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Hiveterminal Token ICO summary information

Conceptual Model

Hive provides new financial liquidity to small businesses by leveraging blockchain technology, giving them a range of crypto-currency based financing options. Hive (HVE) uses blockchain (distributed ledger) technology to give every issued invoice a unique fingerprint. This enables businesses to automate the invoicing process and make it available to the general public.

Project Description

The Hive project aims to open up an entirely new market that provides liquidity to SMEs that are not able to get invoice factoring from traditional institutions. The HVN is an ERC20 token bult on Ethereum that grants its holder the right to claim right over invoices on the Hive platform and obtain credit scores for certain entities which have a sufficient financial track record on the Hive blockchain.The Hive ICO will start on the 3rth of June and will last until the 14th of August. During the ICO, 75% of the 500000000 tokens will be distributed. 20% of the tokens are held for the development of Hive, 3% for User Growth Pool, and 2% for bounty campaigns. The campaign as a 2,000 BTC minimum funding goal and a 10,000 BTC hard cap. If the Hive ICO exceeds 1,500 BTC, the token holders will have the value of their tokens backed by Hive’s initialliquidity pool, which will selectively invest in invoices at a discount that is sufficient to enable a proper yield inrisk-reward terms. The HVN ICO Bonus structure is as follows:Week 1 - 15% bonus Week 2 - 12% bonus Week 3 - 9% bonus Week 4 - 6% bonus Week 5 - 3% bonus Week 6 - 0% bonusThe Hive ICO counts with the participation of an Escrow team that will hold ICO funds. 

Founders and Associates

Jure Soklic -CO-Founder and CEO

Dejan Jovanovic -CO-Founder and CTO

Oliver Muldoon -Finance Lead

Domen Ursic -CMO

Jure Sobocan -Design Lead

Stanimir Savov -Blockchain Lead

Georgi Georgiev -Blockchain Developer

Ivan Dikov -Blockchain Developer

Nejc Novak -Legal Lead

Ugur Yildirim -Finance Advisor

Vasja Zupan -Business and Strategy Advisor

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HVN Latest Updates
January 18, 2019

Hiveterminal Q&A: 10 Burning Questions

It has been a hardworking start of 2019 for the Hiveterminal team, with the majority of time and resources invested into onboarding new users. Our marketing and communications efforts are currently working in one direction only, that of helping our sales boost faster and bringing our solution to...

From: HVN

January 15, 2019

Hiveterminal: An Invoice Seller’s Perspective

Following a request from our community, we reached out to the invoice seller who sold the first invoice on Hiveterminal. We submitted a set of five questions to the company, which decided to gain liquidity by selling an invoice through Hiveterminal. This text has merely been translated into...

From: HVN

January 04, 2019

Community Update: We Are Taking Our Community Management in a New Direction

Community Update: We Are Taking Our Community Management in a New DirectionDomen UrsicJan 4As our CEO talked about in his latest blog, the team now has only one focus: to bring companies and invoices to Hiveterminal as quickly and effectively as possible! We are happy that the first one was...

From: HVN

December 31, 2018

From Our CEO: Hiveterminal Is All in for Success

From Our CEO: Hiveterminal Is All in for SuccessJure SoklicDec 31, 2018Two and a half years ago, all we had was an idea and an ambition: to help SMEs worldwide get the liquidity they need in order to succeed in the global economy, while at the same time providing individuals from around the...

From: HVN

December 27, 2018

Sales and Marketing Update: An Optimistic Outlook for 2019!

Sales and Marketing Update: An Optimistic Outlook for 2019!Domen UrsicDec 27, 2018Hiveterminal’s sales and marketing department experienced ups and downs this year: while the solution was very well accepted among all our potential users at conferences and events in Slovenia, we did not...

From: HVN

December 18, 2018

Podjetniki — vas mučijo dolgi plačilni roki?

