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Hackspace Capital is a platform established in 2017 for the purpose of investing in technology hardware and connected hardware startups. These investments will be identified by its strategic partner, EnCata (engineering/prototyping company for hi-tech). The partnership is expected to bring to the public both a new cryptocurrency and blockchain eco-system as well as an ongoing series of hardware products and related services on which to spend the currency.Token holders will be able to:Exchange HAC tokens for goods and services produced by the HACKSPACE network of companies, and also for engineering services with minimal contracts and paperwork.Users can also freely exchange HAC tokens for other crypto or fiat currencies on liquid exchanges or sell HAC tokens via the HackSpace platform to buyers interested in acquiring HackSpace goods and services.Team:Mikhail Zhyvets: CEO at Hackspace Capital. Oleg Kondrashov: CTO at Hackspace Capital, CEO at EnCata. Michael Tavis: CFO at Hackspace Capital. Dr. Petr Dudin: CCO at Hackspace Capital, Partner and СSO at EnCata. Petr Sidelnikov: Financial Manager at Hackspace Capital. Fedor Mukin: CIO at Hackspace Capital. Michael Vaga: Marketing Manager at Hackspace Capital, CEO at HandEnergy.Hackspace Capital has authorized the issuance of up to (one billion) HAC tokens, with 51% to be issued directly to the public in 12 monthly sessions of 24 hours each. The first issuing session took place on September 19, 2017. HAC TOKENS will be sold in an auction format, with the price of the HAC tokens fixed at the completion of the auction. Each monthly HAC Token Sale session will issue 50% of tokens issued the previous month in line with the schedule shown below:  Token Reserve Split (49%):39% for current and future Hackspace Capital projects (startups);5% or marketing, bounties, advisors, bonuses;5% founders and employees;Bonus Structure:50% HAC token bonus during the first 2 hours30% HAC token  bonus during the next 4 hours10% HAC token bonus during the next 16 hours

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March 22, 2018

“Waterfall vs Agile”. How to make a startup take off?

Oleg Kondrashov, the CEO of EnCata, talks about modern business methodologies from the passenger’s point of view.Travelling by plane has become common for us nowadays. As an example, I have spent the last year in the passenger’s seat and got used to all the comfort I get in the air. Just...

From: Hackspace Capital

December 29, 2017

Hackspace Capital — year totals.

2017 was a great year for Hackspace Capital Company. There has been a lot of adjustments and changes during the whole process of ICO and company’s development in general. Platform now has a brand new website, which made the investing process simpler and more convenient for users. The...

From: Hackspace Capital

October 06, 2017

Hackspace Capital in Abu Dhabi

On the 6th of October, a meeting of the Hackspace Capital CTO Oleg Kondrashov with representatives of the Takamul Innovation Support Program was held in Abu Dhabi.The Takamul program, created by the UAE Department of Economic Development, has recently been discussing the start-ups supporting...

From: Hackspace Capital

October 03, 2017

First hackspace coming soon!

On September 30 the annual “Business of the Future” forum took place in Minsk. Business society shared its point of view on development of the ecosystem for successful hardware projects and regulations in blockchain and ICO field.Oleg Kondrashov, CTO of Hackspace Capital and the head of...

From: Hackspace Capital

September 28, 2017

EnCata Hardware (IoT&Sci-Tech) meetup

On 26th of September in business-incubator of Minsk high tech park an EnCata Hardware (IoT&Sci-Tech) meetup took place.Dozens of talented specialists and inventors came to gain experience about the successful realization of hardware projects and also to get inspiration for new ideas.Dr....

From: Hackspace Capital

September 07, 2017

Hackspace — EnCata Partnership

A key element to Hackspace success is a constant pipeline of cutting edge technology products to offer holders of HAC tokens and the public at large. Hackspace has thus entered into a formal agreement with EnCata, the leading regional catalyst for hardware startups, to receive an exclusive first...

From: Hackspace Capital

January 15, 2018 13:26

Hackspace Capital In Details



December 04, 2017 09:22

EnCata - A day in the company

A day in the engineering catalyst.

November 14, 2017 01:25

Oleg Kondrashov - Startup Grind by Google (Full Interview)

Full interview with Hackspace Capital's CTO Oleg Kondrashov at Startup Grind by Google held in Minsk on the 1st of November.

September 15, 2017 10:26

Hackspace Capital - [Japanese] Real company, real projects, real value

Hackspace Capitalは、戦略的パートナーかつ革新的なエンジニアリングキャタリストであるEnCataが特定した最も有望な早期技術ハードウェアスタートアップとコネクテッドハードウェアスタートアップに投資し開発する目的で2017年に設立されたプラットフォームです。Hackspace Capitalはオンラインショップとしても機能し、当社のスタートアップが創造し提供する製品やサービスを購入することができます。

September 12, 2017 20:41

Hackspace Capital - [Chinese] Real company, real projects, real value

Hackspace Capital 是一家于2017年建立的网上平台,旨在针对最有希望的初创技术硬件作投资与开发,并透过与其战略合作伙伴——创新工程催生者 EnCata的结合而启动硬件的新创。Hackspace Capital也是一家网上商店,人们可以在此获得由隶属Hackspace Capital的创投公司所创建提供的产品以及服务。

September 07, 2017 07:27

Hackspace Capital - Реальная компания, реальные проекты, реальная ценность

Hackspace Capital основан в начале 2017 года и занимается инвестированием в инновационные высокотехнологичные стартапы и научные разработки, отобранные стратегическим компанией-партнёром EnCata. Hackspace Capital стремится создать новый функциональный мост между изобретениями и потребителями, используя технологии блокчейн.

Official Website: https://hackspace.capital/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hackspacecapital/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hackspacecapital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackspacecap/

September 05, 2017 10:21

Hackspace Capital - Real company, real projects, real value

Hackspace Capital is a venture fund investing in and developing the most promising early stage hardware and connected hardware technology startups identified by its strategic partner, the innovative engineering catalyst EnCata.
Hackspace Capital has assembled a dynamic international team of innovators, engineers, developers, business leaders and investors to create the optimal environment for enabling and accelerating the development of tomorrow’s leading technologies.

Official Website: https://hackspace.capital/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hackspacecapital/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hackspacecapital/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackspacecap/