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Iconomi is a project by Czech based Cashila bitcoin exchange. Iconomi allows users to easily acquire ether with euros and is now expanding via ICO to Iconomi Open Fund Management platform. In the Iconomi OFM, investors can choose between two investment types depending on risk and profit levels; Coin Traded Funds (CTFs) and Coin Managed Funds (CMFs).Iconomi tokens (ICN) allow investors to vote on platform's development and they also earn dividends from the profits generated by the Iconomi OFM platform.

Project Description

The ICONOMI Digital Assets Management Platform aims to provide the best and simplest method to enter the growing distributed economy. The ICONOMI service breaks down the barriers traditionally encountered by first-time investors in the centralised economy. With a broad set of unique and intuitive tools for a person of any skill level, it enables users to invest and manage various digital assets or combined Digital Assets Array™ (DAA). The first DAA open for investment is index-based ICNX. This presents a first step towards establishing a network of DAA managers and users.Iconomi (ICN) tokens allow users to vote regarding the platform's development and they pay out dividends from the profits generated by the Iconomi OFM platform.Team:Tim Zagar: CEO, Co-Founder. (Twitter, LinkedIn);Jani Valjavec: CTO Trading, Co-Founder. (Twitter, LinkedIn);Zenel Batagelj: Strategy Advisor. (Twitter, LinkedIn);Ervin Kovac: COO. (LinkedIn);Gregor Lah: CTO Development. (LinkedIn);Meta Vrhnjak: Special Operations Executive. (LinkedIn);Egidijus Norkus: Product Owner. (LinkedIn);Iconomi raised funds for their ICO in three cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC and LSK) as well as EUR and USD. In total, 6700 unique addresses participated, with some addresses contributing multiple investments. ICONOMI reports that 3,508 people invested and the top 10% of addresses contributed over $6 million: over 3/4 of the total cryptocurrency investment and 60% of the total amount raised. These 670 addresses averaged approximately $9,000 each. A 15% bonus which reduced by 5% each week.Team page and Etherscan.

Founders and Associates

Tim M. Zagar, Jani Valjavec, Ales Lekse

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ICN Latest Updates
January 08, 2019

eICN Exchange Process Continues

eICN Exchange Process ContinuesICONOMIJan 8As planned, the first step in the process of exchanging ICN finished on December 31, 2018. 80% of ICN holders already exchanged their ICN, with the following results:The dedicated ICN exchange page will remain continuously available until December 31,...

From: ICN

January 03, 2019

Monthly Update XII

Monthly Update XIIICONOMIJan 3We closed out 2018 on a high note! After opening euro transactions in November, we now offer direct purchase of cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios to 165 million Europeans. We also published an overview of ICONOMI in 2018, celebrated the anniversary of BLX,...

From: ICN

December 27, 2018

Time to Mourn or Time to Celebrate?

Over the past four months, discussion about the end of cryptocurrencies trended significantly. For the layman, it was the end; for the knowledgeable, however, it was only another challenging day on the investment battlefield.I am not sure what the exact phraseology was when the barter (swap)...

From: ICN

December 24, 2018

2018 in Review

2018 in ReviewICONOMIDec 24, 2018While we’ve already started working on our New Year’s resolutions, we’d like to make a quick overview of 2018. We’ve embraced changes in the industry pushing for legal clarity and company transparency. Looking back, we have been...

From: ICN

December 07, 2018

eICN Frequently Asked Questions, Part III

We would like to assure our token holders that all actions leading up to the issuance of eICN tokens are done with the benefit of ICN token holders in mind. To this end, we sincerely thank ICN holders and especially future eICN holders for their continued support.Subscribe to our Medium and...

From: ICN

ICONOMI Monthly Update XI

ICONOMI Monthly Update XIICONOMIDec 7, 2018We are ending 2018 on a high note by enabling our users to invest in cryptocurrencies. You can now choose from 10 market-leading cryptocurrencies and get started with as little as 10 euros!Buy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios with EurosOn...

From: ICN

December 05, 2018

New at ICONOMI: Buy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios with Euros

New at ICONOMI: Buy Cryptocurrencies and Digital Portfolios with EurosICONOMIDec 5, 2018As of today, if you’re an ICONOMI user from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Malta, Slovenia, or Spain, you can purchase 10 different leading cryptocurrencies directly — with zero fees....

From: ICN

November 23, 2018

Everything You Need to Know about eICN

Click here to start the process.Have more questions?Read our FAQ Part I, Part II, and Part III and visit our Help Center to find answers to your questions. If you still have questions, contact our customer support team.Subscribe to our Medium and mailing list, and follow our official channels...

From: ICN

November 02, 2018

Top 3 Best-Performing DAAs of Q3 2018

Top 3 Best-Performing DAAs of Q3 2018ICONOMINov 2, 2018The bear market trend continued in Q3 2018. This represented a very challenging environment for our DAA managers. Though the market conditions were far from optimal, despite these challenges, our top three best performing DAA managers...

From: ICN

November 01, 2018

ICONOMI Monthly Update X

Diversify your digital portfolio with ICONOMI. Explore over 30 Digital Asset Arrays here.Subscribe to our Medium and mailing list for more insights. Follow our official channels for more updates and news:Facebook / Twitter / Reddit / Medium

From: ICN

October 30, 2018

eICN Frequently Asked Questions, Part II

This is the second part in our series answering frequently asked questions concerning eICN. Part I is available here. For more information about eICN, read the general overview announcement here, or read this post for further legal and technical details. For more information about the conversion...

From: ICN

ICN Conversion Process Begins

ICN Conversion Process BeginsICONOMIOct 30, 2018Please note: Due to changes in the ICN exchange process, the information below is subject to change. The last change occurred on November 23, 2018. Please also consider finding updated information regarding eICN in our Help Center and recent...

From: ICN

ICONOMI Financial Report — Q3 2018

ICONOMI Financial Report — Q3 2018Matej TomazinOct 30, 2018With the announcement about the transformation of ICONOMI’s corporate governance and the issuance of the eICN equity token, we have entered a new chapter. This is a a game changer for us and for our...

From: ICN

October 02, 2018

ICONOMI at Delta Summit: Overview and Schedule

Join Us at Booth #1We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Delta Summit, Malta’s leading blockchain conference supported by the Maltese government and one of the biggest blockchain events of the year. Delta Summit starts on October 3, and ends on October 5. The event will take place at...


October 01, 2018

Monthly Update IX

With the announcement of the eICN equity token; the imminent launch of Delta Summit Index, one of the world’s first crowdsourced digital asset indexes; and much more, September has been one of the most momentous months in ICONOMI history.Changes to the ICN token and corporate governance...


September 27, 2018

The Technical and Legal Side of ICONOMI’s Transformation

Why are we doing this? What is the process?We are bringing legal clarity to the shareholders of ICONOMI.In recent months, we have seen that legal frameworks are not yet able to support the kind of corporate governance we envisioned for ICONOMI and that our current corporate setup is not the...

From: Matej Tomazin

A New Chapter for ICONOMI: Transformation of Corporate Governance and Issuance of Equity Tokens

We are presenting a new structure for ICONOMI that will answer all questions related to ownership and governance.In the summer of 2016, just two years ago, the blockchain space looked very different than it does today. There was a total legal vacuum, without even a hint as to the direction in...

From: Tim M. Zagar

September 26, 2018

Co-creating Delta Summit Index: Capturing Sentiment at Delta Summit 2018

Powered by ICONOMIWe are very excited to attend the upcoming Delta Summit 2018 event, Malta’s leading blockchain conference supported by the Maltese government and one of the biggest blockchain events of the year. As an ultra exhibitor of the event, we are proud to announce that we will be...

From: Matej Tomazin

September 25, 2018

DAA Strategy Insights: MoonShot by ArabFolio.Capital

MOON was the best performing DAA of last week. In this interview, Head of Investment at ArabFolio.Capital Ahmad Shadid discusses their recent shift from the “hodl” mentality to active trading.Your DAA was last week’s best performer (+15%, 12% of which was in one day). What were the key...


September 21, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Global Macro Crypto

Mihail Semertzidis of Global Macro Crypto believes crypto will transform the world of finance as we know it. In this interview, he discusses the war between crypto and traditional banking, the coming influx of retail and institutional investment in crypto, and the role of stablecoins in in the...