Podjetniki — vas mučijo dolgi plačilni roki?HiveterminalDec 18, 2018Vas mučijo dolgi plačilni roki? Niste edini! V Sloveniji podjetniki in obrtniki pogosto čakajo na plačilo računov več kot 30 dni, včasih celo krepko čez zakonsko določeno...

From: HVN

December 07, 2018

Hiveterminal: Friday Community Update

Hiveterminal: Friday Community UpdateGal JakičDec 7, 2018Since Hiveterminal has launched, our priority has shifted from development to sales. We have a pipeline full of partnerships, planned to cross-promote Hiveterminal to audiences and user bases of various organizations, who joined our...

From: HVN

December 03, 2018

Hiveterminal: Sales and Marketing Update

Hiveterminal: Sales and Marketing UpdateDomen UrsicDec 3, 2018We have been quiet over the last fortnight for a reason: we did not want to make any big statements before we were sure that our platform is truly up and running the way it supposed to. Instead of making further announcements, we...

From: HVN

November 19, 2018

Hiveterminal: WE ARE LIVE!

Hiveterminal: WE ARE LIVE!Jure SoklicNov 19, 2018This is it! We set out a year ago to help SMEs solve their with liquidity problems — more than 25 people in three countries worked day and night to make that happen — and we are now LIVE. Along the way, we...

From: HVN

November 13, 2018

Hiveterminal: Focused on User Acquisition

Hiveterminal: Focused on User AcquisitionDomen UrsicNov 13, 2018With time running out before we show the world one of the first use-cases of the blockchain in the global finance industry, the team in Slovenia is fully focused on user acquisition and the future growth of the platform. Our sales...

From: HVN

November 02, 2018

Hiveterminal: A Brief from the CEO

As we have often said, making sure the foundations of one’s business are strong is what helps ensure it’s long-term success. This fact is often forgotten or overlooked in the rapidly changing blockchain-based or crypto economy. The uniqueness of a product, business model, user acquisition,...

From: HVN

October 31, 2018

Hiveterminal: Cutting-Edge Technology Solution Receiving Recognition

When we came up with the idea of a blockchain-based invoice financing platform, we knew it had the potential to become something big. Now, on the brink of the product launch, as a result of hard work over the last year we received another confirmation that our tech and business model is a...

From: HVN

October 26, 2018

Hiveterminal: Project Update

As was always the case in our past, we are not taking any shortcuts when it comes to coming out on the market with the best possible product. We are making sure everything is in line for a successful launch and the growth of our business. While the majority of companies that have carried out...

From: HVN

October 24, 2018

Hiveterminal: Not Just Crypto Hype but a Business

As is often the case with complex products, the Hiveterminal testing procedure — which is helping us ensure that we have a stable product before the launch — is taking a bit longer than anticipated. We empathize with the anticipation of our supporters, as we ourselves are eagerly...

From: HVN

October 23, 2018

Hiveterminal: Important Platform Features Explained

As internal testing moves forward, here at Hiveterminal, we are all eagerly waiting for the green light to share our amazing product with the world! We know there are a lot of people waiting for the launch, and none more enthusiastically so than the team that has lived with Hiveterminal for the...

From: HVN

October 18, 2018

Hiveterminal: Invoices bought and sold on testing environment

Our team is working around the clock with financial, accounting and legal experts from different EU countries to test every single functionality of the Hiveterminal, fixing minor issues and making sure the platform will be as smooth and user-friendly for invoice buyers and sellers.We are...

From: HVN

October 15, 2018

Hiveterminal: Finalizing Testing Phase

The Hiveterminal in-depth testing phase is unfortunately taking a bit longer than expected, as we have international experts and companies trying out all of the platform’s functionalities. We are happy to confirm that there were no critical defects or drawbacks found as of yet. As we are...

From: HVN

October 12, 2018

From Hive Project to Hiveterminal: The New Brand Unveiled!

