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The amount of money in a person’s wallet should not be a barrier to his ability to access financial products that the rich enjoy. HelloGold wants to remove affordability and accessibility from the equation through the democratisation and digitisation of gold-based savings and financing. HelloGold already has a revenue-generating product that allows the mass market consumer to buy and save gold for less than $1. HelloGold Foundation was set up by HelloGold with two primary objectives: 1) accelerating the of blockchain technology for the mass market, and 2) expand the availability of simple financial products that help the underserved and unbanked in emerging markets.

Project Description

HelloGold is a start-up that creates simple and accessible gold products for everyone. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Malaysia, HelloGold built the world’s first Shariah compliant gold digital application that changes the way users buy and sell gold. HelloGold will aim to increase market access to online gold initially in Thailand, China, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as expanding the product functionality. In recognition for their support and to enable the Foundation to continue operations, HelloGold will distribute 10% of the management fee of their assets under management back to the Foundation. The Foundation may then issue a reward to HGT token holders in the form of a new token, GBT. Each GBT will be backed by 1g of 99.99% investment grade gold. GBT can either be sold on exchange or be converted into a HelloGold customer account containing gold of the same amount and thereby redeemed into cash or physical gold. In the future GBT will also be available for direct purchase, creating a stable coin backed by real asset for use by the crypto-community.Tokens allocated to the HelloGold team and its early backers will be vested over 36 months. 32% of tokens will be distributed in the initial sale with two more rounds expected in 2018/2019. Team:Robin Lee: CEO Wykeen Seet: CTO Ridwan Abdullah: Business Development Manuel Ho: Marketing Joshua Ambrose: Operations Roger Ward: Corporate Development Ita Jalaluddin: Marketing  Token Reserve Split (82%):20% Strategic Investors (Presale)20% Team16% Sale 2 201816% Sale 3 201910% Suppliers

Founders and Associates

Robin Lee -CEO

Roger Ward -Corporate Development

Wykeen Seet -Technology

Ridwan Abdullah -Business Development

Manuel Ho -Marketing

Mario Mahmood -General Counsel

Joshua Ambrose -Operations

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September 10, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #15– 12th September 2018

BusinessNew look for the HelloGold mobile appA new look and feel to the mobile app was introduced, with a clearer dashboard improving customer experience. This new look and feel also means that it will be easier for the HelloGold marketing team to push notifications and promotions in-app. A...

From: Quentin Bignon

September 06, 2018

Ramadan Special – Best Price

  Provider & Product Name Price & Minimum Initial Purchase Buy-sell Spread Fees & Charges HelloGold Price you buy at (per gram): RM166.00 (as at xx) Price you sell at (per gram): RM162.00 (as at xx) Minimum Initial Purchase:0.01 grams RM4 Top up RM1.20 Management...

From: HelloGold Tech

Singapore’s FinLab Puts Eight Startups on the Accelerator

INTERNATIONAL, Finextra, 15 June 2017 – After sieving through close to 400 applications across 44 countries, The FinLab, Singapore’s first corporate fintech accelerator, selected 8 innovative fintech businesses for its second cycle of acceleration. The FinLab, a joint venture between...

From: HelloGold Tech

AEON Credit-HelloGold Tie-Up To Offer Asset-Backed Financing

  MALAYSIA, The Malaysian Reserve, 21 April 2017 – AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd has entered into a collaboration agreement with online gold savings platform HelloGold Sdn Bhd to market and offer its first asset-backed personal financing scheme by the end of this year. The partnership is...

From: HelloGold Tech

What Can RM1 Buy You These Days? On This M’sian Fintech App, The Answer Is Gold.

MALAYSIA, Vulcan Post, 21 June 2017 – As a newly-minted Fully Fledged Adult™, my interest in investments is recent and very seriously considered. I asked around and got my colleagues to name all the investments they could think of: property, stocks, insurance, collectibles, branded items...

From: HelloGold Tech

HelloGold Foundation Passes Minimum Cap in Pre-Sale

  KUALA LUMPUR, 22 August 2017 – HelloGold Foundation announces that it has passed its minimum target for a successful Token Sale as set out in the Token Sale Information Sheet. The Foundation is running a Token Sale on Monday, 28 August 2017 to raise funds to accelerate: the use of...

From: HelloGold Tech

September 05, 2018

AEON Credit-HelloGold Tawar Skim Pembiayaan Milikan Emas Patuh Syariah

  MALAYSIA, SelangorKini, 21 April 2017 – AEON Credit Service (M) menjalinkan kerjasama bersama HelloGold Sdn Bhd bagi merancakkkan lagi aktiviti jualan dalam talian dengan memperkenalkan skim pembiayaan milikan emas patuh syariah pertama di negara ini. Pengarah Urusan AEON Credit,...

From: HelloGold Tech

AEON Credit Introduces Asset Mortgage Personal Loan

  MALAYSIA, China Press, 21 April 2017 – AEON Credit Service (M) Bhd  and HelloGold Sdn. Bhd. to launch asset-backed personal loans to expand the customer base. AEON Credit and FinTech company of HelloGold signed a cooperation agreement for the latter’s network of gold savings...

From: HelloGold Tech

August 21, 2018

Harga Emas 18 Tahun Yang Lalu

Pada 18 tahun yang lepas, harga sebuah kereta tempatan adalah sama dengan nilai 1KG emas. Tetapi sekarang, angka ini telah meningkat sehingga hampir 4x ganda! Ada banyak perkara yang menyebabkan situasi ini berlaku, antara yang utama adalah: Emas adalah aset yang sukar ditemui dan tidak boleh...

From: shila

August 10, 2018

Removing the Cap on the Foundation’s GOLDX Endowment

Gold endowment to the Foundation is now uncapped!The HelloGold Foundation is pleased to announce that HelloGold Sdn Bhd will now endow 10% of the administrative fee income generated from the gold under management to the Foundation! The AUM limit to the endowment is effectively being lifted.Gold...

From: Quentin Bignon

August 07, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #14– 7th August 2018

BusinessWorld Cup FeverJuly meant one thing all over the world: Football! As the FIFA World Cup took place in Russia, HelloGold wasn’t immune to the fever. The teamed joined in the excitement with some fun and rewarding campaigns…Jom LepakJom Lepak campaign saw the HelloGold team roam...

From: Quentin Bignon

July 11, 2018

HelloGold Foundation partners up with Jupiter Chain to bring interoperability to their tokens

As part of the Foundation’s strategy to build a stronger presence in the Blockchain ecosystem, an MOU has been signed with Jupiter Chain to allow for interoperability of both HGT and JUPT tokens. This is a great news for HGT holders, as it gives a new way to make use of their tokens, while...

From: Quentin Bignon

July 06, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #13–6th July 2018

BusinessNews from the Marketing deskJune was a good month. The ‘Best Gold Price” campaign was launched and customers responded by buying 3.7X more gold than the previous month (3.8kg vs. 1.1kg). More importantly the conversion from app download to active customer (those who’ve bought gold)...

From: Quentin Bignon

June 12, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #12–12th June 2018

BusinessNews from the Marketing deskMay has been a very good month for HelloGold. The launch of a new marketing campaign, A Better Future, led HelloGold into the month of Ramadan on a solid uptrend of gold buys. various promotions were launched driving sales to all time highs, both in weekly and...

From: Quentin Bignon

June 10, 2018

HGT Trading competition on KKcoin

HGT will be listed on KKcoin starting Tuesday 12th June 2018!To celebrate this new listing, HelloGold Foundation and KKcoin have worked together to bring all HGT traders an exciting competition.We have committed a maximum of 1,000,000 HGT as reward for this new Trading Competition, so make sure...

From: Quentin Bignon

June 08, 2018

Save in gold with the Best Gold Price in Malaysia

Start saving in gold with the best gold price in Malaysia. See below how our price compares against other common gold accounts (source iMoney.my): Provider & Product Name Price & Minimum Initial Purchase Buy-sell Spread Fees & Charges Price you buy at (per gram): RM166.60...

