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iXledger is a marketplace for insurance based on blockchain technology. It is aimed primarily at institutions such as insurers, reinsurers and brokers. Bringing these participants together directly results in an efficient, cost-effective and transparent marketplace. Smart contracts provide support for streamlined processes between multiple parties.

Project Description

The InsureX (IXT) token is the underlying token used in the InsureX market by the community, customers and partners to buy data and premium services. Starting on the 11th of July, the InsureX ICO will allow investors to purchase IXT tokens for Ether (ETH). A total of 100 million tokens will be available for purchase with a bonus schedule of of 36% that is given to the first buyers which diminishes down to 0% as more purchases are made. This ICO does not have an official escrow.TierEther AmountNumber of TokensBonusIXT Per ETH10 - 2,2222,500,00036%1 ETH - 1,757 IXT22,223 - 4,4445,000,00020%1 ETH - 1,406 IXT34,445 - 22,22225,000,00015%1 ETH - 1,323 IXT422,223 - 44,44450,000,0009%1 ETH - 1,236 IXT544,445 - 88,888100,000,0000%1 ETH - 1,125 IXT The InsureX Initial Coin Offering also offers a bounty campaign.Thursday 13th of July 2017 – InsureX Update: Due to the number of security attacks on our system over last two days, we have taken the difficult decision to halt our crowd sale with immediate effect. (...) The levels of funding we have received are enough to successfully execute our roadmap.

Founders and Associates

Ingemar Svensson - Founder & CEO/CTO

Cristina Dolan - Co-founder & COO

Mikael Olofsson - Co-founder & Entrepreneur in Residence

Valdi Kamenarov - Architect

Nicolas Cherence - Lead Ethereum Developer

Charlotte Holmen - Lead UX Developer

Advisory Board:

Ross Campbell -Chief Underwriter General Re, London

Nick Pester - Partner, Head Of Insurance & InsurTech at Capital Law LLP, London

Timo Schlaefer - Co-founder / CEO Crypto Facilities Ltd, London

Ransu Salovaara - Senior Adviser & CEO TokenMarket

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October 12, 2018

Update — 12/10/2018

Update — 12/10/2018Executive Team UpdateWe are delighted to announce the appointment of Sally Coryn as Executive Chairman of iX Technology Group. This is a significant appointment for our Group as we build presence in the InsurTech sector.Sally is a senior, highly experienced, insurance...

From: iXledger

October 01, 2018

A brand new start — SIM relaunch

The iXledger team has been hard at work developing services for our partners, and have relaunched Selfinsurancemarket.com.The website was relaunched on Monday 24th and efforts are focused on getting more members on board. We are then planning to work on the functionality which will use IXT for...

From: iXledger

September 14, 2018

Weekly update — 14 September

As we’re getting closer to releasing our marketplace, our focus has moved from theoretical cases into creating practical applications within the insurance world. This has required us to reorient ourselves to prioritise product development, business development and legal compliance.Product...

From: iXledger

August 31, 2018

iXledger Update — Meet the Team

This is the first in a series introducing key members of the iXledger team and their department’s role in driving the project forward.Today we invite you to meet Ciaran Sainty, one of our Product Directors.Career BackgroundI started my career in insurance in 2005 as a technician with Equity...

From: iXledger

July 20, 2018

iXledger Launches Blockchain Insurance

Inaugural Product Live on the iXledger Blockchain MarketplaceiXledger, a leader in powering next generation InsurTech solutions, today announced the launch of a Blockchain Insurance product in partnership with a market leading London based broker operating in the International Specialty...

From: iXledger

May 30, 2018

30th May Weekly Update

iXledger Weekly UpdateBlockchain Insurance Summit in LondonIngemar Svensson, Founder and CEO iXledger, presented Developing Insurance Solutions Using Blockchain at the Blockchain Insurance Summit in London on Tuesday, May 23.The presentation was well received, especially the application...

From: iXledger

May 18, 2018

18th of May — iXledger Weekly Update!

Major Milestone Achieved — iXledger is Ready to Launch!Major MilestoneThe iXledger team has working around-the-clock to get the platform launched and live, which is a major milestone. Follow up meetings took place this week to finalize the commercial agreement that is currently...

From: iXledger

4th May — Weekly Update

We are very excited to get so close to launching our first product. Not only will it provide an innovative insurance product, but we will also have a chance to “warm up” our infrastructure, blockchain and general architecture.In preparation for the launch, the team has been busy working on...

From: iXledger

11th of May — iXledger Weekly Update!

Featured in Finnovating Blockchain Insurtech Ecosystem and US InsurTech RisingiXledger has been included in the Finnovating Blockchain Insurtech Ecosystem, the 1st Global Map for Blockchain InsurTech. The section is called ‘Marketplace’ which is listed on the top and center of the insurtech...

