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HEDGE is a fin-tech start-up company, developing a blockchain-based HEDGE platform for crypto instruments. They are building greater access to hedge and increasing market liquidity in order to use derivative instruments in cryptocurrency. With a unique set of tools, they will give everyone the chance to enter the world of digital assets and bring the new economy closer to the community

Project Description

The Hedge platform provides users with hedge intruments designed for the cryptocurrency market. crowdsale supporters, technology evangelists, and crypto investors to manage their portfolios according to preferred risk exposure. The HDG is an Ethereum-based token that is used to pay fees within the platform. This token runs on a buy-back program.Team:Janez Benedik Luka Gubo Giovanni Lesna Gasper Stih Kristjan Dekleva Savo Lovsin The Hedge ICO will begin on the 15th of September, 2017 (12:00) and run for a month or until the cap of 50000ETH is reached. During the ICO, 60% of the total token supply will be available for purchase. Users will be able to participate in the campaign with ETH. The starting price for the HDG token is 0.002 ETH.Any unsold tokens will be burntToken Reserve Split:20% team7% advisors5% initial investors5% future partnerships3% contributors The HDG Initial Coin Offering offers a Bounty campaign as well.Bonus Structure:1. Day: 15 %2. Day: 12 %3. Day: 10 %4. Day: 9%5. Day: 8 %6. Day: 7 %7. Day: 6 %8. Day: 5 %9. Day: 4 %10. Day: 3 % 

Founders and Associates

Gasper Stih -Brand manager

Savo Lovsin -Head Project Manager

Kristjan Dekleva -Investment analyst

Giovanni Lesna -Product development

Luka Gubo -Advisor

Janez Benedik -Investment analyst

Jure Grabnar -Developer

Matej Zrimsek -Developer

Klemen Gantar -Developer

Matic Nedog -Legal

Primoz Novak -Legal

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HDG Latest Updates
April 09, 2018

Dear tokenholders,

Dear tokenholders,Hedge, now Blocktrade.com, has come a long way, and your support has been an important part of it.Since the last »Ask Me Anything« on Reddit, there has been a lot of speculation, stated disappointment and even anger on our public Telegram channel. I would like to address...


February 20, 2018

Hedge Token Freeze, Exchange Delisting, and New Token distribution

We have received positive support for the changes Hedge is undergoing. We thank the community and HDG backers for this positive outlook.Last week FINMA (the Swiss Financial Regulator) released ICO compliance guidelines. In proactive anticipation, the Executive team and legal counsel have...


February 19, 2018

Hedge Development Update and Trading Platform Brand Introduction

To our valued token holders and community,We have come far with our development and achieved all of the roadmap milestones. We are 2 months away from introducing one of the most sophisticated trading platforms that will support trading of proprietary Crypto Traded Indices™ (CTIs) and other...


January 31, 2018

On why Hedge and Buchman Indices excluded Tether from all indexation procedures already in December…

On why Hedge and Buchman Indices excluded Tether from all indexation procedures already in December 2017 and the implications thereofSame story, different actors…Few days ago (after BitConnect was revealed as a Ponzi scheme) we published a blog post detailing our reasoning for the exclusion of...


January 26, 2018

Why Hedge and Buchman Indices excluded BitConnect from all indexation procedures and the…

Why Hedge and Buchman Indices excluded BitConnect from all indexation procedures and the implications thereofOn Dec 22 2017 Hedge and Buchman Indices called for an extracurricular index committee meeting, where the decision has been made to exclude BitConnect (BCC) and Tether (USDT) from all...


January 23, 2018

Hedge to attend the Money 20/20 Asia, Singapore Conference 13th -15th March 2018

From West to East. Our Crypto Indices will be Ubiquitous and Global.Hedge is excited to announce another 2018 conference addition. This brings Hedge to Asia, the world renowned, Money 20/20 Singapore Conference 13th -15th March 2018. Over 400 global industry leaders from across the global...