September 04, 2018

Monthly Update VIII

In August, we launched our new DAA Strategy Insights series to provide a behind-the-scenes look into DAA management, upgraded our trading engine, integrated a new exchange, and much more.ICONOMI Platform AnniversaryAugust 1 was the one-year anniversary of the ICONOMI platform. To celebrate, we...


August 31, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Third Eye Array (Part 2)

Click here to read Part 1.Dan Verowski of Third Eye Array believes blockchain has the potential to change the world for the better. He weighs in on the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash debate, Ethereum’s move to proof of stake, and many other topics in his interview. Dan has a lot to say on these...


August 29, 2018

DAA Strategy Insights: CARUS-AR

With Menno Peter PietersenIn the second interview of our new DAA Strategy Insights series, Menno Peter Pietersen of CARUS-AR explains why he removed his TrueUSD hedge, the reasoning behind his latest rebalancing, and more.Why did you decide to rebalance your DAA? Do you think we’ve seen...


August 24, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Third Eye Array (Part 1)

Dan Verowski of Third Eye Array believes blockchain has the potential to change the world for the better. He weighs in on the Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash debate, Ethereum’s move to proof of stake, and many other topics in his interview. Dan has a lot to say on these topics, so this DAA Manager...


August 17, 2018

DAA Strategy Insights: Sustainable Crypto Selection

Our next series of DAA Manager Insights interviews covers the rebalancing strategies of ICONOMI DAA managers, providing unique insight into how they approach the structuring of their DAAs. Our first interview in this series is with Roger Wurzel of Sustainable Crypto Selection.What triggered the...


August 14, 2018

Trading Engine Upgrade, DAA Rebalancing Page, and a New Exchange Integration

Today, we are happy to announce a major technology upgrade and one of the biggest milestones from our 2018 roadmap. Because the trading engine is at the core of the ICONOMI platform and powers every Digital Asset Array, this upgrade introduces enhancements for both end users and DAA managers.We...

From: Miha Vidmar

July 30, 2018

ICONOMI Financial Report — Q2 2018

Q2 was one of our most productive quarters so far. We achieved three major milestones: by implementing the first stage of the fiat gateway, we opened the doors to new users, especially those with less experience with digital assets; with the addition of the first stablecoin, we created an option...

From: Matej Tomazin

July 27, 2018

Monthly Update VII

In July we added three new DAAs, including our first DAAs based in India and Italy, released new mobile and web app features, published interviews with our Q2 top three DAA managers, and much more.Note: In the past, we have published Monthly Updates in the middle of the following month. Going...


DAA Manager Insights: Tactical Gains Array

Umberto Pagnini and Gianluca Panelli use a detailed scoring system to select projects to include in their equally weighted DAA. Learn more about this process, their views on the challenges involved in achieving mass adoption, their perspective on the emerging Italian crypto scene, and more in...


July 13, 2018

The ICONOMI Digest

Welcome to the first ICONOMI Digest. This update series is a continuation of our Weekly Update series and will be published on a biweekly basis. Our new name was chosen by the ICONOMI community in a Twitter poll.DAA OverviewOn July 5, we published an overview of DAA performance in Q2. All three...


July 06, 2018

Inside Look into Top DAA Managers’ Trading Strategies and Market Perspectives

Full Interviews with the Top 3 DAA Managers of Q2 2018Yesterday, we published our Q2 performance overview, outlining the top three DAAs: Trade, Cornucopia Index, and Exponential Age Array. We asked the managers of these three DAAs — Cain Ransbottyn, Elad Shtilerman and Sven Van de...


July 05, 2018

Top 3 Best-Performing DAAs of Q2 2018

Following the explosive growth of digital currencies in winter 2017, we have been experiencing a correction during the first half of 2018. Despite this, our top 3 DAA managers have managed to perform beyond expectations by keeping their Q2 numbers in the green and delivering a positive return...


June 29, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: GB Global Blockchain AG

The current ongoing correction is testing everyone, but we must not forget that the crypto market is still young and very volatile. As Roger Wurzel of GB Global Blockchain, which manages the Sustainable Crypto Selection DAA, points out, this industry will have an irrevocable impact on asset...

From: Matej Tomazin

DAA Manager Insights

DAA Manager Insights: GB Global Blockchain AGThe current ongoing correction is testing everyone, but we must not forget that the crypto market is still young and very volatile. As Roger Wurzel of GB Global Blockchain, which manages the Sustainable Crypto Selection DAA, points out, this industry...

From: Matej Tomazin

June 21, 2018

Development Overview: Q2 2018

Welcome to the second development overview of 2018. These overviews are intended to give a sense of how we are progressing with each of the development goals outlined in our ICONOMI in 2018 roadmap blog post. Take a look at the graphic below for a quick synopsis, or read on for more details.We...

From: Miha Vidmar

June 15, 2018

Weekly Update

With the launch of our 30th DAA, Sustainable Crypto Solutions, this week marked another important milestone for ICONOMI. Among other activities, we also released our Monthly Update for May, one of our most productive months of 2018 so far.New DAAYesterday we launched our 30th public DAA,...


June 14, 2018

2018 Monthly Update V

With the release of the first stage of the fiat gateway, the addition of our first stablecoin, and support for ten new digital assets on the ICONOMI platform, May was an extraordinary month for ICONOMI. Read on for the complete overview.Fiat GatewayAt the end of May, we released the first stage...


June 08, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Global Crypto One

DAA manager Dr. Achim Illner of Global Crypto One (GCO) believes Bitcoin as a store of value is the most important business case in the entire crypto-economy. Learn more about his views about Bitcoin, the crypto ecosystem in Germany, and more in this week's interview.We are seeing more and...

From: Matej Tomazin

June 06, 2018

ICONOMI’s Process of Adding New Digital Assets

Since December 2017, we have been adding new digital assets to the platform on a regular basis. DAA managers now have up to 73 digital assets to choose from and present to our users through their diversified baskets of cryptocurrencies, or Digital Asset Arrays.We have been receiving requests...


June 04, 2018

Meet the Managers: Hong Kong & Singapore

Last week we hosted two Meet the Managers events, one in Hong Kong and one in Singapore — our first ever events organized in Asia. The purpose of the events was to connect with our Asian community, get a sense for their crypto scene, and meet with potential DAA managers from the region....

From: Jure Sutar

June 01, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: ArabFolio.Capital LLC

Blockchain is spreading everywhere and seems to be connecting everyone. Our DAA manager ArabFolio.Capital is trying to bridge the gap between Eastern investments and Western opportunities. Read more about ArabFolio.Capital’s views about Arabian buying power and the blockchain environment...

From: Matej Tomazin

May 31, 2018

ICONOMI Fiat Gateway

Opening the Doors for Everyday UsersOne of our goals for 2018 was to open the door to mass adoption by introducing a fiat ramp-up service on our platform. Today, we are excited to announce the release of the first stage of the fiat ramp-up: over-the-counter (OTC) deals.This gives ICONOMI users...

From: Matej Tomazin

May 25, 2018

Stablecoin Added to the ICONOMI Platform

More Options in Times of VolatilityAfter completing our ten-day campaign of adding new digital assets to the ICONOMI platform, we have a surprise: the addition of our first stablecoin, TrueUSD.Access to a stablecoin will give DAA managers the chance to hedge in times of volatility, minimizing...

From: Miha Vidmar

May 22, 2018

ICONOMI App Updates

iOS, Android, New Supported CountriesWe are constantly working on adding features and enhancements to improve our users’ experience with our products. Today, mobile users are on an upsurge, and so is the demand for iOS and Android apps.iOSThe latest release of the official ICONOMI iOS app has...

From: Miha Vidmar

May 15, 2018

2018 Monthly Update IV

Welcome to the ICONOMI Monthly Update for April. In April, we completed a proof of solvency, allowing us to prove that our assets are greater than our liabilities; hosted more events in our Meet the Managers series, this time in Madrid and Amsterdam; released the Hive Index DAA; and more.Proof...


May 11, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Hive Digital Assets

Being aware of the possibilities in every situation is an important skill in the crypto world. Our DAA manager Hive Digital Assets knows this, pointing out that no one has perfect timing and there will always be trades that “could have been” or “should have been.” Read more about Hive...

