Upcoming ICO's This week overview
Name Starts
Amo Coin (AMO) 1 days
Tradelize (TDZ) 2 days
Scanetchain Token (SWC) 2 days
Kepler (KEP) 2 days
Bettium (BETT) 5 days
DNN Token (DNN) 5 days
Gimmer (GMR) 5 days
Mint (MNTS) 5 days
Incent ICO summary information

Project Description

Incents plug-in allows users to build and manage a powerful loyalty reward program from within your existing platform so you can issue Incent as rewards for purchases and accept it in redemption for future purchases. Your customers receive their rewards in a mobile app that connects their wallet to your products, offers and promotions, which can be purchased in-app, online or in-person. Merchants issue them Incent to customers, who can hold them, give them away, trade them, or eventually redeem them for goods from participating merchants.The ICO raised 1,094 BTC and 1,148,558 WAVES (total value at the time, around $1.1 million) from 824 investors, giving an average investment size of $1334. The bonus rate started at 10,000 INCNT per BTC which dropped to 6,000 per BTC.Escrow signatories will be:Rob Wilson CEO BitScan - Lead signatoryPaul Klanschek CEO Bitpanda - EscrowFran Strajnar CEO of Brave New Coin - EscrowPaul Klanschek and Fran Strajnar received 0.5% of the amount raised at ICO in BTC as payment for their Escrow services.ICO terms 

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INCNT Latest Updates
May 24, 2018

Happy Incent Anniversary Matt and Nadia!

Today we celebrate the one year anniversary of our earliest employees, Matt Geale and Nadia Begicheva.One year ago, Incent was a very different beast. It was just a few months after our crowd sale, we were wrangling the concept into something that would work with the commercial and regulatory...

From: Incent

April 05, 2018

A fresh look at Rewards tokens

It’s been three and a half years since we turned our attention to creating a blockchain loyalty programme that was fit for purpose and that merchants and customers alike would actually value enough to use. As we launch our new toolbar and gain momentum with users, that seems like a good enough...

From: Incent

March 22, 2018

We have lift off!

We have successfully launched the first of many products that will put Incent into the hands of everyday people and provide a better rewards system. I want to use this product update to go through the current state of the product, highlight some key features and statistics and also provide some...

From: Jins

March 13, 2018

Chrome Extension Change Log

v1.3.8–22 Feb 2018 — RELEASEDAdd messages for global limit reachedv1.3.7–20 Feb 2018 — HOTFIXFix price display of AUDv1.3.6–20 Feb 2018 — RELEASEDAdd close ‘cross’ to notificationsv1.3.5–16 Feb 2018 — HOTFIXUpdate manifest datav1.3.4–16 Feb...

From: Jins

Incent Community Public Forum

Incent is a community. We truly value everyones involvement, feedback and ideas because we know that the growth of Incent as the worlds best reward and loyalty program is through you, the community.As we build the various products across the Incent ecosystem we want to always ensure that we are...

From: Jins

March 12, 2018

Introducing the Incent Public Product Roadmap

We are proud to announce the launch of our new public product roadmap! This roadmap shows you what is:In ProgressUp NextFor Later ReleasesPotential (seeking feedback)DoneLeft for laterYou can access the public roadmap here on Trello. As always, we decide our next steps in collaboration with...

From: Jins

March 11, 2018

Incent Goes Live!

Incent — a blockchain loyalty project that was one of the first initiatives to crowdfund and release their token on the Waves platform — is launching its new toolbar, representing the first step in a major drive to bring crypto to mass-market consumers.Download the Incent toolbar and...

From: Rob Wilson

January 30, 2018

The BlackBot released

We’ve been testing the BlackBot over the past few weeks, and we’re now confident enough to release it to the community for further testing and deployment!It’s finally time to release the BlackBot to the community. Those who don’t know what it’s all about can find out in our last...

From: Guy Brandon

December 06, 2017

Introducing the BlackBot

Prompt settlement without undue slippage is vital if Incent is to succeed as a reward currency amongst mainstream merchants and consumers. We’ll be using the Waves DEX to ensure a 24/7 market, but liquidity and orderbook depth is currently lacking. Here’s how we plan to address that.In...

From: Guy Brandon

September 25, 2017

Incent update and roadmap

25 September 2017Following a jolting set-back at the beginning of July, Community patience while we re-constituted and re-built momentum has been much appreciated. Central to this effort has been forcing ourselves to re-validate our mission and re-imagine our stack from first principles. Not...

From: Guy Brandon

July 15, 2017

An update from Incent

Sydney, 15 July 2017G’day,So ends another frenetic week and in pausing to take stock, I am well aware that I owe you all an update on where things stand, how we got here and what we are doing about it. In the future I look forward to doing this by AMA or Interview but right now I need to...

From: Guy Brandon

June 28, 2017

Incent AMA: 0900 AEST Friday 30 June

UPDATE: The AMA is being postponed. As the community will appreciate, there are some ongoing issues that are being taken care of and we want to make sure we can give you clear answers to your questions. We will reschedule. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.Recent events surrounding...

From: Guy Brandon

June 13, 2017

(Almost) Zero Kelvin crypto storage

People are getting wiser about keeping their crypto funds safe, but if you’re not clear about setting up cold storage, here’s a brief guide for WAVES, Waves assets and other cryptos.It happens all the time. There’s a frantic message on Slack or a forum from someone who has found an...

From: Guy Brandon

June 06, 2017

How to withdraw and store your EncryptoTel Tokens (ETT)

The hour is upon us. After a very successful crowdsale, it’s time to distribute EncryptoTel Tokens to their rightful owners (presumably you, since you’re reading this). Here’s how it will happen.So to recap quickly: EncryptoTel just held a stunning $4.5 million crowdfund for a very cool...

From: Guy Brandon

June 04, 2017

Incent update: May 2017

4 June 2017G’day Cent’urions!Without wishing to overstate it, this last month has been a watershed: a month where Incent moved from a project in-build to a commercial entity. And as we emerge from this period of intense operations it is cathartic for me (and hopefully of interest to...

From: Guy Brandon

May 17, 2017

EncryptoTel: the next steps

After EncryptoTel’s extremely successful crowdfund, we’re looking forward to seeing their tokens out in the wild as much as anyone. Here’s what the next stage looks like.First up, hats off to EncryptoTel for a stunning crowdsale. It got off to a great start with more than $1 million on...

From: Guy Brandon

May 07, 2017

Incent Update: April 2017

7 May 2017G’day Cent’urions!So it’s been another big month, right?! Listing on Bittrex has changed things rather, just like many of you advised me it would, facilitating a nice run up in price to just over 20 US cents on the eve of the ICO activities we are supporting.Anyway, they say one...

From: Guy Brandon

April 07, 2017

The rewards of blockchain technology: how Open Value is set to transform the loyalty sector

The core Incent team at their Sydney fintech hub baseIt’s an open secret that loyalty programmes don’t deliver the value businesses expect. Blockchain technology not only offers a way of launching new reward programmes quickly and easily, but of implementing a fundamentally more attractive...

From: Guy Brandon

March 31, 2017

Incent update — 31 March 2017

Our latest update, from Incent CEO Rob WilsonG’day Cent’urions!March has been a huge month for us here in Sydney and I’m really excited to bring you all up to speed.Technical DevelopmentCore BuildTo review our core product build, I am pleased to report that we are exactly where we hoped...

From: Guy Brandon