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InvestFeed is currently a cross-platform social trading platform in production for US Equities, available on Browser, Native iOS, and Native Android.In InvestFeed’s system, FEED Tokens (IFT) will play a key role in providing economic incentives so that the rational behavior of individuals results in common good. On InvestFeed’s platform, contributors will be rewarded for their work and incentivized to continue increasing the value of the community ecosystem.IFT Tokens will be of a standardized ERC20 form, so they can easily be integrated. Every feature in the InvestFeed platform that gives any added value to its user will require payment using IFT Tokens. Every user who facilitates the use of a feature which in turn gives added value, will be entitled to receive IFT Token (IFT).InvestFeed will be holding its ICO on July 23, 2017. The funding cap of the ICO is 28,000 ETH. The ICO is expected to end on August 7, 2017. 

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IFT Latest Updates
May 15, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #14 Part 2

Bug Fixes and Improvements:Multi-device notification support added including additional notifications to make mobile experience more consistent with desktop.Animated GIF support added.Implemented new design enhancements across desktop and mobile in order to optimize user experience.All...

From: investFeed

April 25, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #14 Part 1

New Implementations and UpgradesDesktop Specific updatesChanges for Coin List Page and Market Data:Changes were made to the coin list, watchlist, and coin profile pages to provide more accurate real time OHLCV data. In addition, real-time data via websockets has been implemented for streaming...

From: investFeed

April 13, 2018

investFeed Partners with Dock.io to Enhance User Experience and Further Mass Blockchain Adoption

investFeed, the leading social network for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with dock.io.The partnership, which is in line with investFeed’s goals to provide the crypto community an unparalleled social...

From: investFeed

April 05, 2018

SludgeFeed joins InvestFeed, Bringing Exclusive Content to Top Cryptocurrency Social Network

Leading cryptocurrency and blockchain social network investFeed is pleased to welcome top tech and crypto news source SludgeFeed to its platform.The partnership will see SludgeFeed joining a rapidly growing community of more than 50,000+ active users, connected by a network built to serve as the...

From: investFeed

March 14, 2018

investFeed, Leading Cryptocurrency Social Network Lists Utility Token (IFT) on HitBTC.

investFeed, a leading cryptocurrency social network powered by crypto specific contributors, ICO contributors, and enthusiasts alike, is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership by listing investFeed (IFT) with a top tier cryptocurrency exchange,...

From: investFeed

February 28, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #13

investFeed Developer Diary #13New Implementations and UpgradesHome Page feature changesThe Old Ticker Header has been replaced with New Header Design to provide Integrated New Data in the runtime where user can see· Total market cap· 24 hour buy/sell volume· Market dominance of BTC in...

From: investFeed

February 09, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #12

investFeed Developer Diary #12Welcome Back!Keeping in line with the Spirit of constantly improving the user experiences the team at investFeed aims to deliver an evolving product that bridges the gap between a web application and intuitive behavior of the end user in general. This document...

From: investFeed

January 21, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #11

Implementations, Upgrades, and More TippingFirst Charting Upgrade Now ImplementedWe’re pleased to announce that the first stages of the charting upgrade that we featured in previous updates have been implemented directly on the investFeed platform. After thorough testing and design phases,...

From: investFeed

January 07, 2018

investFeed Developer Diary #10

The first week of 2018 — bringing bug fixes, platform updates, and more.Gas Up Once — Approved Amounts on investFeed Through Smart ContractsWe’re pleased to announce that the backbone of our token architecture has been completed, and we’re ready to keep moving forward with more...

From: investFeed

December 24, 2017

investFeed Year-End Update

Back in July, we established ourselves as “antifragile,” or a business with a sound foundation, solid leadership, and a vision including the adoption of emerging technologies in order to grow with the industry. We’ve proven ourselves countless times in the past, whether it be our award in...

From: investFeed

December 13, 2017

Letter to Our Community: The Binance Competition

To the investFeed Community,We want to thank you for your contributions throughout Binance’s Community Coin of the Month competition. It was long, well fought, and incredible to see the amount of effort that came around toward the end of the voting period.One of the largest requests that we...

From: investFeed

December 02, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #9

Charting and Upgraded Data FeedsWe would like to take a moment to apologize for the delay on our charting and data upgrades mentioned in the last two developer updates. They should both be implemented in the next two weeks, and we appreciate your continued patience.We would like to share one of...

From: investFeed

November 17, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #8

The first thing you may have noticed last week when logging into investFeed was a completely updated U.I. Everything from our header to our main site layout has been upgraded and equipped with a more modern feel. The platform has also been undergoing responsiveness-upgrades in order to enhance...

From: investFeed

November 04, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #7

Another two weeks, and another developer update from the investFeed team. We’ve been working around the clock to make sure we’re hitting our deadlines and refining our network to the greatest extent possible. As we continue to develop the features listed in our previous developer updates, we...

From: investFeed

October 31, 2017

investFeed and Enigma Partner to Grow and Enable Crypto Trading Community

Today investFeed is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Enigma. Enigma is building a decentralized data marketplace protocol as well as Catalyst, a data-driven crypto investment platform to run on this protocol. The partnership focuses on both expanding investFeed’s community and...

From: investFeed

October 20, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #6

It has been quite busy at investFeed between bug fixes, token integration coding, working on updated charts and data, design work, and feedback-combing. We’d like to present our users with their biweekly taste of what has been going on behind the scenes:Updates on UI/UX ChangesAs mentioned...

From: investFeed

October 04, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #5

Featured Update: Feed Token IntegrationWe’ve been actively listening to our community and have officially decided to expedite the first integration of our token on the platform which users should expect to see in the next 6 weeks.Post with tipping enabled.Our first implementation will be in...

From: investFeed

September 19, 2017

Introducing investFeed Edge — Weekly Writing Contest

We’re pleased to announce investFeed Edge as the news publication arm of investFeed. We want to make sure our followers not only have a social community, but a dedicated news website to deliver information and breaking stories as they happen.This new platform does not affect the development...

From: investFeed

September 18, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #4

About Page/Signup Page OverhaulAs part of our UI/UX update schedule, we’re starting with our auxiliary pages. Make sure to check out our new homepage and about page to see our visual updates and get an idea of the style we’re moving to with investFeed.Also be sure to check out our about...

From: investFeed

September 07, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #3

investFeed Mobile DevelopmentOne of the most important parts of our development efforts is getting our mobile platforms on both iOS and Android up-to-speed with our transition to cryptocurrencies. We’re pleased to announce that by the beginning of next week, both the iOS App Store and the...

From: investFeed

August 23, 2017

investFeed Developer Diary #2

Cryptocurrency FundamentalsOne of our major commitments in 2017 was to work on optimizing the user experience on investFeed. We want to make sure that not only our social networking capabilities are enhanced, but also that our users are provided with easier ways to access and explore...

From: investFeed