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Leverj, the decentralized platform for cryptocurrency derivatives trading, plans to unveil its highly-anticipated system to novice, experienced, and institutional traders interested in leveraged cryptocurrency transactions. Leverj is building a fully decentralized trading model that will provide an unprecedented level of security and efficiency. Leverj allows users to automatically manage their cryptocurrency derivative trading automatically, replay and learn from their trading history, follow the strategies of other traders through peer subscriptions, and securely store funds on the blockchain.

Project Description

Leverj is a decentralized leveraged crypto exchange that provides solutions to the inherent risks seen in centralized trading platforms. Leverj provides decentralized identity to avoid identity leaks and multi-signature accounts to provide complete user control over account funds. LEV is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token and it is the primary token in Leverj's two-level token system.The LEV token represents  a license to transact on the platform proportional to the percentage ownership of the token supply. The second token, FEE, can be generated by LEV token holders by freezing the LEV token in a smart contract for a fixed duration, allowing them to trade on the Leverj platform without having to pay fees in ETH.Team:Bharath Rao - Founder/CEO Nirmal Gupta - CoFounder/CTO Babu SK - Operations The Leverj ICO will start on the 7th of November, 14:00 UTC and will last until the 7th of December, 2017. The ICO allocation represents 25% of the total supply (15% were sold in the presale). The LEV token will be available for a 0.0003 ETH starting price. The ICO funding cap is 83,333 ETHUnsold tokens will be locked for 12 months and be used for future marketing and partnerships.Token Reserve Split:Partners - 10.0%Token Sale - 40.0%Founders - 20.0%Liquidity/Ops - 30.0%The Leverj ICO features an escrow agent.

Founders and Associates

Bharath Rao -Founder & CEO

Nirmal Gupta -CoFounder & CTO

Babu SK -Operations

Gerry Howatt -Marketing

Alexandra Ward -Community Manager

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LEV Latest Updates
February 15, 2018

Leverj Token Spot Exchange UI Design Mockups

As described in the road map for 2018, the first phase of the Leverj platform is a basic ERC20 spot exchange with ETH as the quote currency. This will be a hybrid DEX system that empowers the user to maintain custody of funds, while centralizing order matching and balance exchange. For Leverj as...

From: Swap Man

February 13, 2018

What’s in Store for 2018 (Leverj Roadmap)

Since the TGE, the development team has grown in numbers and in strenghts. In various meetings we have been sketching out the product timeline and assessing the feasibility.Over the coming twelve months, as we are going through each platform release phase. We will provide regular updates and...

From: Swap Man

February 05, 2018

The “Beehive” Growth Strategy

The Leverj Corporate Growth and Organization StrategyOver the past six months, Leverj has been hard at work laying the foundation for solid reliable growth for 2018 and beyond. This foundation began with our corporate growth and organization strategy. With the TGE complete, this work has ramped...

From: Bharath Rao

January 16, 2018

LEV Token Listed for Trading on Worldclass Crypto Exchange OKex

LEV token liquidity is hereWe are proud to announce that the LEV token has been listed on top cryptocurrency exchange OKex.On January 17, 8:00 UTC, The following pairs will be available:LEV/ETHLEV/BTCLEV/USDTOKex has been operating since 2013 as one of the top destinations for serious crypto...

From: Swap Man

January 11, 2018

2018, Meet Leverj

This is the year we have all been waiting for; the year that Leverj takes the cryptospace by storm. A high leverage storm.Here are some updates on the up-and-coming exchange and the team behind it:World, Get Ready to Meet Your Hedge on EtherAs the highly anticipated Leverj platform comes...

From: Alexandra Ward

December 21, 2017

The Numbers Are In…

The team thanks you for your patience in allowing us the time needed to get all of the post-ICO matters wrapped up. As we continue to complete these necessary operations, we are ever closer to moving forward into developing our product. Here’s a look at what we have crossed off our list...

From: Alexandra Ward

December 09, 2017

Leverj Token Generation Event Closes

On December 6th, 2017, we were finally able to declare the token sale COMPLETEThe Leverj Token Sale is complete! We raised 32512 ETH, thanks to the contributions of many supporters. I know y’all are going to have a lot of questions regarding the official stats of the sale outcome. We will...