From: shila

May 25, 2018

Announcing 2nd New HGT feature: Discount and Burn on GOLDX purchases!

TC, Robin, and Ridwan at ConsensusWhile at Consensus 2018 in New York, we shared big news of our new utility for HGT, a discount and burn feature. It means that by spending your HGT, you’re entitled to a discount to the fees for purchasing GOLDX, our fully-allocated gold backed token.The...

From: Harith Kamarul

May 24, 2018

Gold Price 20 Years Ago

Around 20 years ago, a local car was equivalent to a price of 1 KG worth of gold. But now, those numbers have quadrupled!   There are many reasons for this, the main ones being that: Gold is rare and cannot be easily created, unlike money. As a result, gold protects your savings against...

From: shila

Gold Price 18 Years Ago

18 years ago, a local car was equivalent to a price of 1 KG worth of gold. But now, those numbers have quadrupled!   There are many reasons for this, the main ones being that: Gold is rare and cannot be easily created, unlike money. As a result, gold protects your savings against...

From: shila

May 07, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #11–4th May 2018

BusinessNews from the Marketing deskIt has been 12 months since HelloGold was publicly announced in a press conference with Aeon Credit Services. Back then HelloGold set out to give everyone the opportunity to buy and save in gold, starting with as little as RM1. A year later HelloGold is...

From: xingzheng

April 13, 2018

Lunch Crowd Promo – GOLD RUSH

The post Lunch Crowd Promo – GOLD RUSH appeared first on HelloGold.

From: shila

April 06, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #10–6th April 2018

BusinessTail wind from the press coverage on GoldX and on the Fintech Malaysia award boosted February and early March numbers. However, customer acquisition stuttered in mid-March. New ads and audiences were introduced and trend has now reversed, and marketing spend has been increased to catch...

From: Harith Kamarul

April 05, 2018

Announcing New HGT Feature

Dear HelloGold supporters,Following our recent discussions on HGT features with the community, we’re coming up with some great news for all HGT holders and all the supporters of HelloGold’s effort to bring gold-based financial services to the underserved and unbanked.It’s been a year since...

From: xingzheng

March 26, 2018

Turning Plastic into Gold: Malaysia First to Offer Gold in Exchange for Recycled Plastics and Cans

Malaysians will soon be the first to earn gold by recycling their plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Southeast Asian fintech firm HelloGold and Malaysia’s reverse-vending machine (RVM) company KLEAN are implementing a recycling scheme that offers Malaysians 0.00059 grams of investment-grade...

From: Manuel

March 09, 2018

Winners for Malaysia’s First FinTech Award

MALAYSIA, FinTech News, 7 March 2018 –It’s been a great journey being part of Malaysia first FinTech Award we’re proud to have been one of the 4 judges appointed to help recognize the achievements and the progress of the fintech industry in Malaysia, the award was first announced on the...

From: isabel

March 07, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #9–7th March 2018

BusinessHelloGold has won the award for Prominent in Wealth Asset & Investment Management of the Year at Malaysia Fintech Expo!Robin and Ridwan accepting the award last nightThe team was also nominated as Fintech Startup of the Year while Robin was nominated as Fintech Personality of...

From: xingzheng

February 12, 2018

HGT now listed on Lykke and Funcoin

We are excited to announce that HGT has now been listed on Lykke and Funcoin. You can now trade HGT on Lykke and Funcoin upon registering your account on these exchanges. HGT is traded with BTC and ETH on Lykke and currently traded with ETH on Funcoin, with BTC and KRW trading pairs to be added...

From: Harith Kamarul

February 06, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #8 — 7th February 2018

BusinessThe team at HelloGold has grown to 33, with even more coming in later this week. The team is still looking for more talented and passionate personnel; please reach out to [email protected] if you are interested to join the cause of democratising access to financial services.On the...