Just days before the official launch of the Hiveterminal platform, which is set to change the invoice financing industry for the better, we are taking important steps towards better recognition and faster entry into the global invoice financing and blockchain industries. Naming our platform...

From: Domen Ursic

October 08, 2018

7 Reasons to start selling invoices on the Hiveterminal — hiveterminal.com

7 Reasons to Start Selling Invoices on the Hiveterminal — hiveterminal.comGive your business the liquidity it needs!What is Invoice financing?Invoice financing is a general term used to cover two ways of financing invoices from slow-paying clients. The first way to finance these types of...

From: Johann Sigmund

October 03, 2018

Hiveterminal: Registration Now Open for Invoice Sellers

After successfully launching registration for invoice buyers on Hiveterminal, it is time to take the next step on our path of becoming a global liquidity providing platform. It is our pleasure to announce that Hiveterminal registration is now open to invoice sellers in our primary market,...

From: Gal Jakič

September 21, 2018

7 Good Reasons to Start Buying Invoices on hiveterminal.com

Why you should care about invoice financing.What is Invoice financing?Invoice financing is a powerful tool businesses can use to manage their cash flow. After successfully completing a task for a large enterprise, a small or medium enterprise (SME) will create an invoice and send it to them,...

From: Johann Sigmund

7 Good Reasons to Start Buying Invoices on the Hiveterminal — hiveterminal.com

Why you should care about invoice financing.What is Invoice financing?Invoice financing is a powerful tool businesses can use to manage their cash flow. After successfully completing a task for a large enterprise, a small or medium enterprise (SME) will create an invoice and send it to them,...

From: Johann Sigmund

September 19, 2018

GUIDE: How to Become an Invoice Buyer at Hiveterminal

We are truly living in exciting times! A little more then a year after our initial HVN token crowdsale, the time has come to unveil Hiveterminal, our blockchain-based liquidity platform. By utilizing automation and blockchain technology, we are breaking barriers by opening invoice financing to...

From: Gal Jakič

September 17, 2018

Hiveterminal: Launching the Registration Process For Invoice Buyers

This is it! Almost a year of development — which entailed many sleepless nights for our technology team, countless meetings for our marketing and sales team, and many networking and sales events for our finance team — has led to the soft launch of Hiveterminal. Registration is now...

From: Domen Ursic

September 06, 2018

Hiveterminal Launch: Busy Weeks with Monumental News

As our co-founder and CEO announced last week in his widely admired blog on the first anniversary of the completion of our token sale, the official dates of Hiveterminal’s soft and official launches are set! I have been working side by side with our development team under the direct...

From: Domen Ursic

August 14, 2018

One Year Later — the Dates Are Set

Over 2 years ago, the Hive Project core team sat down together to discuss a business idea which had the potential for greatness. Surging with growth of over 14% per annum and adding over a trillion euros to annual volumes since 2009, we believed that the invoice finance industry was ripe for...

From: Jure Soklic

August 09, 2018

Important Notice: Founders’ Tokens

With our first anniversary fast approaching, the 16% of the total supply of HVN allocated to the team’s founders are due to be unlocked and could potentially be sold. However, we are strong believers in the long-term success of the company as we push hard for the Hive Terminal to become one of...

From: Ugur Yildirim

August 03, 2018

Introducing the Hive Store: Unique, High Quality and Cool Branded Apparel

Since the beginning of our journey, showing the world that there is a better way for SMEs to get liquidity, we have been backed by the best and strongest communities in the fintech world. Whether it’s spreading the word about our product among media representatives and future users of the Hive...

From: Gal Jakič

July 09, 2018

Hive Terminal Being Showcased at EU Conferences

After the announcement of the joint invoice financing platform to be created by Hive Project and the Latin American giant Gosocket was unveiled to the public, the attention focused on the Hive Terminal has dramatically increased. The story was published in several online media outlets (you can...