From: Alexandra Ward

December 06, 2017

Final Hours of Token Sale: Please Use Higher Gas Price (50 Gwei) due to Ethereum network…

Final Hours of Token Sale: Please Use Higher Gas Price (50 Gwei) due to Ethereum network congestion!The Kitties making Ether transactions more expensiveWe are hours away from completing the Leverj Token Sale. It is coded to end at block number 4688045. You can check current block number at...

From: Swap Man

Final Hours of Token Sale: Please Use Higher Gas Price (50 Gwei) due to Ethereum network congestion…

Final Hours of Token Sale: Please Use Higher Gas Price (50 Gwei) due to Ethereum network congestion!The Kitties making Ether transactions more expensiveWe are hours away from completing the Leverj Token Sale. It is coded to end at block number 4688045. You can check current block number at...

From: Swap Man

December 04, 2017

Announcing the 1 Million LEV Bug Bounty

The Leverj staking contract is running on ropsten and very soon will be running on mainnet.We invite security researchers and the public to test the contracts and report security bugs.We have allocated a total of 1 Million LEV as bounty for finding security defects in the staking application...

From: Bharath Rao

Staking Contract Testnet

Our staking contract UI is ready on testnet. The following is a tutorial on how to get set up with MetaMask.For this sake of this tutorial, we are going to be using MetaMask. Our UI for the staking contract is coded to interact seamlessly with MetaMask, so this is where we will start. It is...

From: Alexandra Ward

November 24, 2017

Leverj Project Updates

It’ll be easy, they said.The China FUD is over and the market is resilient, they said.Segwit2x is going ahead, they said.The timing is right, they said.And then, it wasn’t…After the record breaking month of September, in which over $800 million was raised in ICO token sales, who could...

From: Bharath Rao

November 07, 2017

How to contribute to Leverj Token Sale using MyEtherWallet(MEW)

Pre-requisite:First visit https://register.leverj.io to register for token sale.You will be asked to provide your name, email, country of residence and Ethereum address.Using MyEtherWallet:Now visit https://www.myetherwallet.com/#send-transaction and choose your wallet.2. You will be...

From: Nirmal Gupta

Leverj is NOT affected by Parity security bug

Today, Parity has released a security alert that has rendered multisig wallets using their technology to indefinitely lock funds:It would seem that issue was triggered accidentally 6th Nov 2017 02:33:47 PM +UTC and subsequently a user suicided the library-turned-into-wallet, wiping out the...

From: Swap Man

November 06, 2017

The team expands

Leverj team is growing! We are overwhelmed by the interest and response to our job postings. We hope to grow at a sustainable pace so that new members are assimilated in an orderly manner.We welcome our first hires to the Leverj team and are excited to accelerate our developmentMerunas...

From: Bharath Rao

October 27, 2017

The Leverj whitepaper

The Leverj Team has released an updated white paper for community reviewRead it hereHello From the Leverj TeamThe Leverj team has spent years researching ways to make trading safer without sacrificing high performance. A solid, predictable and responsive platform is our goal. Using a Custodian...

From: Bharath Rao

October 10, 2017

Comparing Leverj’s Model Vs. Other Decentralized Exchanges

Leverj’s decentralized-custody exchange model prioritizes user experience and gives traders power over the the most important functions.There are a number of decentralized exchanges on Ethereum that have come on the scene in 2017. With a variety of different models, they span the spectrum of...

From: Swap Man

October 06, 2017

Five Kinds of Users on Leverj

At Leverj we are not just building a trading platform, we are building a comprehensive ecosystem that ties in stakeholders of all sorts of varying interests. In order for this decentralized system to function, the incentives must be aligned between these stakeholder which hold together a stable,...

From: Swap Man

October 02, 2017

An Interview with Bharath Rao

https://medium.com/media/63eb51046846ba50de3ef802e73236d3/href“Putting everyone’s money in one place under the control of a small amount of people is the source of all the evil and instability we see in the cryptosphere.”Please check out the latest Leverj video with CEO Bharath Rao...

From: Alexandra Ward

September 29, 2017

Announcing high-speed non-custodial trading with Ethereum

Protocol constraints allow only account owners to deposit/withdrawThe race for decentralization is really a conflict of tradeoffs between user experience and safety. Decentralized protocols such as 0xproject and Airswap err on the side of safety, while centralized exchanges err on the side of...

From: Bharath Rao