From: iXledger

April 26, 2018

26th April — Weekly Update!

Dominic Higham from Self Insurance Market arrives at iXledger today! / Ciaran Sainty, an Underwriting Specialist comes on board this weekAs re-confirmed at Reinsurance News “iXledger, a London-based blockchain InsurTech start-up and Gen Re collaborator has partnered with online information...

From: iXledger

April 19, 2018

iXledger Weekly Update! — Joint Venture with selfinsurancemarket.com

This week’s blog is mainly focused on the exciting news of iXledger’s joint venture with selfInsurancemarket.com and the site’s adoption of IXT, as well as bringing its founder and CEO Dominic Higham in as Senior Adviser to iXledger.selfInsurancemarket.com was founded by Dominic Higham as...

From: iXledger

April 12, 2018

iXledger’s Founding Members Update!

1st Quarter EndingI would like to start by thanking our community for its support and patience during the initial phase of the company. Some of you have been with us since day one and helped us to understand the token markets and shape our interaction with the community. I am personally very...

From: iXledger

March 30, 2018

30th March — Weekly Update!

We at iXledger wish our community and readers a very happy Easter! We hope that everyone gets to reunite with their families and to embrace the holiday spirit.Now to report on the happenings of this week!Development ProgressWe have been focusing on 3 major areas during this week.On the...

From: iXledger

March 23, 2018

Quarterly Management & Leaders Meeting

Quarterly Management & Leaders Meeting / Development Progress / Security(Bottom left, Danny — Head of Development / Middle, Nigel — Head of Infastrastructure & Security / Last, Mikael — Co-founder / Bottom right, Andrew.A— Programme & Communications Director /...

From: iXledger

March 16, 2018

Commercial Traction

iXledger Head Office — London, UKCommercial TractionThis week, we had very positive and progressive meetings with a few potential customers that were held by Danny (Head of Development) Andrew H (Product Director) Andrew A (Marketing & Communications Manager) along with our trusted...

From: iXledger

March 09, 2018

9th March — Weekly Update!

International Women’s Day / Smart Contract & Payment Integration / Regional ExpansionCristina Dolan, Co-Founder & President US of iXledgerInternational Women’s Day!It’s that time of year when we just celebrated international women’s day. Every day we are starting to see more...

From: iXledger

March 02, 2018

2nd March — Weekly Update!

Hosted at MIT Sloan Club / UAT Progress / New Talent ArrivesEventsOur very own Co-Founder & President US, Cristina Dolan of iXledger was hosted at the MIT Sloan Club of New York Wednesday, discussing Blockchain & the impact on our financial systems.Co-Founder & President US,...

From: iXledger

February 23, 2018

23rd Feb — iXledger Weekly Update!

Women’s Blockchain Event / Enhanced System Security / Dev ProgressEventsThis week, our fabulous Cristina Dolan, Co-Founder, and President US, iXledger, attended and lead talks at the ‘WOMEN LEADERS IN BLOCKCHAIN’ event at Thirty Two Orchard Street. Thirty-Two Orchard Street is New...

From: iXledger

February 16, 2018

Weekly Update! — Massive Partnership Secured / Successful Recruitment / Dev Progress

Happy New Year to our Chinese and Korean partners, collaborators and friends!!!This was a very exciting week, we have confirmed a massive new partnership with InsChain which has received a lot of positive industry feedback!The collaboration between InsChain & iXledger will enable acceptance...

From: iXledger

February 09, 2018

iXledger Weekly Update!

1st Month of 2018 Gone & We’re in Full Swing…Talking about Events, Events, Events…Our very own Founder & CEO, Ingemar Svensson talked on stage this past Wednesday at the all Sold-Out Market Minds event in London, about how Blockchain will shake up the insurance industry.The event...

From: iXledger

February 01, 2018

Asian Travels and latest status

We are back from our travels in Asia, having organized numerous meetings throughout Singapore and South Korea over the past two weeks. We met many interesting people from across the insurance industry and initiated discussions around promising partnerships.iXledger Asia IncorporationWe opened up...

From: iXledger Team

January 26, 2018

IXT is now listed on QRYPTOS

We are excited to list our IXT token on the QRYPTOS exchange!IXT is trading on ETH, BTC & QASH.QRYPTOS is QUOINE’s fully digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform launched in June 2017.QUOINE are a leading Fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation...

From: iXledger Team

January 18, 2018

Update on professional networking features

This week we provide you with our progress on the networking features and share updates from the team.DevelopmentCheck out our current progress on the platform networking features below. We show you the functionality to search platform users (brokers and insurers), view and invite your...

From: iXledger Team

January 13, 2018

iXledger Platform Updates and more…

We provide you on our dev progress and general updates.Happy New Year from the iXledger Team to all our readers and we hope to make 2018 a great year for all of us!DevelopmentTo start, let us provide you with a few highlights on what our dev team has been working on:Further work on design and...

From: iXledger Team

December 15, 2017

iXledger Insurance Marketplace: MVP Demo

Founder & CEO, Ingemar Svensson, presents the first Minimum Viable Demo of our insurance marketplace.Ingemar Svensson focuses on our networking functionalities in the public blockchain in the iXledger marketplace platform.https://medium.com/media/8e535d257182ac1ff879e32d0b165dc3/hrefWe are...

From: iXledger Team

December 01, 2017

iXledger Platform: Data Privacy

We address several aspects to data privacy and update you on our weekly activities…Data PrivacyWritten by our dev team.We have been working on providing data privacy, but the privacy issue comes in multi-fold. Let’s walk you through some cases.Firstly, as the data on blockchain is publicly...

From: iXledger Team

November 24, 2017

iXledger and fidentiaX Announce Strategic Partnership

Strategic partnership with fidentiaX and more…Welcome to this week’s blog post as we are happy to announce a strategic partnership with fidentiaX and provide our weekly updates from iXledger.fidentiaX PartnershipWe are both building blockchain solutions to democratise the insurance industry...

From: iXledger Team

November 17, 2017

iXledger Platform: Solidity

Read the insights this week regarding Solidity on the iXledger platform and more…Welcome to this week’s blog post, as we bring you exclusive content again from our developers. But, to start things off, we would like to provide you with a quick update on our whitepaper.We are making progress...

From: iXledger Team

November 10, 2017

iXledger Platform: Matching

Platform Matching insight, Development and Commercial updates.Coming to the end of this week, we thought it would be a great idea to provide you all with insights regarding the engineering concepts of our platform, in particular matching.Machine EngineWritten by our Senior Development...

From: iXledger Team

November 03, 2017

Updates: Whitepaper, Commercial activities and more…

This week at iXledger we update you on our whitepaper and commercial activityWe are scheduled to complete an updated version of our whitepaper by Monday 13 November, 2017.Some of the new points we will be addressing in our updated whitepaper:Price volatility control in our platformIXT Revenue...

From: iXledger Team

October 27, 2017

End of October Updates

Read up on the updates with iXledger, as we provide you with the latest of our commercial activity, exchanges and product development.Approaching the end of October, it has been an exciting period for iXledger this week. We are pleased to inform you that we have a number of workshops confirmed...

From: iXledger Team

iXledger FAQs

Our FAQ’s will be updated and republished as we make changes.Frequently Asked Questionswww.ixledger.comWhitepaperClick here to read the new iXledger Whitepaper.ExchangesQ) What exchanges are you listed on?A) HitBTC, EtherDelta, YoBit. Visit Coinmarketcap for more info.Q) What exchanges are...

From: iXledger Team

October 26, 2017

How do insurers feel about blockchain technology?

Are insurers holding back from blockchain?According to Marek Kaszczyc, Vice President & Head of Poland operations at Xceedance, DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is the ‘next big thing’ across various industries.DLT exists to remove the need for certain intermediaries in everyday...

From: iXledger Team

October 20, 2017

Product Video + Updates

Watch our first iXledger product video, and read up on our latest updates.https://medium.com/media/d3ce6bebf7fa7e7ec023266ffaaf0aa3/hrefHere’s our new iXledger product video. As we develop various features in to our platform, new videos of our platform will be posted demonstrating our...

From: iXledger Team

October 12, 2017

Updates: Progress on Roadmap, Development and more

By Ingemar Svensson, CEO & Founder, iXledger.Welcome to our new blog post, as we update you on our Roadmap changes, Business Development progress, Commercial activities and the iXledger team.RoadmapIt has been exactly 3 months since we completed our token sale. As hinted on our forums, we...

From: iXledger Team

December 15, 2017 19:43

iXledger MVP 1.O

Founder & CEO, Ingemar Svensson, presents the first Minimum Viable Product of the iXledger Insurance Marketplace platform.

October 20, 2017 11:23

iXledger Product Video

iXledger provides an alternative marketplace for insurance based on blockchain. Our mission is to transform the way the market trades and manages insurance products. Visit our website to learn more about us, and contact us through our channels.

Website: https://www.ixledger.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iXledger
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iXledger/
Telegram: https://t.me/iXledger
Blog: https://medium.com/ixledger
Contact: [email protected]

June 11, 2017 16:07

InsureX - A marketplace for insurance based on blockchain