From: Gal Jakič

July 02, 2018

Media Coverage: Blockchain Adoption and Successful Expansion

After announcing the biggest business deal in our relatively short history, all our departments have been hard at work all week: some making the business side of the Gosocket deal a reality and others knee deep in the development and branding of the Terminal. We are all thrilled about our...

From: Domen Ursic

June 21, 2018

Gosocket Deal Signed and Sealed: Half a Billion eInvoices Ready to Be Funded!

After ramping up global visibility yet another notch at last month’s Benzinga Global Fintech Award Ceremony in New York, announcing the Hive Terminal landing page, we are all hyped about the very latest news we have to share. Let there be no doubt about it. This is far and away our most...

From: Ugur Yildirim

June 13, 2018

Hive Terminal: A First Look at our Commercial!

As our CMO Domen discussed last week, our sales force is starting to deliver the Hive Terminal to the business communities in our target markets. And apart from direct sales, with several meetings and workshops already held in our target markets, our marketing department has created its first...

From: Matjaž Gačnik

June 08, 2018

Hive Project: Focused on Security and Compliance Since Day One!

At Hive Project, we take the security and privacy of our platform users very seriously. As our co-founder and CTO, Dejan Jovanovic, stated in his case study, Hive Project was designed with GDPR compliance in mind and we have been maintaining that focus ever since. Before 25 May, the development...

From: Alma Meglic

June 06, 2018

Hive Terminal: Starting with Pre-Registration and Sales!

As those who follow us regularly on our Telegram channel will be aware, we have been hard at work since showcasing the Hive Terminal DEMO at the prestigious Benzinga Awards Ceremony in New York last month. Not only have we been holding discussions with numerous potential users, we have also been...

From: Domen Ursic

May 23, 2018

Community Update: Hive Project wins Social Vote for “Best Use of Blockchain” and much more

Just over a week has passed since we made a big impression at the prestigious Benzinga Global Fintech Award Ceremony in New York, where we showcased the Hive Terminal landing page for the first time. Our confidence that we are set to become the first port of call, not only for small businesses...

From: Oliver Muldoon

May 15, 2018

Live from Benzinga Awards Ceremony: A FIRST LOOK AT THE HIVE TERMINAL!

Hive Project has taken yet another momentous step towards global recognition as a future fintech leader at the Benzinga Global Fintech Award Ceremony here in New York, with our very own CFO Ugur Yildirim having just presented Hive Project on the grandest of fintech stages.Winning the social...

From: Jure Soklic

May 12, 2018

On the Road: Hive Project on Top of the Industry

With the tech and business development advances made in recent weeks, Hive Project has consistently delivered on its objectives. Strong progress has been made in our 1-on-1 meetings with ERPs, SMEs and accounting companies, as well as the conferences and meetups we attend — we’re getting...

From: Gal Jakič

May 08, 2018

Hive Project: Back on Top with Benzinga Global Fintech Award

Since winning Best ICO of 2017 at CoinAgenda Global in Barcelona, we have devoted all our attention to the tech and business development of our platform. And it is our unrelenting focus on what matters most that first caught Benzinga’s eye and resulted in our nomination for the “Best Use of...

From: Domen Ursic

May 03, 2018

GDPR and its impact on your blockchain project — a case study

In April 2016 the EU Parliament and Council agreed upon the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is set to take effect on May 25, 2018. The new GDPR will replace the existing data protection framework under the EU Data Protection Directive.The new regulation brings the following...

From: Dejan Jovanovic

April 27, 2018

Hive Project: Progress to Date

So much has happened since concluding our crowd funding campaign last year. And with several new recent newcomers to our community, we thought it would make sense to provide a recap of everything we have achieved since starting out. And so, without further ado, here’s what we have been...

From: Oliver Muldoon

April 18, 2018

Community Update: New Hire!

