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In 2017, over 50% of their internet traffic is over mobile. At the time of ICO close there was no competition in this sector, and they appear to be the first to launch a mobile blockchain gambling app. Currently the bankroll isn't high enough to accept bets of greater than 3.5 ETH. With funds from the crowdsale, they will be able to increase the house's bankroll and player's max bet. Players will be able to bet and play more on iDice. 35% of all Ether raised during the crowdfund will become the house bankroll to pay winning bets. Token Holders as a collective receive 100% of iDice game profits. 30% of all Ether raised will be used by iDice development team to fund further development of the iDice Platform, as well as to fund the development and implementation of other game types on the iDice platform. 20% of all Ether raised will be used in the development and launch of the world’s first mobile blockchain gambling app, which will be available for both Android and IOS Devices. 15% of all Ether raised will be used for promotion and marketing purposes.A total of 5 Million iDice tokens were offered, during the first power hour the rate was 200:1 ETH it dropped to 170:1 then 130:1 in the final week. In total 2071012.8129 tokens were created. 

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ICE Latest Updates
June 20, 2017

iDice June Development Update!

Welcome iDice players and token holders! This is our incredible mid-June development update. We hope you enjoy.Overview (Good News!)This is the best month for our players so far, and June isn’t even over yet! As you know, our project was released two and a half months ago. In that time...

From: iDice

June 19, 2017

Heya! Please check out our stats here: https://idice.io

Heya! Please check out our stats here: https://idice.ioAll ICO projects get accusations, and very few ICOs have what we do: actual hard data, bets, and popularity. A lot of this hate comes from investors in our competitors’ platforms.We’re the fastest growing blockchain dice game, with only...

From: iDice

June 16, 2017

Thank you for supporting project iDice!

Thank you for supporting project iDice! With these tokens, they’ll be used in the future to collect house profits. Additionally, these tokens can be bought/sold for Ethereum and other coins. Tokens can appreciate in value. We’re working with exchanges to get listed after the crowdsale!

From: iDice

The smart contract will disburse it automatically back to your address.

The smart contract will disburse it automatically back to your address.

From: iDice

June 15, 2017

No problem!

No problem! In Metamask, there’s a key symbol. Just hit that next to your wallet and you’ll retrieve your private key!Next, head over to MyEtherWallet and choose the private key option when unlocking your wallet.

From: iDice

Any amount will do!

Any amount will do!

From: iDice

June 13, 2017

Hi there! You can export your private key from Metamask (there’s a symbol that looks like a key).

Hi there! You can export your private key from Metamask (there’s a symbol that looks like a key). Put that into MyEtherWallet to unlock your account :)

From: iDice

June 12, 2017

Guide: How to view your iDice (ICE) Tokens!

Thank you everyone for making our crowdsale a huge success so far.We’ve raised $100,000 in Ethereum in just the first four hours! Over 4000 ETH ($1.5M) has been raised in the first week!If you haven’t joined yet, our crowdsale only runs to the end of this week. There will never be another...

From: iDice

April 02, 2017

Ethereum Gambling Revamped: iDice.io

We’ve launched our first beta of iDice.io this week. We are aiming to become the most popular Ethereum gambling app for dice in the network. We’ve already secured partnerships with major Ethereum startups which will help to drive traffic to our decentralized application.Users can currently...

From: iDice