This time we will talk about the changed cost to initiate a dispute on the Blocklancer platform.Old SystemAs stated previously in the Whitepaper, the cost of a dispute is the ETH equivalent of $50 but this system isn’t very...

From: Blocklancer Group

March 14, 2018

Building on Origin — Announcing Our Partnership With Origin

Origin Protocol is building protocols for the decentralized sharing economy. Origin believes that monopolistic middlemen have no place in peer-to-peer marketplaces. Origin wants to build open, fair, and censorship resistant technologies that allow people to do business with whomever they want...

From: Blocklancer Group

March 04, 2018

Dev Diary #9

Hi everyone, welcome to another Dev Diary. The first Dev Diary after the ICO ;) This time we are going to talk about the option to directly exchange LNC on the Blocklancer platform.Get LNC directly on the platformA major problem users’ face with current Coins/Tokens is that they need to buy...

From: Blocklancer Group

Token Distribution Report

In this article we will discuss the distribution of the Lancer Token and it will cover the expenses of LNC and who receives how many LNC for what.Total SupplyThe final total supply of the Lancer Token is 152,177,339LNC.Dev ShareThe developer of Blocklancer receive 20% of all Lancer Tokens...

From: Blocklancer Group

January 27, 2018

We need your help! Get Blocklancer listed on Bitmart!

Hi supporters!We have the unique chance to get listed as the first project on the new BitMart exchange. And we need your help to achieve this goal!Please fulfill these 2 easy tasks: 1) Please follow Bitmart2) Retweet thisThank you :)The Blocklancer TeamWe need your help! Get Blocklancer...

From: Blocklancer Group

January 11, 2018

Dev Diary #8

Hi to another Development update. This time we have big news for you. We are glad to announce the start of the early beta phase. Now everyone is able to check Blocklancer out.I will focus in this Dev Diary on how to test the Blocklancer Platform.Ropsten Test-EtherTo use Blocklancer you normally...

From: Blocklancer Group

Dev Diary #7

Hello again to our regular series of Dev Diaries.I will use this Dev Diary to cover a very interesting questions about the Tokenholder Tribunal asked by one of our great community members.How do we scale if there are more disputes in the future?Every Tokenholder has a random value in the range...

From: Blocklancer Group

December 31, 2017

Dev Diary #6

Hello everyone and welcome to another Blocklancer dev diary. Today we will discuss the long awaited Yellowpaper release.What is a Yellowpaper?Some of you that weren’t around when Ethereum had its ICO might not know what it is because only very few projects had one since then, despite the fact...

From: Blocklancer Group

December 12, 2017

Dev Diary #5

Hi, again to another Dev Diary. This time around it is already the fifth and there are still many more to come so let’s get right to the interesting things.GithubWe reorganized our Github repositories in the Blocklancer Organization this way all public repositories are easier to find. We added...

From: Blocklancer Group

December 04, 2017

Blocklancer Dev Diary #4

Hi again to another series of our regular Dev Diaries. Today we will talk about the improvements of the whitepaper we released earlier this week. Let’s get started with the changes.WhitepaperWe nearly doubled the size of the Whitepaper it is now nearly as big as the whole US constitution with...

From: Blocklancer Group

November 27, 2017

Dev Diary #3

Dev Diary #3Welcome to part three of our regular series of Dev Diaries. Today we will present you the improvements we made on the Blocklancer platform in the last week. Let’s get started.1. File Attachments to freelance jobWe added the ability to attach files to a jobs offer. Users are able...

From: Blocklancer Group

November 23, 2017

Dev Diary #2

Welcome to part two of our regular series of Dev Diaries. Today we will cover the just released Blocklancer Manual.The Blocklancer ManualWe released a full manual explaining how to use the Blocklancer platform. It is intended to just be a small overview of what you can do on the Blocklancer...

From: Blocklancer Group

November 20, 2017

Dev Diary #1

Today, we will kick off a series of weekly dev diaries regarding the Blocklancer platform. We intend to keep feeding you with more information every week until the release!In this first dev diary, we will discuss about the soon to come Whitepaper update. It will come with many improvements...

From: Blocklancer Group

November 12, 2017

First Freelance Gig completed on Blocklancer

Yesterday the first freelance gig was completed on the Blocklancer Alpha Release. A lucky guy called “@WhiphlashWally” was able to earn 0.1 ROPSTEN ETH.Everything is working and this is the first step for creating the freelancer community of the future!Make sure to follow us on...

From: Blocklancer Group