As the team works hard to get the Hive Project Platform up and running, we are now moving into a particularly interesting phase. With our workload ramping up now, our team has increased in size to deal with the hard work to come. We will soon be getting more and more questions about our product...

From: Oliver Muldoon

April 17, 2018

VOTE NOW: Hive Project competes for Benzinga 2018 Global Fintech Award!

After the successful release of our DEMO version and the strong business and product development already under our belt, we have already started seeing traction with end-users in Slovenia, our first target market. And we again have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd if we win the...

From: Gal Jakič

April 10, 2018

Shanghai: HVN Development Update!

And so that time is upon us. With great excitement, we are now counting down the days until our appearance at the 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 in Shanghai. There our co-founder and CTO, Dejan Jovanovic, will be a panellist on a discussion titled “How to Empower...

From: Domen Ursic

March 30, 2018


Exciting times are ahead for our team as we move into the second quarter of the year and edge ever closer to our platform becoming a reality. Having now added sales and legal staff to our team, we continue to develop in terms of size and expertise. We have now begun spending the marketing funds...

From: Jure Soklic

March 28, 2018

Predicting another successful future: Gatecoin lists HVN!

At Hive Project, we are continuing our March of Madness, bringing our communities around the world up to date with all our exhilarating progress. It was during our Success Story presentation at the EuroBlockShow in Hong Kong that Ugur announced what we believe will be an amazing partnership with...

From: Gal Jakič

March 26, 2018

Global HVN Presence: From Hong Kong‘s Thriving Blockchain Communities to the Crypto Summit in…

Global HVN Presence: From Hong Kong‘s Thriving Blockchain Communities to the Crypto Summit in Zurich!With our business development going strong, delivering new markets, SMEs and investors for the platform we are building (read the full story here: Business report: GLOBAL EXPANSION), and yet...

From: Domen Ursic

March 22, 2018


With some of the Hive Project team in Hong Kong on a mission to present our revolutionary liquidity-providing solution to our Asian communities (small businesses and investors), the rest of us are working overtime to ensure the platform will be ready to scale up to a global business! Our...

From: Ugur Yildirim

March 16, 2018

HVN: Boundless Respect & Global Recognition — Marching towards Success!

Here at Hive Project we believe that raising awareness among our communities, and building strong levels of trust, will be pivotal for our long-term success. And the visibility and respect we have gained for always delivering on our promises has won the respect of industry leaders, not just in...

From: Domen Ursic

More than a Listing: HVN Now Available on Lykke!

We are pleased to confirm that our long awaited HVN March Madness campaign has well and truly arrived. The Hive Project team is working hard and making solid progress in terms of both business and product development. Now, coming off strong appearances in Frankfurt, Istanbul and Ljubljana, we...

From: Gal Jakič

March 08, 2018

HVN March Madness: Global Roadshow and News Blast!

With our developers working hard on getting the technical foundations for the Hive Project Platform in place, solid progress has already been made on the development, design and UX aspects. While we leave them do what has never been done before, we are focusing this March on ramping up awareness...

From: Domen Ursic

March 03, 2018

Join Hive Project’s global mission: We are HIRING!

Here at Hive Project, we are creating the first blockchain-based platform to provide SMEs around the world with fast and low-cost liquidity. Driven by risk-lowering blockchain technology, Hive Project brings invoice factoring and risk scoring into the mainstream, opening up new sources of...

From: Domen Ursic

February 28, 2018

On the Rise: Bringing Hive Project to the Masses!

The recognition and respect that Hive Project is getting from crypto & fintech communities as each day passes are constantly on the rise. Not only are we fast becoming known as a fintech company that means business, the realisation is also slowly dawning that we are indeed ready to take the...

From: Domen Ursic

February 24, 2018

Watch Hive Project LIVE on HUOBI TALK!

Yes, our priorities are the same as ever and our vision is laser focused on fulfilling the promise we made at the start of this adventure. We are well on the way to establishing a strong business presence in our first go-to markets – and making giant leaps toward achieving global...

From: Domen Ursic

February 23, 2018

Hive Project Token (HVN) added to Coinomi — one of the largest multicoin mobile wallets in the…

Hive Project Token (HVN) added to Coinomi — one of the largest multicoin mobile wallets in the world!As is now becoming increasingly clear, the evidence of our progress is indisputable, and this all bodes very well for Hive Project and the future of HVN token holders. It is of course also...

From: Gal Jakič

February 16, 2018

Hive Project Q2 Report: Countdown to the Platform Launch!

Here we are, at the end of the second quarter since the completion of our successful ICO, and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved. Since the publication of our last quarterly report in mid-November, our growing team continues to work wonders. We are doing everything in our power to...

From: Jure Soklic

February 14, 2018

GUIDE: Hive Project Platform DEMO

With 256,418 impressions for our DEMO posts, almost 800 SMEs & factors registered, and as many as 1000 invoices now bought and sold, our interactive DEMO has already received a rousing reception. But why stop there? We wanted to make it even easier to get to grips with!In our latest how-to...

From: Gal Jakič

February 09, 2018

Strong Business Foundations for Hive Project’s Continued Growth!

With blockchain already changing the world in the same way the Internet has done, we are living in very exciting times. Now, as we stand on the brink of mainstream adoption, the benefits offered by triple entry accounting, real-time auditing and smart contracts promise to revolutionise the way...

From: Ugur Yildirim

February 02, 2018

Hive Project Development Update: Powering Towards v1.0!

As well as making great strides forward in terms of our business development, delivering an 8-market ERP deal and continuing to make our names heard in the region, our development team has been working miracles to get our platform launched on time! Our software, business development and design...

From: Gal Jakič

January 26, 2018

[$HVN Community update #6] A Revamped Look & FAQ update

Our CTO, Dejan, and his team continue to work around the clock to get the platform up and running, with Ugur working hard on the business side of things to get our next ERP deal in place. Domen and his marketing team are also promoting Hive Project to ensure we have the highest possible level of...

From: Oliver Muldoon

January 12, 2018

[$HVN NEWS] Picking Up from Where We Left Off!

After an amazing December, ground-breaking in terms of platform and business development, we are back at Hive Project HQ and picking up from where we left off last year — continuing to pave the way for the long-term success of our platform. With our first MAJOR ERP deal in place, FUNDS...

From: Domen Ursic

December 29, 2017

[$HVN 2017 -> 2018] Hive Project: An Epic Journey and a Fintech Giant in the Making!

We’ve had an unbelievable year here at Hive Project HQ, making not only December a month to remember, but also 2017 a year to remember too! When we started our crowd-sale, even our wildest dreams were blown away when we released our DEMO version a mere 6 months later — with a strong...

From: Jure Soklic

December 27, 2017

[$HVN Partnerships] Building a Faster and More Effective Credit Scoring System for Hive Project!

It’s been an amazing year for the Hive Project community — and our December to Remember is nowhere near over. And with our DEMO version now released for our amazing community, SMEs and investors to see, we are showing that we mean business and are here to stay & succeed in the long...

From: Domen Ursic

December 21, 2017

[$HVN ANN] DEMO REVEALED — Drastically Improved Performance with Added Functionalities!

As Jure stated at the outset of what has truly turned out to be A December to Remember, the DEMO version of our platform represents a pivotal step in the Hive Project development cycle as it brings together — for the first time — some of the key features of the Hive Project Platform....

From: Dejan Jovanovic

December 20, 2017

[$HVN] Business Roadmap Summary: A Blueprint For Our Long-Term Success!

With the community on its feet once again in San Francisco — making the last fortnight truly “A December to Remember” — we thought it would be the perfect time to add some further details about the development and business side, revealing our roadmap for success. This document...

From: Domen Ursic

December 08, 2017

[$HVN Update] A HUGE week — Delivering on our promises!