From: Matej Tomazin

April 27, 2018

Meet the Managers: Amsterdam

This week we hosted the fourth event in our Meet the Managers series. This time we met in the Netherlands, which has the second largest user base on our platform. People from all over the country, as well as some guests from abroad, traveled to Amsterdam to meet with three of our DAA managers...

From: Jure Sutar

April 26, 2018

ICONOMI Financial Report — Q1 2018

Ending Q1 2018 on a high note, we finished preparing for one of the most important milestones so far: the blockchain audit by Deloitte. With this achievement, we set a new standard for trust in the blockchain industry.Overall, 2018 had a strong start. The robust demand in the crypto-economy from...

From: Matej Tomazin

April 20, 2018

Setting New Standards for the Blockchain Industry: ICONOMI’s Digital Assets Verified by Deloitte

ICONOMI’s first blockchain audit represents one of the most important milestones so far, another bridge we have built between the old and the new economy, and another step we have made toward transparency and trust. With the help of our community, clients, partners, and employees, we are...

From: Tim M. Zagar

Proof of Solvency: Technical Overview

On April 5, 2018, ICONOMI’s $133.6M of liabilities and $210.2M of reserves, distributed across 80 digital assets, were blockchain audited and verified by Deloitte.Our goal for the blockchain audit was to prove our solvency and our digital asset holdings using best practices from the...

From: Miha Vidmar

April 16, 2018

2018 Monthly Update III

Welcome to the latest edition of our Monthly Update series. In March, we hosted another successful Meet the Managers event, released our new DAA List page and new DAA metrics, released our first development overview, and much more.New DAA InsightsFrancis Lee of Future Crypto Economy (FCE)...


April 13, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Blockchain Nordic

Since the ever-growing monetization of digital encounters is likely to extend through the next decades, privacy is becoming a rare commodity. ICONOMI’s wide spectrum of DAAs not only represent diversity and depth within each digital asset, but also a full range of options for different DAA...

From: Matej Tomazin

April 10, 2018

Meet the Managers: Madrid

When organizing our events, we always try to think strategically, and this time was no different. On April 5, we organized the third event in our Meet The Managers series, this time in Spain, a country that has showed a lot of interest in our platform and, together with the Netherlands, is...

From: Jure Sutar

April 05, 2018

DAA Performance: Q1 2018 Overview

Price trends in Q1 2018 were very different from those in Q4 2017. While 2017 ended with the digital asset market capitalization at an all-time high, Q1 2018 ended with a strong correction. But as has been widely pointed out, corrections are a natural occurrence in a healthy market, and...


April 02, 2018

Meet the Managers: London

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. “— Benjamin FranklinThe crypto-economy provides possibilities for great returns, but education can make them even better. Our international Meet the Managers events are intended to help provide that education to the ICONOMI community and...

From: Jure Sutar

March 30, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Cain Ransbottyn

There is an old investment saying that goes perfectly with the theme of Easter and the current crypto crash: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Of course, going against the crowd is always hard, which is why these insights from our DAA manager DAA Manager Cain Ransbottyn of TRADE might...

From: Matej Tomazin

March 29, 2018

Development Overview: Q1 2018

Welcome to ICONOMI’s first development overview. These overviews are intended to give a sense of how we are progressing with each of the development goals outlined in our ICONOMI in 2018 roadmap blog post. Take a look at the graphic below for a quick synopsis, or read on for more details.We...

From: Miha Vidmar

March 23, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Phoenix Decentralized Solutions

Roger Staubach said that “There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.” This aligns well with the intentions of our DAA manager Phoenix Decentralized Solutions, who plans to provide first-class customer service for new crypto investors as an important part of their strategy.You started...

From: Matej Tomazin

March 21, 2018

ICONOMI Q&A Session: March Edition

If you joined us for our Reddit AMA March Edition, you already learned about the progress of the fiat ramp-up, automated rebalancing, and other plans for the near and distant future. In case you weren’t with us, we’ve summed up our answers to the top 20 questions below.Do you still believe...

From: Tjasa Tolj

March 16, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Francis Lee

Benjamin Franklin said that “Diligence is the mother of good luck,” and this can easily be applied to the statistics our DAA manager Francis Lee mentions in these insights when discussing the role of VC in the blockchain world.Coming from the VC world, you must look at blockchain startups...