From: Harith Kamarul

January 12, 2018

HGT has been unfrozen and can be freely traded

GBT replaced by GOLDXThe HelloGold Foundation has completed the migration of the GBT contract to the new GOLDX contract. This is an important step as the new contract allows HGT to receive rewards based on the management fee earned from different asset backed tokens, e.g. silver...

From: Harith Kamarul

Update on Important announcement: The HGT and GBT smart contracts have been temporarily frozen

We are awaiting final checks on the migration of GBT to GOLDX. Until this work is complete the HGT contract needs to stay frozen. We apologise for this inconvenience. We expect to make a further announcement soon.Update on Important announcement: The HGT and GBT smart contracts have been...

From: xingzheng

January 11, 2018

Important announcement: The HGT and GBT smart contracts have been temporarily frozen

The HGT and GBT smart contracts have been temporarily frozen and can’t be transacted due to the pre-announced migration to GOLDX. During this process, there was an issue with the allocation of GBTs. This is being promptly corrected ahead of the allocation of GOLDX. We apologise for this. Any...

From: Manuel Ho

January 05, 2018

HelloGold Foundation Update #7–6th January 2017

BusinessHelloGold finished 2017 with strong momentum, on the back of the “Get to the next gram and we’ll give you RM5 worth of gold” end of year campaign and some further PR. Customer acquisition continued at a pace of 1,000 new registered customers per week. AUM and active customer base...

From: Harith Kamarul

HelloGold Foundation Update #7–6th January 2018

BusinessHelloGold finished 2017 with strong momentum, on the back of the “Get to the next gram and we’ll give you RM5 worth of gold” end of year campaign and some further PR. Customer acquisition continued at a pace of 1,000 new registered customers per week. AUM and active customer base...

From: Harith Kamarul

An Economic Crisis is Coming to Asia. How Can Gold Protect You?

Remember the 1997 Asian financial crisis? Nobody saw it coming. Then came the global recession of 2008. Now, 10 years since this last crisis and 20 years after the Asian financial crisis, some experts are talking about a new one coming. To be honest no one knows when it will happen. But...

From: Adrian Chia

December 26, 2017

Why create a gold backed token when there’s already GLD?

Recently a supporter shared with us a comment thread on the EthTrader subreddit that talked about HelloGold. One of the responses was:I don’t see any advantage of this product over GLD if we have to trust that there is real gold behind it. Seems in both cases we are reliant on regulators to...

From: Harith Kamarul

Harga Emas Jatuh dan Naik Semula: Masa Untuk Jual Atau Beli?

Dua minggu lalu, kami menjalankan satu tinjauan pendapat dimana emas berharga RM172/g—harga yang hampir terendah dalam 6 bulan—jika ia masa sesuai untuk membeli atau menjual emas. 93% responden berpendapat bahawa ia adalah masa yang baik untuk membeli. Sementara itu, harga emas telah pun...

From: Adrian Chia

Gold Prices Were Down And Came Back Up —to Buy, or to Sell?

Three weeks ago, we ran a poll asking if it was a time to buy or sell gold at RM172/g—which was almost at its lowest in 6 months. 93% of respondents replied that it was a good time to buy. Meanwhile the price of gold in Ringgit went further down before coming back up. Were they all wrong? Was...

From: Adrian Chia

December 22, 2017

HelloGold and Boost forge partnership to enable customers to buy gold from as low as RM1

HelloGold has announced that it is partnering with Boost, a mobile lifestyle wallet developed in Malaysia by Axiata Digital, which aims to revolutionize the way consumers transact in today’s modern and digital world.The partnership is looking to integrate the HelloGold offer with Boost which...

From: xingzheng

December 20, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #6–20th December 2017

BusinessLast week the HelloGold team was humbled and honored to be one of six startups selected as a member of the exclusive TenXClub. The TenXClub is an initiative from Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance and it aims to recognize and support Malaysian start-ups with the highest potential.The award...

From: xingzheng

December 11, 2017

HGT analysis — Part 2: Buy HGT now! Earn up to over 36% IRR.