January 17, 2018

The 13th Annual World Exchange Conference in Muscat, Oman

“Making the Crypto World ready for Institutional Capital”.Part of our marketing and development strategy is having Hedge represented at key global conferences and forums on each continent. The conference line-up thus far includes the Middle East and Africa (Blockchain Africa 2018). Hedge...


January 05, 2018

Hedge AMA — January 2018

We would like to thank everyone for participating in January AMA session. You are invited to submit your questions and votes also for next month, as well as to engage with us through other communication channels: Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn.Q1: Dear Hedge, You have a wonderful...


December 26, 2017

Announcement of Index Event and Index Adjustment

Vaduz, 20 December 2017: In an extracurricularly meeting upon notification, members of the Index Committee have been convoked and after thorough assessment decided to exclude BitConnect and Tether from all current and future indexing procedures for violating Rulebook Chapter 10. Currency...


December 14, 2017


8–9 MARCH 2018 | JOHANNESBURG, South AfricaHedge will be on a Global Roadshow in 2018, presenting brand new platform, creating awareness, partnerships, engaging key investors and business networks. This reinforces our transparency and presence at key Blockchain and crypto events, bringing the...


November 24, 2017

Hedge & Its Flagship BC30 Index | How It Is Different from S&P 500 INDEX

S&P 500 OverviewS&P 500 is one of the leading Stock Indices representing the United States Capital Market. S&P stands for Standard and Poor. It seeks to represent the entire stock market growth in United states.Stocks & Derivatives are one of the most popular and profitable...


November 23, 2017

Blockchain: The Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The ICOIn earlier post we compared the current hype with the gold rush. Today we are touching another aspect of blockchain: the Initial Coin Offering.The basicsInitial Coin Offering is, analog to its traditional sister concept, the Initial Public Offering, a crowdsale of a financial instrument....


HDG is independent token.

HDG is independent token. On the other hand you have Buchman Crypto 30 Index that represents more than 90.0% of total market capitalization. BC30 follows the developments of the wider crypto market, tracking the prices of 30 largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. For now you are not...


November 20, 2017

Why beat the Market, when you can own the Market.

Active versus Passive Investment Strategies.At Hedge Token, we pride ourselves in becoming the leader in our field, being the pioneer in Crypto Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) , Indexing and in hedging instruments.We not only care about our product offering but we believe in educating investors,...


What do you need to know about crypto indices?

Indices play a major role in financial markets. We have all seen the talking heads at CNBC, BloombergTV and other financial television station commenting and discussing what S&P500 has done recently and what it will do in the future. But why are indices so important?When trying to measure...


The importance of law for the development of ICO companies

At the moment, the capitalization of companies which raised their capital with the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is extremely high. Their capital is estimated to an $8,185,983,781. It is expected that in the following months it will only get higher due to a growing number of new ICOs. There are...


Hedge Token: The “Vanguard” of crypto

It’s a bit like Gold prospecting.The Gold Rush, Tulip Mania and the Railway Boom created a golden epoch, a time of unsustainable, rash exuberance.The Gold Rush happened globally in the late 19th Century with new gold deposits being uncovered in the new world: United States, Canada, Australia...


November 11, 2017

Hedge Platform Overview & How It Could Push Price Of Bitcoin To New Highs

AbstractCryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology has started a revolution among Financial World. Bitcoin which was the first cryptocurreny introduced by ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ in early 2009, is now receiving huge investments from institutional as well as retail investors. Because of...


November 08, 2017

Statement on Parity multi-sig wallet bug

A vulnerability in the Parity Wallet library contract of the standard multi-sig contract has been found which effects users with assets in a multi-sig wallet. About 150 million dollars of Ether has been frozen because of it effectively locking the assets inside the multi-sig wallet.Parity’s...


November 02, 2017

What Are Exchange Traded Notes (ETN) & Where They Can Be Found ?

Exchange Traded Notes (ETN) are unsecured and unsubordinated debt securities financial instruments. ETN was first issued by Barclays Bank PLC based on performance of market index minus applicable fees with no periodic payments as well as no principal protections.ETN’s are also tradable...