The Hive Project team is now back at HQ and, as Jure stated in his last BLOG, in San Francisco we took yet another momentous step (or better 2) towards achieving our goal– a blockchain based platform providing small businesses (SMEs) worldwide with fast and low-cost liquidity.When we started...

From: Domen Ursic

December 05, 2017


The short time that has passed since we announced our bold intention to revolutionize the way SMEs around the world get the liquidity they need has been packed with substance, development and growth. With turning points in Barcelona, Las Vegas and now in San Francisco, the whole community is...

From: Jure Soklic

December 01, 2017

[$HVN News] Up, Up & Away — On our way to San Francisco!

Well, it’s just days now before we take the grand stage at The Future of Money and Technology Summit on 4 December, taking our first step into what we are certain will be A December to Remember — a month of several strong announcements on both the development and business side that will...

From: Domen Ursic

November 27, 2017

[$HVN] A December to remember!

Marketing isn’t something we’ve talked about much since the completion of our award-winning ICO. And, yes of course, we could certainly do more to attract attention to our revolutionary product. But it is important to understand that, without strong development also in place, the net result...

From: Domen Ursic

November 24, 2017

Community update #5 — Adding to the team and website & getting recognition

The clock is ticking down on our big date in San Francisco, with just over a week now remaining before we take the stage. But we’re not only increasing our international exposure, we are also adding to our team, getting more detail on our website and, above all, pushing even harder to boost...

From: Oliver Muldoon

November 22, 2017

Adding another piece to the puzzle — fintech leaders in the making!

In the run up to what promises to be a hectic month of news and developments, steadily building up to our appearance on the global stage at The Future of Money and Technology Summit in San Francisco, we are continuing to build on the solid foundations we have in place to ensure Hive Project’s...

From: Domen Ursic

November 20, 2017

[INTERVIEW] Hive Project: A revolutionary solution for SMEs around the world

In the run up to our attendance at yet another prestigious international conference, this time in San Francisco, where the spotlight will yet again be on Hive Project, we have continued to boost our recognition and overall presence among SMEs in the CEE region too. As our first market, it is...

From: Domen Ursic

November 17, 2017

Community update #4 — Exciting times ahead!

Well, it’s been almost 2 weeks now since I took over responsibility for Hive Project’s community management and I am delighted with what I have seen. With contributors and supporters from all over the world, and from all walks of life, it has been a valuable and intriguing experience getting...

From: Oliver Muldoon

November 15, 2017

Hive Project Q1: Proving we are here to stay!

Just 3 months after successfully completing our crowd-sale campaign, I am amazed at what we have accomplished in our first quarter. I look at our results — a working PoC, a recognised and respected brand, high levels of awareness in our first target markets — and it is clear that we...

From: Jure Soklic

November 14, 2017

Partnering up: A win-win-win situation in the blockchain sphere

As our CTO, Dejan, explained in his interview yesterday, we are currently spending all our waking hours on delivering a “state-of-the-art product and a user-friendly experience” to give small businesses around the world the chance to get the liquidity they urgently need.Creating the best...

From: Domen Ursic

November 13, 2017

[INTERVIEW] Dejan Jovanovic: “Hive Project Team will deliver a state-of-the-art product and a user…

[INTERVIEW] Dejan Jovanovic: “Hive Project Team will deliver a state-of-the-art product and a user-friendly experience.”After the successful release of the Hive Project Proof of Concept at CoinAgenda Global in Las Vegas, we sat down with our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dejan Jovanovic,...

From: Gal Jakič

November 10, 2017

1,000 community members! Achieving long-term success together!

Great news! Our Telegram channel has gained its 1000th member — a truly remarkable feat for a fintech company that is less than 3 months old. It is an honour, proof of the good work our highly dedicated team has produced. It also makes us even more motivated not to let any of our community...

From: Domen Ursic