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iOlite ICO summary information

Project Description

iOlite is a community-driven knowledge base for naturalized languages which allows an easier human-machine interfacing. iOlite is constantly learning how to communicate with machines. It receives text as an input in any language, programming or natural (English, Russian, etc.), and migrates it to the target machine’s programming language, e.g. Solidity smart contracts in Ethereum. ILT is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum used as a means for value-transfer inside the iOlite network and is required to pay author fees to use a smart contracts.


  • Alfred Shaffir: Co-Founder, CEO 
  • Dmitry Kuzminov: Co-Founder, CTO
  • Vladyslav Makarian: Smart-Contract Expert
  • Artem Gorbachev: Blockchain Expert, PHD 

The iOlite Public presale will start: 10-March-2018 and will end on the 21-March-2018.

The iOlite ICO will start on the 21st of March, 2018 and will last until the 14th of April, 2018. The ICO token allocation represents 65% of the total token supply and will be available for a $0.0221 starting price. The ICO funding target is set at $1000000 and the cap is set at $12500000. 

Token Reserve Split (35%):

  • Marketing, R&D, operations - 10% 
  • Team - 15%
  • Bounties, partners and Service providers - 10%

The ILT ICO will feature a bonus and bounty campaign. The token will be mineable.


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ILT Latest Updates
October 10, 2018

iOlite Moving Forward!

MAINNETWe are extremely excited to announce that the iOlite main-net has been launched and is currently live. The network scanner can be found here: https://scan.iolite.io/ and the node endpoint here: https://net.iolite.io. iOlite has a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism and thus we will...

From: ILT

September 27, 2018

iOlite MainNet Launch!

Dear iOlite participants. We are extremely excited to announce that the iOlite main-net has been launched and is currently live. The network scanner can be found here: https://scan.iolite.io/ and the node endpoint here: https://net.iolite.io.iOlite has a Proof of Authority consensus mechanism...

From: iOlite

July 18, 2018

iOlite announces winners of Israel’s first ever “Blockchain for Social Impact” hackathon

A group of teenage hackers, all women, took first place in the July 12–13 “Blockchain for Social Impact” hackathon, sponsored by iOlite, developers of a platform empowering mainstream users with blockchain technology.TEL AVIV, July 17, 2018 — iOlite has announced the winners of its...

From: iOlite

July 16, 2018

Winners of iOlite #3 Smart Contract Competition!

From: iOlite

July 11, 2018

iOlite to sponsor Israel’s first blockchain for social impact hackathon

The July 12–13 event, sponsored by the creators of a platform empowering mainstream users with blockchain technology, will bring together diverse stakeholders with the common goal of using blockchain to create social impact.iOlite — developers of a software enabling anybody to write...

From: iOlite

July 09, 2018

iOlite, industry leaders gathered in Zug to push for widescale blockchain adoption

The July 5 event, organized by iOlite — developers of a platform empowering mainstream users with blockchain technology — marked the establishment of the first ecosystem to facilitate mass adoption.ZUG, July 9, 2018 — Industry leaders met in Zug, Switzerland’s “Crypto...

From: iOlite

July 05, 2018

Industry Leaders Discuss Blockchain Adoption in Switzerland

iOlite, creator of a crowd intelligence platform connecting mainstream users to blockchain technology, to host an ecosystem launch event in Zug, Switzerland, to promote blockchain adoption.The July 5 event will bring together professionals from across industries to address the real challenges...

From: iOlite

July 03, 2018

iOlite Updates!

As most of you know, our dev team has been working in the 24/7-mode for the past two months and finally, we’re proud and excited to announce that we have released our code on github. The full documentation will be provided soon as well.GitHub: https://github.com/iolitelabsThe iOlite plugin is...

From: iOlite

June 27, 2018

iOlite at Techcrunch Sessions: Blockchain 2018!

Let’s accelerate blockchain adoption! On July 5, industry thought leaders, blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and enterprise executives will come together to discuss the hurdles, the challenges and the solutions to the gap between the impressive speed of blockchain technological development and...

From: iOlite

June 24, 2018

#2 iOlite Smart Contract Competition Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our #2 Smart Contract Competition!????Bittrex Trader - 50 USD in iLT tokens ????Boris - 25 USD in iLT tokensiOlite #3 Smart Contract Competition coming soon!???? ????????Top 2 responses will get 50 USD in ILT tokens and 25 USD in ILT tokens, respectively.We...

From: iOlite

June 15, 2018

#2 iOlite smart contracts competition!

#2 iOlite smart contracts competition!????iOlite is entering an exciting time of building use cases and partnerships ???? for our platform and we want you all on board!Send your suggestions to [email protected] or simply write your answer in the comments section below, about which...

From: iOlite

April 28, 2018

Announcing Our New Partner: Social Wallet!

Announcing Our New Partner: Social WalletWe’re pleased to officially welcome our new partner, Social Wallet, a leading platform in mainstream blockchain adoption! Through its ingenious simplicity and utilization of social media audiences, Social Wallet allows users to send all types of...

From: iOlite

March 25, 2018

Problems & Costs of Smart Contract Development

Can your business afford it?Image by Gratisography.comThe problem with smart contracts is that most small and medium businesses are unable to implement smart contracts not only due to technological complexity but mostly because of their expensiveness. The costs for smart contract development...

From: iOlite

March 11, 2018

Locomotor Game Demonstrates iOlite Concepts

As some of you may have noticed, we have released the beta version of our Locomotor Natural Language Processing (NLP) Game in our Telegram chat.This game exercises some of our core iOlite technology components, such as allowing our Fast Adaptation Engine (FAE) to demonstrate its language...

From: iOlite

March 03, 2018

Explanation of iOlite Flow and its FAE

This post will help you to understand how the iOlite process works. Below, you see the sequence of the Fast Adaptation Engine (FAE).Sequence Diagram iOlite FAEDifferent ElementsAuthor (~ requester for solution): Person who is trying to write a smart contract for a specific use.Contributor:...

From: iOlite

February 19, 2018

Blockchain Engineers are in demand — What can we do?

Full credit: Michiel MuldersAn article published on the 14th of February by TechCrunch states there is a huge shortage of blockchain engineers. At the moment, there are 14 job offerings for every one blockchain developer. Although, the “$/knowledge” ratio increased even further this year in...

From: iOlite

January 16, 2018

The Blockchain’s SWOT: Where iOlite Jumps In!

In a world filled with emerging technologies, the blockchain technology is arguably one of the most exciting, being labeled as ‘disruptive’ and ‘innovative’ by many. Despite often being associated abundantly with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the underlying technology, this...

From: iOlite

January 12, 2018

125k $ [BOUNTY][ICO] iOlite Foundation — Making Smart Contracts Easy

BTT ANN | WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | Official Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram (intl)Bounty Campaign is ON! iOlite — Making Smart Contracts EasyiOlite’s official Bounty Campaign is now on air!Offering its participants a total allocation of 1% off all “ILT” tokens to be created...

From: iOlite

December 27, 2017

iOlite — Smart Contracts Made Easy

The iOlite Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to bring smart contracts technology to the masses by bridging on technological gaps existing today preventing the mass adoption of smart contracts hence making them available to any end user — technological...

From: iOlite