From: Matej Tomazin

March 15, 2018

2018 Monthly Update II

Welcome to the latest edition of the ICONOMI Monthly Update series. This month we introduced fees payable in ICN, released an Android update, added new supported countries for verification, and much more.We have a wide range of events planned for the coming months. There are still a few seats...

From: Tjasa Tolj

March 14, 2018

Introducing Fees Payable in ICN

We will be implementing another goal outlined in our road map for 2018: the introduction of fees payable in ICN. Further ICN usages will be announced in the future.DAA CreationTo date, the minimum required seed for establishing a Digital Asset Array (DAA) has been $100K. As planned, to widen...

From: Matej Tomazin

March 06, 2018

New Supported Countries for Tier 2 Verification

Today we are excited to announce fourteen new countries are now supported for Tier 2 verification on the ICONOMI platform: Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Namibia, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Taiwan and Thailand. This brings the total...

From: Gregor Kobal

March 02, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: JJK Crypto Assets

Confucius’ saying “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop” resonates well with the Slovakian crypto community. As our DAA manager JJK points out, a scene is emerging and the quality of meetups is getting better and better.Your team consists of three members:...

From: Matej Tomazin

February 23, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Arnold A. Sternberg

Jose Andres said, “The modernity of yesterday is the tradition of today, and the modernity of today will be tradition tomorrow.” This idea can be applied to Switzerland’s open attitude toward the crypto scene, confirmed by our DAA Manager Arnold A. Sternberg, who explains this relationship...

From: Matej Tomazin

ICONOMI Weekly Update

Dear ICONOMI users,Welcome to our first ICONOMI Weekly Update. While Monthly Updates and Quarterly Reports will remain our primary means of communication, these short summaries of key news items from the past week will give our community a chance to catch up on ICONOMI news and events on a more...

From: Tjasa Tolj

February 22, 2018

ICONOMI Q&A Session: February Edition

Thank you for joining our February Q&A Session on Reddit. Like every month, we enjoyed answering your questions. This time we answered questions regarding ICN utility, our upcoming Big Four audit, the fiat ramp-up, and more. Read below for our answers to the twenty top upvoted questions.When...

From: Tjasa Tolj

February 19, 2018

ICONOMI in Vienna: Meet the Managers Event

On February 14, ICONOMI hosted an event in Vienna bringing together four of our DAA managers — Columbus Capital, CARUS-AR, Pecun.io, and Solidum Capital — with ICONOMI supporters and potential clients for a day of keynote talks and interactive panel discussions with a focus on...

From: Jure Sutar

February 16, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Blockchain Assets Pty Ltd

Klaus Schwab’s saying that “Change can be frightening, and the temptation is often to resist it. But change almost always provides opportunities — to learn new things, to rethink tired processes, and to improve the way we work. “ This is the logic our DAA manager Blockchain Assets...

From: Matej Tomazin

Join our community on Rocket.Chat!

If you are a member of the Slack community, an account with your username and email will be waiting for you on Rocket.Chat — ICONOMI’s new official chat platform. Just click “Forgot your password” on the login page in the link below and you will receive an email to set up a new...

From: Tjasa Tolj

February 15, 2018

2018 Monthly Update I

Welcome to the first monthly update of the year. Over the past month, we added four new DAA managers, added five new supported digital assets, and hosted our first live Meet the Managers event in Vienna. Read on for a detailed overview.New DAA Managers and DAA InsightsDAA ManagersSven Van de...

From: Tjasa Tolj

February 14, 2018

ICONOMI community chat platform migrating to Rocket.Chat

ICONOMI will migrate from Slack to Rocket.Chat. The new chat platform will open to the community on Friday, February 16!We’re happy to announce that after research and testing, the ICONOMI team will transition from Slack to Rocket.Chat for open communication and collaboration with our...

From: Tjasa Tolj

February 09, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Sven Van de Perre

Mark Zuckerberg said that “Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones.” The same is true for crypto, and our DAA Manager Sven Van de Perre offers interesting insights about when the public will treat...

From: Matej Tomazin

February 02, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Aljoscha Frick

Have you noticed that some countries are just not on the ICO map? Germany is one of them, and our DAA manager Aljoscha Frick offers an interesting explanation.Germany is known as one of the major driving forces in the European Union. Is this also the case when it comes to blockchain and its...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 31, 2018

ICONOMI Financial Report — Q4 2017

2017 ended with a month that even in the crypto world is seen as an outlier. We saw a run of BTC up to $20,000 USD and a “tsunami” of new investors in the crypto ecosystem.Our user base increased more than 50% in the last quarter, and in January we added more than 10,000 new users. Our book...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 26, 2018

CEO Insights: Tim M. Zagar

Aristotle said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” This is also true for understanding blockchain and the opportunities that lie ahead. From this perspective, we are publishing a translation of an interview with ICONOMI CEO Tim M. Zagar originally conducted by...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 19, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Michal Novák

Ragnar Lothbrok said, “Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way.” This quote could easily be the mantra of our DAA manager Michal Novák, as well as of the whole crypto space. In these insights he reveals the story of how he came up with his DAA name — Ragnarok...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 17, 2018

ICONOMI Reddit Ask Me Anything Summary: January Edition

Thanks for joining us for our first AMA of 2018! Today’s AMA covered a wide range of questions, from Rocket.Chat to the fiat ramp-up. We hope you found our answers enlightening.When can ICN be used to buy DAA ?We do not currently have plans to support buying DAAs with any other digital...

From: Tjasa Tolj

January 15, 2018

ICONOMI Monthly Update — December 2017

2018 is already shaping up to be a great year. We are preparing to deliver another amazing array of improvements, progress, and new features, such as the real-time assets under management tracker we released today.Looking AheadAt the end of December, we released “ICONOMI in 2018,” outlining...

From: Tjasa Tolj

January 12, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: Steven Reynolds

The Chinese general Sun Tzu said that “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” This principle is aligned with the achievements of our DAA manager Steven Reynolds, from the tokenization of his GEM DAA to his...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 10, 2018

DAA Quarterly Overview: Three months of DAA Performance

On October 4, 2017 we welcomed the first series of DAA managers to our platform. Since then, we have added seven additional DAAs, one of them private (hidden). We are also pleased to announce that we’ve reached the $200M AUM milestone to start 2018. We’ve witnessed increased activity in the...

From: Tjasa Tolj

January 09, 2018

More supported countries & Higher Tier 1 limits for your ICONOMI account

As part of our efforts to expand verification services, we have redesigned Tier 1 verification. We are increasing Tier 1 deposit and withdrawal limits and now support 189 countries. You can verify to Tier 1 directly from your account page.Tier 2 and Tier 3 users will not be affected by...

From: Tjasa Tolj

January 05, 2018

DAA Manager Insights: William Mougayar

We all know Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Ugly Duckling,” where a little bird matures into a beautiful swan. It seems the same has happened with William Mougayar’s DAA, which started off slow but finished with one of the best results in the first three-month period after DAAs were...

From: Matej Tomazin

January 04, 2018

New Digital Assets on the Block: Starting 2018 with Five New Digital Assets

Starting 2018 in full swing, we are adding five new digital assets for our DAA managers to choose from. Joining our digital asset list this month are Icon, Kyber Network, Loopring, Quantstamp, and Ripple.IconThe Icon (ICX) token is a loopchain-based smart contract digital protocol that...

From: Tjasa Tolj

December 29, 2017

ICONOMI in 2018

Walt Disney said that “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” This perfectly describes our energy and dedication to making ICONOMI truly great and unique. We conducted our ICO in October 2016, when the total crypto market capitalization was just $12 billion....

From: Matej Tomazin

December 22, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Elad Shtilerman

For some crypto supporters, fractals and nature might not be the most exciting buzzwords. But these concepts are more relevant to crypto than it might seem. In this DAA Insight, our DAA manager Elad Shtilerman gives us a fascinating explanation of how the crypto market can be viewed from the...

From: Matej Tomažin

December 21, 2017

Announcing New Executive Team Members

Today, we are excited to announce the addition of two new executive team members: Matej Tomazin, COO, and Miha Vidmar, CTO.Matej Tomazin is a highly experienced fund manager with an abundance of knowledge in the financial sector. As a member of the leadership team, his role is to help steer the...

