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Indicoin is a social platform that aims to provide a tool where people can help the less privileged from any part of the world. This platform will leverage the Ethereum blockchain to provide meaningful tasks to the user community and attach a monetary value to it, creating a community of people who are incentivized to do socially positive and constructive tasks.Indicoin tokens will give the users voting rights to decide either to accept or reject a suggested task and also will able users to receive rewards for participating in tasks.Team:Supreet GuptaVansh BajajKapil KapadiVarad ShambhawaIndiCoin will be holding its ICO on the 10th of September, 2017 and end on the 1st of November, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 40% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens available, for 0,00008 ETH each during the offering. Token Reserve Split (60%):45% to the Company;10% to the Team;5% Bounty program and escrow;IndiCoin ICO will feature a bounty campaign, and the token will not be mineable.

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INDI Latest Updates
May 31, 2018

Indi AirDrop Extended

Hello Community,We are highly obliged with the continuous support and participation of the Crypto Community in the Airdrop.With the rising demand and multiple requests to extend the Airdrop to the Community which has been left out.Indicoin discussion board has decided to Extend the on-going...

From: IndiCoin

December 01, 2017

Indicoin Support

Hello Community!We regret to inform you that on 16th, 17th November 2017 02:30 am IST, we encountered a security breach in our system due which our vault was compromised. We also encountered other mischievous activities in the said event.Our legal team, with the help of legal authorities is...

From: IndiCoin

October 02, 2017

Indicoin launches INDI Clean and Green Campaign

by INDICOINIndicoin launches first of its ambitious project of incentivising socially benefitting deeds on the occasion of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi who has been a sole propagator of peace and unity across the world. We want to mark this day in memory of all his great deeds and...

From: IndiCoin

October 01, 2017

Open Letter from Indicoin Community on latest updates!

Hello Community!Despite the hectic workload that we have at this point, especially with the Launch of our ICO on 1st October 2017. Our entire team would like to thank each and every member of our community who have been with us from Day 1, and also those who recently joined us after the wrap of...

From: IndiCoin

September 01, 2017


You can earn IndiCoins by participating in any of our community build up campaigns leading up to and during the PRESALE and Token Sale (PRESALE launching September 10, 2017). The complete bounty pool is 400,000 STAKES (equating to 1% of the INDI token available at TOKEN SALE or the equivalent...

From: IndiCoin

August 27, 2017

How Cryptocurrency and Distributed ledgers can change the way we think about social service?

by MIHIRIndicoin is a decentralized autonomous cryptocurrency and a social service platform that enables users to use smart contracts to provide social proof to the blockchain community through a decentralized, unbiased and transparent voting process thereby incentivizing and encouraging the...

From: IndiCoin

August 23, 2017

IndiCoin- Birth and Evolution

In 2015, former RBI governor Raghuram Ranjan had stated that digital currency was fascinating and that India’s central bank could use digital currencies. He had said, “I have no doubt, that down the line, we will be moving towards primarily a cashless society and we’ll have some kind of...

From: IndiCoin

August 22, 2017

IndiCoin- A Platform to Contribute

The Indicoin project recognises that an extremely ignorant and inconsiderate amount of the human population’s attention which plays a significant role in aggravating the inequalities inherent in our society.We, at Indicoin strongly believe that despite the long list of shortcomings that the...

From: IndiCoin

August 19, 2017

Introduction to Indicoin — A Decentralised social service application

Introduction to Indicoin — A Decentralised social service applicationIndicoin is a platform Independent, self-governing social service DApp for a community of people who really want to contribute for the society. Indicoin aims to use the technology of Blockchain and Smart Contracts to...

From: IndiCoin