Let us recap. In our article 2 weeks ago, we talked about how the HelloGold Token (HGT) price movement does not affect absolute cash inflows, as well as the huge potential internal rate of return (IRR) (on average 28–29% p.a) when HGT was offered to supporters @ $0.024. What if you buy HGT...

From: xingzheng

December 09, 2017

HelloGold recognised by a Malaysian government initiative.

HelloGold recognised by a Malaysian government initiative. Looking forward to working at a government level to drive growth by 10x!We’re proud to announce that we’ve been selected to be part of the prestigious TENxCLUB by Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM)! TENxCLUB is a Ministry of...

From: xingzheng

December 06, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #5–6th December 2017

BusinessThe second marketing partner for HelloGold is expected to be announced soon. It is one of the largest telcos in Malaysia and in Asia. This follows AEON, HelloGold’s launch partner that has about 4 million customers in Malaysia as well as 100 million customers across Asia. Keep an eye...

From: xingzheng

November 30, 2017

Adakah HelloGold mematuhi Shariah?

Sistem Kewangan Islam adalah berlandaskan hukum Fiqah yang menitikberatkan keadilan dan kesaksamaan mengikut hukum-hakam Shariah dalam sebarang transaksi kewangan. Selaku platform dagangan emas pertama di dunia yang diiktiraf Patuh Shariah oleh Amanie Advisors, HelloGold sentiasa berusaha untuk...

From: isabel

November 22, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #4–22nd November 2017

BusinessLast week, HelloGold participated in the week-long Singapore Fintech Festival. As members of the Finlab accelerator run jointly by UOB and SGInnovate, HelloGold was invited to present daily at the UOB booth in the Singapore Expo. Both Robin and Dave were then invited as panellists at the...

From: Harith Kamarul

November 15, 2017

HelloGold wins Critics’ Choice Most Innovative Islamic Retail Product Award

DUBAI, 14 November 2017 – HelloGold is excited to announce that it won the Critics’ Choice Most Innovative Islamic Retail Product Award. Organised by the UK-based financial intelligence house, Cambridge IF Analytica, the award recognised the platform’s ground-breaking features, which...

From: isabel

November 08, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #3 — 8th November 2017

BusinessAs you’d expect, this is a very busy time as HelloGold looks to build the business following the completion of the token sale.On the critical path is expanding the team so that there is more capacity to deliver on the roadmap promised. Consequently HelloGold have been recruiting...

From: Roger Ward

November 03, 2017

Announcing GBT

We are excited to announce the public release of Gold Backed Tokens to the market!The GBT logoAs experienced crypto investors already know, cryptocurrencies go through extreme fluctuations periodically — even the most liquid coin, Bitcoin, is not immune. Investors afraid of losing value...

From: Harith Kamarul

October 25, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #2 — 25th October 2017

Following the end of the resale of HGT from ICOage on 5 October, the HGF team have been working on a number of fronts to both develop the Core App product and also the Foundation’s Tokens. Below is a brief summary of that activity and some of the immediate next steps.1. HGT PriceFor both...

From: Harith Kamarul

October 11, 2017

HelloGold Foundation Update #1 — 11th October 2017

1. Announcing official listing of HGT on COSS!After the unfreezing of HGT on Monday, it will now be listed on COSS tomorrow! COSS is a project based out of Singapore that we have worked closely with over the last several months. They recently finished their Token Swap on 6th September 2017 and...

From: Harith Kamarul

September 18, 2017

The most powerful brands in the world of gold (bars)

Let’s say you’ve decided to buy a gold bar for investment. As you walk into jewellery shop the first thing you notice is that some bars are more expensive than others. Have you ever wondered why? The world of gold is a convoluted one. Technically gold is a commodity, especially pure gold....

From: Manuel

August 31, 2017

Adding Tokens to Metamask

We have a PR in but it could take a whileMetamask is a really cool wallet built as a chrome extension.Metamask “sent ether” tabYou will notice when you see your balance that there is also a tab for tokens.MetaMask try to keep up with the incessant release of new tokens. They make it easy...