From: Tim M. Zagar

December 20, 2017

ICONOMI Reddit Ask Me Anything Summary: December Edition

Thanks for joining us for our December AMA! As we approach the end of 2017, we are also approaching the $200M AUM we predicted by the end of the year in our May AMA, which wouldn’t have been possible without the ongoing support and enthusiasm of the ICONOMI community.As promised, we will be...

From: Tjasa Tolj

December 15, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Coinbest Group

The crypto world is fast and dynamic. The risk level is high. To attract broader interest, we will need to see more risk-averse products. Our DAA manager Coinbest Group is addressing that very need.With CBST, you are constructing a “safe-haven” DAA. Can you explain why this is needed and...

From: Matej Tomažin

December 14, 2017

New Digital Assets on the Block: Five New Digital Assets for DAA Managers to Choose From

Last week we published the first entry in our “New Digital Assets on the Block” series. Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of five new digital assets to the platform: Everex, Request, EOS, Tierion, and Raiden.Read below for an overview of the new digital assets now available to...

From: Tjasa Tolj

December 13, 2017

ICONOMI Monthly Update — November 2017

Welcome to the last monthly update of 2017. It has been another eventful month of progress, in both numbers and milestones. This month we shared insights from four established DAA managers, introduced three new DAA managers, and added several new features to the platform.ICONOMI is GrowingWith...

From: Ervin U. Kovac

December 07, 2017

New Digital Assets on the Block: Ten New Digital Assets for DAA Managers to Choose From

Over the past few weeks we’ve been continuously adding new DAA managers to the platform. Because we want to provide our managers and the community with a wide range of options, in addition to the forty-eight digital assets already offered on the platform, there are now ten new digital assets...

From: Tjasa Tolj

December 05, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Ethereal Capital

Mark Zuckerberg’s motto is “Move fast with stable infrastructure,” and it seems that this is what is happening in Australia. The Australian crypto community is laying some important blockchain infrastructure, and DAA manager Ethereal Capital is one of the major players.In August, the...

From: Matej Tomažin

December 01, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Reinhard Berger

If we combine K. Cunningham’s saying that “Trust is something that is difficult to establish” and our DAA manager Reinhard Berger’s thinking about the three T’s of institutional investment, we can predict that institutional investors will enter the crypto world slowly but surely....

From: Matej Tomažin

November 24, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Anonymous

When we were deciding what kinds of DAA managers we wanted to see on our platform, we agreed that we wanted a diverse selection. When we received an application to run a DAA anonymously, the proposal really stood out. No one had considered this idea. This interview will give you a reason to...

From: Matej Tomažin

November 17, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Columbus Capital

Edith Widder said that “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring.” This also applies to the crypto world and token economy, and Columbus Capital is definitely one of the explorers.So the main purpose of Columbus Capital...

From: Matej Tomažin

November 15, 2017

ICONOMI Monthly Update — October 2017

Welcome to our October 2017 monthly update. Diving into the last months of the year, we released a strong Q3 financial report, a new blog series, and a brand-new mobile app, among other highlights.DAA Manager InsightsTo give our users better insight into the opinions, tactics, and strategies of...

From: Ervin U. Kovac

November 10, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Solidum Capital

Benjamin Franklin said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. This saying goes hand in hand with Solidum Capital’s mission of educating people about the crypto world. As they point out in this interview, the more you know about the topic, the more you are aware of its...

From: Matej Tomažin

November 07, 2017

Statement on the Parity multi-sig wallet vulnerability

A vulnerability in the Parity multi-sig wallet contract has been found, causing funds held in Parity multi-sig wallets created after July 20 to be temporarily locked.The ICONOMI platform and its proprietary digital asset storage system are secure. All users’ digital assets stored on the...

From: Ervin U. Kovac

November 03, 2017

DAA Manager Insights: Menno Peter Pietersen

Goethe’s saying “Everything is hard before it is easy” perfectly describes many people’s feelings during their first steps into the crypto world. Our DAA manager Menno Peter Pietersen knows this. In this interview, he breaks down blockchain’s bigger picture and its potential impact on...

From: Matej Tomažin