From: Dave Appleton

August 30, 2017

Will gold prices keep going up? Our clients have spoken

HelloGold “Buy Price” — www.hellogold.comThis Tuesday gold prices shot up — as fast as Kim Jong-Un’s missile sped over Japan. We’ve seen this before. Gold prices go up with every threat. And then they come down as those threats subside. But the trend is up (you can see it...

From: Manuel Ho

August 28, 2017

HelloGold Foundation – Pre-Sale numbers and Public Sale allocations update

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 August 2017 – Earlier this week, HGF announced some changes to the HGF Token Sale structure following advice from our advisors and feedback from the community. See here. Having now closed the Pre-Sale and confirmed the numbers, we wanted to keep the community updated and...

From: isabel

August 25, 2017

Podcast: Cryptocurrency Investment 101

MALAYSIA, BFM Radio, 24 August 2017 – Our CEO, Robin shares with Sharaad Kuttan and Brian Fernandez, his insights about investing in cryptocurrencies, its pitfalls and opportunities and how HelloGold Foundation’s initial token offering project is an investment in making investments in...

From: isabel

August 24, 2017

Fenbushi Capital participates in the HelloGold token sale

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 August 2017 – HelloGold is pleased to announce that Fenbushi Capital has participated in the HelloGold Foundation’s token pre-sale. Bo Shen, General Partner at Fenbushi Capital, is also joining HelloGold as an advisor to support its mission to democratise gold and...

From: isabel

September 14, 2018 06:55

HelloGold How To | Buy Gold

This #HelloGoldHowTo shows you just how simple and easy it is to get started with HelloGold. Buy gold easily from your mobile phone today!

September 03, 2018 05:11

How to buy Gold with HelloGold!

Buying and selling Gold has never been as easy as it is with HelloGold!
You can start with as little as RM1 on our user friendly Shariah compliant app.
Best of all, it's by Malaysians, for Malaysians. It's also easy, safe and secure!

August 30, 2018 03:55

The HelloGold Story

The story behind HelloGold

June 20, 2018 07:13

HelloGold: How It Works

Ever wondered how to get started on HelloGold? It's easy!

March 27, 2018 07:51

HelloGold x Hari Terbuka Kementerian Kewangan | Highlights

Last Thursday, we had an awesome time at the Hari Terbuka Kementerian Kewangan at the Ministry of Finance. It was great to get on the ground and share HelloGold with Datuk Seri Johari Abdul Ghani, Tan Sri Irwan Serigar and fellow Malaysians.

Thanks to GEM and the TENxCLUB for having us there!

March 15, 2018 09:58

HelloGold x WOW Event | Highlights

HelloGold was at The Star Women's Fiesta (in conjunction with WOW) event at The Starling Mall in KL on 10 - 11 March last weekend! Check out a few of our highlights in this video clip.

March 14, 2018 13:37

HelloGold | What type of gold does HelloGold use?

Say Hello to Your Gold! Robin takes a trip to our vault to have a look at the gold bars we hold on behalf of you, our customers.

He shares the processes we take to ensure the gold is pure and genuine, as well as the steps you can take to check for yourself.

March 14, 2018 13:37

HelloGold | The Gold Behind HelloGold

Say Hello to Your Gold! Robin takes a trip to our vault to have a look at the gold bars we hold on behalf of you, our customers.

He shares the processes we take to ensure the gold is pure and genuine, as well as the steps you can take to check for yourself.

» Customer Gold: https://www.hellogold.com/customers_gold.html
» HelloGold Bar List: https://www.hellogold.com/7647.pdf
» BullionStar List: https://www.bullionstar.com/vault/audit/page/192 (account number: 7647, column P1KG)

March 09, 2018 10:11

HelloGold x Malaysia FinTech Awards 2018 | Winner

We're proud to announce HelloGold won Prominent in Wealth Asset & Investment Management of The Year at the Malaysia FinTech Awards 2018.

February 27, 2018 09:38

HelloGold x Capital TV 2017 | Full Interview

Gold accessible to everyone? Robin shares with Capital TV how buying and selling gold can be easy, safe and affordable with HelloGold.

Find out more: